Pigot's Directory of Stroud 1822


Is a considerable clothing town, in the county of Gloucester, about 102 miles from London, 10 from Gloucester, 32 from Bristol, 30 from Bath, 12 from Circencester, & 10 from Dursley, situated on a hill, at the foot of which runs the Stroud Water, which is very limpid, & famous for dying scarlet broad cloth, & for all other grain colours. The Bottoms, contiguous to Stroud, exhibit a complete range of houses & manufactories; indeed it may be considered the most populous neighbourbood in the county. The situation of Stroud is favourable for cleaniness, but owing to the roads not being properly surveyed, it is uncommonly dirty. The municipal government is vested in a high-constable, elected annually at tbe court-leet of Bisley. There is a convenient Town Hall where petty sessions are held every fortnight. The Church is a neat, & convenient edifice, built in the conventual style. It is a Chapel of Ease to Bisley. There are also two other places of worship, for dissenters. The market day is Friday. Fairs, 10th May, for pleasure, & 21st of August for cattle & sheep. Stroud is increasing in trade & size almost incredibly, as will be seen from a comparative view of the census which was in 1811, 5321, & in 1821, 7097, inhabitants, being an increase of 1776. There is a conveyance by canal from this place to Bristol & London. Indeed Stroud possesses many advantages, which will, in process of time raise it to a much higher degree of eminence in the scale of towns.

SurnameFirst namesAddressOccupation
ADAMSSamWallbridge-whfTavern keeper, Ship
ADDISWilliamHigh-streetCarpenters &c
ALDRIDGEWilliamInsurance agent, Bristol Union
ASPINAL-Nelson-streetSaddler & Harness Maker
ATKINSONMissesMeeting-streetLadies' boarding Academy
BAGLINTBadbrookTavern keeper, Greyhound
BAILEYElizabethHigh-streetStraw hat manufacturer
BARNARDSarahHigh-streetBaby linen warehouse
BARNFIELDBenjaminBadbrook-millWoollen cloth manufacturer
BARRETTRichardHigh-stTavern keeper, Crown
BIRTJosephCrossTavern keeper, White Hart; Plumber, Glazier & Painter
BISHOPJamesHigh-stSeedsman; Carrier to Gloucester (by caravan) weekly
BLACKEAAlexanderCastleWool Broker
BLISSThomasCrossGrocers & Retail Dealer in Bacon, Flour &c
BREWERIsaacBadbrookSaddler & Harness Maker
BRISLEYJohn PierceHigh-streetBookseller, Stationer, Bookbinder & stamp distributor; Insurance agent, Sun (fire)
BROWNEBenjamin HRowcroftPhysician
BUCKNALLBenjaminCrossBookseller, Stationer, Bookbinder & copper-plate printer
BUDDWilliamfrom the Swan yardCarrier: waggons to London, Bristol, Bath & intermediate places
CAMMRichardHigh-streetWatch & Clock Maker
CAPELJohnadjoining the New RoadWoollen cloth manufacturer
CLARKJamesAcre EdgeCarpenter &c
CLUTTERBUCKJamesWellington-placeCarpenter &c
to London, Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham, Dursley, Gloucester
from the Georgeto London (Mon, Wed, Fri, 6:45am & 4pm; Sun, Tues, Thurs, 5pm), to Bath (Mon, wed, Fri, 11am), to Bristol (daily, except Sun, 6am), to Cheltenham (Tues, Thurs, Sat, 1:30pm), to Dursley (Sun, Wed, Fri, 8:30am), to Gloucester (daily, except Mon, 8:45am)
COLEMANJohnHigh-streetCurrier & Leather Cutter
COLLINSJamesMeeting streetBaker
COOKEHenryLodgmoreWoollen cloth manufacturer
COWLESMissHigh-streetStraw hat manufacturer
DALLAWAYJoseph JamesRowcroftSilversmith &c;
Insurance agent, County (fire) & Provident (life)
DAMMSJohnSilver-streetCarpenter &c
DARKEWilliam WHigh-streetPhysician
DRIVERNathaniel junLittle & Peghouse MillsWoollen cloth manufacturer
EGGINTONJosiahMeeting-streetCabinet Maker &c
ENGLISHThomasHigh-stGlover &c
FARRThomasHigh-streetBoot & Shoe maker
FARRWilliamnear the CrossBoot & Shoe maker
Fisher, Paul Hawkins & SamuelMiddle-streetAttornies
FISHERBenjaminMiddle-streetCurrier & Leather Cutter
FISHERJosephHigh-stGrocer (& tallow chandler)
FRANKLINBenjaminHigh-stInsurance agent, Globe
FRANKLINMary AnneMiddle-stMilliner
FRANKLINWilliamLower-streetArchitect, engraver &c
FULCHERHKing-stInnkeeper, Golden Heart; coaches to Bath (Tue, Thur, Sat, 5pm) & Cheltenham (Mon, Wed, Fri, 11am)
GARDNERJosephHigh-streetBoot & Shoe maker
GARDNERTChurch-streetTavern keeper, Lamb
GLOVERRichardGunhouseWebb &c manufacturer
GORDONJohnArundell's MillWoollen cloth manufacturer
GOREHenrySilver-stPlumber, Glazier, & Painter
GRAFTONJohnCrossBoot & Shoe maker; Confectioner
Grazebrook, Wathen & CoRowcroftBankers
GRIFFITHSMarySwan-ydStay maker
GRIMESIsaacChurch-streetBoot & Shoe maker
GURNERJames High-streetTavern keeper, Dolphin
HALLHenryLower-stMachine maker
Halliday & HumphrysHigh-streetAuctioneers & furniture brokers
HAMMONDENelson-stTavern keeper, Rising Sun
Harding, Esther & ElizabethMiddle-stMilliners
HARRISThomasWall-bridgePlumber, Glazier, & Painter
HARTJosephStroud HillCarrier (by cart) to Gloucester, Wed & Sat
HARTStephenNelson-streetAuctioneer & furniture broker
HAWKINSHenryFrome BuildingsAttorney
Hawkins, William & MillerKing-stBakers
HAYCRAFTHenryArundel's MillDrysalter
Helme, Robert & WilliamNew MillsWoollen cloth manufacturers
HEWLETTDanielKing-streetGrocer & Retail Dealer in Bacon Flour &c
HICKSMrs & MissRowcroft BuildingsLadies' boarding Academy
HILESWilliamHigh-streetWatch & Clock Maker
HILLJohnHigh-streetChemist & Druggist
HILL--from the Swan yardCarrier (by waggon) to Bristol, every Tuesday morning
HODGESWHigh-stTavern keeper, Marlbro' Head
HOLBROWJohnHill-houseWool Broker
HOLDERJamesParliament-streetBoot & Shoe maker
HOLDERJoshua CooperHigh-streetTailor
HOWELLHenryHigh-streetBrazier & Tin Plate Worker
HUMPHREYSCharlesHigh-streetGrocer & Retail Dealer in Bacon Flour &c
Jones, James & WilliamHigh-streetPawnbrokers & salesmen
KNEEWilliamCrossHat manufacturer
KNIGHTGeorgeMeeting-streetBrazier & Tin Plate Worker
KNILLHenryNelson-streetPlumber, Glazier, & Painter
LEECHCharlesWallbridgeTavern keeper, Anchor
Martin & CoHigh-streetBankers
MEADOWSCharlesHigh-streetGrocer & Retail Dealer in Bacon Flour &c; Carrier (by cart) to Gloucester, occasionally
MERRETTWKing-stTavern keeper, Green Dragon
MILLSElizabethCrossBoot & Shoe seller
MILLSJohnHigh-streetGrocer; tallow chandler & soap boiler
MILLSThomasHigh-streetLinen Draper &c
MYNETTGHigh-stTavern keeper, Crown & Anchor
NEWCOMBThomasBowbridgeWoollen cloth manufacturer
Newman & SonHigh-streetAttornies
OKEYHMarket placeTavern keeper, Butchers' Arms
OSBORNEThomasHigh-streetLinen Draper &c
PARKERRichard (1 of 2?)King-streetAttorney
PARKERRichard (1 of 2?)King-streetInnkeeper, George Inn & Posting house
PARRYJohnHigh-streetHat manufacturer
PARTRIDGENathanielBowbridgeDyer (fancy)
PARTRIDGECornelius WinterBowbridgeWool Broker
Partridge, Joseph & CoBowbridge & BadbrookDyers (blue)
PAUL- WallbridgePrinter's joiner
PEATYCharlesLower-stCarpenter &c
PEGLERElizabethHigh-stConfectioner (pastry cook)
Pegler, Cox & HewlettKing-stPlumbers, Glaziers, & Painters
PICKARDFrancisBack-laneTavern keeper, Fleece
PRICEJohnAcre EdgeMachine maker
Post Office William Hambidge, Post MasterHigh-streetMails from N, W & S arrive at 11am, dispatched at 3pm. London Mail arrives 11am (except Monday), dispatched 2:45pm (except Saturday).
PRICERicharddMiddle-stIvory turner
PUGH JohnHigh-streetCabinet Maker &c
PURCELLJohnCrossCabinet Maker &c
PURCELLElizabethKing-stTavern keeper, Chequer
RESTALLJamesNelson-streetTavern keeper, George
RYLANDMrGunhouseGentlemen's boarding Academy
SHIPWAYJohnWhite HallPlumber, Glazier & Painter
SIMSJohnChurch-streetBrewer & hop merchant
SIMSRichardChurch-streetWine & Spirit merchant;
Insurance agent, Royal Exchange
Sims & SuttonHigh-streetLinen Drapers &c
SKEYGeorgeHigh-streetBookseller, Stationer & Bookbinder;
Insurance agent, Imperial (fire)
SLADEJohnnear RowcroftSaddler & Harness Maker
SMITHSamuelLower-streetBoot & Shoe maker
SMITHThomas (1 of 2?)Middle-streetCarpenter &c
SMITHThomas (1 of 2?)RowcroftSurgeon
Smith, Daniel Webb & SonArundell's MillDyers
Smith, Richard Peter & Gustavus AdolphusWallbridgeWoollen cloth manufacturers; Dyers (blue)
Stanton, William & Sonsnear BowbridgeWoollen cloth manufacturers
STAYLEYMary CharlotteHigh-streetGlass, china &c dealer
STONE WilliamPagan-hillInsurance agent, British (fire) & Westminster (life)
Stroudwater Canal CoWallbridge-wharf
SWEETINGCharles PageKing-streetSurgeon
TAYLOREdwardBowbridgeWoollen cloth manufacturer
Taylor & BaylisRodboroughCarriers: waggons to London, Bristol, Bath & intermediate places
THORNEWilliamChurch-stBoard & day Academy
THORNTONJohnNelson-stCarpenter &c
THORNTONWilliam HawtreyRowcroftSurgeon
THORNTONJohnNelson-streetTavern keeper, Duke of York
TOWNSENDMissWellington-placeLadies' boarding Academy
VICKJohnHigh-streetWatch & Clock Maker
WALLThomasWallbridgeWine & Spirit merchant
WATKINSWalterLower-stWoollen cloth manufacturer
Watts, Richard & EdwardWallbridgeDyers (fancy)
WEBBSamuelHigh-streetBoot & Shoe maker
WELCHMANJohnHigh-streetLinen Draper &c
WESTJohnLower-streetTiler &c
WEYSOMWilliam WicksMiddle-streetBoot & Shoe maker
WHELDONElizaSwan-yardInnkeeper, Swan
WHIPPYJohnFrome BuildingsTailor
WHITERichardHigh-streetLinen Draper &c
WHITEThomasCrossTavern keeper, King's Head
WHITEAnnNelson stSpirit merchant
WILLOUGHBYThomasLower-stCarpenter &c
WILSONGeorgeMiddle-streetBoot & Shoe maker
WINDOWJamesNelson-streetBoot & Shoe maker
WITHEYJamesHigh-stChemists & Druggists (& grocer)
WOODWilliamBowbridgeWoollen cloth manufacturer
WYATTRichardNew RoadAttorney
WYATTRNew-roadInsurance agent, Norwich Union

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