18th London Cowkeepers - list of names

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For family historians, here are the names of the cow-keepers named in the London newspapers of the Burney Collection, on the Gale website. The first hit was in 1681 and the last in 1800. Not all of them are mentioned in the essay itself but it seemed sensible, having found them, to publish the list. I have made a separate entry for each event I found reported in the newspapers. I have tried to keep the original spelling, or at least make a note of it, but I did standardise a bit so that each person's hits are grouped by Surname then Date. Often the person was 'Mr XXX' so sometimes I made an educated guess at his full name, or address; this is indicated by being in italics. Not everyone was named; I frequently read "a servant of a cowkeeper fell off his cart" or "the son of a cowkeeper from Islington did xxx" - not much help there then.

I searched for 'cow keeper' which also brought up 'cow-keeper' and for 'milk dealer' of which there were surprisingly few, and half of them for one bankrupt. I have also tried to identify the cow-keeper's District from the newspaper item when it was given; they were not always consistent; nor was I. Nor can I make any guarantee that I found them all, although I was trying to! Please note that although I got over 800 hits, many of them were duplicate bankruptcy notices. I did not search the London Gazette itself, but relied on the many ordinary newspapers which re-printed the official bankruptcy lists. When I found a particularly interesting story I did try to find out more, which involved checking British History Online and the National Archives catalogue, as well as the IGI and the usual suspects, and I have added my findings here. The occasional mention of '20% William tax' is my shorthand for the Four Shillings in the Pound tax charged by King William for his various wars - a full copy of this huge list of taxpayers is on British History Online.

DateDistrictPlaceSurnameFirstnameNewspaper story was about..
1752 NovWhitechapelChurch LaneAbbitJnr?stolen horse
1728 SepStepney Stepney Field Abbot stolen horse
1779 Jul Paddington Ackerman John retired cowkeeper
1791 DecVauxhall Allen John Jnr bankrupt
1724 NovSurreyDeptford Road Allen Widow stolen horse near the Turnpike
1799 Nov Allesley Thomas servant stole hay; Guilty
1761 MarMarybone Alsop died after a fight; son of a cowkeeper
1794 Jul ClerkenwellCold Bath Fields Ashton Matthewsale of land and brickworks
1794 SepSt Pancras Bagnigge Wells Ashton Matthew notice of guaranteed milk price 2.5d per quart; money back if overcharged
1784 AprCamberwell Austin William (dec'd) sale of 52 houses and stock
1784 JulWalworth opposite King's Head Austin William (dec'd) sale of household furniture
1783 AprSt Pancras Tottenham Ct Rd No 150 Baker Mary sale of house, garden and stock (Mrs, retiring)
1729 Oct Islington Banister James bankrupt in the Fleet Prison
1748 MayShoreditch Castle Street Banks Abraham died reputed very rich
1780 Oct St PancrasGray's Inn Lane Barber robbed of 16s
1778 Nov Westminster Horseferry road Barrow William bankrupt
1776 Apr ShoreditchKingsland Road Bartmater John died; farmer and cowkeeper [Badmaker]
1776 Apr ShoreditchKingsland Road Bartmater Elizabeth & Ann wife and daughter, executors, request all debts be paid only to them
1769 May Limehouse Bayley Samuel bankrupt
1766 May ShoreditchKingsland Bellis John married Miss Helley of Bishopsgate street
1767 Oct ShoreditchKingsland Bellis John tenant of small field owned by Barts Hospital (just N of St Paul's)
1782 May City Saffron Hill Bellis John burgled whilst house occupied in daytime; burglar given death sentence
1794 Sep City Kingsland Bellis John notice of guaranteed milk price 2s 5d per quart; money back if overcharged
1778 Dec Bethnal Green Bennet burgled; disturbed; only took 30s-worth of halfpence
1785 Feb Westminster Horseferry road Berrow William bankrupt
1714 Sep St Pancras Tottenham Court Bilson William group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper [Tatnham Ct]
1751 Nov MaryboneMarybone Fields Bilson servant attacked during violent burglary
1695 Sep SouthwarkSt George's Fields Bouckenell Charles stolen horse
1794 Sep Islington Wenlock Burn Brook Joseph notice of guaranteed milk price 2s 5d per quart; money back if overcharged
1794 May BowMile End Burgess Francis servant (carman) Daniel Nightingale apologises for dangerous driving
1783 Feb Westminster Burgess Stephen bankrupt
1714 Oct Hackney Burton Ann group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1714 Oct Hackney Burton Henry group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1735 Feb Shoreditch Hoxton Burton Mrs bricklayer broke into house to lie with the Maid
1711 Dec Islington Burton Walter theft of 200 bond
1714 Oct Hackney Burton Walter group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1715 Jun Islington Lower Street Burton Walter farm and land to let; lately held by ...
1735 Sep Shoreditch Hoxton Burton Walterdied rich; of apoplexy
1757 Apr Hackney Buxton John bankrupt
1762 Sep St Pancras Battle Bridge Byrn Morris bankrupt
1762 Jul Marybone CaleMrdied
1690 Aug St Giles in the Fields Capper Christopher married Mary Bletchingden; he aged abt 27 [so yob~1663], she aged abt 20 [so yob~1670]
1692 Feb St Giles in the Fields Gt Russel St Capper Christopher stolen horse from Hackney Marsh
[not sure if same one; not named as cowkeeper]
1712 Mar St Giles Pound Capper Christopher stolen horse from grounds of Benj Coker in Stepney; 5 guineas reward [much more than usual]
1714 Sep St Giles in the Fields Capper Christopher group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1716 May St Giles in the Fields Capper Christopher on jury list for Westminster Hall trial of men from Preston (gent) ALSO at Old Bailey jury Oct 1707
1736 Mar MaryboneTottenham Court Road Capper Christopherdied Mr Capper, the great Cow-keeper, at his House in Tottenham Court Road, said to have died worth 30,000.
1722 Jun City Lincoln's Inn Capper Francis made a Commissioner for licensing and regulating hackney coaches and chairs; reappointed 1727; 1725: Commissioner in the new Commission of Bankrupts
1733 Dec Capper Francis still alive! re-appointed to the Commission for Bankrupts; and again 1737; wife was the daughter of Mr Thomas Bennet, an eminent Bookseller in St Paul's Churchyard, and who inherited very considerably when her mother was buried 3 Oct 1734
1738 Apr Capper James unsuccessful in applying for post of organist at St Mary Magdelen Bermondsey
1721 May Capper John [lawyer?]lost a banknote made out to him in the sum of 640 dated Dec May 1721; found in the Transfer Room upstairs at the South-Sea House
1728 Sep Harton Street Capper Mr drowned; fell from a barge; cheese-monger
1722 Sep Capper Mr robbed by highwayman Ellstree/Edgworth road, of 5 guineas and bank note; robber used his name and knew about the Note
1729 Aug Hackney Hackney Marsh Capper Mr and Mr Byfield raced two Galloways, for 10 guineas; Mr Byfield won and much money was lost
1737 Aug MaryboneTottenham Court Road Capper MrTues 23 Aug; died Mr Capper, Father to the Rev Mr Capper and Uncle to Counsellor Capper of Chancery-lane
[report dated 3rd Sept says Father to Counsellor Capper and does not mention the Rev; think this was a mix-up; cowkeeper CC died March 1736]
1731 Nov City Chancery Lane Capper Mr Counsellor died on Sunday last [31 Oct] at his brother's House in Chancery Lane
who is this?
1769 Oct MaryboneTottenham Court Road Capper Mrs rent refunded and given 100 by her landlord (Duke of Bedford) to replace her stock after distemper
1720 Bloomsbury St George's Capper Rev Reader at Lincoln's Inn [resigned 1728]; 1724 Reader at Parish of St Giles in the Field; 1739 was lecturer of St George's Bloomsbury when mother died; son of widow Capper
1728 Nov Capper Rev made Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge; 1729 Chaplain to Bishop of Norwich; 1729 Bishop made him Preacher of Queen St Chapel, Lincoln's Inn Fields; 1729 Lent-Preacher at St Paul, Covent Garden; 1731 Rector of Bloomsbury's new St George's church 200pa; as Rev Dr, 1732 Rector of Thorp, Co Norfolk (presented by the Rt Hon Lord High Chancellor)
1737 Feb Capper Richard Esq, replaced as Sec of the Decrees and Injunctions, and Clerk of the Docquets, by the new Lord Chancellor
1730 Aug City Jermain St Capper son of Mr attorney in Chancery Lane, passing through Jermain St, rotten Cornish of a House fell down upon his Head so that his Brains came out; and on Sunday [26 July] he died of his Wound; on Sunday 2nd Aug [Daily Post 3rd Aug] - alive but speechless; died 3rd August
[described thus, BUT NOT FRANCIS, who was still alive in 1733]
1727 Capper Thomas blacksmith, on voter list; later had a red velvet lined coach sold (1732)
1733 Dec Capper W an eminent Attorney at Law, died at Shafton, Dorset, a few days ago [ie early Dec]
1739 Jul Marybone Tottenham Court Road Capper widow died rich; aged 70+, widow of great cowkeeper
1745 Jul Marybone Tottenham Court Road Capper fire
1714 Oct Hackney Carnell Phillis group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1797 Jan KenningtonKennington Common Carter John bankrupt
1746 Aug Stoke N'ton Newington Green Chappin Martha farm to let; stock for sale
1756 Oct MayfairHanover Sq Charles Thomas bankrupt
1771 Apr Bethnal Green Bishop Bonner's Clark John Jnr bankrupt
1729 Mar MayfairTyburn Lane [now Park Lane] Clark Joseph 10 reward after conviction of highwaymen
1737 Jun MayfairHyde Park Corner Clark Samuel bankrupt
1766 Feb Paddington Clark Mrson hanged himself
1775 Feb SouthwarkSt George's Fields ClarkeMrdied of apoplexy
1711 Oct HackneyShore House Coates Thomas stolen horse from Hackney Marsh
1724 Aug Bethnal Green Coates Thomas horse stabbed, in the grounds of TC between Shoreditch Church and Bethnall-Green; 5 reward
1731 Nov Bethnal Green CoatesThomas stolen horse from Hackney Marsh
1737 Aug Coates Thomas bankrupt
1740 Dec City Old Bailey Coates Thomas sentenced to death, with Thomas Nash, for breaking into and robbing the house of Hugh Dixey [aged 22; son of honest parents (Old Bailey transcripts) but died in his cell 1741]
1667 Feb Stepney Bull Lane Independent Coker Benjamin baptised by parents Thomas and Joane [IGI]
1693Stepney Mile End Old Town Coker Benjamin assessed to pay 9 on rental value of 44; 20% William Tax
1714 SepStepney Coker Benjamin group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1714 Nov Coker Benjamin 115 cows slaughtered for distemper [see main report in essay]
1715 Coker Benjamin one of five men paid 680 for digging foundations of Limehouse Church [BHO Cal of Treasury Books Vol 29]
1730 Mar Coker Benjamin Richard Jones sent to Newgate for stealing two horses (5 each) from BC's stable
1741 Sep StepneyStebon Heath Coker Benjamin sewer officer; plans at his house; please come and check
1744 Dec Mile End Coker Benjamin stolen horse from the Grounds of BC near the Turnpike at Mile-end; 1 guinea reward
1769 Jan City St Mary-hill Coker Benjamindied;wine merchant, of St Mary-Hill
1697 May Stepney St Dunstan Coker Benjamin Jrbaptised by parents Benjamen and Elizabeth
[NB another Benj bapt by Wm and Mary 1709, same parish]
1741 Aug Hackney Coker Benjamin JrPetty Sessions summons: failure to pay Poor Rate of 2 13s 9d
[far more than anyone else; BHO]
1743 May Hackney Coker Benjamin JrPetty Sessions summons: failure to pay Poor Rate of 10s No Distress to be had
1743 Feb Stepney Stebon Heath Coker Benjamin Jrbankrupt
1745 Jun Mile End CokerBenjamin Jrcow-farm to let; new buildings
1714 Sep Stepney CooperJohn group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1749 Aug Westminster Tothill Fields Cosby Thomas two young women sent to jail for stealing milk (his milkmaids?)
1755 Jun Westminster Horseferry road Cosby Thomas bankrupt
1761 Oct no place given Coyth Thomassale of stock (deceased)
1779 Feb Hackney Well Street Curtler Josiah sale (bankrupt)stock; forced by Sheriff of Middx
1800 Mar Westminster Tothill Fields Dairy William sale of stock (retiring)
1797 Dec Westminster Bridge Darley holding pair of horses for sale, near the Asylum
1765 May ShoreditchKingsland Road Davis Bryant sale of farm and land
1778 Dec Islington Lower Street Davis John bankrupt
1783 Apr Southwark Borough Davis Mrs robbed by girl she took in from the workhouse
1764 Aug St PancrasBattle Bridge Davis servant killed when falling off moving cart
1791 Apr Knightsbridge Davis servant Hannah Williams attacked by James Adams, milkman for another cow-keeper in the same cow-house
1778 Jan Paddington Dawson wife died
1772 Jan PaddingtonKilbourn Road Deall William sale of stock
1776 Jul Islington Dell robbery near his house
1784 Jun MarybonePortland Street Dendall sale of bay mare, property of gentleman recently come from Yorkshire
1798 Jun St PancrasGray's Inn Lane Dennett servants (two) charged with rape
1782 Feb Bethnal Green Brick Lane Dun rents outbuildings there for 22 pa
1728 Feb Southwark Eades John(butcher) daughter disappeared
1735 Jan Westminster Tothill Fields Eades John found drowned at Westminster Bridge
1714 Oct Hackney Eden William group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1714 Sep Stepney Elderton William group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1762 Mar Dulwich Eldridge John died; wealthy farmer and cowkeeper
1761 Mar ShoreditchHoxton [Hogsden]Eldridge Richard rents two fields at Hoxton for 27 +two more for 77
1759 Jul ShoreditchHoxton [Hogsden]Eldridge fire: large haystack entirely consumed
[NB lots of Eldridges around town +Oxford base]
1763 NovShoreditchHoxton [Hogsden]Eldridge servant attacked and robbed
1764 Mar ShoreditchHoxton [Hogsden]Eldridge servant killed by empty cart rolling over him
1714 Oct Hackney Elerton Edward group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1770 Nov South Ockendon Ennever Joseph sale of the remainder of the stock
1772 Dec BowMile-end old town Ennever Joseph bankrupt
1773 Jan Bow Mile-end old town Ennever Joseph sale (bankrupt) stock and tools
1773 Jan Bow Mile-end old town Ennever Joseph sale (bankrupt) of household furniture [1764: sale of a farm in Essex where Jos Ennever rents a small field for 2 5s pa]
1775 Sep Southwark Gravel Lane Evans charged Walter Goodwin with burglary
1714 Sep Stepney Faudon Henry group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1737 Oct Southwark the Grainge Fendall Richard horse died of a cut knee; his horse 44 years, within past 15 years pulled RF 50 miles in one day
1739 Jul Southwark the Grainge Fendall Richard died rich; wealthy grazier and cowkeeper
1795 Sep Bethnal Green Fennemore John Jnr bankrupt
1723 Sep Westminster Tothill Fields Ferryman Richardmad dog shot at by soldier in his fields, who missed and killed a cinder-woman
1728 Jun Westminster Ferryman Richard appointed Overseer of the Poor, parish of St John the Evangelist
1743 Oct Westminster Ferryman Richard appointed Dir of Westminster Fire Office
1744 Jan Westminster Tothill Fields Ferryman Richarddied rich; great cowkeeper
1714 Oct Hackney Fish Samuel group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1794 Aug Middlesex survey Foot Mr contributed a report to the Board of Agriculture
1768 Dec StepneyChurch Street Forbes Robert sale of stock; giving up cow-keeping part of his business
1719 Jun Hackney Fox fined for throwing two boys in the brook
1798 Sep MaryboneTottenham Court Road Francis enquire of him concerning farm to let at Wood Green
1722 Jul St PancrasLamb's Conduit field Fuller stolen horse
1779 Mar St PancrasGray's Inn Lane Furnesse Jonathan bankrupt
1775 Aug MarybonePortland Street Gardener Helenorlost: old red cow
1776 May St Pancras Gardner Helenor bankrupt
1777 Jan Marybone Portland Street Gardner Helenor sale (bankrupt) stock, furniture, brewing
1756 May Whitechapel St Mary Grainger Arthur bankrupt
1793 Nov Bethnal Green Bishop Bonner's Grant (lately occupier) sale of farm and land
1714 Oct Hackney Green Josephgroup notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1716 Jul Shoreditch Green Joseph stolen horse
1714 Mar Green Thomas fire policy holder
1735 Apr St Pancras Battle Bridge Green won race from St Albans
1776 Aug Knightsbridge Green worked from the Sign of the Red Cow opposite the Poulterer's
1726 Oct MayfairHyde Park Corner Gundrey Robert stolen horse from Stretton St
1778 Apr Clerkenwell Cold Bath Fields Hall Christopher bankrupt
1778 May Clerkenwell Cold Bath Fields Hall Christopher sale (bankrupt) stock, carts, furniture
1743 Aug Marybone Hall John married Miss Dolly/Molly Des Champs
1730 Nov Stepney Stepney Field Hall mugged (church caretaker)
1770 Sep MaryboneTottenham Court Road Hand Robert died recently
1772 Jan Totten'm Ct Rd Store St Hand Robert sale of lease
1772 Jan Totten'm Ct Rd Store St Hand Robert (dec'd) sale of land with sheds in Store St opposite Windmill St
1770 Sep MaryboneTottenham Court Road Hand Thomas shot Joseph Holloway, brother's executor, at his house in Storehouse St
1770 Dec MaryboneTottenham Court Road Hand Thomas capitally convicted at Old Bailey
1748 Jan Mayfair Hanover son of, shot by accident and died
1761 Nov Westminster Orchard Street Hannever William bankrupt
1772 Aug Southwark St George's Fields Hannover William had six horses stolen; three men in jail
1775 Apr SouthwarkSt George's Fields Hannaver William wife seized with an apoplectic fit whilst serving milk at Lactarium [dairy]
1722 Sep MayfairHyde Park Corner Harding committed suicide
1793 Nov Bethnal Green Wilmot Square Harris Joseph bankrupt
1735 Aug St PancrasGray's Inn LaneHarrison Daniel boy from Christ's Hospital drowned in his pond
1770 Feb St PancrasGray's Inn LaneHarrison Daniel died rich; the greatest cowkeeper in England
1794 Nov St PancrasGray's Inn LaneHarrison Thomas on Old Bailey jury
1796 Feb St PancrasGray's Inn LaneHarrison Thomas successful exemption claim against tollkeeper
1714 Sep Marybone Hartshorne Andrew group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1712 Jun Westminster Tuttle Fields Harvey Samuelstolen horse
1737 Nov Westminster Horseferry road Harvey Samuel farmhouse, stables and outbuildings to let [Saml was previous tenant]
1750 Dec Westminster Masham Street Harvey Samuel died rich; wealthy farmer and cowkeeper
1714 Oct Hackney Harwood Ralph group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1729 Dec Hackney Sir George Whitmore's, Horton Harwood Thomas bankrupt
1729 Sep Harwood Thomaswife died within days
1791 Jul Wapping Virginia Street Hawkins fire: consumed cowhouses, outhouses, hay, valued >100
1768 Oct Kentish Town Herring William stolen horse
1773 Oct Islington Hickman Benjamin married Miss Spencer of Holloway
1777 Dec Holloway Hickman Benjamindied very rich, former contractor for supplying the Govt with cattle
1794 Sep Islington Hickman George notice of guaranteed milk price 2s 5d per quart; money back if overcharged
1776 Feb SouthwarkDirty Lane, King's BenchHiggins Samuel sale of stock; carts (late of Mr Clark, dec'd)
1778 Oct Marybone High street Hill Thomas bankrupt
1789 Jan Hackney Clapton Hockley Snr died; one of the oldest inhabitants of the parish
1794 Sep Shoreditch Kingsland Hollingshead Thomas notice of guaranteed milk price 2s 5d per quart; money back if overcharged
1795 Apr Shoreditch Kingsland Hollingshead Thomas bankrupt
1714 Sep Stepney Hopkines Prudence group notice saying our cows are free of Distemper
1786 Feb Kentish Town Horseman Walter murdered by Joseph Richards; transcript by E Hodgson for sale
1728 Dec Islington HowMrs died recently
1728 Dec Islington How Mrs sale of stock and land
1728 Dec Islington How Mrs (dec'd) farmhouse to let; stock for sale
1737 Jun PaddingtonOxford Road [A40?] Huddell died rich; dropt down dead
1746 Jun Islington Hudson Widow died aged 94; widow of Mr Hudson who had 50 cows die within 50 hours in 1715 (no separate hit on Gale site)
1767 Jul Bow Bow Road Hugate sale of stock; retiring; opposite the Plough
1736 Nov Westminster Pimlico Gate, St James Hugger John farmhouse, stables and large cowhouse to let (prev held by JH)
1752 Mar Brentford Hughes burgled
1761 Jun Peckham Hurling servant died after being gored by a vicious bull

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