British occupation of the Dodecanese islands

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From Herbert Dobson's diary ...

"9th May 1945
Boarded ML386 at about 0800 and sailed out of SYMI harbour at 0830. It was a glorious morning but rain clouds soon blew up from the mainland and within half an hour we could not see RHODES though only 15 miles away. German pilot boat (an ML they had captured from us last October) was contacted off 'Seven Capes' and she preceded us at 10 knots right into Mandracchio harbour, RHODES."

"The weather had cleared up and seemed set for a fine day. The docks were deserted. except for German drivers and transport, but crowds frantic in their enthusiasm lined the roads to the Grand Albergo delle Rose. They clung to the sides of the vehicle, threw rose petals at us, and nearly pulled us out onto the road. Yelling hoarsely they 'zito'd' the Inglese, kissed us, tried to pinch our Force flashes as souvenirs, and altogether went completely mad as only the Greeks know how."

"Today DCCAO went on tour of the defence positions and villages. He is head of the Surrender Commission and as well as being head of the future civil administration is at present head of all British miltary affairs on the island until the arrival of the Commander."

"Many signs of acute starvation and this morning one woman collapsed on the grass outside the hotel being unable to go on any longer. Thank heavens BMA food is coming in very soon. Perhaps the Red Cross will send something in first. I hope so."

"Weather is marvellous. Minesweeping steadily going on round northern end of island and concentration of enemy troops is nearly complete."

"Colonel back mid-afternoon and British Military Administration proclaimed at 1640 hours. It was very impressive and took place in what was the former governor's conference chamber. The dignitaries of the three peoples of the island, Greeks, Turks and Italians, attended ..."





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