Old Gloucestershire Diary 1780s to 1869

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The source microfilm in Stroud library is, in places, extremely hard to read, or faded, or blurred. Liz Wright’s transcript was read by Marion Hearfield and between them they have done their best to make an accurate copy of the transcript made by the Stroud News staff in 1899. The editor of the time entered the odd comment (in brackets, like this). Liz’s comments are shown below in red italics. Marion (a member of Stroud Local History Society) CAPITALISED all the local surnames and added the occasional comment of her own in blue italics.

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UndatedWallbridge was situated in three parishes – Stroud, Rodborough and Painswick.
UndatedAt one time the only road to Capel’s Mill was from Rowcroft to the Castle and down the steep.
UndatedHemlock’s well, near the castle, was noted for its cool and clear water.
1047Gloucester Cathedral commenced.
1174The holding of an Assize in Gloucestershire instituted by Henry II.
1212King John raised an army for the defence of Ireland and ordered the Jews to pay the expense. One Abraham of Bristol refused, so the King ordered that one of his teeth should be drawn every day until he consented to pay 12,000 marks. After seven teeth had been removed Abraham paid.
1265First English Parliament to which Gloucestershire sent representatives.
1327-09-21King Edward II cruelly murdered at Berkeley Castle.
1360Stroud became a separate parish and contained 3810 acres.
1484William Tyndale born.
1541-09-03Gloucester created a see or bishopric.
1549Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire first appointed.
1555-02-09John HOOPER, Bishop of Gloucester, burnt at the stake at Gloucester.
1610The Castles, Lower-street, Stroud, built by Simon and Jane CHADWELL. (They were newly fronted in 1789 by Charles FREEBURY.)
1618-10-27Sir Walter RALEIGH beheaded. He had a place at Newnham-on-Severn.
1627The steeple at Stroud Church contained at this period six bells. Five were recast this year by Roger PERDUE. The weight of the tenor bell was 1 ton and 24 lbs.
1634Hill House, Stroud, built by Thomas WEBB. The only carriage drive to it was from Painswick-Road, by Cooper’s Hill. The house subsequently came into possession of Mr Henry HOLLOWAY. An avenue of tress from Cainscross-road was planted in 1786.
1642Thomas WEBB of The Hill, Stroud, died. He left several legacies to Stroud, including £20 a year for “breeding-up four poor children.”
1642A body of troops under Sir Jacob ASHLEY were marching from Cirencester during the Civil War when an officer and fifty men were killed near Lypiatt House.
1643King Charles I and his army passed at Steanbridge, near Stroud, on their way to Gloucester, which refused to surrender.
1643-08-10King Charles I visited Gloucester.
1676William HAWKER (of Badbrook) and his wife by deed granted an annuity of £2 10s to the minister (?vicar) and £3 10s to the poor “and putting out apprentices.”
1700The Rev William JOHNS, incumbent of Stroud, established charity schools.
1707The spire of St Lawrence’s Church repaired at a cost of £7 10s.
1711The old Meeting House, Stroud, completed.
1714Top of Stroud Church spire repaired at a cost of £7 10s.
1721The Rev W JOHNS died; vicar of Stroud 32 years.
1727The Blind House was at this time situated in Nelson Street, Stroud (disused in 1848).
1734-12-13Henry WINDOURE left charities to Stroud.
1739The Rev George WHITEFIELD preached in the Golden Heart bowling green, Stroud, to over 3000 persons.
1750H R H Prince Frederick visited Southfield Mills, Woodchester.
1751The road to London was up Rodborough-lane, across the Common, and past the Blue Boys’ School, Minchinhampton.
1754St Lawrence’s Churchyard, Stroud, enlarged by extensions of the west end, land cost £10, and the expenses amounted to £44 13s 4d.
1755The Rev John WESLEY preached his first sermon in Stroud; he stood on a butcher’s block in the Market-Place.
1755Gloucester Infirmary opened.
1759-09-13Henry BURGH, JP, born at Shepton Moigne. (He died at Spillman’s Court, Rodborough, February 9 1848.)
1761Rodborough Fort built by Mr George HAWKER, or “Captain” Hawker (died in 1787).
1763Wesleyan Chapel in Acre-street, Stroud, built.
1766Foundation stone of Rodborough Tabernacle laid.
1766A large dwelling house was built by Mr BAYLISS near New Mills. The frontage was 120 feet. A ball was given to commemorate the opening; a gentleman who attended walked outside, fell into a deep excavation and was killed. (The whole of Mr BAYLISS’s property was sold in 1810).
1770A stage coach for passengers and mails ran between Stroud and London twice a week. It started from Stroud and vice versa early in the morning and arrived at its destination in the evening of the next day. The route was by way of Oxford, and the rendezvous in London was the Bull and Mouth, Holborn.
1779A man named PEGLER was branded in the hand at Gloucester for an offence against the law; this is said to be the last case of the kind on record.
1779A theatre stood in Church-street, Stroud, on the site afterwards occupied by Charles JONES’s brewery.
1779-02-21Paul Hawkins FISHER, the Stroud historian, born. (Died October 26 1873).
1780A coach, called a “diligence” came from Gloucester to Stroud every Friday.
1781A stage-coach left Stroud in the evening and arrived in London the following evening, performing the journey in 24 hours.
1784May and June. Four Sunday schools opened in Stroud – Market House, Whitehall, Stroud’s Hill and the Thrupp. Thomas ALDRIDGE was the first master at the Market House.
1784A narrow stone bridge was erected across the brook at Badbrook. Soon afterwards came a narrow bridge of wood with handrails for foot passengers. Prior to this there was a ford for horses and carriages and carts, and foot passengers crossed on stepping stones.
1786Stephen HOWELL appointed clerk of the Parish Church.
1786Matthew LAMBOURN, baker, Middle-street, introduced for public hire the old-fashioned post-chaise.
1786The last bull fight with dogs in Stroud took place at the Cross.
1786-09-17Stephen CLISSOLD of the Field died aged 62 years.
1788King George III with Queen Charlotte and the three eldest princes passed through Stroud (on their way from Cheltenham) to visit the Woodchester Mills, the property of Obadiah PAUL, of Greigshot [Grigshot] House. One thoroughfare the royal party passed through was named King-street from that day, and doubtless the Royal George Hotel was named after the visit. The royal personages took breakfast at Hill House as the guests of Sir Onesiphorus PAUL, Bart., and they were afterwards entertained by the Rt Hon Francis, Lord Ducie, at Spring Park, now Woodchester Park.
1789-08-15Mrs Mary CLISSOLD, wife of Stephen Clissold of the Field, died aged 62.
1790Stroud Dispensary or Casualty Hospital established at the top of George-street (united in 1859).
1790-12The first canal boat with coals passed through the Stroud-water Canal.
1791At this period children were apprenticed to learn the art and mystery of housekeeping.
1792-10-15Birth of Giles MANSFIELD, the famous Stroud bellringer. (Died April 21 1889).
1793Mr TRIGG, of Cuckold Brook, elected coroner for Stroud district.
1793Mr TRIGG, the Stroud coroner, possessed a capital portrait of Whitefield the divine, who was his nearest relative.
1794Badbrook House, Stroud, built by Mr HOLBROW (who died 1833)
1795A four-horse coach, belonging to Mr MASTERS, ran from Stroud to La Belle Sauvage Yard, Ludgate Hill, London. (In 1805 its town rendezvous was the Bull and Mouth, Holborn).
1795Rowcroft House, Stroud, built by Mr Edward THORNTON, a surgeon, who sold it in 1806.
1795Mr MILLS, grocer, built No 58 High-street, Stroud.
1795?Peter LIVERSEDGE, of Middle Lypiatt, established the Stroud Brewery. Soon afterwards Mr BURGH and Mr GRAZEBROOK joined the firm. (Mr BURGH retired in 1799 and Mr GRAZEBROOK in 1804. Mr Joseph WATTS then took a partnership and for 14 years the business was carried on by Liversedge and Watts. On January 5 1819 Mr WATTS became sole proprietor and so continued for 36 years.
1797Ebley Chapel built.
1798One Sunday there was a rush of water down Badbrook, and the stream was so much flooded that people could not pass. It was very much higher than the bridge. The cause was a “waterspout” at Steanbridge.
1798-04-18A new organ (built by John AVERY of London) opened in St Lawrence’s Church.
1798-04-18Mr Hollings appointed captain of the Loyal Stroud Volunteers. On September 19 1790 the Countess of Berkeley presented new colours to the corps on Minchinhampton Common. In 1802 the corps was disbanded and the arms, etc., returned.
1799Peter PLAYNE, of Downfield, erected two houses in his orchard, now the corner of Russell-street.
1800The road to London from Stroud was up High-street, Silver-street, over Oakridge Common, and through Bisley.
1830s [undated] Mr Henry BURGH, for over forty years a magistrate, lived at Upper Grange and Spillmans. He lived in five reigns – George II, George III, George IV, William IV and Victoria. He once owned Stanley Park and lived there. [he was at Spillmans in 1830]
1801Lodgemoor Mill burnt down.
1801Joseph GRAZEBROOK built two houses near the brewery, Rowcroft, and removed his banking business. A few years afterwards Charles HARRISON built five houses at Rowcroft, filling up the space between THORNTON’s and GRAZEBROOK’s. He also built 30 houses in Brick-row (at the rate of ten a year.)
1801King’s Arms Inn (now Royal George Hotel, Stroud) opened by Thomas GARDNER, a Stroud and Bristol carrier.
1801Lightpill and Birdlip turnpike roads made.
1802Fream FRANKLIN, a mason 6ft 3in high, threw a stone over Stroud Steeple whilst standing 90 feet from the Shambles.
1802Henry BURGH was at this time captain of the Longtree, Bisley and Whitstone troop of volunteer cavalry, about 70 in number. He was for many years chairman of the Stroud magistrates.
1804There were at this time seventeen ale-houses in Stroud parish.
1804-04-19Ten members of the Severn Rifle Corps and ten members of the King Stanley Riflemen had a shooting competition at Broad Barrow Green for a dinner at the King’s Arms (now Royal George). The Severn marksmen won.
1804-05-21Maypole at Pakenhill fell, killing two children.
1805Fream FRANKLIN of Stroud stumbled whilst going down a hill. His staff pierced one of his eyes, entered the brain and killed him.
1805Mr HOLLINGS died, and was buried above ground in a pyramidal tomb in Stroud Churchyard.
1805Paul WATHEN bought Lypiatt House and park from Thomas BAGSHOTT. (He was created Sir Paul Wathen, Kt, about 1808).
1805-04-18Mr WILLIAMS appointed curate of Stroud. (Preached his first sermon on the 21st inst.)
1805-09-27Mr George MÜLLER, the founder of Müller’s orphanage at Ashley Down, Bristol, was born at Kroppenstaedt, Prussia. He settled in Bristol in 1832, and commenced the orphanage in 1836. He died in 1898.
1806A three-horse coach ran between Stroud and Bristol. It first belonged to Frank HYDE, and afterwards to John EVANS, known as “sober John”. Evans afterwards ran a four-horse coach between Stroud and Bristol. Ben PEARCE first drove it, then William MOODY, who kept it up for 13 years. The diarist records a ride he had as a boy with MOODY. John WILLIAMS came after MOODY, and carried the whip eleven years. The four-horse coach ran thirty years.
1807During this year MASTER’s old coach was the only one between Stroud and London.
1807Lodgemoor Mill again destroyed by fire.
1807-05A company was formed to raise £11000 in £10 shares to establish a fresh coach service to London. There were 210 subscribers.
1807-06-01The “Union” four-horse coach began its first journey from the King’s Arms (now the Royal George) Hotel, covering the distance in nineteen hours. It ran on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
1807-08-14Lieutenant Benjamin HEAZLE (28) of the 3rd Regiment of Old Buffs (now Royal West Kent Regiment) fought on Beeches Green a duel with Lieutenant Joseph Francis DELMONT (22) of the 82nd Regiment (now 2nd/South Lancashire Regiment.) DELMONT was shot – it was said treacherously; and died the following Tuesday. He was buried in St Lawrence’s Churchyard on the Friday. A stone marks his final resting place.
1808The Feoffees added some land on the north side to enlarge St Lawrence’s Churchyard.
1808The “Union” coach proved a failure. There had been additional calls of £5 and £6. Then a new company was raised with £4000 capital in £50 shares. It purchased the old coaches and horses and took the road. The coaches ran from June 17 1808 till July 1809, when the “partnership” was dissolved, having lost about £7000 in two years. Master’s old coach continued to run for several years afterwards.
1808-07-17Edmund KEAN, the actor, married Mary Chambers at St Lawrence’s Church. Mary had lodged at Thornton’s in Church-street, Stroud.
1808-09BEVERLEY, the famous actor, had a company of comedians in Stroud.
1809MARTIN, MILLS and WILSON opened a bank at the bottom of High-street, Stroud. (It was discontinued in 1825.)
1810Mr Paul WATHEN of Lypiatt Park, High Sheriff of Gloucestershire; he figured well at the Spring Assizes with a gorgeous retinue.
1810The Golden Heart Inn rebuilt.
1810-08-10Frederick Augustus, 5th Earl of BERKELEY, died.
1810-12-22The Rev John BURDEN came to Stroud and began his labours the following day.
1811Paul WATHEN assumed the name of BAGSHOTT. (In Debrett’s Peerage, etc., for 1822 appears the entry in the list of knights then alive, “Paul Bagshott P K B.” It seems that he was knighted in 1808. (Stroud News Ed)
1811Ebley Chapel enlarged.
1811-04-05Robert RAIKES of Gloucester died aged 76 years.
1811-06-01British and Foreign Bible Society branch started in Stroud.
1811-06-17Lodgemoor Mill once more burnt (third time).
1811-06-21The Rev J WILLIAMS introduced a new collection of psalms and hymns at St Lawrence’s Church, Stroud.
1811-10Wesleyan School opened in Stroud with 108 scholars, by Messrs WATKINS and HALLIDAY.
1814St Lawrence’s (Stroud) Steeple now contained eight bells; whilst the ringers were ringing a peal the tenor bell fell from its supports and cracked one of the other bells. No one was injured.
1814Old Chapel (Stroud) School begun; 20 teachers, 95 scholars.
1814-07-26Church Schools opened at Whiteshill.
1815Joseph BIRT owned and lived in the White Hart Inn at the Cross, Stroud, and built a club-room.
1815Bowbridge and Chalford-road opened. An act was applied for in 1814, but met with opposition. The Commissioners assembled a large body of labourers at night and proceeded to level hedges and other obstructions before the landlords and millowners arose in the morning.
1815James WITHEY purchased No. 55 High-street, Stroud.
1815-01B EVANS, of the Box, Minchinhampton, was put in the pillory at the Cross, Stroud, one hour for fortune-telling for money. He figured there twice afterwards.
1815-01-20The Rev J WILLIAMS took his B A degree.
1815-05-07Savings Banks established.
1815-11-25John Selby HOWELL appointed parish clerk of Stroud by licence.
1815-12-03The Rev J WILLIAMS made a Doctor of Divinity.
1816James WITHEY purchased No 55 High-street, Stroud.
1816-17The Red Boys’ School removed from the first room to the upper room in the Town Hall, Stroud, and the magistrates used the first room.
1816-1817Richard MILLER and Company started the “True Briton” four-horse coach, which ran till 1823 (diarist does not say where)
1816-1817The bridge at Badbrook widened and pavement made to King-street. The road to Pitchcombe much improved and lowered some six feet. Daniel CLIFT, a carrier to Gloucester, fell into a cutting near Badbrook and was killed.
1817The road from Stroud to Gloucester through Pitchcombe was made this year.
1817-07-01Sovereigns of 20s value first issued.
1818Old Meeting House, Stroud, enlarged. (Ten years later a schoolroom added at a cost of £1500).
1818Thomas WATT bought the King’s Arms, Stroud, and enlarged it. He removed from the George Hotel in High-street and changed the name of the King’s Arms to the Royal George.
1818-03-24The Rev J WILLIAMS laid the foundation stone of schools at the Thrupp.
1818-05-01Part of the Workhouse, Parliament-street, Stroud, opened as a school for the poor; Thomas BOWLES appointed master.
1818-08-04Ebley School established; 30 teachers, 207 scholars.
1819Mr Joseph WATTS became sole proprietor of the Stroud Brewery.
1820The Rev J WILLIAMS gave up his school to the Rev J ELLIOTT, vicar of Randwick. He educated T PEYTON, N DENTON and R BURROWS as missionaries.
1820“Broad Barrow Green” was changed to “Beacon Hill” and enclosed by J D T NIBLETT.
1820-11-16An ox roasted whole at the Cross, Stroud, to commemorate the result of Queen Caroline’s trial.
1821Benjamin PARSONS, afterwards so well known in connection with Ebley Chapel, worked at this period for Joshua HOLDER, tailor, of High-street, Stroud. He was appointed at Ebley in 1826 and died in 1855.
1822Henry THORNTON and Maria OKEY of Stroud married.
1823Mr COX of Chalford started the “Safety Britain” coach, with a pair-horse branch coach to Stroud and Gloucester. “Mr Cox got so reduced in about 12 months that he became an inmate of the Stroud Union”.
1823A house for the Stroud dispensary erected at the corner of George-street and Bedford-street.
1824Baptist Chapel opened in John-street, Stroud, cost £2000. First sermon preached July 21st. Rev. Henry HAWKINS first minister. He died Jan 17 1845.
1824London coaches at this time started from the Lamb Inn, Church-street, Stroud – kept by James WAKEFIELD from 1824-1830. Messrs WAKEFIELD, HAYWARD and Co started the “Royal Mail”.
1824James WITHEY, grocer, of 55 High-street, Stroud, had his windows broken in by Charley BROWN and others. (There seemed to have been a riot at that time.)
1824A pig market was held in High-street, opposite Mr COLEY’s shop and MILLS Brothers’ shop.
1824Pig market removed from High-street to the Cross. The pork shop in High-street stands on the site of the old post-office, kept by Miss JENNER.
1825Weavers’ riots.
1825Stroud Improvement Act obtained.
1825Stroud Pig Market removed from High-street to the Cross.
1825Mr William LEWIS, of Brimscombe, bought the Lypiatt Estate and resided there till 1842.
1825Rowcroft Pitch much improved at the expense of Stroud.
1826The rents of the Stroud Feofees’ property at this period amounted to £200 per annum.
1826The Bank House at the bottom of High-street was built by ALDERLEY, a baker.
1826Cainscross and Stroud-road made.
1826Horse Races on Minchinhampton Common.
1826-02-22Vatch Mills destroyed by fire.
1826-09-07H THORNTON took possession of the Butchers’ Arms and Market-place and remained there till July 1866.
1827Gloucester and Berkeley Canal finished; Began 1794, cost £500,000.
1827-04-18Bazaar held in White Hart large room on behalf of national charity schools; £150 raised and invested in 3 percent consols.
1828Part of the spire of Stroud Church taken down and a new weathercock fixed at a cost of £120.
1828Communion table and two chairs at Stroud Church given by J WOOD.
1828Communion table cover at Stroud Church presented by Mrs E P LITTLE; it was worked by herself.
1829Steeple of St Lawrence’s Church, Stroud, repaired. Henry AYERS went to the summit and played “God save the King.”
1829Ruscombe Chapel erected.
1829An omnibus ran from Stroud to Gloucester three days a week and to Cheltenham three days a week – conducted by John BRADFORD.
1829Mr W K KNEE began business as a hatter in High-street, Stroud.
1830-01-01Grazebrook and Co’s bank passed into the hands of Watts, Wyatt and Hallewell, who, eight years later, transferred it to the County Bank.
1830-10-12J BRADFORD’s horses cut (? mutilated) after the beer shops opened.
1831Population of Stroud Parish 8607.
1831Mr PARKER built the Victoria Rooms.
1831Stroud Society for the Prosecution of Felons started at the Lamb Inn, Church-street; J Wakefield host.
1831-01-17Fireworks at the Cross, Stroud.
1831-01-24Fireworks at George-street, Stroud.
1831-02-22Appeal day for special constables.
1831-04-30Militia sworn.
1831-05-06Reform dinner at the Town Hall, Stroud.
1831-06-27Mrs Hester GRAZEBROOK, wife of Joseph GRAZEBROOK, died at Far hill aged 78
1831-07Gloucestershire Banking company established at Gloucester.
1831-07-15Opening of Stroud Butchers’ Market.
1831-10-24Druids attended service in Stroud Church.
1831-10-29Riots at Bristol (? bread)
1831-10-30Queen-square, Bristol, burnt.
1831-12-01Mrs WARDER, of the Swan Hotel, died.
1831-12-27John Garlick BALL elected coroner for Gloucestershire after an eight days’ contest; Voting: Ball, 3354, Bevir, 3143 – majority for Ball 311. Contest cost £1000.
1831-12-27Mr BUTT, ironmonger, and Miss COPNER, married.
1832Hustings erected in front of the Victoria Rooms for public nominations of candidates for Parliament.
1832-01-13DAVIS, CLARK and three others convicted of setting fire to Queen’s Square, Bristol. Stated as June in diary; I have looked it up and corrected an obvious error - EW.
1832-01-27DAVIS, CLARK, and two others hanged at Bristol.
1832-01-27Dr W H THORNTON, surgeon, Stroud, died aged 37.
1832-03-05Sun dial fixed on Stroud Parish Church.
1832-03-2714th Light Dragoons passed through Stroud.
1832-04-23Gloucester Asylum destroyed by fire.
1832-04-24Dr BROWN of Stroud died.
1832-05-02Mr GINGELL vacated the Golden Heart.
1832-05-16Reform meeting in George-street, Stroud.
1832-06-10Whit-Sunday. Dr WILLIAMS baptized at St Lawrence’s Church 113 children. He was thus occupied from 12 noon till 5 pm.
1832-06-18Reform Bill commemoration; Slade PUGH and others publicly roasted a sheep.
1832-07-11Stanley Mill Reform feast and illumination.
1832-08-16Reform celebration in Stroud: an ox and seven sheep roasted in Great George-street and cut up and distributed in the Butter Market.
1832-08-28At a meeting held to consider the erection of the Subscription Rooms 57 persons took 61 shares of £50 each.
1832-09-08Political Union meeting on Selsley Hill.
1832-09-10G P SCROPE’s dinner at Castle Coombe.
1832-09-20G P SCROPE’s dinner at the George Inn -265 sat down.
1832-09-25G P SCROPE’s dinner at Painswick – 140 sat down.
1832-10-10The Reform coach ceased to run.
1832-10-11A man named MORGAN died from injuries received in the Stroud stocks.
1832-11-02HANCOCK shot at Denway.
1832-11-06Ground where the Subscription Rooms, Stroud, now stands bought for £420.
1832-12-10Nomination day for the borough of Stroud.
1832-12-11Stroud election contest: Results: HYETT 985; RICHARDS 585; SCROPE 562. Votes taken at the Market-Place.
1832-12-18Gloucestershire Parliamentary election; polling at the George Inn, Stroud.
1832-12-22Members of Parliament chaired at Stroud.
1833-1857? [undated] The Rev M WILLIAMS held the living of Woodchester 24 years. actually the Rev John Williams EW.
1833-01-10“Old Dowman”, a Stroud celebrity, died.
1833-02-05The Rev. A F POWELL appointed perpetual curate of Stroud.
1833-02-26T GUVNER, of the Dolphin Inn, a prominent Oddfellow, died. (He had an Oddfellows’ funeral at Rodborough on March 4).
1833-03Hon. H MORETON presented the Rev Dr WILLIAMS, curate of Stroud, to the living of Woodchester. (Induction on April 13th).
1833-03- 31The Rev W F POWELL preached his first sermon at Stroud Parish Church.
1833-03-09Foundation stone of Stroud Subscription Rooms laid. The site was previously called “Hurdle Square” and was 2000 square yards. It cost £420. The rooms were built by Charles HARRISON at a cost of £2500. When near its erection planks were laid on the principle of an inclined plane to carry up stones and mortar, the lower part being in the lane now called Thread-needle-street.
1833-03-153rd Dragoon Guards passed through Stroud; remained one night.
1833-03-18Mr J KING and Mrs PRICE (Stroud) drowned.
1833-03-18FORD took the Gloucester coach.
1833-03-26The Rev P HAWKER died.
1833-04-06Nomination day at Gloucester.
1833-04-14Rev Dr WILLIAMS read himself in at Woodchester.
1833-05-02Stroud shops first fitted with gas burners.
1833-05-07Mr SCROPE presented with a diamond ring, silver vase, etc., at a public dinner in Stroud, at which 237 persons sat down.
1833-05-17D RICARDO, M P, resigned his seat
1833-05-20Demolition of the Butcher’s Arms, Stroud, commenced.
1833-05-22First meeting of a new Benefit Club at Stroud Town Hall.
1833-05-23Miss THORNTON and Mr UTHWAITE (Stroud) married.
1833-05-27Mr SCROPE chaired at a Whit Monday Festival in Stroud.
1833-05-28MERRETT of Painswick broke his neck.
1833-05-28Foundation stone of Stroud Gas-house laid.
1833-06Gas pipes laid in Stroud streets by night.
1833-06John CETTA began business in Stroud.
1833-06-07H WYATT buried at the Meeting House.
1833-06-11Foundation stone of new Butchers’ Arms laid.
1833-06-28B CHANDLER, of Stroud, died from small-pox.
1833-07-02Mr ELLIOTT and Miss GRIFFIN (Stroud) married.
1833-07-12Stroud new magistrates took their seats.
1833-07-18Lady C-, Berkeley, died from cholera.
1833-07-18Charity sermons in Stroud; £43 10s collected.
1833-07-22William RACTLIFFE, of Woodchester, mounted a horse at the Swan Inn, and rode down the lane and up the scaffold to the top of the Subscription Rooms. There he dismounted. The horse, worth £50, fell off the scaffold and was killed. Ractliffe was very “fresh” when he rode away from the Swan Inn, but was quite sober when he gazed upon his dead steed.
1833-07-25Mr HOLMES and Miss KELSON (Stroud) married.
1833-08-20Butchers’ Arms covered in.
1833-08-25New Club started in Stroud Town Hall.
1833-10Hester WORDING broke her neck at Stroud Workhouse, and a man had a similar experience at Brimscombe.
1833-10-10Street gas lamps tried at Stroud at 3 am. General lighting of shops and streets.
1833-11A meeting of Stroud Subscription Rooms to form a library led to subscription by thirty persons at £20 each. They rented the room at the left at £30 a year, and the library was opened and so remained until July 1st 1844.
1833-11-02Gloucestershire Yeomanry Cavalry trained at Stroud till the 8th. Church parade on the Sunday.
1833-11-06Riflemen left Stroud for Chatham.
1833-11-07Mr HOLBROW died from apoplexy.
1833-12Mr Joseph CRIPPS of Cirencester sold ... to Mr Henry WHITE. It could say Farm(hill). See 1842 entry; could be Henry WYATT - EW
1833-12-06Joseph KING robbed by two highwaymen, APPERLEY and WILKINSON, in Rodborough-lane.
1833-12-19Butcher’s Arms re-opened.
1833-12-28Cirencester first lighted with gas.
1834-01-10Samuel TANNER (Tanner and Baylis) died, aged 77.
1834-02Mrs COOKE of Farm Hill died.
1834-02-02At Rodborough, George HOLFORD, printer, married Miss F GURNER, of the Dolphin Inn.
1834-03-24Mr GRIST, High Sheriff of Gloucestershire, died six days before the assizes.
1834-04-03National Schools bazaar at Stroud Subscription Rooms: £440 taken in two days.
1834-04-04APPERLEY and WILKINSON, at Gloucester, transported for life for robbing Joseph KING in Rodborough-lane.
1834-04-14BASHAM entered into a contract to sweep and keep in repair the Stroud streets for 5 years for £184 18s 0d per annum.
1834-04-22Mr L HAWKINS and Miss BISHOP married at Stroud.
1834-04-22Fire at Arundel’s Mill.
1834-04-23GROSSMITH at the White Hart, Stroud.
1834-05-02Black Boy finished.
1834-05-21Funds of the King’s Head club divided at the Town Hall, Stroud.
1834-06-10MOODY’s Stroud and Cheltenham coach started.
1834-06-26Petition against the Beer Bill signed at the White Hart, Stroud.
1834-07-15W BISHOP and Miss TANNER married at Stroud.
1834-07-19John PURCELL taken to Gloucester gaol for debt.
1834-07-21JONES killed in a fight near Stanton’s.
1834-07-23Sir Berkeley William GUISE died unmarried, aged 60 ( born 1775). He was elected seven times member for Gloucestershire. Title devolved on his brother, General John Wright GUISE, GCB, colonel of the 85th Regiment.
1834-07-27The third Earl of BATHURST died, aged 72.
1834-07-29Charles MAYON (29) killed near Minchinhampton.
1834-08-11Gloucestershire election; candidates LEIGH and CARRINGTON.
1834-08-12Solomon HOPSON (82) died; buried at Rodborough.
1834-08-12Election fight in Stroud; George Hotel damaged by Luke ROGERS, ABRAHAMS and other bullies. PARKE, the owner, received £87 15s and T SMITH, the tenant, £41 2s 7d as compensation.
1834-08-13Tetbury Yeomanry came to Minchinhampton.
1834-08-13Special constables sworn.
1834-08-14High Sheriff declared the state of the poll at Gloucester – CODRINGTON 2779; LEIGH 2709 – majority for Codrington 70. The following were the records at the different polling centres:

1st day2nd day1st day2nd day
1834-08-14Sam BENNETT, MOSELEY and HEWLETT committed for trial for rioting at the George Hotel, Stroud. HEWLETT allowed on bail.
1834-08-15Mr CODRINGTON, M P, chaired at Gloucester.
1834-08-16Giles PEARCE, of Stroud, taken ill 8.0 am and died 4.0 pm – reported as cholera.
1834-08-18S BASSETT and Miss WARD married at Stroud.
1834-08-20The Hon. Henry MORETON summoned by Mr T CROOME for election rioting. (The diarist here enters the significant word “Fudge!”)
1834-08-21OKEY, shoemaker, robbed by footpad near Stroud.
1834-08-22Thomas SHILL robbed near Stroud.
1834-08-24Balloon ascent from READ’s orchard - probably the first in Stroud.
1834-08-25S BENNETT and E MOSELEY committed for trial for election riot.
1834-08-26Confirmation at Stroud Church.
1834-08-26W BENNETT and C JAY committed for riot.
1834-08-28Mrs WILLIAMS laid first stone of National Schools; very wet. 600 children entertained in the Market.
1834-08-31Nat. MILES, surgeon, died aged 41.
1834-09-07John THORNTON (an ancestor of Mr Sydney THORNTON of High-street, Stroud) cut his foot very badly. Surgical operation by Drs DARKE and UTHWAITE, but he died in a week, aged 64.
1834-09-16Stone masons commenced to build stalls in Stroud Shambles; ironwork fixed on the 19th.
1834-09-16James RESTALL of the New George died aged 42. Buried on 20th.
1834-09-23Mr CODRINGTON, M P, dined with 124 Blues at the George Inn, Stroud.
1834-09-24Mr LEIGH gave a dinner at the King’s Head, Gloucester, to 330 Liberals.
1834-09-30Captain the Right Hon. Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge BERKELEY, 1sr Baron Fitzhardinge, a distinguished naval commander, married the Hon. Charlotte MORETON, daughter of Thomas, 1st Earl of Ducie, as his second wife. His first wife was a daughter of the Duke of Richmond and Gordon. His lordship died in October, 1867 and his widow in July 1881.
1834-10-08Joseph PRICE and Lydia LAMBERT of Stroud married.
1834-10-14Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol opened Slad Church.
1834-10-24?Stroud Subscription Rooms opened: 700 present.
1834-11-05C W LAWRENCE and Jane COLLINGS of Stroud married.
1834-11-06Gloucestershire Yeomanry dined at WAKEFIELD’s Lamb Inn, Stroud.
1834-11-21Political dinner to Mr LEIGH in Stroud Subscription Rooms: 520 dined [it says died, but I don’t believe it! - EW]
1834-12A branch of the Gloucestershire Banking Company opened at the bottom of High-street, Stroud (merged into the Capital and Counties Bank in 1893).
1834-12Dr CARGILL chosen physician to Stroud Hospital.
1834-12W K KNEE, hatter, removed from High-street to King-street.
1834-12-01Stroud Vegetable Market opened.
1834-12-12Stroud Butchers’ Market first lighted with gas.
1835-01-07Stroud Borough election: candidates SCROPE, SYMONS and FOX. Result of the poll: SCROPE 886, FOX 709, SYMONS 187.
1835-01-09Members for Stroud chaired.
1835-02-03T CLUTTERBUCK and Miss CHEW of Stroud married.
1835-02-04Ball at Stroud Subscription Rooms; 275 present.
1835-02-05JAMES’s two sons died from small-pox.
1835-02-06Farmer YOUNG shot at as he was going home.
1835-02-10H MASON committed to Gloucester Gaol for shooting at YOUNG.
1835-02-14Nat BROWN fell dead, aged 84.
1835-02-17Dyehouse Mills accidentally burnt.
1835-02-25The body of Mrs FRANKLIN found in Stroudwater Canal.
1835-04-06Thomas BENNETT of Stroud fell from his horse and was killed.
1835-04-15Mrs BURDOCK publicly hanged at Bristol for poisoning an old lady: 50,000 spectators.
1835-04-2712th Lancers marched through Stroud.
1835-05-10Humphrey HOOPER died.
1835-05-12Lord John RUSSELL addressed a meeting at Stroud Subscription Rooms.
1835-05-19Sir T WATHEN died in France aged 88.
1835-05-19Nomination, chairing and dining of Lord John RUSSELL at Stroud: 400 electors dined.
1835-06-08First stone of Bedford Chapel laid.
1835-06-19“Peter the dumb boy fell from a coach at Painswick and was killed.”
1835-07-04MOSELEY and BENNETT the rioters returned from gaol.
1835-07-04WALTERS took the Crown and Anchor, Stroud.
1835-08-09Charles WAGER and Mrs MAYOR married.
1835-08-26Mr HOLLOWAY and Miss BLISS of Stroud married.
1835-08-31Mrs HOPSON of Paganhill died aged 56.
1835-08-31Great Western Railway Bill received the Royal assent.
1835-09-03Gloucestershire Yeomanry marched to Bristol and Clifton.
1835-09-03Stroud Paving and Lighting Commissioners elected.
1836James WAKEFIELD left the Lamb Inn and went to the Royal George, where the London coaches then started from.
1836Public Library open at Subscription Rooms
1836-01-06Temperance Society’s meeting in Stroud.
1836-01-11Old Stephen at Mr CHAMBER’s died, aged 80.
1836-01-11Death of George HARRIS, clothier.
1836-01-18Mr WEALD, poor law commissioner, sat at Stroud Town Hall to decide on the formation of a union.
1836-02Mr GARDNER, brewer, Cheltenham, died aged 70
1836-02-10Death of Mr ALDRIDGE, J.P.
1836-02-13Robert ABEL, aged 72, of Stroud, going with meat to Woodchester, dropped dead.
1836-02-15William HODGES, brother of Charles HODGES, died.
1836-02-24Marriage of William FISHER and Miss HAYCROFT at Stroud.
1836-02-27Old Parry, Sam WHEELER’s father-in-law, died, aged 92.
1836-02-27Death of Mrs John MILLS, of Hazel Mill.
1836-03-06Mrs DAVIS, mother of Mr T DAVIS, auctioneer, died aged 66.
1836-03-15Mr D RICARDO bought the living of Minchinhampton from Mr WILLS for £10,000.
1836-04John PITT carved and presented to St Lawrence’s Church, Stroud, a new font.
1836-04-02Nat PARTRIDGE, son of Old John, sent to gaol on suspicion of Marling’s cloth being found on him.
1836-04-02Election of Stroud Guardians – William HOPSON 334, Thomas SHILL 293, Thomas MARLING 256, Robert BAMFORD 248, J PHIPPS 238, J FERRABEE 144, James WITHEY 78. The first five elected.
1836-04-07Election of churchwardens at a vestry – CHAMBERS 28, BARTER 17, HAWKINS 13, John PRICE 12.
1836-04-09Joseph PONTING took the King’s Head.
1836-04-11GRIBBLE sent to Horsley Gaol for six months for stealing cauliflowers from Mr WITHEY
1836-04-15Election of officers by the Poor Law Guardians – Auditors: KEARSEY 17 (elected at £30 a years) CARPENTER 13, BARTER 7, WARD of Painswick 4. Clerk: Charles HAWKER, at £130 a year. Relieving Officers: Constable BROWNING and SIMKINS at £80 a year each.
1836-04-1612th Lancers passed through Stroud.
1836-04-19Marriage of Mr B FRANKLIN and Miss CAMM
1836-04-24Three men broke out of Gloucester Gaol.
1836-05-09Coffee shop opened on Tower Hill, Stroud.
1836-05-20Craven BERKELEY, of Gloucestershire, shot himself in London.
1836-05-23Stroud Temperance society walked to Stonehouse.
1836-05-26J CHESTERTON opened a tea and grocery shop at the Cross, Stroud.
1836-05-30Mr LEWIS, uncle of the THORNTONs, of High-Street, Stroud, died at Gloucester.
1836-06-01Poor Law came into operation in Stroud Union.
1836-06-06First day for giving out-door relief under the new system. Relief was made at the Workhouse.
1836-06-07Death of G WICKS, letter carrier, aged 76.
1836-06-10Thomas CUNNINGHAM, 43 years governor of Gloucester Gaol, died, aged 77.
1836-06-16Old Mr HICKS died at Frampton.
1836-06-16Henry SMITH, formerly overseer at Bisley, died suddenly at Tetbury.
1836-06-23John HOPSON took the King’s Head.
1836-06-24Mrs ENGLEY died at Eastington, aged 76.
1836-07-11Marriage of Mr W ARKELL and Miss COLLINGS.
1836-07-18Sewer first laid in Russell-Street.
1836-07-26County of Gloucester Bank established.
1836-07-26W C CHAMBERS appointed a magistrate.
1836-07-27STEVEN arrested for stealing SMITH’s wool.
1836-07-28STEVEN committed for trial.
1836-07-28BRADLEY, an exciseman, hanged himself in the Priory at Nailsworth.
1836-08-13Stroud Post Office removed from High-Street to George Street.
1836-08-13Frontage of Marlborough’s Head Inn put back, and name changed to Bedford Arms.
1836-09-05Amberley Church opened by the Rev. F CLOSE. It was D RICARDO’s property. There was no collection.
1836-09-13Casualty Hospital opened.
1836-09-24Rodborough Tabernacle rebuilt.
1836-09-24Yeomanry dinner given by Captain HYETT at the Lamb Inn.
1836-09-24Casualty Hospital full from Thomas MARLING’s mill. Floor gave way, six men injured.
1836-10-01Mr T BUCKLE and family left Stroud for America
1836-10-01Mrs WARDER, of the Swan Inn, married at Hampton
1836-10-04Colonel WATLEY, of The Hill, died, aged 64.
1836-10-05Primitive Methodist Chapel built in Parliament-Street.
1836-10-05RODWAY became landlord of the Green Dragon.
1836-10-08Gloucestershire Yeomanry met at Gloucester for 8 days’ training.
1836-10-11John BARNETT took the Lamb Inn.
1836-10-12GRAHAM ascended with Joe WOODS in a balloon from the Golden Heart bowling green. Dropped near Tewkesbury.
1836-11-01Marriage of Mr W CHALLENGER and Miss RATTON.
1836-11-13The bishoprics of Gloucester and Bristol consolidated.
1836-11-13John BISHOP and John BRADFORD each started to run a coach for Cheltenham, and then afterwards, by agreement, divided between Gloucester and Cheltenham.
1836-11-13Robert THOMAS sold his interest in the water supply to a company for £135.
1836-11-19Old Patty STEELE died suddenly at the Wharfe.
1837-01-04Sir John BYERLEY died suddenly at Far Hill, aged 55.
1837-01-04Heavy fall of snow: mails blocked for a week.
1837-01-12Old SELLERS, the pattern maker, died, aged 74.
1837-01-15Old CLARIDGE, the watchmaker, died.
1837-01-15Opening of St Matthew’s Church, Cainscross. £123 10s 6d collected at the door.
1837-01-17Ball at HOPSONS’ King’s Head.
1837-01-18Church rates meeting at Subscription Rooms.
1837-01-18S and P HOPSON took J. HOPSON’s shop
1837-01-21Famine at Bisley amongst the poor.
1837-01-22Marriage of P FLIGHT and Mrs RESTALL.
1837-01-31Thomas HOPSON and his wife committed for trial for having stolen brass.
1837-02Foundation stone of Bedford-Street Chapel laid by A S MATTHEWS.
1837-02-07Mrs WILSON, wife of Mr WILSON, banker, died.
1837-02-13Forty per cent of men and sixty-five per cent of women unable to write.
1837-02-13HOPSON began to cut the road through toward Taynton
1837-02-13James LAMBOURNE’s son, John, hung himself near Capell’s Bridge before 6am.
1837-02-19Old William GARNER died aged 85
1837-02-21Old shepherd FAWKES died aged 82.
1837-02-23HAYWARD and HUNT dissolved partnership: HUNT went out with a loss of £300.
1837-04Stroud Vicarage House erected.
1837-04Charles HOLMES, DAWES and two others recommended to the Guardians as collecting overseers. HOLMES appointed.
1837-06-03Samuel WEBB returned from America after five years absence. He was looked upon as a great traveller.
1837-06-06Marriage of Mr Fred TAYLOR and Miss ADAMS.
1837-06-06Princess Victoria proclaimed Queen in Stroud Market by Mr G WATHEN.
1837-06-06Miss MAY’s shop broken into and robbed of cutlery.
1837-06-12Masons at the Workhouse struck.
1837-06-20Marriage of Mr WEST and Miss BARNETT.
1837-06-23Balloon ascent from the Gas Works
1837-06-29First interment at Amberley Churchyard, the body being that of Mrs WALL.
1837-06-29Pillory abolished by Act of Parliament.
1837-07The Chartists had become troublesome.
1837-07-07Mr SIM died at Bristol: buried at Stroud.
1837-07-21Stroud election nomination day. Candidates SCROPE, RUSSELL, SYMONDS and ADAMS.
1837-07-24Mr BERKELEY not elected for Bristol.
1837-07-25Election day. SCROPE and RUSSELL returned.
1837-07-26SCROPE and RUSSELL chaired.
1837-07-28Dinner for SCROPE and RUSSELL in Subscription Rooms. 120 sat down to a bad cold dinner.
1837-08-06Death of Mr Samuel COPNER aged 79.
1837-08-09Death of Mr John VICK, of the Brewery, aged 58.
1837-08-13Mrs SMITH, of the Chequers, died aged 87.
1837-08-14W H THORNTON of Stroud apprenticed to Mr MORRIS, grocer, of Gloucester, for seven years; premium £50
1837-08-15Two policemen sent from London to Stroud under the Pavement Act.
1837-08-16Beersellers fined at the Town Hall for selling on the premises.
1837-08-23Confirmation at Stroud and Bisley.
1837-08-24Oakridge Church consecrated.
1837-08-30Fifty-five emigrants sent to Australia by Stroud parish. Robert KEENE took them to Bristol in three wagons.
1837-09-14Old John WATKINS died.
1837-09-23Mr WASHBOURNE, surgeon, died, aged 31.
1837-09-27Opening of Bedford Street Chapel: cold collation.
1837-09-29Mr George EDWARDS, solicitor, took the clerkship at the Town Hall (presumably he was appointed magistrates’ clerk.)
1837-09-29Mr CARPENTER came to the Golden Heart.
1837-09-29Mr COLE, draper, hanged himself at Wotton-under-Edge.
1837-10-07John RICKARDS, coachman of the Mall, died at Abingdon.
1837-10-13John BARNETT fined for drawing ale in church time.
1837-10-23Sir Michael HICKS BEACH born.
1837-10-30Radical meeting in Subscription Room to petition for the ballot. Symons, the defeated candidate, was present.
1837-11-07Marriage of Mr Thomas BOND and Miss BLACKMOOR.
1837-11-07Chartists met in large numbers: they demanded universal suffrage, vote by ballot, annual parliaments and payment of members.
1837-11-07Mr HUGO, gas clerk, died.
1837-12-15Hester BUTCHER stifled by soot near Hazel Mill, by the overturning of a waggon. The waggoner was arrested and committed for trial for manslaughter.
1837-12-23S. HOLMES, of the Stag and Hounds, shot in his own house by SMITH, a saddler. He walked lame ever afterwards.
1837-12-29Henry NEWMAN, late magistrates’ clerk for Stroud, died in London, aged 37.
1838-02-02Mr W CAPEL died.
1838-02-08The Rev. Dr WILLIAMS’s son (aged 22) who died on January 26th, and his daughter (aged 23), who died on February 2nd, buried together in Stroud churchyard.
1838-02-14Death of William HAMBIDGE, of the Post Office, aged 64.
1838-02-23POWELL, a carpenter, had his leg broken at the workhouse and amputated at the hospital: he died from shock.
1838-03-02HORTON put in the blindhouse on a charge of stealing handkerchiefs – dismissed.
1838-03-08Mrs DREW, of Ebley, died, aged 72
1838-03-08Marriage of David WOODCLIFFE and Miss Polly HODGE at the Old Meeting House.
1838-03-16Ralph OKEY died at Eastington, aged 46.
1838-04-03Foundation stone of Holy Trinity Church laid by Mr STANTON, senior, 600 children entertained at the George Inn. Collection: at church, £54: on the ground, £17.
1838-04-26Death of Mr John LEWIS, of Brimscombe.
1838-04-29Simon WOOD took the King’s Head.
1838-05-01Paul MILLS came to the Rising Sun.
1838-05-07Painswick ringers attempted to ring a peal: after ringing an hour a rope broke. They again started and rang for 1 ½ hours, and then gave out.
1838-05-28Smallpox very bad in Stroud.
1838-05-31Conservative dinner at Bisley: 150 dined.
1838-05-3114th Light Dragoons in Stroud.
1838-06-06Dr WILMOT appointed to assist Dr LARGILL as physician at Stroud Hospital.
1838-06-09Great Western Railway opened.
1838-06-14Thomas PEAT killed in Stanley-lane, Dudbridge, by a cart.
1838-06-14Rodborough Tabernacle opened: £54 collected.
1838-06-28Queen Victoria Coronation Day. 108 tradesmen dined at the Town Hall. Dinner served by Mr THORNTON and Mr John BURNETT (the Lamb Inn). Meat, bread and money, value £200, distributed in the town.
1838-07Dr CARGILL died, aged 30.
1838-07-26Carpenter left the Golden Heart, and John BRADFORD succeeded.
1838-08-04NICHOLLS, commonly called “Punch”, transported for seven years for perjury.
1838-08-08 Mr DURDEN and Miss HAWKINS married at the Old Meeting House.
1838-08-12Stephen FACE left for Sydney.
1838-08-15William FACE and family left for Sydney.
1838-08-31John SIMS left Stroud for the United States.
1838-09-14John MORGAN hung himself at Whiteshill, and was buried the following night at midnight.
1838-09-22WALTERS left the Crown and Anchor.
1838-09-24MERRETT, confectioner, opened a shop.
1838-09-24John WEBB opened his new shop.
1838-09-25Sergeant WATKINS took the Crown and Anchor.
1838-10-04Mr BIDDLE was thrown from the Bristol coach near Wotton-under-Edge, and was injured.
1838-10-10Marriage of Mr Thomas HILL and Miss Charlotte COLLIER.
1838-10-10Dinner of Blues at the George Inn.
1838-10-16Paul GAY and SHIPTON sent to Horsley Gaol for three months for sleeping out.
1838-10-20New fire-engine brought to Stroud.
1838-10-25Mrs FLIGHT, of the New George, died suddenly.
1838-10-30First lot of Paupers from Horsley Workhouse taken to the Union.
1838-11-19Well opened at the Cross: 17 inches of water.
1838-11-25Flight at the New George lowered the price of beer.
1838-11-30Sir Paul BAGSHOTT died suddenly at Stanley, aged 66.
1838-12-06Mr William PRICE, his wife and family of eight left Stroud for Plymouth en route for Australia.
1838-12-23Marriage of William ENGLISH and Miss AYERS and Mr COLE and Miss ENGLISH.
1838-12-31Charles NICHOLLS and STOCKHAM the cooper put in the Blindhouse.
1839-01-14Edward MILLS, owner of Charles HOPSON’s residence, found dead in a field on the other side of the Severn.
1839-01-15SYMONDS, the Radical candidate, lectured in Parker’s Rooms on Free Trade.
1839-01-16SYMONDS addressed meeting to abolish corn laws.
1839-01-17Dr Charles Page SWEETING died, aged 73.
1839-01-23The Vicarage completed by the Rev W F Powell.
1839-01-23Charles STANTON presided over an Anti Corn Law meeting.
1839-01-24John HILL, butcher, The Thrupp, died from apoplexy.
1839-01-26Tom BUTLER left Stroud in the 61st Foot.
1839-02-05RICHARDSON, a blacksmith, drowned at Brimscombe.
1839-02-09Gas introduced in Stroud Church.
1839-02-10Sergeant HAVILAND upset a gig near Cainscross, nearly killing Miss WOOD and injuring Mrs GORTON and Mrs HARRISON.
1839-02-20Decision of Dr JENNER in the Arches Prerogative Court, London, against the will of the late James WOOD of Gloucester. He decided that the terms were made by conspiracy and fraud, and ordered that the whole of the immense property should be divided amongst two relations – Mrs GOODLAKE and HITCHINS.
1839-02-22Gas tried in Stroud Church as an experiment.
1839-03-09Chartist meeting in the Golden Heart bowling green. The magistrates ordered all the public houses to close at 10pm in consequence of Bradford allowing the Chartists the use of his house.
1839-03-10Gas used at public service in Stroud Church.
1839-03-20Henry BROWNING took the Upper George Inn.
1839-03-24Mr CROOME, of the Gravell Pits, died, aged 70.
1839-03-25George HILL opened the Green Dragon
1839-03-26SHIPWAY went to the Greyhound.
1839-03-28Mr Samuel BUTCHER died at the White Horse, Cainscross. He was thrown out of his gig at Cainscross whilst proceeding from Stroud market on the 22nd, aged 58,
1839-03-28Good Friday; Messrs FROST and VINCENT addressed a Chartist meeting on Rodborough Common.
1839-03-29VINCENT addressed Chartists at the Cross.
1839-04-01Election of Stroud Churchwardens, Messrs Thomas SHILL and Richard WHITE – no opposition.
1839-04-02David SMITH, manager of Stroud Gas Works, left for France.
1839-04-04Cheltenham Steeplechase Lottery won.
1839-04-08New pump fixed at The Cross.
1839-04-11John SHIPWAY, plumber and family, William WATKINS, plasterer, and family, Richard CANTON, labourer and family, left Stroud for Sydney, New South Wales. They shipped at Bristol.
1839-04-13Marriage of Mr B FRANKLIN and Miss CAMM.
1839-04-20Mrs EDWARDS, wife of George EDWARDS, attorney, died.
1839-04-23The “Great Nassau” balloon ascended at Cheltenham.
1839-04-25Smith the wheeler figures in the blindhouse.
1839-04-26Joe TOWNSEND and others left Stroud by coach for London en route for Australia.
1839-04-28Election of Guardians for Stroud: Thomas SHILL 450, John STANTON 207, William WILKES 402, James CLUTTERBUCK 329, James BATEMAN 320. They were elected. Non successful; Benjamin BUCKNALL 319, J P BRESLEY 269, Thomas PARSONS 234, John RANDALL 230, John FERRABEE 233, Martin CAMM 208, Henry THORNTON 113, John BURNETT 115, Richard COMBES 44, George FLUCK 21, Charles HARRISON 16, George WATKINS 15, Thomas WILLOUGHBY 14, Arthur ROBINSON 15.
1839-04-28Death of James BATT, ironmonger.
1839-05-054th Regiment of Irish Dragoon Guards marched into Stroud.
1839-05-08Mr PAULTON lectured on the Corn Laws
1839-05-104th Dragoon Guards left Stroud.
1839-05-14Heavy fall of snow.
1839-05-16Very hard frost
1839-05-18Mr BERT [Joseph BIRT] of the White Hart died.
1839-05-18A man named DALBY committed for trial for cutting a girl’s throat on Rodborough Hill.
1839-05-18Arrival of the 12th Lancers at Stroud.
1839-05-21Peaceable Chartist demonstration on Selsley Hill. 5000 present.
1839-05-26Death of John MILLS, of Hazel Mills, aged 73.
1839-06-03Old Betty WICKS died.
1839-06-11Mrs HOLFORD bolted from the Dolphin.
1839-06-1212th Lancers exercised on Hampton Common.
1839-06-1812th Lancers reviewed on Hampton Common.
1839-06-23Chartist meeting on Stroud Hill addressed by VINCENT. Mr BURGH, JP, ordered all public houses to close from 7.0pm to 6.0 next morning.
1839-06-23LUSTY opened the Dolphin Inn.
1839-06-26Election of Coroner for the County, BARNETT 353, BULLOCK 70.
1839-06-30Whitfield great centenary meeting on Stinchcombe Hill: very wet.
1839-06-31Samuel CRATCHLEY and family left Stroud for Sydney.
1839-08The last High Constable appointed at Bisley was Thomas DAVIS, an auctioneer.
1839-08-06Dr DARKE died from apoplexy at Cheltenham.
1839-08-06Fireworks display at the Thrupp for the benefit of Stroud Hospital.
1839-08-06Mr CHADBOURN hung himself at Gloucester.
1839-08-28William FAUX, sawyer, killed by a tree falling on him.
1839-08-28A man sold his wife at the Crown and Anchor, Stroud. She was a Miss RICHARDSON before marriage.
1839-09The first settlement made by the English at New Zealand: some Stroud people there.
1839-09Edward KEEN’s workshops in Bedford-Street were at this period used for theatrical purposes.
1839-09-05George HORTON and Mrs TAYNTON sent to Horsley Gaol for three months for assaulting Sergeant MORRIS, a policeman.
1839-09-0912th Lancers marched from Stroud to Cheltenham to a Chartist meeting, and returned to Stroud next morning.
1839-09-11Well’s Circus in Stroud for three weeks.
1839-09-14The Rev W POWELL received an anonymous letter stating that the Chartist would attend Stroud Church, which they did, and Mr POWELL preached to them on the text Psalm 27, verse 14.
1839-09-14Farmer TROTMAN died at Hampton; buried at Frocester.
1839-09-15The Rev W F POWELL read himself in at Cirencester.
1839-09-24Samuel GODDARD fell down cellar stairs at MEALING’s. A cask ran over him. He died at MEALING’S three days afterwards.
1839-09-27James BIRD of the beershop fined. He took down the sign and sold it by auction on October 1.
1839-09-29The Rev W F POWELL preached his farewell sermon in the morning at St Lawrence’s Church. The Rev Mr SANDYS preached in the evening.
1839-10-06The Rev Matthew Blagden HALE, perpetual curate of Stroud, read himself in at St Lawrence’s Church.
1839-10-06Chartist Meeting at Whitfield’s Tump.
1839-10-11Windows broken at the Rev John BORDEN’s Wesleyan Chapel in George-Street.
1839-10-12James HOSKINS died at the Hospital from a fractured thigh.
1839-10-13Opening of Holy Trinity Church at Whitehall: 700 free sittings. £15 collected at the service.
1839-10-15At Gloucestershire Quarter Sessions the magistrates proposed to establish county police.
1839-10-16Opening of Horsley Church; £70 collected at the services.
1839-10-21Mr BURGH, JP died, aged 88 years,
1839-11The Chartists sent to Parliament a petition so large that it had to be rolled in a tub; largely signed in Gloucestershire.
1839-11-04Chartist riots at Newport: 19 persons killed and upwards of 30 wounded. FROST (who had addressed meetings in Stroud), PARTRIDGE and WATERS committed to Monmouth Gaol on a charge of high treason.
1839-11-10Mrs GURNER, of the Brewery, died.
1839-11-11VYNER and others arrested for cutting a horse’s throat at Tuffley; settled by paying £4 8s the two.
1839-11-14Mr HAYCRAFT, druggist, married.
1839-11-22Pensioners examined at the Golden Heart Inn.
1839-11-27Messrs MARLING’S mill at the Ham burnt down; the fire broke out between midnight and 10 am. £6000 damage.
1839-12The public pump at the Cross improved.
1839-12-03SKUSE went to London; hoaxed.
1839-12-05SKUSE returned sadder and wiser.
1839-12-09Duke of Cambridge passed through Stroud.
1839-12-22Thomas EDWARDS and his wife returned from Australia.
1839-12-27Dr GOOCH appointed physician to Stroud Hospital.
1839-12-29The foundation stone of a monument to William TYNDALE, one of the Reformers and Translators of the Bible, laid at Nibley Knoll, near Dursley, by Colonel BERKELEY. Tyndale was born at North Nibley in 1494. He was tied to the stake, strangled and then burnt to death at Vilnor, near Brussels, on October 6th, 1536. The monument cost £1400. Tyndale studied both at Oxford and Cambridge. In 1534 he retired to Hamburg, where he printed part of his New Testament. He then carried on the translation of his Bible at Worms, (where he was joined by his associate Fryth), Marburg and elsewhere, and he was arrested at Antwerp in 1535, and led to the stake the following year.
1840-01-01Stroud gas 12s per 1000 cubic feet, less 5 p c monthly settlement.
1840-01-01Rural police appointed throughout the county at Gloucester Quarter Sessions as follows- Bristol 30, Berkeley 6, Camden 7, Cheltenham 45, Cirencester 10, Nailsworth 5, Fairford 5, Gloucester 10, Marshfield 5, Minchinhampton 5, Mitcheldean 5, Norton 5, Dursley 8, Newent 5, Newnham 6, Northleach 5, Sodbury 7, Stow 5, Great Barrington 3, Stroud 20, Tetbury 5, Tewkesbury 10, Thornbury 5, Winchcombe 5, Whitminster 5, Wotton-under-Edge 10, Coleford 5, Lydney 3 – total 244.
1840-01-01MORRIS and MILLARD, policemen, discharged from this date.
1840-01-02Cash box and £46 stolen from the Golden Heart Inn.
1840-01-03HODGES the druggist apprehended in bed at the Lamb on suspicion of the Golden Heart robbery. He gave up the money, and was committed for trial at the Assizes.
1840-01-04Peter HAWKER, the lawyer, found dead in bed.
1840-01-04ROBERTS bolted from the Greyhound Inn.
1840-01-11D. DARKE took the Greyhound.
1840-01-13TASKER, MILLS and ASH, three troopers of the 12th Lancers, sent to Horsley gaol for 14 days for assaulting Jack Burroughs.
1840-01-13Five policemen came to Stroud Station house to reside.
1840-01-15FROST, WILLIAMS and JONES, Chartists, sentenced to death at Monmouth for high treason. On 31st inst. Sentence reduced to transportation for life.
1840-01-16First funeral at Holy Trinity Church-Yard, Whitehall; CLUTTERBUCK’s child.
1840-01-17Miss SCOTT died suddenly, aged 83.
1840-01-18Colonel KINGSCOTE died; aged 89.
1840-01-18Mr THORNTON, grocer, High-street, sold 39 ½ perches of garden at the Wharf for the new railroad for £380.
1840-01-19Penny postage established in London.
1840-01-25BATES killed near Holy Trinity by Robert Keene’s timber waggon.
1840-01-25Marriage of the Rev M B HALE in London.
1840-01-25BERRY and Bill BENNETT arrested on a charge of stealing Biddle’s malt.
1840-01-28Mrs BIRT left the White Heart, and DAVIES, from the Blue Boys, Minchinhampton, took it.
1840-04-04HODGES the druggist pleaded guilty at Gloucester to the Golden Heart robbery; one year’s imprisonment.
1840-04-14Police removed to the new station house.
1840-04-20“Mechanics institution” on view all one week at the Subscription Rooms; £200 collected.
1840-04-22First stone of a new church laid at Whiteshill by the Rev. Henry CRIPPS, vicar of Preston and Stonehouse; £100 collected. Church named St Paul.
1840-04-29Jonathan COLEMAN, of Stanley, found dead in a field from apoplexy.
1840-04-30MORGAN the draper “shut up”; sale of his effects afterwards.
1840-0512th Lancers left Stroud, and the 2nd Dragoons (Scots Greys) arrived.
1840-05-06Introduction of postage stamps in Stroud.
1840-05-29British schools at Badbrook built.
1840-05-29Mr THORNTON fined a shilling and costs for drawing a pint of beer on a Sunday for his brewer.
1840-06-05GINGLE, who used to live at the White Heart, cut his wife’s throat and his own in London; pronounced insane.
1840-06-05DAVIES, of the White Hart, fined heavily for allowing a fight in his skittle alley.
1840-06-06Samuel SMITH, Mrs THORNTON’s father, downed in the Gloucestershire and Berkeley Canal whilst coming from Gloucester.
1840-06-06HORTON fined for allowing policemen in his licensed house at 3pm on a week day.
1840-06-12Mr THORNTON apprenticed his son Henry to Mr ISACKE, brushmaker; premium £40.
1840-06-16R SKIPPS of Stonehouse “killed and drowned by a rope knocking him into the water at Sharpness Point.”
1840-06-18Public fireworks at the Golden Heart.
1840-06-28Daniel BOLTON, a Stroud policeman, buried at Cirencester.
1840-06-29The Earl of DUCIE died at Woodchester, aged 65.
1840-07-02Henry BLANCH married.
1840-07-02Day coach upset coming down Chalford Hill; horse killed.
1840-07-02Public breakfast given at the Subscription Rooms; 1s 6d each.
1840-07-07Charles BRYANT broke a blood vessel and fell dead at Cainscross.
1840-07-11John SIMS, formerly of Stroud, died at Erie, U.S. America.
1840-07-11James JONES, pawnbroker, died aged 59; buried at the Old Meeting House.
1840-07-15M MORSE died, aged 64.
1840-07-23Stroud day coach stopped running.
1840-07-27Death of William HALLIDAY, of Fromehall.
1840-07-27New coach started from Gloucester to London through Stroud to railroad.
1840-08-08BIDDLE’S Mill burnt.
1840-08-10Oddfellows’ demonstration at Stonehouse.
1840-08-15Marriage of Mr LAMB and Miss BRISLEY.
1840-08-22Charity sermons in Stroud church realised £40 odd.
1840-08-26Richard SIMS died at Gloucester, aged 43; buried at Stroud.
1840-08-26Charles STANTON bought Field Place, Pakenhill, at a sale.
1840-09-07Mrs CLUTTERBUCK (38) daughter of R. COMBES, died in London; buried at Stroud.
1840-09-08Stroud Tradesmen’s Association dined at the Subscription Rooms - 54 in number. (What has become of it?)
1840-09-19Charles MAJOR found dead in bed, aged 77.
1840-09-22Mr HALLIDAY, grocer, and Miss MILLARD married.
1840-09-22William Henry WITHEY, grocer, and Miss BATT married.
1840-09-23Death of Mrs COLEY, wife of Mr COLEY, of the Bank.
1840-10Mr Nat. MARLING bought Stanley Mill.
1840-10-12BRADFORD’s new coach “The Queen” started to run between London and Stroud.
1840-10-13Marriage of Paul HOPSON and Miss Fanny COLLINGS.
1840-11-02George HORTON went to Horsley Gaol for two months for “insulting” the police.
1840-11-02Railroad meeting at the Subscription Rooms.
1840-11-05Bellringers’ feast held at BLISS’s house.
1840-11-11A man killed at Minchinhampton by BAMFORD striking him: BAMFORD absconded.
1840-11-14Chartist meeting in Silver-street, adjoining the Queen’s Head beer shop.
1840-11-18Mr BOND, clerk to the Board of Guardians (suspended October 30) discharged this date and fined £21.
1840-11-23The Scots Greys entertained to dinner at the Bedford Arms. £5 given by the Marquis of Downshire. His son, Capt. The Hon W F T R HILL, who served with the regiment in Stroud, was thrown from his horse four years afterwards and killed.
1840-11-25William WHITEMARSH died aged 57.
1840-11-27Election of clerk to the Stroud Board of Guardians: DRIVER 18 votes, SHIPSTON 11, BUCKNALL 12. Salary about £150.
1840-12-03D DAVIS and Mrs BUTT married.
1840-12-03Robert POOL died aged 55.
1840-12-10Farmer COOPER died.
1840-12-10A meeting at WHITE’s failed to reduce the price of Stroud gas.
1840-12-21Portrait of Joseph WATTS hung in the Subscription Rooms.
1840-12-25Thomas SKIRLING died aged 64.
1841-01The Rev Mr COCKIN, rector of Minchinhampton, died. The living was presented to the Rev. Mr WHATELEY, incumbent of Brimscombe.
1841-01-02Mrs HALE, wife of the Vicar, confined of a daughter.
1841-01-04Matthew ROSE died at Gloucester aged 58.
1841-01-09Thomas ENGLISH died aged 64.
1841-01-12Mrs BRADFORD gave an invitation ball.
1841-01-17Mr PHIPPS of Cainscross died suddenly.
1841-01-17Thomas ALDRIDGE, the Stroud sexton died aged 62.
1841-02Ham Mills partially destroyed by fire.
1841-02-10John BURNETT, of the Lamb Inn, died, aged 40.
1841-03FLETCHER and Son of Eastingham failed.
1841-03SLATER of Gloucester failed for £70000.
1841-03-05Alfred STEVENS died of apoplexy at Bingle’s aged 41.
1841-03-18Death of old COLLETT suddenly, aged 80.
1841-03-20Sergeant John WEYSOM, of the Guards, died in London aged 26 (native of Stroud).
1841-03-20BOND took the Lamb Inn.
1841-03-28Marriage of F FRANKLIN and Miss MERRETT at Stroud Parish Church.
1841-04-05Death of Mrs COLLINGS, of the Bedford Arms; buried at Holy Trinity on Good Friday.
1841-04-08Lord HILL and others promoted hurdle races on Oakridge Common. (Lord Hill was born 1800, succeeded to title in 1824, and died in 1875.)
1841-04-12Easter Monday; peal of 5040 changes rung on Stroud Church bells by the Junior Ringers, in three hours.
1841-04-22St Paul’s Church, Whiteshill consecrated; collections £131.
1841-04-25VINCENT the Chartist again in Stroud.
1841-05-18Scots Greys left Stroud for Brighton.
1841-05-20Corn Bill meeting at the Subscription rooms; nearly 2000 present; resolution lost.
1841-05-21Exhibition held at Subscription rooms on behalf of the Mechanics Institute resulted in a loss, and the institute was “broken up”.
1841-05-27Stroud Tradesmen’s Association met at tea to discuss the repeal of the corn laws, and agreed.
1841-06-07Census of Stroud Parish; 4040 males, 4594 females, total 8634. The population had increased by 37 in ten years. Number of inhabited houses in 1831, 1603, in 1841, 1735, increase 130. Uninhabited houses in 1831, 260, in 1841, 240, decrease 20. No account of building in 1831; but in 1841 there were seven houses in process of construction. The population of England and Wales at this census was 15,914,148.
1841-06-29Nomination of Parliamentary candidates for Stroud. GP SCROPE (L) proposed by RICARDO, seconded by A FEWSTER; W H STANTON (L) proposed by H FISHER, seconded by W CAPEL; Sir William L WRAXALL Bart (C ) proposed by CARRUTHERS, seconded by HALLEWELL. The numbers polled were; SCROPE 527; STANTON 594; WRAXALL 377.
1841-07-01Dinner at Chalford to SCROPE and STANTON; 145 dined. Mr LEWIS chairman.
1841-07-02SCROPE and STANTON were declared elected for Parliament, and were chaired by the electors.
1841-07-02WATKINS, landlord of the Crown and Anchor, Stroud, died aged 51.
1841-07-06Van Amburgh’s circus exhibited in the Merrywalks.
1841-07-18Death of “Old Mr STANTON” aged 83.
1841-07-26Mrs WYATT, widow of Thomas WYATT, of Vatch Mills, married to Mr SILK, of The Camp.
1841-07-30Day mail from Stroud to London commenced.
1841-08-12Dinner at Cainscross to SCROPE and STANTON; 90 dined. Mr Nat. MARLING in the chair.
1841-08-13CRUTCHETT bolted from Stroud with pawns. (This probably refers to goods pawned.)
1841-08-16CRUTCHETT sent to Gloucester by his creditors.
1841-08-16Mechanics’ dinner at the Subscription Rooms; 90 dined. Mr CARRUTHERS chairman. The Earl of Ducie, who was too ill to attend, sent £25.
1841-08-18House-rearing dinner for the old Post Office inn; 43 dined. Feofees gave £4.
1841-08-23Public fireworks display in the bowling green of the Golden Heart.
1841-08-30Act of Parliament passed to prevent boys ascending inside chimneys to sweep them.
1841-09-04Councillor SMITH died suddenly.
1841-09-05The Rev W F POWELL preached charity sermons in Stroud Parish Church; £40 16s collected.
1841-09-13First railroad excursion from Stroud to London.
1841-09-15Death of Mrs John BLIZARD, aged 67.
1841-10Julee CETTA came to England.
1841-10The Rev J G UNWINS appointed to the living of Cainscross.
1841-10-06John PICKARD hanged himself, aged 33. Buried on the 10th in Stroud Churchyard.
1841-10-14Henry WHITE, liquor merchant, appointed overseer at £80 a year.
1841-10-18Death of Philip WATHEN.
1841-10-20Mrs NIBLETT fell in a fit of apoplexy from her horse at Paganhill and died.
1841-10-29Morning service began at Stroud Parish Church.
1841-10-30Marriage of Mr H BUTT and Miss WITHEY.
1841-10-31Benoni HILL, of the Bull Inn, Gloucester, died aged 54.
1842Henry WYATT, of Farmhill, bought the Fennells.
1842-01-08Samuel BAKER purchased the Lypiatt Estates.
1842-01-10BOND’s ball at the Lamb Inn.
1842-01-10Mrs GARDNER, formerly of the Lamb Inn died aged 76
1842-01-20Great anti-Corn Law meeting at the Subscription Rooms.
1842-02-03Death of Farmer John MERRETT of Standish.
1842-02-04Death of Mr Charles THORNTON of Stonehouse.
1842-02-15Grand pigeon shooting match at Badbrook Hill for a silver cup. Winner, JONES, of Bristol, who killed five birds.
1842-03-17Death of John CHEW, aged 83.
1842-03-25Chartist meeting on Rodborough Hill. VINCENT, O’BRIEN and others spoke.
1842-04-06W HUNT became landlord of the Golden Heart.
1842-04-19First excursion train from Gloucester to Birmingham. 700 persons, many from Stroud.
1842-05-167th Queen’s Royal Hussars passed through Stroud.
1842-05-171st Royal Dragoons passed through Stroud.
1842-06-04HELMES’ house rearing in the Butter Market; 66 dined.
1842-06-05Fire at Biddle’s Mill.
1842-06-20Death of Mrs SMART of Brimscombe.
1842-06-22Income tax first imposed – 7d in the pound on all incomes over £150 a year – by Sir Robert PEEL.
1842-07-04A man named BERRY was digging a wall at Whiteshill, when the earth collapsed, burying him. Dug out next morning; died at Hospital following day.
1842-07-12Royal Agricultural Society at Bristol.
1842-08-01Marriage of Mr PUGH and Miss Ann WHITE.
1842-08-22Stroud charity sermons; £56 16s 1d collected.
1842-08-28CARLILE lectured on Chartism on Rodborough Hill.
1842-09-05John MARLING and family left Stroud for America.
1842-09-06Marriage of Mr COLEY and Miss JAY.
1842-09-10Death of Charles WHITE, mercer, Stroud, aged 24.
1842-09-14HARDING took the Lamb Inn.
1842-09-17William HOLMES, of Paganhill, shot by Policeman WATTS.
1842-10-22Sam JONES, of the New Bear Inn, Gloucester, died aged 49.
1842-11“Zadkiel” or Lieutenant Richard J MORRISON of the Royal Navy came to live at Sheepscombe House, where he remained till 1845. He there composed his first almanack.
1842-11-05Death of Robert CLISSOLD.
1842-11-05W CAPEL’s house-rearing at the Golden Heart.
1842-11-10Death of E P CARRUTHERS, aged 55.
1842-11-10Death of Mrs STANTON, aged 79.
1842-11-26Marriage of Mr Tom PARTRIDGE and Miss PACKER.
1843-01-03Mat. GILLMAN’s son found drowned.
1843-01-10Henry OKEY died in Lower-Street, aged 63.
1843-01-19William THORNTON, of Stroud, apprenticed to C KNOWLES, grocer and draper, of Newnham, for five years, premium £40.
1843-02-28Death of William HARMER.
1843-03-07John HOPSON, maltster, died aged 64.
1843-03-10Josiah GARDNER, of Chalford, died suddenly.
1843-03-18Mrs GRIMES died of apoplexy aged 72.
1843-03-28CLISSOLD BUCKNALL and others left Stroud for America. They sailed from Gloucester (?)
1843-03-29Death of Mr Wm LEWIS, of Brimscombe.
1843-04-06John BRADFORD took the Swan Inn.
1843-04-27Marriage of Mr BURDER and Miss BURDER.
1843-05-14Death of Ambrose BEARD, aged 62.
1843-06-28James ROWLES died from apoplexy.
1843-07-02The Rev William WHEELER appointed pastor of Bedford Chapel.
1843-07-13Railroad at Brimscombe commenced cutting.
1843-07-16Thomas DOWDESWELL died aged 58.
1843-07-19Prince Albert, the Queen’s consort, present at the launch of the “Great Britain” at Bristol.
1843-08George HAWKER, of Spillmans, Rodborough Lane, died aged 81.
1843-08-02Death of the infant daughter of the Rev M B HALE, vicar of Stroud.
1843-08-03Death of John BRADFORD, aged 40.
1843-08-09John CHESTERTON took the Lamb Inn.
1843-08-27Stroud charity sermons; collection £36.
1843-10Charles G MILES sold Mr SWEETING’s property in King-street to Dr Charles GODDARD. Ben PICKARD bought it in 1853 from GODDARD.
1843-10RESTALL took the Bedford Arms.
1843-10-02Marriage of Frank REDDICK and Miss ROBERTS.
1843-10-15Mrs Joyce THORNTON died at the Duke of York Inn, Nelson-street; aged 72.
1843-10-15Death of Thomas WILKES, officer of excise; aged 66.
1843-10-30Death of Mr GRAZEBROOK, aged 91.
1843-11-14Fire at Rodborough Fort.
1843-11-16A man named CLIFT burned to death in a lime kiln.
1844A new front built to the old meeting chapel, cost £800; in 1854 a new schoolroom was built, cost £600; in 1864 Mr S S MARLING erected a new parsonage in New Bisley-road (now called Cemetery-road) [the houses were called Camden and Linstock Lodges – Nos 7 and 9 Bisley Rd]. Benjamin FRANKLIN contributed £700 towards it.
1844-01J THOMAS, the Stroud sweep, found dead.
1844-01-20James CLARKE died suddenly, aged 66.
1844-01-24Mr THORNTON sold the Black Boy and clock.
1844-02Black Boy School, Castle-street, erected.
1844-02-20Marriage of Mr CHEW and Miss KNIGHT.
1844-02-24Corn League meeting at Gloucester, the Earl of Ducie in the chair. COBEN principal speaker.
1844-02-26County of Gloucester Banking Company’s offices removed from Rowcroft to King-Street.
1844-03-09Mrs CRIPPS, wife of the Rev Henry CRIPPS, died and was afterwards buried at Cirencester.
1844-03-11William HOPSON died, aged 52.
1844-04-04Marriage of Mr J HALLEWELL and Miss WATHEN.
1844-04-17Racing (coursing?) at Beacon Tump.
1844-04-21Rev W H HARRIS inducted to the living of Whiteshill, worth about £124 a year; he subsequently built schools and vicarage house.
1844-04-21Road at Rowcroft lowered for the railway; work completed in a week.
1844-05-14Railroad lad killed by a waggon.
1844-05-14Joseph GREY, aged 42, and a horse killed in Middle-street.
1844-05-14W PATES, aged 22, plundering a rook’s nest at Fromehall, fell from a tree and was killed on the spot.
1844-05-18Death of Mr CLISSOLD of Field Place.
1844-05-19GREY and PATES buried at Stroud.
1844-05-21Marriage of Mr RATCLIFFE and Miss RIDLER.
1844-05-21Commencement of new bridge at BEARD’s Wharf.
1844-06-196th Inniskilling Dragoons passed through; billeted overnight at the public houses.
1844-07-04Nomination of Feoffees; Samuel BAKER, Lypiatt, William STANTON, MP, William CAPELL (Grove), William HELME, Joseph CRIPPS, Henry WYATT, John BIDDLE, Hawkins FISHER, Edmund HALLEWELL. In case of either dying or refusing to act, the following would serve; Charles STANTON, William STANTON junr, Jos HALLEWELL. The old feoffees were Richard COOKE, Henry COOKE, WC CHAMBERS and Mr GORDON of Kemble.
1844-07-13Butcher BIRD’s wife died.
1844-09-02Ben WAGER died suddenly, aged 62.
1844-09-11Butcher BIRD and Mrs GOULD married at the Baptist Chapel.
1844-09-16Marriage of Mr CLIFT and Miss MOODY.
1844-09-21First interment at the Baptist new burial ground; Mr LONGFORD aged 49.
1844-09-26Church school children drank tea in Keene’s field, Stroud Hill.
1844-09-27Old Teazer BURRUS died in Gloucester gaol, and was buried in the city.
1844-11-10Marriage of John BUTT and Miss BRISLEY.
1844-11-14Fire at Badbrook Mill.
1844-11-21Hughes’ Circus in Ponting’s Field; street procession in which he drove 14 horses.
1845-01-04“The Prince” coach stopped running.
1845-01-10Wakefield’s coaches and horses sold by auction.
1845-01-13Death of Mrs MILES; aged 91.
1845-01-15Death of W FISHER; aged 74.
1845-01-18Death of the Rev Henry HAWKINS; aged 76.
1845-01-29Hunt opened an Oddfellows’ Lodge at the Golden Heart; dined 58 and made 28 new members.
1845-01-31Joe BENNETT died aged 44.
1845-02-01The Marquis of Worcester came of age; 15,000 people at Badminton.
1845-02-03Oddfellows’ dinner at the Lamb Inn; 62 dined and made members.
1845-02-10Marriage of Alfred HAYCRAFT and Miss HOLMES.
1845-02-19Death of W CHALLENGER, aged 76.
1845-02-24Death of Nat. CLISSOLD, aged 69.
1845-02-25Testimonial presented to John BIDDLE at the Spread Eagle, Gloucester, by the farmers of Gloucestershire; nearly 300 subscribers of 5s each. The present consisted of a silver tea kettle with lamp and stand. It was inscribed; “Presented to John Biddle, Esq., of Stratford Abbey near Stroud, by the farmers of Gloucestershire, for his zealous exertions in the cause of Protection to British Agriculture, Tuesday February 25th 1845.” Chairman Mr P MATTHEWS, Coombend, vice-chairman Mr J LONG, Whaddon. Between 50 and 60 at dinner.
1845-03Two houses at Rowcroft demolished for the GWR bridge, and the road lowered by 6ft.
1845-03-05Jas. WAKEFIELD, of the George Inn, died, aged 50.
1845-03-08The first railway truck came from Gloucester to the Bourne.
1845-03-14Old HUMPHREYS died, aged 74.
1845-03-17Mr WITHEY died, aged 62.
1845-03-17William KNEE took the Ship Inn, Wallbridge.
1845-03-24Death of BROWN the coachmaker.
1845-03-25Thomas CHEW left the Duke of York.
1845-03-27Charles ALDRIDGE resigned his position as sexton of the Parish Church, and BARTLETT appointed.
1845-03-27Death of Mrs HALE, wife of the Vicar, aged 32.
1845-04-06HYDE of Rodborough cut his throat, and died three days afterwards in the casualty hospital.
1845-04-14First steam carriage train from Swindon through Stroud to Stonehouse. BRUNELL and other prominent men on board. No fares charged.
1845-04-17Election of Paving and Lighting Commissioners at the Town Hall; 43 nominated.
1845-04-19Two troops of the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons billeted in Stroud.
1845-04-24Meeting of Dissenting ministers in the Subscription Rooms protested against further Government grant to Maynooth College, Ireland, on the ground that it was a Roman Catholic institution.
1845-04-24Lighting and Paving Commissioners qualified.
1845-05Mr Peter LIVERSAGE sold Middle Lypiatt and Ferris Court to Henry WYATT, of Farm Hill.
1845-05-01William THORNTON, of Stroud, having completed his apprenticeship with Mr NORRIS, of Gloucester, took up his freedom of the city for servitude.
1845-05-10Colonel PAISLEY and G.W. directors came to Stroud to inspect the new line.
1845-05-12Railway through Stroud opened.
1845-06-08James BROWNING, many years with Mr CLISSOLD, died.
1845-07-03Henry THORNTON qualified as a Commissioner.
1845-07-05Marriage of Mr HORNBLOWER and Miss READ.
1845-07-08Marriage of Mr HEWLETT and Fanny BARRETT.
1845-07-12Marriage of George HOLMES and Miss LIDDIATT.
1845-07-20Mr PROCTOR preached his first sermon in Stroud.
1845-07-24Cricket match at Stroud between Newnham and Stroud; Stroud 172, Newnham 35.
1845-07-25Charles WAGER drowned in the Severn.
1845-07-25Wesleyan minister’s son drowned in Carpenter’s pond, Cainscross.
1845-07-27Young Men’s Mental Improvement Society started.
1845-09-01Railway Hotel opened.
1845-09-07A navvy killed by one of TREDWELL’S horses at the Thrupp; he was buried at Stroud.
1845-09-27William ISACKE left Stroud for London.
1845-09-30John CHESTERTON left the Lamb Inn and Westfield took it.
1845-09-30GWR constructed a road at the back of the station called Cheapside.
1845-10Whiteshill vicarage completed by the Rev W H ROACH.
1845-10-06LUSTY, of the Dolphin Inn, drowned at Gloucester. Body found on October 20; buried at Stanley.
1845-10-22Ben BERRYMAN found drowned in his water tub.
1845-11-14The new feoffees signed their acceptance of office in the Town Hall.
1845-11-28Marriage of W COWLE and Miss BIRT
1845-12The stalls on the meat side of the Shambles fixed, and a covered way on iron pillars erected.
1845-12-02Sudden death of John VYNER of Minchinhampton.
1845-12-03Anti-Corn Law meeting at the Subscription Rooms. Charles STANTON in the chair. COBDEN, BRIGHT and SCROPE spoke.
1845-12-27Marriage of Henry ARKWELL and Miss HILL.
1846-01-08Tea meeting of the Anti-Corn Law League at the Subscription Rooms; £875 collected there.
1846-01-30Mrs RESTALL, of the Bedford Arms, died, aged 37.
1846-01-30Sir Robert Peel brought in a Bill to abolish the duty on corn at the end of three years, thus reducing it from 16s to 4s a quarter.
1846-02Lord John RUSSELL, formerly member for Stroud, Prime Minister.
1846-02-02Oddfellow’s dinner at the Lamb Inn; 51 dined.
1846-02-09Robert KNIGHT and Miss BLIZARD married at Gloucester.
1846-02-16Marriage of G ROBERTS and Mrs BRADFORD.
1846-02-18Death of Seth SIMS.
1846-02-25Death of Mrs George BLIZARD, aged 53.
1846-02-27Girl drowned at Ebley Mills.
1846-02-27Marquis of Worcester elected at Gloucester to represent the Eastern Division of Gloucestershire in Parliament.
1846-03-04Corn Law Bill passed into Committee at 2.45 am.
1846-03-07Circus opened at Subscription Rooms.
1846-03-12Adonijah GARDNER killed by an express at Brimscombe.
1846-03-18Hengler’s Circus on Subscription Rooms grounds; played 21 nights.
1846-03-18Boy killed on railroad at Chalford.
1846-03-20Alfred WITHEY died aged 27.
1846-03-26Marriage of Mr BAILEY and Miss POULTON.
1846-03-26Marriage of Mr Joe BIRT and Miss HILL.
1846-03-28Miss FAUX died, aged 62.
1846-03-28Poor Law Guardians dined at the George Hotel, and presented to Messrs HALL and SHILL, chairman and vice-chairman, each a piece of plate, total value £84.
1846-03-31The Royal Dragoons in Stroud.
1846-04-11Peter MATTHEWS died aged 77.
1846-04-24Mr COUCHMAN, “the prophet”, at Glover’s House at Bowbridge, making the blind to see and the lame to walk. He came a second time.
1846-04-25Marriage of Joseph HILL and Miss CHEW.
1846-05Mrs ROBERTS left the Swan Inn, and Henry BROWNING took it; Samuel WEBB took the Upper George, WILLIAMS took the Bedford Arms.
1846-05-01FISHER, CLARKE, FRENCH and FAUX departed for America.
1846-05-11Samuel DAMSEL died aged 69.
1846-05-14Mr John DIMOCK, aged 69, killed at Berkeley; horse frightened by a pistol shot.
1846-05-15Death of Mrs WATTS, wife of Mr Joseph WATTS, brewer, aged 84.
1846-05-22Free Trade dinner in the Subscription Rooms, Charles STANTON in the chair; 250 dined; G P SCROPE, MP, and W H STANTON, MP, present.
1846-05-26William DANGERFIELD, bargeowner, killed whilst with his vessel near Newnham.
1846-05-26Repeal of the Corn Laws. COBDEN afterwards presented with £80000 in private subscriptions, as an acknowledgement of his services.
1846-06-15Private Richard WHITE, 7th Hussars, had 150 lashes administered by two regimental farriers for striking his sergeant. He died July 11th 1846.
1846-10-02CHAPLIN, BLACKWELL and CUMMINS had spirit licences granted.
1846-11-04Death of Mrs DRAPER aged 84.
1846-11-05Sir Thomas D KING, superintendent of police, bolted from Stroud.
1846-11-24Messrs THORNTON and WOOD appointed collectors of property and income tax for Steanbridge sitting (tithing).
1846-11-26Road stopped in Bath-place. The railway company gave £558 to the owners.
1846-11-28Mr Joseph Watts HALLEWELL, grandson of Joseph WATTS, had a feast at the Bedford Arms on his coming into the brewery.
1846-12-21James ARKINELL died aged 79.
1847County Court Act passed.
1847-01Stalls erected in the Shambles, which was relaid with paving.
1847-01-01John CETTA took Julee, his brother, in partnership.
1847-01-19WEBB’s house on the Quay burnt to the ground.
1847-01-20WESTFIELD left the Lamb Inn; Lewis took it.
1847-01-24Henry WYATT, of Farmhill, died aged 64.
1847-02-06Richard COOKE, of Farmhill, died aged 89.
1847-02-08The deepest fall of snow since 1814.
1847-02-14Death of Sam WINN, the sweep, aged 57.
1847-02-25Mr John Edward DORINGTON bought the Lypiatt Park Estate. He died at Lypiatt June 21st 1874, and was buried in Stroud cemetery; large funeral.
1847-03-03Demolition of SUTTON’s old house in the market.
1847-03-22Demolition of Mr BATEMAN’s garden wall in George-street.
1847-04-26Mr George WATHEN, of the Grange, died aged 77.
1847-05-04Wool store at Capel’s Mill burnt.
1847-05-12Dr THORNTON’s widow died at Wallbridge aged 86.
1847-05-13Cooke’s Circus at the Golden Hart; drove 10 horses.
1847-06-11Old John MEREDITH died aged 59.
1847-06-11Mrs SWEETING died aged 61
1847-07-12Mr THORNTON purchased Joshua SMITH’s property in the London-road for £755.
1847-07-14Charles HOLDER drowned himself near Capell’s Mill.
1847-07-22G P SCROPE MP., gave an address to start the Stroud Athenaeum, at the Victoria Rooms.
1847-07-29Parliamentary nomination day at the George Hotel – GP SCROPE, proposed by S S MARLING, seconded by FEWSTER; W H STANTON, proposed by RICARDO, seconded by CARTWRIGHT; M M TURNER, proposed by B PARSONS, seconded by T CLUTTERBUCK. Result of the poll (July 30); STANTON 563, SCROPE 541, TURNER 177.
1847-08-08Mr W T PARIS, solicitor, died aged 41; generally regretted.
1847-08-10George ROBERTS came to the Lamb Inn.
1847-08-14John RUDGE died aged 55.
1847-08-19Richard SIMS died at Cheltenham, aged 54.
1847-08-21Shows held in the Market-place.
1847-08-29Charity sermons in Stroud; £46 13s collected.
1847-08-30Mr BASSETT, a well-known attorney, died at Tewkesbury, aged 55.
1847-09-26Mrs BROWNING, wife of Henry BROWNING, thrown out of a trap on the Painswick road, died next morning aged 44.
1847-09-26Miss COOK and children poisoned at Pitchcombe through eating a poisoned pudding.
1847-11-06Death of Butcher SIMS, aged 84.
1847-11-13John THORNTON, Market-place, Stroud, died aged 25. Buried at the Old Church.
1847-11-30John STANTON, Esq., of Stonehouse, died under sudden and melancholy circumstances; aged 55.
1847-12-02Death of Miss Katherine Martha HALLEWELL, third daughter of E G HALLEWELL, the granddaughter of J J WATTS, aged 20.
1847-12-02Tradesmen’s meeting at Victoria Rooms to consider a proposal to close shops at 7.0 pm.
1847-12-03Thomas CLARIDGE, a well-known clock-maker, dropped down dead.
1847-12-23Death of Mrs HALLEWELL, mother of the above, and daughter of J WATTS, aged 64.
1847-12-23Tradesmen’s meeting decided to close shops at 7.0 pm.
1848-01-06Death of Captain Richard SANDYS, aged 74.
1848-01-07BROWNING, relieving officer, compulsorily resigned.
1848-02-09Henry BURGH, Esq., died aged 88. He had been on the Commission of the Peace for 46 years, and was the oldest magistrate in the county.
1848-03-03Mrs WHITE, wife of Richard WHITE, draper, died aged 59.
1848-03-08Clem HUNT’s houses burnt down.
1848-03-16The Commissioners let the roads in Stroud to G BASHAM for three years at £171 per annum. Other tenders were; John SAVAGE, £175, COX, £190, Geo MYNETT, £193 6s 3d.
1848-03-26FLIGHT came to the Red Lion.
1848-04-11Cheltenham steeplechases.
1848-04-26Henry LEECH took the Green Dragon.
1848-04-29George HILL went to the White Horse, Cainscross.
1848-05-02Marriage of James WITHEY and Miss HOGG.
1848-05-09Marriage of Henry LEECH and Miss DARKE.
1848-05-10Mr CRIPPS, MP for Cirencester, died from train fever after three days’ illness.
1848-05-10Accident on G W R at Shrivenham to the 2.0 pm express train from Stroud. The Rev G SANDYS, of Stroud, and three other passengers killed, 16 injured.
1848-05-13Joseph WATTS, Esq., married to Miss BROWN, of Cirencester. WATTS 78 years old, Miss BROWN 75 – united ages 153.
1848-05-16Marriage of Mr FRESTON and Miss EDWARDS.
1848-05-24William THORNTON, of Stroud, commenced business as a grocer on his own account at 79, Southgate-street, Gloucester (late Hearding’s shop.)
1848-06-15James REDDICK died aged 42.
1848-06-21John TRENFIELD, surveyor of taxes, universally disliked, died, aged 65.
1848-06-29Cheltenham Parliamentary election; Candidates Craven BERKELEY and Agg GARDNER.
1848-07-035th Dragoon Guards in Stroud.
1848-07-19David MARMONT arrested for robbing a beer-shop at Randwick.
1848-07-19Haresfield flower show.
1848-07-22Samuel GRIMES and Mary HOGG married.
1848-07-22Covered butchers’ market erected at the Shambles.
1848-08-09William WEST and Philip THURSFIELD (aged 44) died.
1848-08-12House-rearing for Mr THORNTON’s two houses built in the London-road.
1848-08-30The Rev Mr CRAWLEY tried to ride his horse across the Severn at Newnham Passage – drowned in the attempt.
1848-09-04Joe SMITH, plasterer, found drowned.
1848-09-10Benjamin BUCKNALL commenced to publish the first newspaper established in Stroud. It was called The Monthly Observer and the offices were at No 1 King-street. The publication was managed by his son, S G BUCKNALL, who carried it on till 1850, when the name was changed to The Free Press. It was discontinued in 1856.
1848-09-10Public-houses in Stroud closed on Sunday for the first time.
1848-10-07The Rev. Samuel BRISCALL died aged 70.
1848-10-14Mr WATTS’ malthouse-rearing.
1848-11-21Samuel CLUTTERBUCK went to the Golden Cross.
1848-11-24Death of George KNIGHT aged 72.
1848-11-30Death of J CUMMINS aged 66.
1848-12-19Mr George EDWARDS and Miss F WYATT married.
1848-12-22BARTLETT the sexton took the Sydney Arms.
1849-01-01George BARTER died aged 77.
1849-01-03W JOHNSON the tea man died.
1849-01-10Old Lodge died suddenly.
1849-02-19Bernard BARTON died.
1849-03Mrs MORGAN died aged 74.
1849-03Davis’ mill burnt down.
1849-03-04Frigg’s Mill burnt down.
1849-03-06John HOLBROW died suddenly aged 64.
1849-03-09Charles FISHER died aged 72.
1849-03-25Paul MILLS took the Duke of York and Mrs BAINTON went to the King’s Head.
1849-03-31Isaac BUCK died aged 89.
1849-04Old Bill SCRATCHLEY died.
1849-04-16Old Mrs RUDGE died aged 89.
1849-04-20Sarah Harriet THOMAS, aged 19, hanged at Bristol for the murder of Miss JEFFRIES. She had been sentenced to death at Gloucester.
1849-04-21William WATKINS, commonly called “Lord Covus” died at Stroud Workhouse aged 55.
1849-05-02Funeral of “Covus”. Ringers gave a muffled peal.
1849-05-10George TOMKINS, formerly guard, of the Stroud mail, died near Nottingham, aged 53.
1849-05-17Marriage of William BUCK and Miss HOLMES.
1849-05-17Mr THORNTON laid the first stone of the house, No 1, Western Buildings, London-road.
1849-05-21Special excursion train from Stonehouse to Bristol; 2700 passengers.
1849-05-23S JEFFRIES’ horse, with seg-cart , bolted and dashed into the Chequers Inn.
1849-05-26John PAGE and Miss HOLMES married at Cainscross Church.
1849-06-07Mr JACOMB and Miss WARD married.
1849-06-09Thomas THORNTON died from cholera at Rodborough.
1849-06-09County meeting at the Shirehall, Gloucester, in favour of Protection.
1849-06-24Organ opened at the new church. (Holy Trinity?)
1849-06-27Robert BELL, a dumb man, died, aged 74.
1849-07-11First flower show at Stonehouse.
1849-07-11House-rearing for No 1, Western Buildings.
1849-07-27Death of Mr Robert HUGHES, also the widow of Mr James WINDOW.
1849-08-16First known case of cholera in Stroud. A man named CLISSOLD taken ill and died within six hours. Buried at 11 pm.
1849-08-24A man and a boy died from cholera; interned at night.
1849-08-27Young STEELE died, presumed from cholera.
1849-08-28Boy living on the Hill died from cholera.
1849-09-01Girl died from cholera.
1849-09-15John PITT, sen, died aged 76.
1849-09-15A ROBINSON died, aged 100.
1849-09-21John BULLOCK died from cholera; and Jos WILTSHIRE died from same complaint in eight hours.
1849-09-25Fast and prayer day throughout the diocese of Gloucester on account of the visitation of cholera.
1849-09-29Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, the Prince of Wales and other royal children passed through Stroud en route to the Isle of Wight. They went through by rail at the rate of between 60 and 70 miles an hour, much to the disappointment of many thousands of people who had assembled to see them. Bells were rung, bands played, and the Fort guns were fired all day.
1849-09-30William PITT, aged 40, of the Sun Dial Inn, London-road, poisoned himself. His father’s effects had been sold two days previously, and he was turned out of the house.
1849-10-02Opening of the Roman Catholic Church, Woodchester.
1849-10-21Death of George CHAFFEN, aged 45.
1849-11-15General thanksgiving throughout the Kingdom for safe delivery from the cholera.
1849-11-21Old Mrs HUDD died, aged 77.
1849-11-24The butchers’ lamps were lighted at night for the first time.
1849-12-12Death of Sir Isambard BRUNEL, G W engineer.
1849-12-13Meeting in Victoria Rooms to protest against the high price of gas; Charles STANTON in the chair.
1849-12-13Three fatal accidents occurred this day. A boy was killed on the railway, another at Marling’s Ebley Mill, and a man at Jones’s at Chalford.
1850s? undatedThe site for the schools at Whiteshill was given by Mr Joseph CRIPPS. [he was known to be in Paganhill in the 1850s]
1850-01G S BUCKNALL started the Stroud Free Press.
1850-01-27Miss HAWKER, daughter of the broker, died, and Mrs John SUTTON died, aged 28.
1850-02-05Dr SMITH’s house was damaged by the high winds.
1850-02-07Molly EDGELOWE buried, aged 74, and Boney IRELAND’s mother buried, aged 62.
1850-02-15A boy named CLOSE was squeezed to death in the Upper Lock.
1850-02-15Cheltenham Steeplechases and a pony match.
1850-03-06Death of W C CHAMBERS, Esq., aged 72.
1850-03-14G BASHAM, road contractor, died, aged 55; and Mrs GALLOP died suddenly, aged 50.
1850-03-22Mrs COPNER died aged 85.
1850-03-25Henry ABBEY took the Bedford Arms.
1850-03-26Hard frost, river frozen over.
1850-03-27Cheltenham Steeplechases; no running on account of deep snow and frost.
1850-04-01Easter Monday; Fireworks in front of George Hotel.
1850-04-01The Hon Henry MORETON presented to the Subscription Rooms a valuable picture – the subject being a wolf attacked by dogs whilst standing over a dead deer.
1850-04-04Peter MASON died aged 73.
1850-04-04James CHEW’s concert in the Subscription Rooms.
1850-04-06George HOLMES took the Stag and Hounds, Paganhill.
1850-04-07Death of James ROBERTS aged 40.
1850-04-12Mrs Joseph HILL (late Miss CHEW) died, aged 40.
1850-04-17William BARRETT, a local ringer, buried in Wales. Stroud ringers gave a muffled peal.
1850-04-18Old Mrs DALBY buried, aged 81.
1850-04-19Charles NEWMAN, Esq., died at Cheltenham; aged 78.
1850-04-21Charles HODGES, the pig killer, died; aged 75.
1850-05-07Charles NICHOLLS died; Mrs Betty BISHOP, late of the Cross, died aged 74.
1850-05-078th Hussars in Stroud. Supper given to the whole of the men at the White Hart at the expense of a late major of the regiment then living at Chavenage.
1850-05-18Miss HOUGH married to an army captain.
1850-05-20CURLEY, the driver of the Cheltenham ‘bus, died aged 30.
1850-05-20G P SCROPE, MP, and W H STANTON, MP, dined at the Town Hall with the club. (Oddfellows?) John G BALL in the chair; 80 dined.
1850-05-24 Mr F FRENCH agreed to rent part of the Butter Market at £6 10s a year.
1850-05-27George HOLMES’ house warming; 28 dined.
1850-05-29Marriage of Mr JAMES and Miss SANDYS.
1850-08-01Marriage of John VICK and Miss CLUTTERBUCK.
1850-08-25A man named BROWN stabbed his brother near the Horsepools whilst going from Stroud feast; injuries not fatal.
1850-08-26Stroud charity sermons; £28 odd collected.
1850-08-26JENNINGS, the spirit merchant, died at Cheltenham.
1850-09-10Dr JONES died suddenly, aged 67.
1850-09-15Mrs THORNTON, mother of a well-known Stroud family of that name, died after five days’ illness; aged 50.
1850-09-24Excursion train from Cheltenham, Gloucester and Stroud to London; 1250 passengers.
1850-10-21Marriage of R WHITE and Miss PAINE.
1850-10-25Death of old Mr COLLINS.
1850-11-09Francis CHAMBERS died at the Thrupp.
1850-11-16George WOMBWELL, founder of Wombwell’s Menagerie (well-known in Stroud) died at Northallerton, Yorkshire.
1850-11-26“King George the Carpenter” died at Dursley.
1850-11-29George BURGESS, formerly exciseman at Cainscross, died at Edinburgh.
1850-12Legacies left to Stroud Hospital: Mr R HUGHES £200, Mr W C CHAMBERS £100
1850-12-01Francis PICKARD’s wife died; she was George MYNETT’s widow.
1850s? [undated]The Rev George PROCTOR was pastor of the Parish Church 13 years [he was known to be there in 1852].
1851-01-14Grand ball at the Subscription Rooms.
1851-01-15William ASHMAN drowned at the Wharf.
1851-01-22Yeomanry and tradesmen’s joint ball at the Subscription Rooms – “the best and most respectable ball ever in Stroud.” Mr BROWNING, of the Swan Inn, catered for the company – 200 in number, including Mr W H STANTON, MP, Mr W CAPEL (High Sheriff of the County), J Watts HALLEWELL, Captain C H FISHER, Captain BISHOP, Mr John BIDDLE, and most of the leading residents. Dancing ceased at 6.0 am.
1851-01-29Cainscross, Ebley and Dudbridge first lighted with gas from Stroud gas works.
1851-03-06Mr Edwin WITCHELL, a solicitor, who took Mr PARIS’s practice, married to Miss CLUTTERBUCK.
1851-03-17Operations to lower the London-road between Western Buildings and George-street commenced.
1851-03-25Marriage of John COLLINGS and Miss Harriet THORNTON, daughter of Mr THORNTON of the Butcher’s Arms.
1851-03-31Population of Cheltenham 35,071, Gloucester 17,572, Stroud 8,798. Parliamentary borough 36,535; England and Wales 17,927,600.
1851-04-09Cheltenham Steeplechases.
1851-04-15Commenced to build the Churchyard wall, next to Mr BUCKNALL’s garden.
1851-04-21Robert KNIGHT took the Green Dragon.
1851-04-21Death of Jon BIRD, butcher, aged 60; buried on the 29th in the Baptist ground, London-road.
1851-05-09Henry THORNTON, of the Butcher’s Arms, bought a pew in the old church from William CARTER for £20.
1851-05-12Captain SOMERSET, one of the Beaufort family, committed to the House of Correction in London for ten days for assaulting a policeman in Hyde Park.
1851-05-14Moses EVANS, the drummer, buried.
1851-05-17“Edward FLUCK had one hand buried.”
1851-05-25Death of John COLLINGS, aged 25 (Only three months married).
1851-06-18Dr PAINE appointed assistant physician to the Casualty Hospital.
1851-06-23Mr THORNTON and friends caught 4cwt of fish in “The Ocean” at Stonehouse.
1851-06-26Mr William FRYER, solicitor, aged 60, married Miss Taylor, aged 24.
1851-06-29Man named PHILLIPS killed by lightning near the Grove.
1851-07-07Mrs GOODE died at Stoneleigh aged 102.
1851-07-08Charles HALLIDAY, sawyer, killed his wife, and was committed for trial.
1851-07-08An excursion train from Stroud to London parted in Sapperton Tunnel. Ten carriages went on with the engine; thirteen came backwards. The mail train was coming from Gloucester. Henry WILKINSON, the engine driver of the latter, had the presence of mind to reverse the engine, so that he let the runaway thirteen carriages catch up to him, and thus prevented a fearful collision. Several passengers jumped out but nobody was killed. A subscription for the driver of the mail train was set afoot.
1851-07-16Stroud parish church organ taken in pieces and cleaned and tuned.
1851-07-17William COPNER stood a salmon dinner for 15 persons at THORNTON’S Butchers’ Arms Inn; 5 guests from Gloucester.
1851-07-24Repeal of the Window Tax.
1851-07-26House rearing dinner in the Town Hall for the County Court; 30 dined. F NIBLET, architect, in the chair.
1851-07-28Death of James BATEMAN, druggist, aged 53.
1851-07-30Death of Philip WOOD, astrologer.
1851-08Population of Cirencester, 6,096; Gloucestershire 458,805.
1851-08-04John WILLIAMS and Joe JONES, of Chalford, arrested for nearly killing a policeman who caught them pulling down a wall on a Sunday morning; released on bail.
1851-08-24Stroud charity sermons; £30 8s 1d collected.
1851-08-25Tom SPRING, alias “Winter”, the ex-champion, died in London.
1851-09-19South Wales and Gloucester and Dean Forest Railway opened.
1851-09-21Charles BINGLE died, aged 47 (ten weeks after his wife).
1851-10-04Sidney THORNTON began business in King-street.
1851-11Samuel Stephens MARLING went to live at Stanley Park, which he had purchased from the BURGH family.
1851-11-25Marriage of Solomon HOPSON and Miss MASON.
1851-11-25A “statute of lunacy” taken out at Gloucester against William COPNER, maltster, of Cainscross, who had been taken to Gloucester Asylum on August 21st last. Nineteen jurymen were unanimous that he was not of sound mind from the previous August 11th.
1851-12-01Mr HELMES, of New Mills, died aged 54.
1851-12-03Death of Mr W SIMS.
1851-12-16Marriage of John PITT and Mary AYERS.
1851-12-25Christmas Day; Mr James CHEW appointed organist of Stroud parish church. He held the appointment till his death in March 1899.
1851-12-30James OKEY died at the Market-place, aged 50.
1852-01-12Great excitement in Stroud over a protracted magisterial inquiry at the Town Hall into a charge against Mr SHERBORNE, Governor of Stroud Union, of having taken advantage of his position with a female pauper. The charge was not sustained.
1852-02-04Tradesmen’s Ball at the Subscription Rooms.
1852-02-16Henry HAYCROFT, surgeon, died suddenly.
1852-02-28Mr BLOXSOME, of Cheltenham, shot through the heart whilst trying to draw a charge from a gun.
1852-03-01Sidney THORNTON took over Mr Hawkins’ business at 21 High-street.
1852-04-13Robert KEENE fell down dead near the Holy Trinity Church.
1852-04-27Sergeant HOLDER poisoned himself.
1852-05-04Mt Henry THORNTON laid the foundation stone for a new tank at the Gas Works. The tank, bought at West Bromwich, cost £512.
1852-05-27Mrs Elizabeth PHILLIPS left Stroud Hospital a legacy of £1100.
1852-05-30First cheap excursion train ran from Stroud to Chepstow.
1852-06-15Marriage of Edward HOLMES and Miss BUCK
1852-06-24Sidney THORNTON was married at Frampton.
1852-06-24Marriage of Mr William THORNTON of Stroud and Miss Ann SMITH at Frampton.
1852-07William ELLIS, confectioner, bought the George Hotel.
1852-07-01Parliament dissolved.
1852-07-06Stroud Parliamentary nomination; Mr W H STANTON resigned. Candidates; Mr G P SCROPE (L) proposed by S S MARLING, seconded by A FEWSTER; Lord Moreton (L) proposed by Mr WINTERBOTHAM, seconded by N MARLING; Mr S BAKER of Lypiatt (Tory) proposed by W CAPEL, seconded by Mr WHITEHEAD; and Mr J NORTON, of Lincoln (Radical) proposed by Mr SIBREE, seconded by Mr FLINT. Result of the poll, SCROPE 567; Lord MORETON 529, BAKER 488, NORTON 318.
1852-07-07The Hon A G J PONSONBY first returned for Cirencester.
1852-07-13Nominations for East Gloucestershire – Marques of Worcester and Sir W CODRINGTON.
1852-07-14Nominations for West Gloucestershire – HALL, KINGSCOTE and Grantley BERKELEY.
1852-07-19Polling for W Glos (2 members); KINGSCOTE (Liberal) 3528; HALES (Tory) 2946; Grantley BERKELEY (Anything!) 2166. BERKELEY retired after the first day’s poll.
1852-07-25Boy drowned in Bidmead’s pond.
1852-07-26Scots Greys in Stroud.
1852-07-30Blue dinner at the Victoria Rooms, served by DAVIES of the White Hart.
1852-08-10Dinner given to SCROPE and MORETON’s supporters at the Butcher’s Arms; 50 sat down.
1852-09-02Mrs WAKEFIELD died at the George Hotel, aged 54.
1852-09-15James COLEMAN died aged 102.
1852-09-28Swearing in of new militia at the Subscription Rooms.
1852-10Plymouth Brethren opened a room or chapel in Acre-street. The sect started about 1829.
1852-10-02Death of Mr Vincent DOWLING.
1852-10-05Marriage of J W HALLEWELL.
1852-11At this period there was at the Abbey Farm, Slad, Stroud, a wych elm measuring 51 ft at the base.
1852-11-16William KING was committed to the House of Correction for roasting a live cat.
1852-11-18Several Stroud people saw the Duke of Wellington’s state funeral, which cost the country £80000.
1852-12Volunteer force organised.
1852-12-19Death of Dr GARDINER, of King-street.
1853-01-03WRIGHT and THORNTON’s dinner at the Butcher’s Arms.
1853-01-11“Aristocratic ball” in Stroud – “very flat affair”.
1853-01-14Death of Dan HEWLETT, aged 68.
1853-01-15Appointment of new committee for the Subscription Rooms; Messrs W FRYER, JP BRISLEY, B BUCKNALL, WH WITHEY, H THORNTON, P READ and Dr PAINE.
1853-01-17William Dutton HUNT, clothier, of Lodgemoor Mill, found dead in bed aged 53.
1853-01-17Steam boiler burst at Ebley Mills, killing the engineer Charles LIDDIATT.
1853-02-03John OKEY found dead in bed.
1853-02-10Tradesmen’s ball in Subscription Rooms – very gay affair, 153 present.
1853-02-22Lord Ducie sold the Woodchester estates to Mr W LEIGH for £165000.
1853-02-24John FERRABEE, sen, of the Thrupp, died aged 64, and Charles JENKINS died at Nailsworth, aged 57.
1853-03-01William THORNTON took over the grocery business of Mr L HAWKINS, at 21 High-street, Stroud.
1853-03-04Mill at Lightpill burnt down.
1853-03-04Admiral the Hon Sir S B CAPEL died, aged 77.
1853-03-12Mr LANG died suddenly aged 75. He had been a master shipwright at Woolwich dockyard for 27 years.
1853-03-18Henry THORNTON and Henry BOWN commenced as partners by making soda water, etc.
1853-03-22Marriage of Mr Humphrey HOOPER and Miss STONE.
1853-03-23Death of Thomas PARTRIDGE.
1853-03-24Samuel SPILL went to the Woolpack, Rodborough.
1853-03-26Mr Henry THORNTON let the Wharf to the Commissioners.
1853-05-21Marriage of Mr W W KEARSEY, solicitor, and Miss HARRIS.
1853-06-02The Earl of Ducie died, aged 53. He was a liberal patron of Agriculture, and the inventor of many “family implements” now in extensive use. The present Lord Ducie succeeded.
1853-06-06Edward HORSMAN’s first speech at Subscription Rooms.
1853-06-21Marriage of William KEENE and Miss CLIFT.
1853-06-23John STANTON’s son married Miss STANTON, the daughter of Charles STANTON.
1853-06-28Lord MORETON (now the Earl of Ducie) retired from the representation of Stroud. Nomination of candidates at bye-election: Merryweather TURNER was proposed by J W HALLEWELL, seconded by Wm BARNARD, but would not contest; and Edward HORSMAN (Liberal) was returned unopposed.
1853-07Mr R POSTLETHWAITE built “Belmont” on the Stroud Hill.
1853-07-05Royal Agricultural Society opened at Gloucester.
1853-08-07Death of Lieut.-Col P HAWKER aged 67.
1853-08-11Marriage of Mr Dutton HUNT and Miss GOLDSMITH.
1853-08-13Marriage of Mr VALLANCE and Miss HEWLETT.
1853-08-17HORSMAN’s election commemoration dinner at the Butcher’s Arms Inn; 55 sat down.
1853-08-24Great sale of stock belonging to the Earl of Ducie. A bull fetched 700 guineas, a pig 62 guineas, a ran £160 and a chochin china fowl £40. The sale realised nearly £13000.
1853-09-03Sam PYE killed by a cart.
1853-09-17Fire in Grist’s Mill peg-house.
1853-09-21E B ORCHARD was apprenticed to Mr Henry THORNTON, grocer, for five years; premium £40.
1853-09-21Henry PURCELL, of the Chequers Inn, died suddenly aged 65.
1853-09-21Marriage of Mr THOMAS, grocer, and Miss CANMER.
1853-10-09The Rev P CLOSE, of Cheltenham, preached at Stroud Church for foreign missions.
1853-10-10Receipt stamps on payment of £2 and over made compulsory.
1853-11Mutual Improvement Society started. (Removed to King-street, late Golden Heart, in 1863.)
1853-11-02James WYNDOW died, aged 89. He was the oldest inhabitant, and the first man who brought an umbrella into Stroud.
1853-11-02Meeting in Subscription Rooms to promote a “new town act.” Thomas SHILL in the chair. Adjourned till 7.0pm same day; show of hands against promotion.
1853-11-17Duke of BEAUFORT died from gout in the stomach, aged 61.
1853-11-21Joseph WATT’s portrait, framed in wood from a cask, given by J Watts HALLEWELL to Henry THORNTON.
1853-11-21Anti-slavery meeting in the Subscription Rooms.
1853-11-28First cemetery meeting at Stroud.
1853-12Richard WYATT, J P, bought the Hill House and Hill Farm from T H BISHOP.
1853-12Mr DANGERFIELD, ironmonger, built a house and shop near the Victoria Rooms.
1853-12-17Death of W WOOD, manager at STANTON and Sons’ Stafford Mills, aged 57.
1854-01-11Mr Henry PEASE of Darlington, Mr Joseph STURGE of Birmingham and Mr Robert CHARLETON of Bristol left England for St Petersburgh to endeavour to induce the Czar to come to terms with Turkey. Unsuccessful audience with the Czar on March 10.
1854-01-24Walter BENETT came to the Golden Heart.
1854-02-06Death of John PITT, mason, of Stroud.
1854-03-16Robert Fitzhardinge JENNER, son of Edw. JENNER, the discoverer of vaccination, died at Berkeley, aged 57.
1854-03-23Ben MOSS, the pensioner, died.
1854-04-03Charles HILL, butcher, Swan street died.
1854-04-06Edward ARKELL, coach-builder, died.
1854-04-07Mrs ENGLISH, sen., died.
1854-04-23James DAVIS, of the White Hart, died.
1854-04-24Mrs WEBB, wife of John WEBB, butcher, died.
1854-05First number of the Stroud Journal published by Mr HARMER.
1854-08-13New Sunday Beer Act came into operation.
1854-09Roman Catholic Church built at Woodchester by Mr LEIGH.
1854-09-13First sitting of the Stroud Board of Health.
1854-10-01Stroud Hospital collection £20.
1854-10-04Stroud Church clock dial repaired.
1854-10-31Marriage of John NIBLETT, druggist, and Mrs Mary Ann PEACEY.
1854-12-02Harry ABBEY buried at Whiteshill.
1854-12-18Bedford Arms removed to the Old Crown and Anchor, and opened on the 22nd by SMITH the woolsorter. MILLS Bros. bought the Bedford Arms. The upper part became a School of Art Room, and the lower part a store room.
1855-01-27Death of Richard COMBES, aged 78.
1855-02-02Death of James COTTERHILL.
1855-02-03Mr PAGE, solicitor, and Miss CHAMBERS, married.
1855-02-17J BURGHOPE married to Miss BARRETT in London.
1855-03-06Edward HORSMAN, having accepted the Chief Secretaryship for Ireland, re-elected for Stroud unopposed.
1855-03-10Marriage of Joseph WOOD and Miss WOOD.
1855-03-21General fast day for the war in the East.
1855-03-26Stag and Hounds Inn, Paganhill, burns down.
1855-04-08Samuel HALLEWELL, paperhanger, died.
1855-05-03Marriage of John HEWLETT and Miss M A FLINT.
1855-05-03Arthur HEWLETT died aged 44.
1855-05-08Richard HILL of Callowell had four beasts burnt to death. Boys playing with Lucifer matches had set his sheds on fire.
1855-06-07Three funerals in Stroud; Thomas WALL, 79, Mrs COLLETT, 79, William WARNER, 102.
1855-06-13Death of Joseph HORTON aged 73.
1855-07B BUCKNALL pulled down, and put back five feet, Dr SWEETING’s old house in King-street. The town allowed him £20. Miss FARR re-built her house, and made two shops standing back five feet. She received £157 as compensation. BUCKNALL also built two shops – a great improvement.
1855-09-01First pauper interment at Holy Trinity Churchyard. The old churchyard was closed, but the Rev Mr PROCTOR proceeded to London and obtained sanction for two months’ extension.
1855-09-11News of the taking of Sebastopol received in Stroud. Bells ringing for two days. Lieut.-Col E G HALLEWELL subsequently presented to Stroud a 12lb cannonade taken at Sebastopol.
1855-09-12Joseph FRANKLIN died.
1855-09-13Mr LEONARD, of Dursley, married Mrs PARRIS; Miss WINTERBOTHAM married.
1855-10William CORSHAM died at Cheltenham. He was buried at Cainscross. He left £40 to Cainscross Church.
1855-10-17Joseph WATTS died at Stratford House, aged 84. He was greatly respected, very charitable, and universally beloved.
1855-10-17Lord John RUSSELL came to live at Hill House, Woodchester (late Sir J D PAUL’s residence and property.)
1855-10-25J WATTS buried in Stroud Churchyard. Upwards of 400 gentlemen and tradesmen followed the coffin on foot four deep, including Lord John RUSSELL, M P and G P SCROPE, M P. Over 6000 persons in the market place and churchyard. Rain fell all day.
1855-10-27Sir John Dean PAUL, STRACHAN and BATES transported for 14 years for selling deeds, bonds, etc., left at their bank for security in London. They were found guilty at the Old Bailey.
1855-11-11Stroud fire engine went to a fire at Chalford, but would not work.
1855-11-26Mr BARNFIELD, of the Lamb Inn, dropped down dead whilst playing billiards, aged 39.
1855-12Lord PANMURE presented Stroud two cannons, and they were placed in front of the Subscription Rooms by Messrs SCROPE and HORSMAN M Ps.
1855-12-18George MYNETT left the employ of the Commissioners.
1856-01Corn Exchange at Gloucester built.
1856-01-01Joseph BLISS took the Wool Pack Inn.
1856-01-03J W HALLEWELL made a magistrate.
1856-01-03SITCOMBE killed at Lodgemoor Mill.
1856-01-05Marriage of George KNIGHT and Miss BECK.
1856-01-07Gingell’s fireworks in front of Subscription Rooms.
1856-01-08Stroud Ball; 127 present.
1856-01-11J W HALLEWELL, J P, took his seat on the Bench.
1856-01-22Rev M STRONG died at Painswick, aged 61.
1856-01-22Dr HUMPHRIES of Cheltenham lectured at the Subscription Rooms, Lord John RUSSELL, M P, in the chair.
1856-01-26Marriage of Charles HILL and Miss FLIGHT.
1856-02-01Thomas DON took the management of the roads under the Commissioners, at 30 guineas a year.
1856-04-11David RICARDO resigned the chairmanship of the Board of Guardians, and S S DICKINSON elected.
1856-04-15Church and chapel yards closed in Stroud.
1856-04-15Richard HOOPER, Griffins Mill, died aged 42.
1856-04-16John TERRETT and Samuel CLISSOLD passed their public examination as insolvent debtors before Judge FRANCILLON.
1856-04-16R STARKEY opened a draper’s shop at 16 High-street.
1856-04-22Mrs J W HALLEWELL died, aged 25.
1856-04-24The Rev Mr CLIFFORD and Miss CRIPPS married at Whiteshill.
1856-05Mrs SMITH, late of the White Hart, Stroud, died suddenly at Cheltenham.
1856-05-08Mrs TAUNTON, of the Canal Office, Brimscombe, died suddenly.
1856-05-14Lord John RUSSELL delivered at the Subscription Rooms a lecture under the auspices of the Mutual Improvement Society on “The Study of History.”
1856-05-15Edwin ADAMS, Wallbridge, died aged 45.
1856-05-27First stone laid of the Roman Catholic School.
1856-05-29Peace commemoration dinner at the Subscription Rooms. Mr G EDWARDS in the chair; Mr THORNTON in the vice-chair.
1856-06-01Joe CETTA came to Stroud.
1856-06-14Henry GYDE, of Painswick, committed to Gloucester for housebreaking at Painswick.
1856-06-18Peace rejoicing at Minchinhampton.
1856-07-07W HOLMES, carrier, presented with a silver tankard at the Swan Inn.
1856-07-24Marriage at St Simon’s Church, Bristol, of Mr Henry OWEN, draper, of Dursley, and Miss Caroline THORNTON, daughter of Mr Henry THORNTON, of Stroud.
1856-08-25Mrs PITT, widow of Mr Pitt, stonemason died aged 78, and Thomas HARRIS, painter, died, same age.
1856-08-30Mrs SANDYS opened at 4 Albert Buildings, a Roman Catholic Institution with four or five girls.
1856-08-31Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol preached the Stroud charity sermons; collection £56 3s 9d.
1856-09-01Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol consecrated ground for the cemetery; upwards of 3000 persons present. The ground, six acres, with chapels and expenses, cost £3547 6s 1d.
1856-09-01Burial Board gave a dinner to the men engaged at the Cemetery; 70 dined at the Town Hall; caterer Mr William THORNTON of the Butcher’s Arms.
1856-09-04Two paupers interred at the Cemetery – William LEWIS and Kitty BARRETT.
1856-09-16Dinner to Colonel HALLEWELL on his return from the Crimean War. W H STANTON in the chair; W FRESTON in the vice-chair; 250 sat down in the Subscription rooms.
1856-09-20George TANNER and his wife and child drowned in the Avon, near Bradford, owing to the upsetting of a boat. TANNER was an ironmonger, and was an apprentice with his uncle, W BISHOP.
1856-10“Old Mr HALLEWELL and Sons wanted to take to the brewery of his son J Watts HALLEWELL, who gave them till the 24th to find the money, but they could not do so.”
1856-10William ELLIS, of the George Hotel, built a Masonic hall for the Freemasons.
1856-10-09Mr PRICE and Miss DAVIES, daughter of Mr W DAVIS, married.
1856-10-15Death of Richard CHEW, sen. Aged 75.
1856-10-21Public discussion in the Subscription Rooms on Roman Catholicism between Matthew BRIDGES, a Roman Catholic, and the Rev Joseph BAYLIS, D D, a Protestant.
1856-10-22William HOPSON, stonemason, died aged 60.
1856-10-31J W HALLEWELL took Sidney BIDDELL into partnership in the brewery for 21 years, under the title of “Watts, Hallewell and Biddell.”
1856-11-27George HUMPHREYS, auctioneer, died in bed in an apoplectic fit, aged 61.
1856-12“John BIDDLE and family assumed the name of BIDDELL.”
1856-12-05Death of William MORRIS, superintendent at Weymouth, formerly a policeman at Stroud.
1856-12-12Little Mill burnt down; Mr RIDLER, occupier, not injured.
1856-12-17Earl FITZHARDINGE’s foxhounds started a fox at Frampton-on-Severn; and after a run of 3 ½ hours Reynard found shelter at the back of the old Workhouse in Parliament-street, Stroud.
1856-12-23Mr James STANTON married to Miss BIDDELL.
1857-01-21Death of Mr William BISHOP, late of the firm of BIDDLE & BISHOP, aged 56.
1857-01-23The Rev Dr WILLIAMS died at Woodchester, aged 78, buried at Stroud.
1857-02-23Ritchard CAMM, watchmaker, King-street, died aged 48.
1857-03-12Edward HORSMAN addressed the electors.
1857-03-16Walter BLUETT left the Golden Heart; HUNT took it again the following day.
1857-03-24First meeting to form a Board of Health. Dr PAYNE chosen chairman for a year.
1857-03-27Miss HALLEWELL died aged 27.
1857-03-27Stroud Parliamentary nominations; G P SCROPE, proposed by S S MARLING, seconded by Dr PAYNE; Edward HORSMAN, proposed by W H STANTON, seconded by A FEWSTER. Both elected.
1857-03-29Marriage of George WEIGHT and Mrs FREEBURY.
1857-04-12The Rev Charles H SPURGEON preached at the Baptist Chapel.
1857-05-06BAKER’s Mill burnt at Painswick.
1857-05-07Mr ALLDAY came to the Golden Heart.
1857-05-12Eli CAPNER, clerk to Mr LITTLE, coming from Painswick, was thrown out of a trap and died.
1857-06F W HARMER and family left Stroud for Canada. He was a printer in George-street.
1857-06-09Sergeant SMITH, pattern maker, died.
1857-06-26Mr W EDWARDS appointed master of the Workhouse in succession to Mr SPEED.
1857-06-30William LAWRENCE, farmer, of Rodborough, died.
1857-07-03William RIDEN committed to the Assizes for having a newspaper in his pocket supposed to be stolen at the Post Office; no bill returned.
1857-07-09Mrs CAPNER of Swan-street died under very distressing circumstances.
1857-07-14Death of Henry PEGLER, plumber, aged 56.
1857-07-21Mrs BLANTON, her son and her brother, committed on a charge of perjury against a policeman. She formerly had the King’s Head, and went to Cheltenham.
1857-07-27Fete of the Mutual Improvement Society at Stratford Park; 600 present; very wet.
1857-07-31The American Circus opened in a field near Holy Trinity Church.
1857-08-04George S BUCKNALL appointed a collector of rates under the Board of Health.
1857-08-08Henry BLANTON sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, and Richard GOULDING, his uncle, to 12 months, for perjury.
1857-08-20Roman Catholic Church opened at Beeches Green. (The foundation stone had been laid about a year before by Archbishop ERRINGTON).
1857-08-23Bishop HALE preached the Stroud Charity sermons, collection £31 12s 5d.
1857-08-26Peter DREW died at Ebley, aged 57
1857-10-02Wombwell’s wild beast show in front of the Subscription Rooms.
1857-10-06Freemasons’ Lodge held at the Town Hall.
1857-10-07Humiliation Day in Stroud; collections for the Indian Relief Fund £21 3s.
1857-10-17Lord FITZHARDINGE buried in Berkeley churchyard.
1857-10-25Bishop BARING preached at Stroud Church.
1857-11The first tombstone or headstone erected in Stroud Cemetery to Samuel FRANKLIN, aged 26.
1857-11-23Hon Edward HORSMAN broke his arm.
1857-11-25Sir Henry HAVELOCK (father of Sir Henry HAVELOCK, Liberal candidate for Stroud borough in 1874), died in India.
1857-12-19Mrs PEGLER, wife of Henry PEGLER, plumber, died.
1858-01-04Nailsworth shops first lighted with gas (by the Stroud Gas Company).
1858-01-20SCROPE and HORSMAN addressed the electors in the Subscription Rooms.
1858-02-03Dinner at the George Inn, Nailsworth, given by the Gas Company to the inspectors; W PAYNE in the chair. Public lamps lighted for the first time.
1858-02-10Subscription hot dinner given to 500 men and women above 50 years of age, in the Subscription Rooms, Stroud. J W HALLEWELL presided, and returned thanks to the subscribers. The gallery was full of ladies, and it was a great sight. All the guests were very pleased Mr Henry BROWNING, of the Swan Inn, was the caterer. The originator of the dinner was Mr G HAWKER, the broker.
1858-02-25Meeting at the Town Hall “to make the landlords pay the rates for the Stroud parish.” On the motion of Mr Roger POSTLETHWAITE, the meeting decided against the proposal.
1858-03-06Messrs Thomas DAVIES, William HOLMES, Richard LACEY, and J W HALLEWELL elected on the Board of Health for the first time.
1858-03-10Mr FOWLER and family of Woodchester, and William LANE, son of John LANE, of The Tap, left Stroud for New Zealand – 8 of them.
1858-03-18Mr BIDMEAD of Pugshole, killed by a train near Leeds.
1858-03-23HALLEWELL & BIDDELL’S Malthouse at the Brewery fell in and killed a man.
1858-05-24Bill CRATCHLEY died, aged 66; George NEALE dropped down dead in Middle-Street.
1858-05-24Mr Spry DAVIS, a clothier, of Ebley, died under melancholy circumstances.
1858-05-26Mrs BIRT, of the White Hart, died aged 81.
1858-05-27Three Russian guns came to Stroud by rail – two for Stroud and one for Nailsworth.
1858-05-27Mrs DARKE, of the Greyhound Inn, died aged 34.
1858-06-10A circus performer drove 40 horses at one time in Stroud.
1858-06-11Dursley Races held on Stinchcombe Hill.
1858-06-22John VICK and four grandchildren, Harmer and his wife and seven children, Dyer and his wife and seven children left Stroud for America.
1858-07-03Captain Joe STANTON died suddenly at Cheltenham aged 63.
1858-07-05Fete in Hallewell’s Park.
1858-07-08Mrs John HEWLEET (formerly Miss M A HUNT) died aged 24.
1858-07-26Henry BROWNING, of the Swan Inn, had a fete in Stratford Park.
1858-07-28New peal of bells at Aberdare opened by Stroud ringers – a very gay affair with public dinner and rejoicings. Many Stroud people present.
1858-08-05James CLUTTERBUCK, of Mowmead, died aged 76.
1858-08-05Mr William PLAYNE gave dinner at his house to the Gas Committee and friends in commemoration of his house being illuminated with gas.
1858-08-22The Rev Mr ROBERTS preached three charity sermons; collections £30 11s 8d.
1858-09-06Mrs LEWIS and her two daughters married in Stroud Church.
1858-09-07Marriage of William HUNT and Miss PONTING.
1858-09-17Thomas PRITCHARD of the Dolphin Inn died aged 61, and was buried at Holy Trinity.
1858-09-22D SUTTON died at Berkeley, aged 49.
1858-09-30The Rev Mr PROCTOR died, aged 49; Mrs D Davis died at Cainscross.
1858-10-02Mr J WISE died suddenly at Nailsworth.
1858-10-06Funeral of the Rev Mr PROCTOR at Holy Trinity yard; shops closed and 160 of the inhabitants followed the coffin; after the funeral there was rung a muffled peal on the parish church bells.
1858-10-08SMITH, a plasterer, appointed sexton.
1858-10-08Thomas SHILL of FENNELL’s Farm died, aged 68, and was buried at Bisley. He was a churchwarden of Stroud for 23 years, and a poor-law guardian from the formation of the Board.
1858-10-14Mrs A STANTON died, aged 30.
1858-10-14Workmen commenced to level Stroud churchyard and put the gravestones even; they finished in November.
1858-11Roman Catholic institution removed from Albert Buildings, London-road to Beeches Green.
1858-11-15Mrs STAPLETON died suddenly at Beeches Green, aged 53.
1858-11-16Mrs Elizabeth Jane TARLETON, wife of the Rev T H TARLETON, buried at Holy Trinity Churchyard, aged 32.
1858-11-16Marriage of James HILL, butcher, and Miss FOWLER.
1858-11-17Horse belonging to ALDUM, coal merchant, ran away with a load of coal and smashed Mr BRIGG’s new clock at the bottom of High-street.
1858-11-17John SAVAGE agreed to convey water from HOPSON’S field for £209 (presumed for public use in Stroud.)
1858-11-19Yew trees planted in Stroud Churchyard by G W SAUNDERS, churchwarden.
1858-11-22The body of Mrs STAPLETON lay in state at Stroud Roman Catholic Chapel.
1858-12-11The Rev T H TARLETON read himself in a Stroud Parish Church.
1858-12-15Sounding board over the pulpit at Stroud Church removed.
1858-12-26Missionary sermons at Stroud Church – collections £21 15s 8d.
1859-01-09Matthew WEBB, son of Richard WEBB, died suddenly.
1859-01-12LISTER’S manufactory at Dursley burnt down.
1859-01-15The ship Porto Novo burnt in Bristol harbour.
1859-02-05W FRYER, solicitor, died aged 72.
1859-02-05John MERRETT, tailor, George-street, died aged 65.
1859-02-13Matthew WEBB buried in Stroud Cemetery by Father BARNARD. This was the first Roman Catholic funeral; all carried candles.
1859-02-15Thomas KNEE apprenticed to Henry THORNTON for five years, premium £40.
1859-02-19William ROWLES died at Gas Works Cottage; he was twice married. His first wife had by him 23 children and his second 7 children.
1859-02-25The name of the Stroud Dispensary changed to Stroud General Hospital.
1859-03-03Police station removed to Badbrook.
1859-03-08The King’s Head taken by CLISSOLD, and the White Hart taken by J SHARPE.
1859-03-13The Rev Mr ELLISON preached his farewell sermon.
1859-03-15The Rev T H TARLETON lectured at the Subscription Rooms.
1859-03-20Bishop HALE preached at the Old Church.
1859-03-23Mr CETTA’s shop window broken, and goods taken out by George SEYS, the superintendent of police, and Walter PONTING – a foolish lark as they had no intention to steal.
1859-03-26Charles James MILES, grocer, died aged 33.
1859-03-26George WEIGHT opened a beer-shop in High-street.
1859-04Mr Thomas LANCASTER bought Bownham estate.
1859-04-11Hon Edward HORSMAN addressed the electors.
1859-04-25Easter Monday; election of churchwardens; G W SAUNDERS, proposed by W H WITHEY, seconded by Henry THORNTON; Dr PAINE, proposed by E WITCHELL, seconded by L HAWKINS – both elected unanimously.
1859-04-26Sidney BIDDELL’s child christened by the Bishop of Perth.
1859-04-29Stroud Parliamentary election: G P SCROPE, proposed by S S MARLING, seconded by A FEWSTER; The Hon Edward HORSMAN, nominated by Walter STANTON, seconded by Mr FLINT of Nailsworth. Hustings in front of the Victoria Rooms.
1859-05-03Death of Mrs P MASON at the Cross, aged 75.
1859-05-11Formation of Volunteer Corps authorised by the British Government.
1859-05-11Dr PAINE turned the first sod, for the sewerage, in a field near Gasworks; the workmen had a supper at the Butcher’s Arms the same night.
1859-05-27Dursley Races on Stinchcombe Hill.
1859-06-22Mutual Improvement Society’s Fete in Stratford Park.
1859-06-25William PONTING, butcher, removed to 19 High-street.
1859-06-29S S DICKENSON gave a tea at Brownshill to 700 children.
1859-06-30First flower show at Stratford Park.
1859-07-26T JAMES killed by lightning near the Thrupp.
1859-07-27Marriage of Mr J E DORINGTON, of Lypiatt Park, and Miss Georgina Harriett SPEKE, of Jordan’s, Somerset.
1859-07-28John NIBLETT, druggist, died aged 29; buried in the Cemetery on August 2.
1859-08-04Fete at Captain Dutton HUNT’s place – Farmhill Park.
1859-08-11The Rev Mr WOODHOUSE married Miss BIDDELL.
1859-09The payment of expenses of St Lawrence’s Church out of charities ordered to be discontinued.
1859-09-13Public meeting at the Town Hall to consider a proposal to rebuild the church.
1859-09-16Richard CAMM died at Bowbridge, aged 79.
1859-09-19Balloon ascent from Frestons at Far Hill.
1859-09-22John DAMMS died, aged 88.
1859-10-02The Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol and the Rev W TARLETON preached the Stroud charity sermons; collected £46 16s 7d.
1859-10-09Mr CRIPPS, of Farmhill, died and was buried at Cirencester on the 15th.
1859-10-16Mr MARLING sen. died aged 83.
1859-10-25Formation of the 6th Gloucestershire (Stroud) Volunteer Corps.
1859-12-01Minchinhampton first lighted with gas.
1859-12-16William ISACKE died at Westminster, aged 64.
1859-12-17Samuel ADAM died at Wallbridge aged 74.
1859-12-17Part of Ebley Mill burnt down – S MARLING’s.
1859-12-24Mrs MILES, widow of J C MILES died aged 29.
1859-12-27The 6th Company of Stroud Volunteers dined at the Subscription Rooms, under the presidency of their commanding officer, Captain HUNT.
1860-01-01Dr PAINE’s mother died aged 72.
1860-01-016th Stroud Volunteers attended divine service at Stroud church, headed by their band.
1860-01-09Fire at Mr GAY’s the druggist.
1860-01-10A silver snuff box raffled for at Mr THORNTON’s Butcher’s Arms; won by Mr HANDLEY, boot-maker, High-street.
1860-01-17Volunteers’ ball at the Subscription Rooms, 109 present.
1860-01-22William LEECH, of the Anchor, died aged 64.
1860-01-23Mrs Henry MARMONT, of the Rising Sun, died; a muffled peal was rung when she was buried in the cemetery.
1860-02-14Mr THORNTON purchased the house and shop of Mr L HAWKINS.
1860-02-22Death of Mrs John BIDDELL, of Stratford Abbey, aged 62.
1860-02-29Invitation ball at the Subscription Rooms – a failure.
1860-03-07Levee and ball in London for Volunteer Officers of the Kingdom – Stroud officers attended.
1860-03-11Berkeley steeplechases; good attendance from Stroud.
1860-03-14Joe HOBBS of the Golden Cross died aged 71.
1860-03-14Joshua SMITH, wheelwright, died aged 70.
1860-03-22Mrs WEBB of the Subscription Rooms died aged 58.
1860-03-24The Lamb taken by WATTS HALLEWELL & BIDDELL; Mr COWDERY, late butler to Capt. Hunt, put in. This is the first recorded instance of a tied house in Stroud.
1860-03-27Board of Health election; 22 candidates proposed. Elected; Dr PAINE, 547; Henry THORNTON, 393; R POSTLETHWAITE, 306; C H FISHER, 227; Jos FISHER, jun. 223; G W SAUNDERS, 184.
1860-03-31John CLUTTERBUCK, son of S CLUTTERBUCK, hairdresser, The Cross, sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for stealing half a sovereign from a letter at Stroud Post Office in George-street.
1860-04Mr Thomas LANCASTER came to live at Bownham’s, Rodborough, sometime this year.
1860-04-14Thomas HOWELL, gas man, married Mrs EVANS at Horsley.
1860-04-25William THOMAS, teazle merchant, Stroud, married Miss PATTISON, at Cheltenham.
1860-05-26School of Art removed to the Subscription Rooms.
1860-05-27Thomas JONES, postboy at the George Hotel, buried in the Cemetery, followed by 70 Oddfellows.
1860-05-30William FLUCK, son of Mr FLUCK, late of the Vatch Mills, died in a fit of apoplexy in a room at New Mills, aged 36; buried at Rodborough.
1860-06-04“Church clock, chiming, gas, sacrament wine and firing all stopped by order of the Feoffees – W H Stanton the principal man in the affair – after paying the expenses for 121 years.” (This entry is supposed to relate to the use of money left for charities – Ed.)
1860-06-07Stroud Flower Show.
1860-06-12Marriage of Mr W CAPEL, of The Grove, and Miss NASH, at Painswick.
1860-06-19The Board of Health bought waterworks for £5400.
1860-06-24Joe SMITH the drummer died.
1860-06-30Mrs J TERRETT, of Church-street, died of apoplexy, aged 55.
1860-07-01William HOLDER died suddenly.
1860-07-11William, eldest son of William DAVIES, carrier, died at Richmond, Virginia, aged 26.
1860-07-12Mr HOLFORD, of Westonbirt, in commemoration of the christening of his son and heir in London, threw open his grounds to his tenantry. Several Stroud people present. (The son and heir is Captain HOLFORD, equerry to the Prince of Wales and brother of the Countess of Morley – Ed.)
1860-07-13The coachman to the late Mr J CRIPPS dropped down dead in Gloucester.
1860-07-14John ALDRIDGE fell dead while walking in his farmyard at Swift’s Hill, aged 67.
1860-07-18Julee CETTA went to Italy.
1860-07-191s 11d extra duty put on spirits by Mr GLADSTONE.
1860-07-23Thomas HOPLEY, schoolmaster, sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for causing the death of R CHANCELLOR by beating him.
1860-07-25A man named PEYTON killed in Nelson-street by Mr HOLMES’s horse and wagon.
1860-07-31 Review of Volunteers on Minchinhampton Common.
1860-08-08Review of Gloucestershire Volunteers at Gloucester.
1860-08-08John DAVIES, third son of William DAVIES, carrier, died at Ludlow in Shropshire, aged 21.
1860-08-15The Rev T H TARLETON, incumbent of Stroud, married to Miss COOK in London.
1860-08-20HISCOCKS died at Rosebank aged 39.
1860-08-25Francis PICKARD died aged 77; buried in the Dissenters’ ground at the Cemetery.
1860-08-28A Gloucester tradesman named COOKE, grocer, sent to gaol for 21 days for debt.
1860-08-31The GRIMES family received £15 each, left them by Mrs POWELL, their aunt, a laundress of Whitehall.
1860-09-03Mrs HODGES, wife of the pig-killer of Russell-street, died.
1860-09-10Excursion from Stroud to Bristol (?) to see the steamship, the Great Eastern ….journey each way.
1860-09-18Another Volunteer review at Gloucester.
1860-09-20Waterworks opened at Witcombe.
1860-10-01Joseph PARTRIDGE Esq died.
1860-10-02Death of J CLUTTERBUCK, Russell-street.
1860-10-07Death of Mr W DAVIES, currier, High-street, aged 53.
1860-10-08Fire at Mr W HALL’s Dudbridge.
1860-10-14Annual meeting of the Society for the Prosecution of Felons.
1860-10-20Marriage of John POOL and Miss MERRETT.
1860-10-21First evening christening in Stroud at the Old Church – Cleveland HUNT’s grandchild.
1860-10-21Chiming, gas etc. reinstated at the Old Church.
1860-10-24Mrs ROBERTS went to the Bedford Arms.
1860-11-14Gas failed; Stroud in darkness.
1860-11-30J W JONES of Chalford died aged 33.
1860-12-08Funeral of Clement CLARKE, a rifleman, at Ebley; volunteers and oddfellows followed the coffin; volunteers fired 12 rounds of blank cartridges over the grave.
1860-12-166th Company of Riflemen and 140 friends dined at the Subscription rooms. They presented to Captain HUNT a very handsome sword and vellum scroll with the names of the subscribers and they presented to Mrs HUNT a costly gift.
1860-12-31Death of Richard ALDER.
1860s [undated] The figure of St Lawrence at the Stroud Church was given by Joshua WALL.
1861-01-02Edward HORSMAN spoke at the Subscription Rooms; show of hands against him.
1861-01-05Death of Thomas FARR, shoemaker, aged 76.
1861-01-06Stroud Volunteers at Parish Church.
1861-01-07Death of Thomas PARK, of Russell-street.
1861-01-15Thomas GLASS, late boots at the George Hotel, committed suicide.
1861-01-16A negro died at Stroud workhouse from drinking an excessive amount of rum at the Wagon and Horses, Thrupp, kept by Gorton.
1861-01-24N S MARLING died.
1861-01-31Coursing at Cirencester; Mr WEBB’s and Mr BIRCH’s dogs lost.
1861-02Erection of a statue in London to Sir Henry HAVELOCK, father of the candidate for Stroud in 1877, one of the heroes of the Indian Mutiny.
1861-03-09William HEWLETT, plumber, King-street, died aged 34.
1861-03-14Parish meeting to take down the old church; only Dr GODDARD opposed it.
1861-03-16HARPER, of Pakenhill, built Ivanhoe Villas, Pakenhill, for W THOMAS.
1861-03-22White Hart sold and the house closed.
1861-03-25Captain Dutton HUNT took No 2 Ivanhoe Villas for his mother.
1861-03-25John HEWLETT, painter, took his brother’s business in King-street.
1861-03-26Death of Miss Betsy PURCELL, aged 71.
1861-04-01SAUNDERS and PAINE re-elected churchwardens.
1861-04-07Population of Stroud parish 9087; of the borough 35513.
1861-04-12Application at Gloucester Consistory Court for a faculty to pull down the Church.
1861-04-19Fire court leet held at the Swan Hotel, Thomas DAVIS high constable.
1861-04-23THORNTON sold a plot of ground near Rose Bank and a right of road in front of Western Buildings for £334 5s.
1861-04-27Samuel BROWNING’s goods sold to pay income tax at the Railway Inn by Humphries and Son; W J STANTON collector.
1861-05Bridge erected across the Great Western Railway at Stroud by Spring of Painswick.
1861-05-21Death of Samuel FISHER aged 73.
1861-05-21Competition at the riflemen’s butts, Swift’s Hill, between the 5th and 6th Companies of Volunteers for a silver bugle presented by Mr G P SCROPE. The 6th won by 16 points. Mr SCROPE handed over the bugle to Captain Dutton HUNT.
1861-05-22A silver cup, given by ladies of Stroud for competition by local volunteers, won by F JAMES, ropemaker, and a prize of £20 won by Joseph SMITH, 6th Company, a currier, son of John SMITH, confectioner.
1861-06-01Stroud School of Art removed to High-street.
1861-06-15First meeting of the Board of Health Water Works.
1861-06-16Mrs LUSTY, wife of Henry LUSTY, died aged 34.
1861-06-20Flower Show at Stratford Park.
1861-06-21Mr W TILEY, butcher of Woodchester died, aged 75. He was a very liberal man.
1861-07-09Mr LITTLE, solicitor and magistrates’ clerk, married to Miss STANTON, only daughter of W H STANTON.
1861-07-15Death of Solomon HOPSON, butcher, aged 46.
1861-07-18S DICKENSON gave a treat at his residence, Brown’s Hill, to 1200 school children of Stroud.
1861-07-23Lord John RUSSELL, formerly MP for Stroud, retired from the House of Commons.
1861-07-245th and 6th Companies of Stroud riflemen attended a great volunteer review at Warwick; 10000 volunteers under arms.
1861-07-27Lord John RUSSELL took his seat in the House of Lords as Earl Russell.
1861-07-28Thomas MARLING and William DAVIES of Stonehouse placed upon the commission of the peace.
1861-07-28Death of Miss Mary Anne DAVIES, second daughter of the late Mr W DAVIES, currier, aged 28.
1861-08-01At that date there were 1520 convicts at Portland Prison, one of them being a Stroud postman for felony at the Post-Office.
1861-09-09Sir W CUBITT re-elected Lord Mayor of London.
1861-09-10Death of Mr John PARTRIDGE, for many years landlord of the Globe Inn, Stonehouse, aged 81. He was buried in Stonehouse Churchyard on the 15th inst., 70 Oddfellows attending the funeral
1861-09-12Death of William AYRES, plasterer.
1861-09-15Death of George KNIGHT, brazier and tinman.
1861-09-28William SMITH, solicitor and magistrates’ clerk for Horsley, died suddenly at his home, Nailsworth, aged 53. He was very much respected.
1861-09-28Mrs W HEWLETT went to live at No 1, Ivanhoe Villa, Prospect.
1861-09-28Dr PAINE removed from Church-street to Lower-street.
1861-10-04Fire at HOOPER and Co’s Mill, Eastington.
1861-10-05Mr GODDARD, surgeon, moved from The Grange to No 5, Rowcroft.
1861-10-05Stroud Water Company transferred to the Local Board of Health for £5950. Each shareholder had £10 4s on each share, and interest for one year.
1861-10-06Death of Charles COOK, milkman, of Rodborough.
1861-10-07Sudden death of Mrs SMITH, wife of N SMITH, milkman, aged 50.
1861-10-08Mrs Robert KNIGHT, of the Green Dragon, fell down by Mr FOSTER’s, Russell-street, breaking her arm and dislocating her elbow.
1861-10-08Viscount FORTH poisoned himself at the Spa Hotel, Gloucester, by a draught of laudanum, aged 27. A Mrs LLOYD, which whom he was on friendly terms (who had been confined only three weeks), died the same morning. The Viscount was buried in Gloucester Cemetery on the 13th instant.
1861-10-09Death of Richard WHITMORE aged 71.
1861-10-10Mr COLEY removed from Church-street to Middle-street.
1861-10-14BAKER’s concert at the Corn Exchange prior to his departure for Italy.
1861-10-14Henry HULBERT gave up the Crown Inn.
1861-10-15Mr TUCKETT, of Cheltenham, took the Crown Inn. Mr W DAVIS valued for HULBERT, and Mr George HUMPHRYS for TUCKETT.
1861-10-17William Henry WOOD, of Coxhoe Hall, Durham, married to Esther, second daughter of F CHAMBERS, of the Thrupp.
1861-10-18Mr Jos SUMNER, land steward and bailiff to Mr W LEIGH, of Woodchester, killed by a fall from his horse whilst riding from Stroud.
1861-10-25The license of the Crown transferred from Henry HULBERT to Thomas TUCKETT.
1861-10-26Three ricks of wheat and hay burnt at Slad Farm, in the occupation of Mr DICKENSON. A little girl named King arrested for arson, but was acquitted.
1861-10-28Edward JENKINS, an outfitter, of High-street, was the first debtor in the Bristol district to receive the benefit of the New Bankruptcy Act.
1861-10-30Thomas BLISS, for many years landlord of the Woolpack Inn, George-street, died aged 75.
1861-11-09Mrs FLUCK, Nelson-street, died aged 73.
1861-11-09Edward HOLMES opened a hosiery shop in King-street.
1861-11-12At a parish meeting held in Stroud Town Hall, the Rev T H TARLETON presiding, the following were elected as feoffees – Dr PAINE, S S DICKENSON, J C HALLEWELL, George HOLLOWAY (wholesale outfitter) Sidney BIDDELL (brewer) G SAUNDERS (accountant) Richard GRIST (mill puff manufacturer, William LANE (mealman). A J STANTON (clothier), J Watts HALLEWELL (brewer), E DORINGTON, jun.., Walter J STANTON, Captain Dutton HUNT, W HOLMES (carrier), W H WITHEY (grocer and druggist). Three old feofees still held office – W H STANTON, William CAPEL and C H FISHER.
1861-11-17Missionary collection at Stroud church, £29 6s 4d.
1861-11-18John SPARROW died aged 88.
1861-11-20Mrs WALKLEY, widow of Thos. Walkley, died aged 85.
1861-11-24Mrs DANIELS, wife of Joseph DANIELS, a baker, died aged 27, leaving six children.
1861-11-26Death of Sophia ALDRIDGE, aged 97.
1861-11-28Death of “Colonel Wood” – a local character who got a living by selling nuts and cakes in the streets.
1861-12White Hart taken down; in 1862 it was known as Exchange Buildings.
1861-12-01Mr MUSGRAVE, postmaster of Stroud, commenced his duties.
1861-12-04George COOPER, Thomas COOPER, Richard ROBERTS and Thomas GWILLIAM sentenced at Gloucestershire Assizes to 15 years’ penal servitude each for the murder of Police-sergeant BEARD, near the Speech House. [the murder of Samuel BEARD was widely reported]
1861-12-05Fire at the Woolpack Inn, Stonehouse.
1861-12-13A girl named DAVIS aged 15, crossing the line at Brimscombe Station, killed by a goods train.
1861-12-14Prince Consort died from gastric fever after six days’ illness at Windsor Castle.
1861-12-15The Right Rev William THOMSON consecrated Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol in succession to the Right Rev Dr BARING. Dr THOMSON, who was born the same year as the Queen, was the son of a mercer at Whitehaven, and was a man of great stature, fine physique and great intellectual powers. Not long after his elevation to the Episcopal Bench he was translated to the Archepiscopal chair at York in succession to Dr LONGLEY, who went to Canterbury. It was said that he owed his transition to Court favours, the report of a sermon he preached on the death of Prince Consort having reached the eyes of Her Majesty. Dr THOMSON remained at York until he died in 1892. He was succeeded by Dr MAGEE of Peterborough – the prelate who made use of the famous expression that he would rather see England drunken and free than sober and enslaved. MAGEE died about two months after his elevation to the throne of Paulinus, from pneumonia, and he was succeeded by Dr MACLAGAN, a Scotsman, who had been in the Army, and who, passing into the order of the Church, became Bishop of Lichfield. York had three archbishops in about six months. Thomson held the appointment for nearly thirty years.
1861-12-19Death of William COPNER, baker, of Haresfield.
1861-12-23Mrs BURROWS, wife of William BURROWS, carpenter, burnt to death at her own fireside.
1861-12-27Death of Mr E P MILES, surgeon, aged 61.
1861-12-28Death of Mrs BLACKWELL, widow of Mr BLACKWELL, of Newmarket.
1862Clifton suspension bridge opened this year.
1862-01-06A railway porter, named HOOPER, had his legs crushed by a train between Chalford and the tunnel. He died on the 8th, a few hours after amputation.
1862-01-09A public meeting of the inhabitants of Stroud, held in the Subscription Rooms, sent the Queen a letter of condolence on the death of Prince Consort.
1862-01-11Mr George BLIZARD, related to Mr Henry THORNTON, died at Longford, aged 69. He was buried at Chosen Church on the 23rd inst. The road to the church was so steep that each coach had four good cart horses to draw it in addition to two horses which took it to the bottom of the hill.
1862-01-14Death of Henry LESS, aged 43.
1862-01-16Marriage of Henry LUSTY, cooper, and Miss M A KNIGHT, of the Green Dragon Inn.
1862-01-22Death of John LANE, of the Tap, aged 51.
1862-01-23Death of Mr John MILLS, J P, of Miserdene, aged 91.
1862-02E ORCHARD’s shop in High-street enlarged.
1862-02-03William HAWKINS committed for trial for obtaining lead from John HEWLETT and William COLLINGS in Mr W CAPEL’s name.
1862-02-04George DAVIS, carrier, married to Miss JONES, at Ludlow, in Shropshire.
1862-02-11John DANGERFIELD, farmer, fell off a wagon, broke his back, and died after ten days’ suffering.
1862-02-13Mrs HINTON, wife of Hinton the carpenter, died suddenly in her own house.
1862-02-17An extraordinary street demonstration occurred at Tower Hill, outside the house of John Daubeney HIND, described in the diary as an “illegal medical practitioner.” A girl named Sarah GOUGH had been delivered of a child in his house, and died immediately. An inquest was held, but 15 jurymen could find no evidence against HIND, although Messrs BLAGDEN and WETHERED, surgeons, gave evidence. On the 21st, from noon till 10 pm, hundreds of indignant women and a lot of children assembled in Tower Hill. They broke the windows of HIND’s house, fetched out furniture and bedding, and destroyed them in the street. HIND and his wife escaped by the back, and were escorted to the police station by a constable “or the people would have killed them.” HIND and his wife were, on the 22nd, arrested and taken before Mr Richard WYATT, JP, at the police station, charged with the wilful murder of Sarah GOUGH. After 6 ½ hours’ examination they were committed for trial at the Gloucester Assizes, but they were acquitted. The body of the child was never found. It was reported that HIND had two years previously been sentenced at Gloucester Assizes to six year’s penal servitude for causing the death of a young woman by procuring abortion, but owing to some technical informality he was released.
1862-02-20Writ issued for two members of Gloucester.
1862-02-21Fire at SMITH and Co’s dyehouse, Dudbridge.
1862-02-21Licence of the Nelson Inn transferred from W H DAVIDSON to George TWINING.
1862-02-21Licence of the Crown Inn transferred from Thomas TUCKETT to W B SMITH.
1862-02-23Collection in the old church for expenses, £24 16s 2d.
1862-02-26Gloucester City election polling; The Hon G C BERKELEY (L) 761; Councillor POWELL (L) 716; Mr POTTER of Standish (Conservative) 687.
1862-03-02Frederick James WEYSON, of Stroud married at Guernsey to Miss Elizabeth KING, of Stroud.
1862-03-06Miss Harriette Emma ISACKE, second daughter of Mr ISACKE, brushmaker, died in her 28th year, after 17 years’ illness.
1862-03-08Improved public water supply; new 6-inch earthen glazed pipes laid from Gainey’s Well to the reservoir to convey the town’s water; old iron pipes taken up.
1862-03-18At Gloucestershire Quarter Sessions Capt. MASON, late governor of the county prison, was voted a pension of £120 a year. He had had 29 years’ service as governor. The same day Mr J B PURNELL resigned the chairmanship of Quarter Sessions.
1862-03-20Mr LEWIS, of Broseley, brought an action at Shropshire Assizes at Shrewsbury against Wm. PEACEY, pork butcher, of Stroud, for taking his son Henry away from his service before his apprenticeship had expired. PEACEY lost the trial and had to pay £35 10s as damages, and costs in addition.
1862-03-25Foundation stone of Woodchester Church laid by Charles HOOPER, patron of the living of Eastington.
1862-03-25Joseph BLISS left the Woolpack Inn. Messrs WATTS HALLEWELL & BIDDELL took it on a lease for 14 years at £28 a year, and Mr MONK was put in as manager. The same date WATTS HALLEWELL & Co took possession of the King’s Head, bought by W DAVIES some time before.
1862-03-25Mr FOLLAWAY took STARKIE’S old shop, next door to BUTT’S, the ironmonger, for the sale of drapery.
1862-03-25Thomas HUNT, son of William Hunt, took John TOMBS’s business in King-street.
1862-03-27Mr BROWNING left the Swan Inn, and Mr PLATT took possession. Mr BROWNING went to live opposite the Corn Exchange.
1862-04Cainscross Co-operative Stores opened.
1862-04-01First attendance of Richard MILLS and Henry HOLLOWAY as members of the Board of Health.
1862-04-02Nurse SAUNDERS died.
1862-04-04Ginnett’s Circus here with Jem MACE, the pugilist, as an attraction; opened in the bowling green of the Golden Heart.
1862-04-05Captain Dutton HUNT and a team of the …Stroud Volunteers shot a match at Bristol against and local Volunteer team, and lost by 21 points.
1862-04-09Mr THOMAS, an eminent sculptor, formerly of Stroud, died in London aged 49. He served his apprenticeship with John HAMLET, of Bath-place, Stroud.
1862-04-10Installation of Dr THOMSON as Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol at Gloucester Cathedral.
1862-04-11Mr Thomas CLUTTERBUCK, attorney-at-law, conducted a claim in the police court brought by J D HIND against the ratepayers of Stroud to recover £28 5s for destruction of his furniture by a mob on Feb 21, in connection with the death of the girl Gough. The magistrates – Messrs WINTERBOTHAM, DICKINSON and CAPEL – refused to allow the claim.
1862-04-12Edward HOPSON, third son of John HOPSON, of the Red House, Westrip, died aged 32.
1862-04-16Mrs Catherine Augusta GLASCOTT, wife of the Rev M GLASCOTT, of Rodborough, died aged 67.
1862-04-21Mr SAUNDERS, Dr PAINE and J T FISHER proposed as churchwardens. Show of hands in favour of Dr PAINE and J T FISHER. Walter J STANTON demanded a poll on behalf of Mr SAUNDERS.
1862-04-21Annual competition by Stroud Volunteers for SCROPE’s silver bugle; seven men of each company, 5th and 6th. The 6th were the winners, and Sergeant J CLUTTERBUCK of that company was presented by Mr SCROPE with a field glass for making the highest score.
1862-04-22Mr James SMITH, of the 6th company, won a silver cup. A concert on behalf of the Volunteer band given in the Subscription rooms; good attendance.
1862-04-22James THOMAS, Town Crier, of Painswick, died.
1862-04-23Mrs WILSON, George-street, died aged 65.
1862-04-23The Rev Mr LANE married to Miss WILKINSON.
1862-04-23Rifle shooting at Swift Hill butts for all comers; 174 competitors. Seven shots each at 500 and 600 yards. First prize £100; 2nd £20; third £10. First, Corporal YABBECOMB, of Bristol, with 27 points, 2nd, Lieut. THOMPSON, of Oxford, with 23 points, 3rd, Sergeant JACOB, Oxford, 23 points.
1862-04-26Marriage of Edward HEWLETT, sen., and Mrs Ann WHITE.
1862-04-29Death of Mr ALBINO, of Cheltenham, aged 62. Buried at Gloucester.
1862-04-29Marriage of Mr Wilberforce HEELAS, attorney-at-law, and Miss GRANT, of Staffordshire.
1862-05-01Polling for churchwardens (first day); J T FISHER 92, Paine 90, SAUNDERS 50.
1862-05-01Thomas HUNT opened a druggist’s shop in King-street.
1862-05-02Polling for churchwardens (second day); FISHER 132, Paine 134, SAUNDERS 97. There was another day for polling, but at 3.45 pm SAUNDERS withdrew from the contest. Totals; FISHER 205, PAINE 203, SAUNDERS 74; 283 persons voted.
1862-05-03Death of Mr F FRENCH, of Upton St Leonards, from dropsy.
1862-05-06Marriage of Nathaniel RACTLIFFE and Miss Betsy TILEY at Woodchester.
1862-05-14Marriage of William Richard POCOCK, farmer, of Berkshire, and Miss Maria Sarah GODDARD, eldest daughter of Mr C GODDARD, surgeon, of Painswick.
1862-05-15William PURCELL left the Chequers Inn.
1862-05-16Mr Samuel BAKER, chairman of the Gloucestershire Baking Company, died at Thorngrove, Worcestershire, aged 69.
1862-05-16Howe’s Circus at the Golden Heart bowling green. Principal attractions, HEENAN the prizefighter and WALLETT, the “Queen’s jester”.
1862-05-17Death of Mr John PAINE, father of Dr PAINE, at Corbett House, Lower-street, aged 77.
1862-05-19At High Cross, Randwick, the parishioners met and burnt all the banners, flags, caps, mops, double drum, and everything connected with the Wop (wap) except the books, which were deposited in the church as relics.
1862-05-21Mrs THURSTON, John (her son) and Mary Anne (her daughter) of Newent, committed for trial for the wilful murder of an illegitimate child of their servant, Hannah HILL, who was also committed on the same charge. The body was buried in Thurston’s garden, with the head cut off, arms ribs and skull fractured, and the body frightfully mutilated.
1862-05-26Additional Curates Society collection in Stroud Church, £27 7s 7d.
1862-05-30Death of Mrs NEALE, Ryeleaze-place, aged 40, Mrs KEENE, widow of Robert KEENE, died aged 87.
1862-05-30Mr F BIDMEAD appointed collector of rates for the Local Board.
1862-06Mr W P PRICE, MP, elected Chairman of Directors of the Gloucestershire Banking Company.
1862-06-02Death of Mrs CREED, wife of Thomas CREED, Western Buildings, aged 73.
1862-06-09Mr William SIMS, grocer, married to Miss Eliza CRATCHLEY at Eastington.
1862-06-09Whit Monday; the most terrific thunderstorm ever known in the district. Lightning struck Mr WINTERBOTHAM’s house and Mr BERRY’s chimney.
1862-06-11John PARTRIDGE, formerly of Bowbridge, Stroud, died at Birmingham aged 76.
1862-06-15Aaron GOULD, of the Forest-of-Dean, died aged 69.
1862-06-20Appointment of fresh feoffees.
1862-06-22Marriage of Jonathan BLACKWELL and Mrs Ann AYERS, widow of William AYERS, plasterer.
1862-06-24Messrs J and J CETTA moved to Mrs Damms’ shop, Mrs DAMMS went into George-street, to the house in which Mr MILES, surgeon, had lived.
1862-06-29John ROBERTS, clerk at the County Court, married to Eliza Mary NANSCAWEN, at Stroud parish church.
1862-07Town Hall boarded by W ENGLISH, carpenter.
1862-07-01Mr T D HILL taken into partnership with Stanton and Son, clothiers, Stafford Mills.
1862-07-01At Midsummer Quarter Sessions Police Superintendent GORDON, of Thornbury and Sodbury, was pensioned with £90 a year, after 23 years’ service, and Mr J G BALL’s salary as coroner was fixed at £170 a year.
1862-07-01Mrs Anne TILLER, wife of William TILLER, surveyor of taxes, died at Frome Buildings.
1862-07-02Dr THOMSON, Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, opened Bisley church – a very grand day.
1862-07-12Arthur C TAYLOR, eleven years of age, son of Robert TAYLOR, of the Red Lion Inn, Chalford, drowned in the canal.
1862-07-18Demolition of tenements at Whitehall, late in the occupation of Samuel WHEELER and Miss MILLER.
1862-07-19John HOPKINS, aged 76, drowned by Stonehouse Mills whilst mending an eel trap.
1862-07-20Foundation stone of Nymphsfield Church laid by Colonel Kingscote.
1862-07-20Captain HUNT, of London, robbed in Westminster Abbey of a gold watch value £60.
1862-07-22Mr Alfred J STANTON, of the Thrupp, married at Whitminster to Miss Harriet Margaret WILTON, of Whitminster.
1862-07-22Mr WINTERBOTHAM, eldest son of Mr Raynes WINTERBOTHAM, of the Field, married to Miss Mary Rose COLLINS, of the Duffryn near Newport, Monmouthshire.
1862-07-22Emma RESTALL, aged 14, accidentally drowned in Lodgemoor pond.
1862-07-30Gloucester Agricultural and Flower Show at Gloucester; 16000 persons present on two days, £825 taken at the gates.
1862-08-05Mutual Improvement Society’s fete at Stratford Park, at which the Rev T H TARLETON gave a lecture on “Little Things”; 1000 present.
1862-08-07At a vestry meeting, a Committee which had been appointed to rebuild the church retired and paid all expenses.
1862-08-07Marling and Co, Ebley Mills, took 952 workpeople and others to the International Exhibition. Three bands of music accompanied them.
1862-08-08Memorial fountain to the late Mr W SMITH, attorney at law, opened at Nailsworth.
1862-08-11William ENGLISH and Edwin BAXTER began pulling down Messrs CETTA’ old house and shop.
1862-08-13Mrs Daniel CHANDLER found dead in bed.
1862-08-15At Gloucestershire Assizes, the THURSTONs of Newent were sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for concealment of the birth of their servant’s child.
1862-08-17Mrs P GOBBI died in King-street, aged 57.
1862-08-22The licence of The Chequers Inn transferred from William PURCELL to John BAKER.
1862-08-24F P STAPLETON came to the Roman Catholic Church, Beeches Green.
1862-08-24Stroud charity sermons, collections, £42 16s 3d.
1862-08-31Death of Daniel John NIBLETT, Haresfield Court, aged 77.
1862-09-04Mr J Russell BUCKLER, of Stonehouse, married to Miss STRACHAN of Ebley, at Cainscross Church, a very gay wedding.
1862-09-06Mr BLICK commenced to build the Imperial Hotel, architect Mr BUCKNALL.
1862-09-23Mr Henry Hotspur MARLING, of Stonehouse Court, married to Miss Adrianna Johanna McLEOD, eldest daughter of Mr J W McLEOD, of Perdiswell Hall, Worcester.
1862-10The convent of St Rose established by Mrs SANDYS.
1862-10-01Joseph WOOD taken into partnership with William MILES, coal merchant, Stroud. James BUTT, ironmonger took Thomas HOWELL’s business; Frank HOWELL commenced business as gas fitter and bell hanger.
1862-10-01Mr G W ALLDAY closed the Golden Heart, King-street, as a public house.
1862-10-11First meeting of the new feoffees for the Stroud charities – S S DICKENSON of Brownshill (chairman); Dr W H PAYNE of Stroud (vice chairman);J C HALLEWELL, King-street, banker; George HOLLOWAY, outfitter; William SAUNDERS, accountant; Sidney BIDDELL, brewer; Richard GRIST of Brimscombe Mills, mill puff manufacturer; William LANE of Stratford Mills, mealman; William Henry WITHEY, High-street, grocer; Jon Dutton HUNT, Farmhill, clothier (absent); William HOLMES, Lower-street, carrier; the Rev. Thomas Henry TARLETON, incumbent; and Joseph T FISHER, churchwarden. The old Feoffees were Messrs CAPEL, STANTON, BIDDELL and FISHER, who retired. The above list was duly signed and approved by the Charity Commissioners.
1862-10-13Mr John BERRYMAN had some of his furniture sold at B LAWRENCE’s, Painswick House, Badbrook, because he would not pay income tax; auctioneers, Messrs T and W DAVIS.
1862-10-14Sir Martin Hyde CRAWLEY-BOVEY, fourth Bart., died at his residence, Flaxley Abbey, aged 50.
1862-10-15Daniel WOOD, jun., was taken to the police station by two constables and several men for breaking goods at Mr KEMP’s house and knocking down Mrs KEMP. The following day he was fined £6 2s and bound over to keep the peace towards Hill, the policeman, for six months.
1862-10-16Poor rate of Stroud !s 3d in the pound.
1862-10-19Lord SHERBORNE died at Stonehouse, Glos, aged 84.
1862-10-19The Right Rev Dr THOMSON, Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, preached at the Parish Church for the first time. His sermon was in aid of mission funds. Collected at Stroud Church and Holy Trinity during the day, £36 4s 2d.
1862-10-23Thomas WEIGHT, aged 23, chimney sweeper, died under chloroform at the Hospital, just as Dr PAINE and Mr CUBITT were about to amputate one of his legs.
1862-10-24William MEALING cut the throat of Sarah MOSS, a young woman he lived with at Rendcombe, near Cirencester. He was tried at Gloucester on December 17, and acquitted on the grounds of insanity.
1862-10-24Jonathan BLACKWELL swore his life against his wife (late Mrs AYERS). She was bound over to keep the peace, but was unable to get two bails of £10 each, and was sent to Gloucester Gaol for some of the time.
1862-11The Right Rev Dr THOMSON, Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, translated to the Archbishopric of York.
1862-11Cheltenham Manor sold to R S LINGWOOD for £33000.
1862-11Mr HEWLETT built two shops in King-street, next the George Hotel.
1862-11-01Gas explosion at Mr NEATE’s, Russell-street; damage £40.
1862-11-04Mr Thomas LIDDIATT died at Wallbridge, aged 78.
1862-11-17Death of Samuel WHEELER, aged 78.
1862-11-23Collection at Stroud Church for church expenses £27 15s 8d.
1862-11-24Benjamin FRANKLIN, of Cooper’s Hill, died aged 72.
1862-11-25The Rev George FISK delivered his first lecture at the Mutual Improvement Rooms (late the Golden Heart). S S DICKENSON in the chair.
1862-11-26WARD opened a shoe shop corner of King-street.
1862-11-28All Saints Church, Selsley, consecrated by the Right Rev Dr THOMSON, a floral cross, made by S S MARLING’s daughter, being first removed.
1862-11-30Died at Torquay, Charles, second son of S S MARLING, aged 25. He was the first interred at Selsley.
1862-12Mr John LIBBY bought the New Mills.
1862-12-02Thomas MARLING, uncle of the above, married to Miss Catherine Ann PLAYNE, eldest daughter of William PLAYNE, of Longfords.
1862-12-03Birth of Major P S MARLING, V C, 18th Hussars.
1862-12-14At Canada West, Mr JL VICK died, aged 68. He was christened the same day as he was married – by the Rev Dr WILLIAMS.
1862-12-17John Alexander CONROY (who had married Miss DITE, of Cirencester, on the 9th of July) sentenced at Gloucester Assizes to fifteen years’ penal servitude for forgery. A charge of bigamy was also proved against him
1862-12-21“Colonel” James WALL, a local character, died at Stroud workhouse, aged 73.
1862-12-21Collections at Stroud Church and Holy Trinity for the Lancashire Relief Fund, £84 14s 6d.
1862-12-25Death of Mr MERRETT, dyer, of Bowbridge, aged 51.
1862-12-30Messrs CETTA gave a house-rearing supper in their new building, No 5, High-street, for forty workmen and friends. Mr P BUCKNALL, architect, was in the chair, and Mr W ENGLISH in the vice-chair.
1863-01-02Death of William FLIGHT, Russell-street, aged 37.
1863-01-11Benjamin William BRITNELL, groom to Mr G S GREGORY, surgeon, Beeches Green, absconded with his master’s mare, saddle and bridle, which he sold to Richard CLIFFORD, farmer, at Stow-on-the-Wold, for £7 10s. He then proceeded to Scotland, and gave himself up to the police at Broomhouse near Glasgow. Brought back to Stroud, he was examined before R WYATT, J P, and committed for trial.
1863-01-15Mr THOMPSON, the tea man, died suddenly at Sheepscombe.
1863-01-22Thomas PLATT left the Swan Inn, which was taken by John TOVEY.
1863-01-23A new reservoir, to hold one million gallons of water, commenced at Kilminster. It was finished on September the 23rd by J SAVAGE, but water was turned on August 20th. Cost £675.
1863-02-02The statue of Bishop HOOPER the martyr unveiled at Gloucester; anniversary of his death (1555).
1863-02-03Henry Croft BURGH, D L for Gloucestershire, eldest son of the late Henry BURGH, died at King Stanley aged 76.
1863-02-08The Rev T H TARLETON’s sermons on behalf of Stroud Church expenses realised £26 0s 6d.
1863-02-25Marriage of Thomas W ENGLISH and Elizabeth COOKSEY at Stroud Church; also of Miss KEAN and Mr CORFIELD at Gloucester.
1863-02-25Enthronement of the Rt. Rev. Dr THOMSON as Archbishop of York.
1863-03-03William SIMS, grocer, opened a new shop in High Street.
1863-03-06William GORTON, of the Waggon and Horses, Thrupp, died aged 54.
1863-03-10Joseph LONGFORD and Mrs MORSE married at Bedford-street Chapel.
1863-03-10Marriage of the Prince of Wales and the Princess Alexandra of Denmark. Celebrations in Stroud. About 2500 children assembled in a field near Holy Trinity Church and had given them a pound of cake and oranges. They were joined by the yeomanry cavalry, oddfellows and rifleman, who, with three bands, formed in George-street and marched to the spot. There was a full choral thanksgiving service at Stroud Church, and the Rev T H Tarleton, the incumbent preached. An ox was roasted whole on the Cross, in a specially constructed grate (of which the diary illustrated with an ink sketch); a sheep was roasted at the bottom of Rowcroft, another of Tower Hill, and another in Bisley Old Road. A grand dinner was provided at the Corn Exchange by Mr Henry BROWNING (tickets 5s each), W J STANTON in the chair. There were donkey races, climbing greasy poles, and jumping in sacks, in George-street, and at night a torchlight procession of 200 men to Rodborough Hill, where there was a monster bonfire at the back of the Fort. The Subscription Rooms were illuminated outside by oil lamps. Mr Jos. BUTT, ironmonger, High-street, had a beautiful star light with gas – far more brilliant than the oil lamps. The inmates of Stroud Workhouse had roast beef, plum pudding, beer and tobacco. There were 655 people above the age of 60 years who were presented with three tickets value sixpence each with which to purchase meat, grocery and bread. It was the grandest day that ever was known in Stroud, and not a person was taken into custody. The ringers, much to their disgrace, rung only for two hours in the morning. The total amount spent in the festivities was £223 19s 1d. The wedding cost the nation £23,455.
1863-03-11George HUGHES, bandmaster of the City Rifle Company, Gloucester, found dead and robbed in an alley at Cheltenham.
1863-03-15Charles KING died a distressing death at the Butterrow. A jury decided that he was insane.
1863-03-18Nailsworth and Stonehouse Railway Bill passed a Committee of the House of Commons.
1863-03-21Volunteers’ shooting march; Corporal SALTER won a silver cup given by E C LITTLE, magistrates’ clerk.
1863-03-21Mr Charles SMITH, of the White Hart Inn, Bristol (uncle of Mrs TOVEY, Swan Inn, Stroud), killed whilst hunting with Lord FITZHARDINGE’s hounds.
1863-03-22John DUDBRIDGE, tailor, Cainscross, died aged 65.
1863-03-23Confirmation of the Right Rev Dr Charles John ELLICOTT, D D, at St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, London, to the bishopric of Gloucester and Bristol. Dr ELLICOTT was born in 1819.
1863-03-24Samuel SIMS, of Lightpill, married to Mrs GARDINER at Shortwood Chapel.
1863-03-27Charles STANTON died at Pakenhill, aged 66; buried on April 2nd at the Cemetery; mourners and all without hatbands.
1863-03-28The Duke of BEAUFORT shipped on board the Prince Ernest for Boulogne, and for the south of France, twenty-five couples of foxhounds and twenty horses to hunt wolves. Several noblemen went with the duke. Clark the huntsman had charge of the pack and horses.
1863-03-31Marriage of the Rev James BAILEY and Miss Elizabeth CLARKE, eldest daughter of S N Clarke.
1863-04-06T FISHER re-elected churchwarden; Dr PAINE resigned; William LANE of Stratford Mills elected without opposition.
1863-04-07Mr W H HINTON married at Brimscombe church to Miss Minna Acton WINTERBOTHAM, eldest daughter of Mr R WINTERBOTHAM of The Field.
1863-04-17Spillman’s Court and land put up to auction at the Royal George Hotel, by order of the Court of Chancery; only one piece of land, about three acres. Mr HARRIS purchased it for £630, and gave £60 for the timber.
1863-04-18Mr G P SCROPE, M P, gave £50 to the Stroud Casualty Hospital.
1863-04-25Mr John COX, late postmaster of Stroud, died in London road, aged 87, and was buried at Painswick on the 30th inst.
1863-04-28Mr John BIDDELL died at Stratford Abbey, aged 78, and was buried at the Cemetery on May 18th amidst muffled peals. “He was thought to have left over four hundred thousand pounds.”
1863-04-29Grand musical entertainment organised by Mr HELMORE in the Subscription Rooms – “The Messiah”. 230 performers.
1863-04-29Lord John RUSSELL, formerly M P for Stroud, gave £100 to the Casualty Hospital.
1863-05Many houses in process of erection on the Uplands and in Slad-road.
1863-05-01John ESSEX’s saw mill at the Bourne burnt down.
1863-05-07Nailsworth and Stonehouse railway bill passed the House of Lords.
1863-05-10Police Sergeant BRADLEY died, aged 41.
1863-05-13Robert BAILEY, painter, Lower-street, died aged 63.
1863-05-14Dr DARKE gave £20 to the Casualty Hospital.
1863-05-14A new conduit erected at the old wells at Bisley at a cost of £100 by Messrs WALL & HOOK – defrayed by contributions.
1863-05-15Grand all-comers prize rifle shooting at Swift’s Hill. £672 11s 6d paid in entrance between £500 and £600 given in prizes. The highest prize, £100, won by J B COCKERLAIN, 4th West Yorkshire Volunteers; the second prize, £30, won by R G POLLARD of Cornwall. Stroud men won only a few of the smaller prizes. 253 competitors; weather very wet.
1863-05-26The challenge bugle given by G P SCROPE won in 1861 and 1862 by the 6th Company was now won by the 5th Company by 6 points. Mr SCROPE gave a silver cup to E SMITH articled to Mr WITCHELL, solicitor) for making the highest score. Sergeant John CLUTTERBUCK, of the 6th Company, won the ladies’ silver cup, making 43 points with 45 shots.
1863-05-27Messrs BUTT and SKURRY had a silver cup presented to them by Messrs BLIZARD and GODSELL for the best 200 bushels of barley (presumably for malting purposes.)
1863-06-01Death of Mrs ALDINN, wife of Mr John ALDINN, of Wallbridge, aged 61.
1863-06-01Dr WILLIAMS retired from the management of the Gloucester Asylum. Mr Ebenezer TOLL succeeded him.
1863-06-02Painswick Cemetery consecrated by the Rev Dr ELLIOTT, Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol.
1863-06-05William LEWIS of Callowell died aged 52; his wife died five days afterwards.
1863-06-10The heaviest thunderstorm every known in Stroud. Between 2.0 pm and 4.0 pm all the houses in High-street were flooded, and the street represented a sheet of water.
1863-06-12Messrs John and Julee CETTA opened their new shop in High-street.
1863-06-21Special service at Stroud Church. Dr ELLICOTT, Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, preached there for the first time. Text, Matt 22 v 14. Crowded congregation.
1863-06-23Marriage of Mr J E SAGE and Miss Julia CLARK at the Old Church.
1863-06-24The 5th and 6th Stroud Companies went to Oxford to a review.
1863-06-26Death, at Rose Bank, of Mr G HARKER, aged 82.
1863-07-04G W MAY drowned in Stroud Canal.
1863-07-05Centenary festival of the Wesleyan Chapel.
1863-07-06Death of Clement HUNT, aged 53.
1863-07-06Captain PROBYN, Mr F O JONES and Mr Chas. BATHURST elected Verderers of Dean Forest.
1863-07-07William HATTON drowned at Dudbridge.
1863-07-07E HYDE’s shop window blown out by an explosion of gas; hams and bacon scattered over the street.
1863-07-07Stroud Mutual Improvement Society’s fete in Stratford Park. The Rev J H TARLETON lectured on Lucifer matches; 1700 people present. Shops closed at 6 pm.
1863-07-07Marriage of William TILLER, surveyor of taxes, and Miss Anne GARDNER, late of the George Inn.
1863-07-12Death of Samuel BILLINGSLEY of Cainscross aged 91.
1863-07-13ROSE and GARDNER commenced painting and whitewashing the old church. Service suspended till August 2nd, when the Rev Mr POYNDER made an appeal for funds to replace the timber supports of the gallery with iron.
1863-07-14Death of Edward NICHOLLS, basket maker, Church-street, aged 55.
1863-07-20Death of George HAWKER the broker.
1863-07-23Re-opening and consecration of Nymphsfield Church.
1863-07-27Marriage of Mr Edward Bailey ORCHARD, grocer, and Miss Hepzibah GILLMAN, daughter of Mr Alfred GILLMAN, at the Baptists Chapel.
1863-08Earl DUCIE gave £76 6s 10d to the Stroud Hospital.
1863-08Dr GOUCH resigned his office of physician to Stroud Hospital. Presented with a silver tea and coffee service.
1863-08-04Four grampuses caught in the Severn.
1863-08-06RODWAY and DAVIES, King-Street, dissolved partnership.
1863-08-07Ann CLARKE taken in a truck to the police station by two policemen (One holding her down and the other pushing) for beating Peter WOOD’s wife at Tower Hill. Ann was afterwards committed for two months.
1863-08-09Mrs Susannah WYATT, widow of Mr E WYATT, baker, of Stroud, died at the house of her son-in-law, Mr G M BAILEY, at Liverpool, aged 81.
1863-08-11First flower show held at Bisley.
1863-08-15John HALL brought an action against William HOLMES for obstructing the light to his four cottages in Bath-place, by building a large warehouse. Case tried at Gloucestershire Assizes before Mr Justice BYLES and eight special jurymen who gave a verdict for HOLMES.
1863-08-15Mr W COWLE retired from business; Mr SMITH succeeded him.
1863-08-17Edwin WORKMAN, driving the Chalford mail cart, accidentally knocked down Edward HELL, aged 62, who died the following day.
1863-08-17First show held at Frampton. It was called the Frampton and Fretherne Show.
1863-08-18Marriage of Mr G WILLIAMS and Mrs DAMMS at the old church.
1863-08-19Oddfellows dinner at the Corn Exchange. The Rev J MILLS chairman; Henry BROWNING, the host, vice-chairman. S S DICKENSON joined as an honorary member. Over 80 present. The rifle band played.
1863-08-21Charles RUDDER, baker, of Stroud, died at Newcastle.
1863-08-25Mr T J R BARROW died at the Ryelands, Randwick.
1863-08-25City of Gloucester prize rifle shooting; £500 in prizes. First prize, £60 won by W E MELFORD, of Bristol, with 42 points; second prize, £25, won by H HOLLOWAY, of the 5th Stroud Company, with 42 points.
1863-08-25Bristol and South Wales Union Railway opened.
1863-08-26Gloucestershire Agricultural Show at Cirencester; also grand flower show and public dinner in a marquee. Colonel Nigel KINGSCOTE presided; 400 ladies and gentlemen sat down. Grand ball on the first day.
1863-08-30Charity sermons for schools in both Stroud churches, £53 collected.
1863-09Two houses build in Bisley-road, near the church, by DREW – a gift of the late Nathaniel Marling and B Franklin. One was occupied by the Rev Mr Whiting of the Old Chapel.
1863-09-01The United Kingdom Electric Telegraph Company applied to the Stroud Board of Health for leave to put up wires in the streets and on the houses. Referred to the clerk to inquire into.
1863-09-01First flower show held at Wotton-under-Edge.
1863-09-03Stroud Flower Show at Stratford Park. Three females had their pockets picked. Mrs FLIGHT, of the Railway Inn, had her purse stolen in her own house.
1863-09-04Mr A M ROBERTS applied for a spirit license for the Imperial Hotel; granted. John Henry PHIPPS applied for a similar licence for a house at Stroud Slad, near the Butts; refused.
1863-09-05Mrs HILL, butcher, Swan-street, died’ aged 39 years.
1863-09-09Excursion from Stroud to Bath and Bristol; 5 ½ hours coming from Bath.
1863-09-12Edmonds’s Wombwell’s menagerie in a field near Holy Trinity Church.
1863-09-14Mr WITHEY’s mare found in the upper gravel pit at Gannicox with her back broken. The pit was worked by the Great Western Railway.
1863-09-15Mr Arthur Brend WINTERBOTHAM, of Dursley, married at Walcot Church, Bath, to Miss Elizabeth STRACHAN, late of Ebley.
1863-09-15Opening of Gloucester Cattle Market and fountain and orchestra in the new park there, by the Mayor and Corporation.
1863-09-20A porter of Gloucester, named PEOPLES, jumped from a train at Swindon, and had his legs and arm cut off; he died.
1863-09-24Consecration of Woodchester New Church, named St Mary, by the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, Dr ELLICOTT, cost £3000. The Bishop preached in the morning, collection £88 15s 10d; the Rev A G CORNWALL, of Beverstone, in the afternoon, collection £15 16s 1d.
1863-09-28Death of Mrs B ANTILL.
1863-09-28New skittle alley opened at the back of the house formerly known as the Golden Heart, by S S DICKENSON, president of the Stroud Mutual Improvement Society.
1863-09-30Foundation stone of Bisley Wesleyan Chapel laid by Mr Samuel BADGETT, of Bristol – to cost £600.
1863-09-30LUSTY’S Mill at Uley burnt down.
1863-10Stafford Mills at this period belonged to the Rev Jos J STANTON and Mr W J STANTON, brothers.
1863-10Richard COOK, Lodgemoor, erected Farmhill.
1863-10-04First christening at Woodchester Church W TILEY’s son and daughter.
1863-10-06Shock of earthquake felt at Stroud at 3.25 am.
1863-10-12Mr ROBERTS opened the Imperial Hotel.
1863-10-12Charles ALDRIDGE killed at Lodgemoor by Mr HOLMES’S wagon falling on him.
1863-10-13Mr F HOLMES, of Glasgow, married to Miss Alice HILL of the Thrupp and Mr T B BROWN married to Miss KNEE, of King-street.
1863-10-15Skeleton of a female discovered by Henry BOND in a thicket near Mr HOGG’S, Stroud End.
1863-10-17T H HOLLAND, of Stroud, married at Kingston, Portsea, to Miss Rosamond WELLS.
1863-10-17Ed. SMITH won a silver challenge cup given by W STANTON.
1863-10-17Mr A B WINTERBOTHAM, of Cam, gave a dinner in the mill to 320 of his workpeople to celebrate his return from his wedding tour.
1863-10-18Mr Henry ASHMEAD died at Lower Gannicox aged 74.
1863-10-20Fire at the Rev A BIDDELL’s outbuildings, Painswick; supposed to be caused by a coachman, who was committed for trial and acquitted, but was sent to prison for four months on another charge. Stroud fire engine went to the fire.
1863-10-20Capt. CLEGRAM died at Fretherne Lodge.
1863-10-24Public meeting at the Subscription Rooms to consider the promotion of a railway to Chippenham; S S MARLING in the chair.
1863-10-27Humphrey HOOPER died at Mount Serratt, aged 58.
1863-10-30W FRANKLIN died at his grandson’s house in Russell-street, aged 86.
1863-10-30Terrific thunderstorm; lightning struck R SMITH’s house in the Leazes.
1863-11-03J D HUNT let the Phoenix Ironworks.
1863-11-03A petition, signed by 195 householders, presented to the Local Board of Health asking them to erect gasworks, as the Company charged too much, and the gas was neither good nor sufficient. Richard GRIST presented it. George HOLLOWAY gave notice of motion on the subject.
1863-11-03J R PURCHASE appointed deputy coroner.
1863-11-12Catherine, widow of Thomas MARLING of Norton Court, died aged 25.
1863-11-13Stroud Gas Company had a meeting to petition Parliament to grant them an act to enlarge and maintain the pipes and price of gas.
1863-11-17George HOLLOWAY proposed at the Board of Health meeting, and Mr W HUNT seconded, that the Board should use borrowing powers to erect gasworks – carried unanimously.
1863-11-19Church Missionary collection £24.
1863-11-19Worcestershire Union Institute dinner in Stroud, provided by W HOBBS; present, G P SCROPE, M P, E HORSMAN, MP, and 300 gentry and tradesmen.
1863-12Mr P P PURNELL resigned the chairmanship of Gloucestershire Quarter Sessions, after 26 years’ service. Mr CURTIS-HAYWARD succeeded him.
1863-12-01Sydney THORNTON appointed collector for the gas company – directors present Messrs WITHEY, MOSELEY, MARTIN and THORNTON.
1863-12-03Mrs Ann NICHOLLS, widow of E NICHOLLS, Church-street, died aged 58.
1863-12-07First penny concert at Stroud Subscription Rooms. 300 could not get in.
1863-12-08Mrs MILLSOM gave up her glass and china business to Mr F HALL, and went to live in George street.
1863-12-12William HAWKES opened a fishmonger’s shop at 17 High-street.
1863-12-17Thomas HAZEL had a fit in the Wesleyan Chapel, Bisley, and died within a few minutes.
1863-12-18Albert CRITCHLEY, of Randwick, drowned in the canal.
1863-12-22New Zealand chiefs appeared at the Stroud Subscription Rooms.
1863-12-22Sarah LANE died in the workhouse, aged 100.
1863-12-26John TERRETT of Stroud married at Cheltenham to Miss Hannah HAYWARD; and William FRANKLIN married at Stroud to Miss E P LONG.
1863-12-26Captain Dutton HUNT and Captain DICKENSON gave the volunteers their annual dinner. E WITCHELL presented with a silver tankard.
1863-12-27Captain J D THOMPSON died at Fir Cottage, Rodborough.
1864-01Water Company’s interests purchased by the Board of Health.
1864-01-01Marriage of Mr John ALDHAM and Mrs Mary Ann POLLARD at Stroud Parish Church.
1864-01-02Mrs VICK & Son had their new shop front burnt at Ebley by the overturning of a pot of boiling tar.
1864-01-03HOLMES & Co commenced the coal trade in Stroud.
1864-01-05Mrs Hannah BIDGOOD, widow of Josiah BIDGOOD, died aged 83.
1864-01-09James BERRIMAN found drowned near Brimscombe.
1864-01-10Charles JONES’s brewery broken into; James PARTRIDGE committed for trial, and acquitted at Gloucester.
1864-01-16Mr Henry HARRIS, of Downfield, a solicitor, riding from Gloucester, was either thrown from his horse or kicked whilst taking a stone out of its hoof, and died on the 19th at Mr LONG’s, Belle Vue House. Buried at Cainscross on the 27th, the Sunday School and most of the legal profession followed.
1864-01-21Thomas WHILEY, coal merchant, died in his 71st year, and William ELLIS of Slad found dead in bed aged 88.
1864-01-27A cottage at Sheepscombe fell and buried the owner, a widow named GARDNER, and killed her.
1864-02-01Thomas HEWSON, police constable, made sergeant.
1864-02-04Third penny concert at the Subscription Rooms, 1200 present.
1864-02-04Police Sergeant GEORGE removed to Cheltenham.
1864-02-07George HILL died at old Hill aged 62.
1864-02-13First advertisement in the Stroud Journal giving notice of a meeting to raise a horse volunteer corps, to be called the “1st Gloucestershire (Stroud)”. J Russell BUCKLER secretary. The Lord Lieutenant approved of the formation on March 11th. Application had been made by J D HUNT and 50 others, and sanction was given by the Horse Guards or War Office on March 30th. The first meeting was held at Lodgemoor to fix the dress etc.
1864-02-22First sod of the Stonehouse and Nailsworth Railway turned at Nailsworth by the Right Hon E HORSMAN, MP, with a shovel of silver with a handle of cherry wood. It was handed to Mr HORSMAN by Mr G B BRUCE, the engineer, and was the gift of Mr J WATSON, the contractor. The Rev W L MILLS, incumbent of Stonehouse, offered prayer; then they marched to the Subscription Rooms for a cold dinner for 120 invited guests, prepared by Mr W HOBBS of Stroud. All kinds of games and illuminations. At 7pm 150 started with torchlights. The gayest day ever known at Nailsworth.
1864-02-24Mr ROBERTS left the Bedford Arms; BARTON took it.
1864-02-25Nat PARTRIDGE died at Bowbridge, aged 84, buried at the Old Church on March 3rd; S C PIMBURY died at Bagpath aged 83.
1864-03-01Mrs Martha LEECH, for 37 years housekeeper to Mr J T FISHER, died at New Lodge.
1864-03-03Sale of Mr W LEIGH’s farm stock at Woodchester, and the farm let.
1864-03-04Spillman’s Court House and 13 acres of land sold by T and W DAVIS at the George Inn for £2820 to Mr ROLLETT.
1864-03-07George LISTER’s manufactory at Dursley burnt - £10,000 damage.
1864-03-11Samuel CHANDLER drowned near the Ship Inn.
1864-03-16Mr R MORGAN, Government Inspector, met the ratepayers at the Town Hall about borrowing money to erect gas works; very excited meeting.
1864-03-18G A CUBITT elected as medical officer for Stroud Union, in the place of C A GODDARD. W CANTER was also a candidate.
1864-03-19A young clerk at E C LITTLE’s, attorney, arrested for forging a cheque for £350 in Mr LITTLE’s name. He obtained the money from the County of Gloucester Bank at Stroud, and paid nearly £40 away. Mr Justice KEATING subsequently gave him five years’ penal servitude.
1864-03-21Death of Mrs CHALLENGER, George-street, aged 68.
1864-03-23Pulpit at the old church taken down.
1864-03-24Bishop ELLICOTT confirmed 300 persons at the old church.
1864-03-26William COWLE and Richard GRIST returned for the Board of Health.
1864-03-28Easter Monday not enough parishioners at the vestry to hold a meeting. FISHER and LANE still hold office as churchwardens.
1864-03-29Two dramatic entertainments by the Stroud Amateurs in the Subscription rooms; well attended, but expenses more than receipts.
1864-03-30Prize shooting at the new butts near the Union. First prize £100 won by Captain KEMPTHORNE of Cornwall, 2nd prize £25 won by Lieutenant BURT of Birmingham. Range 500 and 600 yards. H HOLLOWAY won £25, the first prize at 200 and 300 yards.
1864-03-31Prize shooting continued. £50 won by Sergeant GREEN of Taunton; £25 won by Sergeant CLARKE of Belper. The new sheds and targets erected for these competitions left the committee in debt £575. There were 210 competitors. Captain JONES, of Bristol, acted as umpire.
1864-03-31Mr MILLER removed from Nelson-street to the Cross.
1864-04-01Ginnett’s Circus, with Tom KING, visited Stroud.
1864-04-12Mr F HELMORE gave his last grand concert in the Subscription rooms; 170 performers.
1864-04-13George SKINNER, boatman, found drowned near the Upper Wharf.
1864-04-18William FRANKLIN of Gloucester-street died aged 47.
1864-04-29Richard BELCHER, a police constable, examined before the magistrates on a charge of robbing S HORWOOD. It was proved that BELCHER was in bed at the police station at the time. The case was dismissed.
1864-05“MURPHY lecturing all this month against the Roman Catholics. I think him a humbug.”
1864-05-06The Rev T H TARLETON preached his first sermon from the Parish Church pulpit after its removal to the churchwardens’ seat.
1864-05-17David RICARDO, of Gatcombe Park, died at Cheltenham aged 61.
1864-05-19Stroud Gas and Coke Company Bill passed the House of Commons a third time.
1864-05-29Additional curates’ Society collections in the Parish Church £26 19s 11d.
1864-06Nailsworth connected by electric telegraph.
1864-06-06Mr GILLMAN, clerk at the Brewery, died aged 61.
1864-06-16Mr Robert KNIGHT died at the Green Dragon, aged 67; buried at the Cemetery.
1864-06-20A Stroud man took a cottage at Houndscroft, Minchinhampton Common, at 6s per week. Prices have since gone up.
1864-06-23Stroud Gas Company Bill received assent.
1864-06-24Sir Christopher W CODRINGTON died at Dodington aged 59. (Father of Sir Gerald CODRINGTON, the present baronet.)
1864-07-06Thomas MORSE, of Stroud, killed by the express at Wallingford-road. He got out of an excursion train. Buried at Holy Trinity Church.
1864-07-09William FOSTER, of the 5th Stroud Company of Volunteers, won a silver cup presented by Mr W COWLE.
1864-07-10John CETTA went to Italy and returned in July 1865.
1864-07-10Mr BULLIVANT opened porter and spirit stores in John-street (under the Stroud News offices; the name of the firm still appears over the window of the vaults.)
1864-07-12Sir Michael HICKS BEACH returned without opposition for the Eastern Division of Gloucestershire. He was proposed by the Hon W L BATHURST and seconded by Mr J CURTIS-HAYWARD.
1864-07-13S S DICKENSON entertained 1450 children at Brownshill.
1864-07-13First dismounted drill at Lodgemoor of the Stroud Light Horse, under Captain J Dutton HUNT.
1864-07-16Invitation issued to the public to subscribe £4000 in shares of £1 each to establish the projected new gas works. HUNT and Co, GRIST and Co and HOLLOWAY Bros. took £1000. George HOLLOWAY was elected chairman pro. tem. (The scheme was abandoned.)
1864-07-22Joseph REA of The Crown and Anchor, Stonehouse, swindled by a man named CLARKE of the price of bed and board.
1864-07-24N DRIVER, father of A J DRIVER, died aged 77.
1864-07-26Second Bisley Flower Show.
1864-07-30Robert WIGHT of Painswick committed for forgery. Tried at Gloucester on August 9th, and sentenced to ten years’ penal servitude.
1864-07-30A CHEW, of the 5th Stroud Volunteers, won W STANTON’s challenge cup.
1864-08-01William KNEE won a silver cup at Hardwicke given by Captain BAKER to the best swordsman in the Yeomanry.
1864-08-02Stroud Gas Company reduced the price of gas for 5s per 1000 cubic feet to 4s 6d.
1864-08-03Oddfellows’ dinner in the Corn Exchange. S S DICKENSON in the chair, and H BROWNING in the vice-chair.
1864-08-04Painswick Mechanics’ Institute held their first fete in W H HYETT’s grounds.
1864-08-06George MOORFIELD died suddenly aged 63.
1864-08-06A J STANTON entertained Thrupp school, teachers and children at his residence – 130 present.
1864-08-06The 6th Stroud Company won G P SCROPE’s bugle and Sergeant CLUTTERBUCK, of the same company, won the silver medal, and E SMITH of the same company won the ladies’ silver medal.
1864-08-07The Rev Allen CORNWALL preached two sermons at the parish church for the schools; collections £50 7s 3d.
1864-08-08John RANDELL, gardener to J W HALLEWELL, died at Elm cottage, aged 48, buried on the 11th at Holy Trinity; 80 Foresters attended with crape hatbands and green ribbon on the arm.
1864-08-13Mr JENKINS, outfitter, left Stroud for Belper in Derbyshire.
1864-08-13Henry HUMPHRIES, of the 5th Stroud Rifles, won the Whitworth Rifle, value £35, given by the Hon E HORSMAN, M P; 23 competitors.
1864-08-13Sidney THORNTON appointed deputy registrar of Births and Deaths.
1864-08-13Mr W H STANTON went to live at Downfield, and Mr BUCKLER went to live at Lower Gannicox.
1864-08-13Mr FERRABEE gave up his ironmongery business in King-street.
1864-08-18First mounted parade of the Stroud Light Horse in stable dress; only 18 attended and paraded the town.
1864-08-22Miss Lavinia GARDNER, daughter of Mr Charles GARDNER of Painswick, found drowned at Weston-super-Mare, aged 22.
1864-08-25Joseph COX of Pakenhill died aged 70.
1864-08-25Stroud Flower Show.
1864-08-30Stroud Feofees’ property offered for sale at the Town Hall by T and W DAVIS – not sold.
1864-09-01Mr Richard BARBER thrown from his trap near Baddown, and died the following day.
1864-09-02Pinder’s Circus at Beeches Green, with WALLET the Queen’s jester.
1864-09-03First march out in full dress of the 1st Gloucestershire Light Horse, under Capt. Dutton HUNT. They looked well.
1864-09-05Death of Mr W WOOLMAN, Corn Exchange Buildings, aged 40.
1864-09-08Marriage of Mr Charles SMITH, of the Thrupp, and Miss M L STEPHENS at Cainscross Church.
1864-09-13Mrs YOXALL died suddenly at Froome Cottage. It was suspected that she was poisoned, and an inquest was held, when it was proved that she died from inflammation of the lungs.
1864-09-14Telegraph office opened at HUNT’s the druggist in King-street.
1864-09-19Death of Mr John BURROS, carpenter, aged 50.
1864-09-20Foresters’ dinner in the Corn Exchange, W J STANTON, chairman.
1864-09-22Port Mill, Brimscombe, occupied by James FERRABEE, burnt down.
1864-09-25Sergeant CLUTTERBUCK, S GRIST and H HOLLOWAY, of the Stroud Rifles, and W HOLMES and G HOLLOWAY, of the 1st Gloucestershire light Horse, in uniform, were at Brussels introduced to the King of the Belgians, and entertained in a sumptuous manner.
1864-09-28VINES, with a mail cart, collided with Mr APPERLEY’s pony and phaeton at Stonehouse, and killed the pony.
1864-09-29Mr Henry WILLIAMS, manager of the Berkeley Bank, found drowned in the Severn.
1864-09-29Mr BATEMAN took the Post office Inn, and put in SMITH as manager.
1864-10-02G NETHERCOTT died at Dursley Flour Mills aged 46.
1864-10-03The Bishop, Dr ELLICOTT, had a visitation at the parish church.
1864-10-03James BILLING shot at Elizabeth TROW at Painswick with a pistol, and was sentenced on December 9th to fifteen years’ penal servitude.
1864-10-05Mr WILLIAMS and Miss FLIGHT married at the parish church.
1864-10-09George KNOWLES, of Newnham, died aged 59.
1864-10-09Missionary collection at church, £29 18s 6d.
1864-10-10Roger POSTLETHWAITE died at Belmont House aged 57.
1864-10-11Collection for church expenses £26 5s.
1864-10-12Mrs CLISSOLD died at Golden Cross Cottage aged 25.
1864-10-20Mr Richard HEWLETT married to Miss J C TANNER at Brimscombe Church.
1864-10-20John KNIGHT died at Chalford aged 69.
1864-10-20The Rev Dr BADCOCK came to Stroud. He preached his first sermon in the new church on the 25 inst., and read himself in the old church on the 14th May 1865.
1864-10-24Marriage of Mr R S BLICK, of Waterford, and Miss Eliza FRYERS, eldest daughter of Mrs FRYERS.
1864-10-24Death of Charles GODDARD, surgeon, Rowcroft, much respected, aged 55.
1864-11-07Death of Mrs Joshua FARR, 2, High-street, aged 32.
1864-11-28Mrs James BIZZEY died at Rodborough.
1864-12-03Corporal GRIST won a silver cup presented by Sergeant George HOLLOWAY.
1864-12-06Death of George WILSON, George-street, aged 75.
1864-12-08The new bells at Bisley were first rung by Stroud ringers.
1864-12-08Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, opened with much ceremony.
1864-12-11The Rev T H TARLETON preached his last sermon in Stroud parish church, and left Stroud on the 21st; much respected.
1864-12-13Cells in the old Blindhouse, Nelson-street, pulled down.
1864-12-31Dinner to the Volunteers and Light Horse in the Subscription rooms, Captain Dutton HUNT in the chair.
1865According to computation the parish of Stroud in 1865 contained 3810 acres.
1865Until this year, the Red Boys were boarded at the Dames House, Church-street, and educated in the Market House. At first all their clothing was made from red cloth.
1865-01-01Seventy members of the Stroud Light Horse, under Captain Dutton HUNT, and preceded by a band, attended Stroud Parish Church. The Rev Dr BADCOCK preached.
1865-01-02Messrs SUTTON and CLIFT dissolved partnership.
1865-01-02W TILEY gave up his business at the Cross and went to Woodchester to live. James HILL succeeded him.
1865-01-03Death of Mr BISHOP of the Bannett Trees.
1865-01-04Death of Mrs MOSELEY, widow of Thomas MOSELEY, Threadneedle-street, aged 71.
1865-01-05Sensational trial for assault on police at Whiteshill. Abner FIFIELD and Jesse FIFIELD sentenced to two years’ with hard labour. BREWER to 12 months, NEWMAN and FLUCK to 10 days each.
1865-01-05Edward WINTERBOTHAM appointed manager of the Stroud branch of the capital and Counties Banking Company.
1865-01-05Coursing at Lypiatt, by permission of Mr J E DORINGTON.
1865-01-07Death of the Rev John TIMBRELL, Archdeacon of Gloucester, at Beckford, aged 96
1865-01-14Death of Henry VERRENDER, of the Cross, buried at Slad.
1865-01-21License of the Duke of York transferred from J KNIGHT to Peter SAVAGE.
1865-01-23A J CLIFT commenced business in the cloth trade in Rowcroft.
1865-02-01C BRINKWORTH died at the King’s Head, Wallbridge, aged 31.
1865-02-02Death of Mrs BEARD, wife of Mr BEARD, courier.
1865-02-03W COPNOR died at Fairford (buried on the 18th at Randwick).
1865-02-06Death of Samuel HOMES, of Pakenhill, ( Buried at Cainscross on the 18th. Yeomanry, Light Horse and Rifles attended, but no volley was fired over his grave.)
1865-02-07Three men were committed for trial at Nailsworth by W PLAYNE for stealing four sides of bacon from S CLISSOLD at Anchor Pike. At Quarter Sessions, S S DICKENSON in the chair, one man had 7 years, another 2 years and the third 1 year.
1865-02-07Mr TAUNTON, surveyor to the Board of Health, resigned.
1865-02-10Death of John WILLIAMS, Rose Bank, aged 65.
1865-02-11Marriage of H O PRESTON and Fanny E PEACEY, at Rodborough Church.
1865-02-11Death of Mrs WEST aged 84; buried in Stroud Churchyard.
1865-02-18Death of Mr Thomas CREED, Great Western Buildings, aged 73; buried at Kingscote on the 22nd.
1865-02-22BROWN and HUSSEY took to Verrinder’s shop at the Cross.
1865-02-25D WOOD opened a beer house at 63 High Street, formerly occupied by J HILL, Butcher.
1865-03-04Death of Mrs UTHWAITE at Upper Gannicox, aged 82. I THINK
1865-03-07Marriage of George BARBER and Miss Emyla PONTING.
1865-03-17Meeting of mill owners in the Subscription Rooms respecting the mudding and cleaning of the streams.
1865-03-18Mr Stephen PRICE, engineer, placed a stone sundial on his workshop. John CANTON carved the dial with a knife.
1865-03-21Captain LEFROY resigned his position as chief constable of Gloucestershire. Accepted June 27th, when 37 of the magistrates voted him a pension of £335 a year for life; 23 magistrates were in favour of a smaller amount.
1865-03-24Death of Mrs WYATT at Whitehall, aged 83.
1865-03-24Formation of Hillier’s Bacon Company, Limited, in 12,000 shares of £7 each; all taken up in a week.
1865-03-24Death of the Rev M WHATELEY, of Minchinhampton, in London.
1865-03-25Robert BUSSELL, inspector, Stroud, vacated his appointment.
1865-03-25HUNT and DUDBRIDGE took the Local Board’s Wharf at £? a year.
1865-03-25Mr HALLEWELL resigned the management of the County Bank and Mr KINGDOM acted.
1865-03-25Local Board of Health election; G HOLLOWAY 489; S S DICKENSON 382; H HOLLOWAY 381; W J STANTON 354; W BISHOP 312; H BATEMAN 283.
1865-03-26James SAVORY, a noted ringer, died at Painswick aged 84.
1865-03-28Bishop of Quebec preached a sermon in Stroud Parish Church in aid of the funds of the Propagation of the Gospel in foreign parts; collection £14 5s 10d.
1865-03-29Mr KEYTE commenced duty as Inspector in Stroud.
1865-03-30Meeting of mill-owners to fix hours to work the mills.
1865-03-31Death of Mrs HURLETT, mother of William HURLETT, Swan-street, aged 81.
1865-04-02Marriage of A L SIMMONDS and Mrs Ann CHANDLER.
1865-04-02Death of Richard COBDEN, who had addressed anti-corn law meetings in Gloucestershire.
1865-04-03Lloyd’s Bank established.
1865-04-04G W PRIOR married to Louisa Frances CLARK.
1865-04-07Mr DREW, of Chalford, began his contract for a new gas holder, about 150 tons. He abandoned the work on September 15th 1868 and forfeited £300.
1865-04-12James EADIE opened No 30, High-street, as a shoe shop, and A WOOLMER opened a grocery shop at 17, King-street.
1865-04-13Petty Sessions removed from Horsley to Nailsworth.
1865-04-17Selsley Church School opened and the iron church at Inchbrook opened.
1865-04-17Easter Monday; no-one proposed as churchwarden for Stroud.
1865-04-17The Liverpool and London Fire Assurance Company presented Stroud with a fire engine. Public demonstration; 90 men of the Gloucester Dock Company under Captain BONTAIN; 16 of the Stroud Light Horse; and 40 of the 5th Stroud Company of Volunteers, marched to Brown’s Hill for lunch; afterwards the streets were paraded with three fire engines.
1865-04-21Death of Mrs PAINTER, wife of John PAINTER, London-road, aged 75.
1865-04-30Stroud Church expenses collection, £17 15s 8d.
1865-05-05Death of Mrs OWEN of Dursley aged 69.
1865-05-05Public meeting at Subscription rooms to express horror and indignation at the assassination of President Lincoln, and sympathy with Mrs Lincoln and the American people; S S DICKENSON in the chair.
1865-05-16Rifle shooting in Stroud. Captain HOLME of Bath won £40.
1865-05-17Stroud Local Board of Health opposition to the Gas Bill before Parliament. Opposition headed by George HOLLOWAY, BLAKE and W HOLMES. Bill thrown out by the Committee; not one of the old Gas Company’s witnesses called. “Cost the town £400 for mere spite by the above leaders to the old Company, and they cannot say what for.”
1865-05-19Death of Robert MARTIN, Humphry’s end, aged 74.
1865-05-20FORD, of the Greyhound, broke his leg.
1865-05-25Grand oratorio at the Subscription Rooms, “Judas Maccabaeus”, large audience.
1865-05-26Sudden death of Mrs HILL, wife of Richard HILL of Callowell.
1865-05-28Rev E CORNFORD preached in Stroud Church for gospel missions, £10.
1865-06Mr Stephen PRICE, engineer, took his workshops to Acre-lane.
1865-06Mary Elizabeth FRUTCH fined 12s for striking Miss FARR. There were two sisters who lodged with Mrs BAYLISS, Western Buildings, and in 13 weeks obtained over £100 worth of goods from Stroud tradesmen.
1865-06Red boys were now sent to the National School.
1865-06-01H D CHOLMELEY died suddenly at the Priory, Woodchester, aged 56.
1865-06-01Duty on tea reduced from 1s to 6d per lb.
1865-06-03Henry HOLLOWAY won the silver cup given to volunteers by Sidney BIDDELL; 29 competitors.
1865-06-05Death of Mr W WEBB, Subscription Rooms, aged 64.
1865-06-07HARKER’s warehouse and PONTING’s slaughter-house burnt down at midnight.
1865-06-08Mrs John STANTON died at Haywardsfield, aged 65.
1865-06-13BARTLETT and WILTSHIRE, 27 High-street, Stroud, dissolved partnership.
1865-06-15W BURRUS, the sweep, died at Tower Hill, aged 73.
1865-06-16Meeting at the Subscription Rooms to take steps to return another Liberal to Parliament with Mr SCROPE. S S MARLING in the chair. The meeting was a failure.
1865-06-16Watts Hallewell Biddell and Stanton gave two silver cups for the best samples of barley – one to Thomas CRADDOCK, of Ablington, and the other to Edward HEWLETT, of Hammond’s Farm. Dinner at the Lamb Inn. Hallewell in the chair and BIDDELL in the vice-chair.
1865-06-17Volunteer shooting; C WEBB won a silver cup, given by W COWLE, score 55.
1865-06-22Isaac HILLIER and Mrs KING married at King Stanley.
1865-06-27Captain M CHRISTIAN, RN, appointed chief constable of Gloucestershire, in the place of Lefroy at £580 a year. There were 71 applicants.
1865-06-28Michael BRISTOW found drowned in the Leigh’s pond at Woodchester.
1865-07-01Public pump removed from the Cross to Pakenhill.
1865-07-30The Rev T H TARLETON preached for Sunday and day schools at the church; collections £42 18s, and on March 6, collection for same object, £7 14s 1d.
1865-08Erection of the Tyndale monument at North Nibley Knoll.
1865-08-01Marriage of the Rev W H BUTLIN and Miss COLBOURNE at Stroud Parish Church.
1865-08-01Randwick Church re-opened.
1865-08-04George DAVIS, 33 High-street, gave up his business to Mr LEVER.
1865-08-05Sudden death of E HORWOOD, High-street.
1865-08-05Stroud Light Horse marched to Dursley
1865-08-08Meeting of Bishop and clergy in Stroud, dined together in the Town Hall, caterer Mr HOBBS.
1865-08-10John GREEN, police constable, committed for two months with hard labour for beating Mrs Emma PARTRIDGE.
1865-08-11General Election; Nomination day in Stroud; - G P SCROPE, proposed by W H MARLING and seconded by A FEWSTER; Right Hon E HORSMAN, proposed by Watts HALLEWELL and seconded by W J STANTON; the Hon Ashley PONSONBY, proposed by BARNARD and seconded by S BOWLY. Show of hands in favour of SCROPE and PONSONBY. HORSMAN demanded a poll.
1865-08-12A young man named John Thomas GLASS shot William LYMES with a pistol during Cheltenham election. LYMES died next morning. GLASS was tried at Gloucester Assizes on august 14th and sentenced to 15 years’ penal servitude.
Stroud polling day:10am12am2pm4pm totals
Mr LITTLE, returning officer, announced the result from Mr ROUSE’s balcony. The people tried to upset the carriage in which WATTS HALLEWELL and HORSMAN went off. Stones were thrown. One went through the carriage window. The people were very excited and pushed the police about, especially the superintendent. I saw him down three times. Great credit is due to him and his men for their coolness and forbearance. Not a staff was drawn. The election cost HORSMAN £445 10s; SCROPE £245 10s 10d and PONSONBY £227 1s.
1865-08-15HOOK & WALL commenced their alterations at the Town Hall, and finished in November, the petty Sessions in the meantime being held in the Subscription Rooms.
1865-08-15Thomas SELBY, a stoker, fell from a train at Brimscombe, and died in Stroud Hospital the same night.
1865-08-17Mr COLEY resigned the secretaryship of the Stroud Gas Company, having held the appointment since the establishment of the company, £40 voted to him as a gratuity. Mr John RANDALL appointed his successor at £25 a year.
1865-08-19First stone of a new gas holder at the gas works laid, and the Stroud lamps were lighted every night.
1865-08-20Mutual Improvement Society’s fete at Stratford Park.
1865-08-21George HAWKER of Stroud married at St Paul’s Chapel, Clapham, Surrey, to Miss Ellen BOREHAM.
1865-08-22O C SMITH won Stanton Cup in the volunteer match with 46 points.
1865-08-25Marriage at Eastington Church of Sir Thomas Hyde CRAWLEY-BOEVEY, Bart., of Flaxley Abbey, Glos, and Miss Frances PETERS, only daughter of the Rev Thomas PETERS, rector of Eastington. The Crawley-Boeveys are descended from the Barrows of Awre and Hardwicke.
1865-08-25Serious accident at the building of the new gas holder, STOCKARD and two other men injured.
1865-08-25CLUTTERBUCK removed from the Cross to 14 High-street.
1865-08-28Cricket match on Minchinhampton Common between the Light Horse and the Volunteers. Scores; Light Horse, two innings, 93; Volunteers, one innings, 209.
1865-09-09Marriage at Rodborough church of James HOOLEY and Miss C M PEACEY.
1865-09-12Death of Mr W EDWARDS, master of the Stroud Union, aged 61, buried at the cemetery.
1865-09-14Edward BIRCH married at Gloucester to Miss WATTS of Cainscross.
1865-09-21Foundation stone laid of a Congregational chapel at the Slad.
1865-09-22Mr C MORGAN, veterinary surgeon, appointed by the magistrates inspector of cattle.
1865-09-26Captain J E DORINGTON invited the Gloucestershire Yeomanry to dinner at the George Hotel after drill at Lodge-moor, 32 men present.
1865-09-26Foresters’ dinner at the Corn Exchange Hotel; W J STANTON in the chair.
1865-09-28Marriage of Mr John LEAVER, currier, and Miss A M CROOK at Somerton.
1865-09-29Death of Mr P HERBERT, of Bowbridge, aged 49.
1865-09-29Death of Samuel GRIMES (for 40 years a ringer) at Market-place. He was buried at the New church (Holy Trinity.) His widow had offended his fellow ringers, and they declined to ring a muffled peal.
1865-09-29Public Subscriptions for presentation to the police; Superintendent HAMBIDGE was presented with a gold watch, silver teapot and stand, and all the policemen who assisted at the Parliamentary election were presented with watches and spoons for their coolness in dealing with excited crowds.
1865-09-30Volunteer shooting; E SMITH won the Ladies’ Cup, which consisted of a tea service.
1865-10-03Captain Dutton HUNT died at Farm Hill, aged 41, much regretted, and was buried at Whiteshill on October 10. The Light Horse in uniform marched after the coffin and the mourners from the house, and there were present many clothiers and tradesmen, and finally came the Volunteers.
1865-10-04Marriage of Joseph CHICKALDY, of Stroud, and Miss Anne COOK, at Cheltenham.
1865-10-04Death at Westbury-on-Severn of Mrs Hester LUKER, widow of Mr John LUKER, mealman, of Stroud, aged 75.
1865-10-07William DAVIS of Ryeleaze Place died from small pox, aged 36.
1865-10-08Death of Mrs Lucy SMITH, widow of Joseph Smith.
1865-10-09Death of Richard KING of Ryleaze Place aged 77.
1865-10-09Mons. J J BRICE, the French giant, at the Subscription Rooms. He was 7ft 11 ¼ in in height, and weighed 30 stones.
1865-10-10John WHIPPY died at Clifton, aged 83 (buried in Rodborough churchyard on the 21st.)
1865-10-10John CLIFT, a mason, died in a fit at Stanley.
1865-10-10Oddfellows’ dinner at the Corn Exchange, S S DICKENSON in the chair.
1865-10-11Death of Mrs Sarah BARRETT, wife of John BARRETT, aged 83.
1865-10-12Marriage at Brimscombe of Mr William FAIR and Miss Eliza BROWNING.
1865-10-12Marriage at Gloucester of Mr William KNEE and Miss Mary FOLLEY. Mr and Mrs KNEE now resident in Carlton House, London-road.
1865-10-15The Rev Mr WINTERBOTHAM preached in Stroud Church in the evening.
1865-10-17A J STANTON, of the Thrupp, and J C LITTLE, of Brimscombe, appointed magistrates.
1865-10-18James COLLIER, son of Mr COLLIER of Whiteshill, died aged 28.
1865-10-19Mr Samuel BUTT of Cainscross married to Miss Mary Serse CHAMBERS, of the Thrupp, at Stroud church.
1865-10-20Magistrates issued an order prohibiting the exposure of cattle for sale in any fair or market in the Stroud petty sessional division owing to the prevalence of foot and mouth disease.
1865-10-21Jess COX jumped off a train whilst in motion at Chalford, and died in Stroud Hospital on the 23rd.
1865-10-26Death of Mrs COLLIER, wife of Jeremiah COLLIER.
1865-10-28Prize fight at the Reservoir between DALBY and WEBB, lasted 2h 2m, Webb won.
1865-10-29Mr and Mrs JOHNSON elected master and matron of the Stroud Union [the Workhouse].
1865-11-04Pump at the Cross finished, and a drinking fountain erected.
1865-11-07Charles PARRY died at Belle Vue Place, aged 74
1865-11-07William ENGLISH had £7 10s voted to him by the Local Board of Health as compensation for damage done to his house by sewage undermining the foundations.
1865-11-08?Meeting in Stroud parish church vestry……church committee; Messrs W CAPEL, …DORINGTON, A J STANTON, W J STANTON, A H WITHEY and S GRIST with TM CROOME as secretary. Dr PAINE was asked to act with him,….Mr and Mrs JOHNSON, new master and matron of the Workhouse, commenced their duties.
1865-11-10F BIDMEAD appointed assistant surveyor, in succession to W H PEYTON.
1865-11-10Dr PAINE resigned his membership of the Board of Health.
1865-11-11Death of Mrs GREENSHYDE at her son-in-law’s residence in Lower-street, aged 81.
1865-11-12W H MARLING died at Stonehouse Court, aged 38. He was a son of Nathaniel Samuel MARLING.
1865-11-15Stroud Town Hall lighted with gas for the first time.
1865-11-18Three silver cups given by Mr E HORSMAN, M P; shot for – 1st, value £6 15s won by O C SMITH, with 72 points; 2nd, value £5 5s, won by G HOOPER, with 67 points; and 3rd, value £3 18s, won by Sergeant CLUTTERBUCK with 64 points. 28 competitors.
1865-11-19Death at Chalford of Mrs HOGG, late of Uplands, aged 71.
1865-11-27George HOOPER and Lewis PARK ran a three hundred yards’ match on London-road for £2 a side. HOOPER won by eight inches.
1865-11-30Mr James CHEW gave his popular concert for the hospital = £5 11s 9d.
1865-12-01Town Hall used for the first time since the completion of the alterations, which cost £300. The magistrates held a court in the morning, and the pensioners were paid there in the afternoon.
1865-12-02Mrs MYNETT, wife of Mr W MYNETT, Chapel-street, died aged 46.
1865-12-04Mr W MODEN, of Gloucester, gave two lectures at the town Hall on astronomy; very badly attended.
1865-12-06Mr W HOGG, late of Uplands, died at Chalford aged 77. He survived his wife 17 days.
1865-12-09Silver cup given by Mr W C GRIST of Chalford to the volunteers, won by Sergeant CLUTTERBUCK with 68 points.
1865-12-10Collection at Stroud Church for Additional Curates’ Society, £19 13s 2d.
1865-12-11PARK and HOOPER ran a 100 yards’ match on the Slad-road. Park won by three yards.
1865-12-12“The Messiah” performed at the Subscription Rooms,. Mr MANN conducted. A very grand affair.
1865-12-14Marriage of Mr Charles WATHEN and Mrs E KEEN.
1865-12-18HOOPER and RITCHIE ran half a mile match on Rodborough Common for £1 a side, HOOPER won by 20 yards.
1865-12-19Meeting in the Subscription Rooms to petition the Government to inquire into the Jamaica massacre; L WINTERBOTHAM in the chair.
1865-12-19Marriage of Mr Edward HINTON and Miss Mercy KNEE, daughter of Mr KNEE, carrier.
1865-12-20Mr John CUMMINS, Parliament-street, died aged 62.
1865-12-20George ROWLAND drowned in the Canal at Brimscombe.
1865-12-20School of Art Exhibition in the Town Hall.
1865-12-24Marriage of Mr W H TITCOMBE and Mrs A M COOK at Stroud Church.
1865-12-25Marriage of Mr A WOOLMER and Miss E M ENGLISH at the Wesleyan Chapel.
1865-12-26Fete in KNEE’s field, Beeches Green.
1865-12-26Stroud Sick Poor Visiting Society tea meeting at the Subscription Rooms; nearly 600 present, S S MARLING in the chair.
1865-12-27 G EVANS aged 60 drowned in the Canal near Lodgemoor.
1865-12-28Marriage of Mr D F John BIRCH and Miss Matilda GODDARD at Stroud Parish Church, and marriage of Mr M H NICHOLLS and Miss K JONES at Bangor Chapel.
1865-12-28Military dinner in the Subscription Rooms, Light Horse, Volunteers and tradesmen; 170 present; Capt. DICKINSON in the chair.
1865-12-31New organ opened at Randwick Church.
1866-01Blue Boys’ School at Hampton closed.
1866-01-03Death of Thomas CHANDLER, of Lower-street, aged 71.
1866-01-03Mr W FACE, carpenter, died at the hospital aged 69.
1866-01-03Great sale of Uplands property at the Corn Exchange, by Mr T DAVIS, for John SUTTON. 15 lots sold.
1866-01-04Mr VINCENT lectured in the Subscription Rooms on reform. Mr J F BARNARD was in the chair.
1866-01-04?Samuel HILL died in Rodborough, aged 89
1866-01-05Marriage of Miss Brenda WINTERBOTHAM of the Field and Mr W L HOLMAN of Birmingham, at Brimscombe Parish Church.
1866-01-06Death of Mr James KING of Pitchcombe, aged 68.
1866-01-07Volunteer church parade Dr BADCOCK preacher
1866-01-11Death of Mr BROWNING, Gloucester-street, aged 76.
1866-01-13Samuel SPILL died very suddenly near the Bannett Trees, aged 85
1866-01-13First penny readings held at Town Hall. Mr J F BAKER sang.
1866-01-15Part of the newly built hotel, the Spread Eagle, Gloucester, opened with a dinner; 150 sat down; E HOLLAND, M P in the chair. The manager was Mr CHEGWIDDEN.
1866-01-16Charles JAMES relinquished the captaincy of the Reliance gas boat. W DANGERFIELD appointed captain.
1866-01-17Death of Mrs Mary Ann SMITH, wife of Mr J SMITH, confectioner, Chapel-street, aged 68.
1866-01-19The cook at Stroud Workhouse was committed for three months for stealing suet and butter from the Union.
1866-01-23Death of Mr Richard CAPEL at Penzance, aged 50.
1866-01-24Death of Mrs LEACH, of the Anchor Inn, aged 76.
1866-01-25Samuel PEGLER fined £10 costs at Whitminster Petty Sessions for removing a fat cow without a licence, and for keeping a fat cow more than three days before he slaughtered her.
1866-01-30Skittles match at the Improvement Society for a supper, S S DICKINSON in the chair. Twenty a side.
1866-01-31Richard Henry CLUTTERBUCK, son of Thomas CLUTTERBUCK, admitted as an attorney and solicitor at Westminster.
1866-02-03Mrs P HERBERT died at Gunhouse aged 45.
1866-02-03Thomas MOTTON died at Old Bisley-road aged 72.
1866-02-08New Organ opened in Woodchester Church; the Rev T H TARLETON preached.
1866-02-12D DAVIS died at Cainscross aged 68.
1866-02-15John MELSON thrown by a horse between the Fort and the Bear Inn and killed.
1866-02-17John WILLIAMS died at Rose Bank aged 68.
1866-02-25Mr BRADFORD’s omnibus bringing a party back from Nailsworth, axletree broke, and W HOWLETT was injured.
1866-02-25Hospital collection at Stroud Church, £25 6s 11d.
1866-03-01Rodborough church choir gave a concert and readings in the Stroud Town Hall; very large audience.
1866-03-08Masquerade Ball in W HOLMES’ warehouse, Bath-place, 80 present. Mr W KNEE, jun. organised it.
1866-03-12General Tom Thumb, Mrs Tom Thumb, their baby, Miss Minnie Warren and Commodore Nut, midgets, exhibited at the Subscription Rooms.
1866-03-12Benjamin MOSELEY and George POOLE ran a match of 200 yards for £3 a side on Rodborough Common.
1866-03-15Fire in Stroud Wesleyan Chapel; £120 damage.
1866-03-15Nos 24 and 25 High-street, Stroud, occupied by Mr BEZZANT and Mr Henry MOORE, offered by auction by Mr T DAVIES. During the proceedings a man shouted out that if the property were sold he would throw it in Chancery, and the sale was in consequence stopped. The owner was said to be a Miss GREGORY.
1866-03-18In consequence of the fire in the Chapel the Wesleyans held their services in the Town Hall.
1866-03-20Great sale of stock and implements at Stonehouse Court.
1866-03-21Day appointed by the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol for a manifestation of humiliation on account of the cattle plague. All shops closed in Stroud.
1866-03-21Death of Mr CHANDLER the late county court bailiff.
1866-03-22Marriage of Mr James BIZZEY and Miss Sarah Ann KING of Rodborough Lane, at Horbury Chapel, Notting-hill, London.
1866-03-23Edwin PHIPPS had an important stock sale at Farmhill.
1866-03-24Messrs OSBORNE, THORNTON and SAUNDERS retired from the Board of Health.
1866-03-26Election of members of Board of Health – Dr PAINE 437, J T FISHER 405, J BIZZEY 288, W DAVIS 281, James PEGLER 276, W C GRIST 261, J W BISHOP 260 (in the place of Mr George HOLLOWAY, resigned), A BAXTER 219 and C ROUSE 192.
1866-03-26Henry CLISSOLD removed from the King’s Head to Painswick House, and was succeeded by LOVESAY at the King’s Head; John BAKER left the Chequers and retired to Summer-street.
1866-03-27Henry DANN opened business in George-street.
1866-03-29The Rev John KEBLE died at Bournemouth, aged 74. He was born at Fairford, Gloucestershire near which place his father held the living of Coln St Aldwyn’s. In 1835 he became a curate at Hursley, near Winchester, but returned to Fairford to prepare the Christian Year for publication. He was great as a poet, a scholar and a man.
1866-03-31Stroud Gas Company issued a lot of new £5 stock.
1866-03-31New caps and belts served out to the Stroud police.
1866-03-31George KING opened a beerhouse at King Stanley.
1866-03-31Death of W WEBB, for 23 years carrier between Stroud and Painswick.
1866-04-02Messrs FISHER and LANE re-elected churchwardens.
1866-04-03The Board of Health let John SAVAGE the scavenging for three years.
1866-04-04Charles DAVIS (39) labourer, of Upleadon, who had been sentenced to death at Gloucester for the murder of this wife, Sarah Maria, reprieved.
1866-04-05J T HOWELL resigned the Vestry clerkship.
1866-04-06J T BIRCH appointed overseer for Steanbridge.
1866-04-07Subscription list published of amounts given for Stroud Church during Dr BADCOCKS’s incumbency – total £3979.
1866-04-10Reform meeting in a field near the church. Peter WOOD presided.
1866-04-11First meeting at the Town Hall of the new Highway Board. Mr HEELAS, solicitor, appointed clerk; Gloucestershire Banking Company, treasurers; and Charles SUTTON, surveyor.
1866-04-16Stonehouse omnibus ran into Mr PITT’s wagon; one passenger injured.
1866-04-20Stephen NASH was fined 30s for being drunk and not taking the letter bags in time to Stonehouse.
1866-04-20Thames and Severn Canal Company Railway Bill passed the Committee of the House of Commons; passed the third reading on May 15th, and was thrown out on July 18th.
1866-04-21John TUDOR aged 19 fell into a dye-vat at Messrs GAINER & BISHOP’s, Stonehouse, and died in hospital the same day.
1866-04-23First annual meeting of HILLIER’S Bacon Curing Company, Limited, dividend 19 per cent.
1866-04-24Death of the infant daughter of Mr W SIMS. Funeral on the 27th. Four girls acted as bearers; they wore no bonnets, but their heads were covered with white muslin.
1866-05-04A Stroud tradesman, who failed for £1800, was sent to gaol by a creditor on the 10th, released on the following day, and afterwards paid 3s in the pound.
1866-05-07Meeting at the Town Hall to appoint persons to act as inspectors with the Board of Health to divide the town into 15 districts.
1866-05-08Oratorio “Samson” at the Subscription Rooms by the Stroud Choral Society – very full.
1866-05-09George GREEN of Portishead threw himself off Clifton suspension Bridge into the Avon. This was the first of a long series of suicides from the bridge. A servant some years later dropped to the mud unharmed, owing to the inflation of her petticoats.
1866-05-11Public meeting in the Subscription Rooms in support of the Permissive Bill, Colonel STATHER in the chair.
1866-05-14Miss Annie Louise MARLING, daughter of Mr S S MARLING, married at Selsley Hill Church to George ROBERTSON, late Captain 25th Regiment. [a second entry says the wedding was on 14th June, second name Louisa]
1866-05-15Marriage at Gloucester of Mr T J HUNT and Miss Jennie MANN.
1866-05-15Sale of G HARKER’s furniture in the Butter Market, and on the 29th May and 1st June sale at his house, 56 High-street.
1866-05-16Bowling match at Stroud Institute, 15 a side, for a supper at which 40 sat down; W A BAYLISS presided.
1866-05-17Boorn’s Russian circus, with wild men, in Stroud.
1866-05-22Gala at W KNEE’s field, Beeches Green. 1400 present.
1866-05-24Miss BOWLY and a page boy, Charles HOGG, were thrown from a basket phaeton near Rook Mill. The horse galloped to Stroud, and ran the phaeton against some rails at Painswick House Inn. The boy died the same night from internal haemorrhage, but the lady recovered.
1866-05-25The Right Hon Henry George, 4th Earl BATHURST, died at Oakley Park, Cirencester, aged 76. He was member for the borough of Cirencester from 1812 till he succeeded to the title, and was a commissioner of the India Board from 1812 till 1816. He was unmarried and was succeeded by his brother, William LENNOX, for 30 years clerk of the Privy Council, who also died unmarried, and was succeeded by his nephew, Allen ALEXANDER, father of the present earl.
1866-05-30Archdeacon Prevost’s visitation at Stroud Parish Church.
1866-06-02Anne WEAVER, or WEAVING, shot by Edward PARTRIDGE, aged 20, with two pistols loaded with large shot. He shot at her twice.
1866-06-03Death of Mr Josiah HOWELL, at Tewkesbury, aged 75.
1866-06-04The Rev Thomas CARROLL read the prayers in the Stroud Church for the first time, and was appointed to a curacy on May 27th.
1866-06-05Mr Sidney THORNTON resigned his directorship of the Stroud Gas Company.
1866-06-06Samuel POOLE was fined £5 and costs at Gloucester for offering ten foreign sheep for sale in Gloucester Market.
1866-06-07Mrs Lindsey WINTERBOTHAM died suddenly at the Bank House, aged 62, and was buried at Shortwood on the 12th inst.
1866-06-09Death of Thomas LASBURY, Parliament-street, aged 89.
1866-06-11Mr C HILL appointed Stroud vestry clerk at £40 a year.
1866-06-12Jolly John NASH, the comic vocalist, and Mr LINGARD, performed in the Subscription Rooms. NASH, who has relatives in Stroud, is still living.
1866-06-13A man named ALLEN was firing a pistol at a dog at the railway station when the weapon exploded and injured his face and head.
1866-06-14Mrs E LAMBERT died at Belle Vue House aged 71.
1866-06-16Twenty-four competitors for W COWLE’s silver cup, won by Sergeant CLUTTERBUCK, with 54 points.
1866-06-20William WILKINS died aged 90.
1866-06-20Fete at Horsepools.
1866-06-20Bisley common enclosed.
1866-06-21William REA died at the Cross, aged 43. The Rev Dr BADCOCK refused to bury him on a Sunday in consequence of Oddfellows wishing to follow the remains, so the Rev Mr HILL, Wesleyan, buried him in the Dissenters’ ground in the cemetery.
1866-06-24George MONAGHAN, 15, and his brother John, 11, drowned near Hempstead Bridge, in the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal, and were buried on the 27th in Stroud Cemetery.
1866-06-26Foresters’ and Oddfellows’ combined fete and procession. About 200 marched, with three bands, to Beeches Green; very grand amusement.
1866-06-27Mr J T HOWELL presented by the Rev Dr BADCOCK, at the parish church, with a purse of £56, subscribed by parishioners, for serving as clerk for 50 years.
1866-06-29Mr George KING found dead in bed from disease of the heart at Mrs HOPSON’s, Whitehall, aged 80.
1866-06-29Mr E HYDE’s shop and Mr E ENGLISH’s shop bought by J T FISHER. HYDE’s fetched £700. G Humphreys and Son were the auctioneers.
1866-06-29Inspector VEYTE collected market tolls at this date.
1866-06-30Parish Church Building Committee accepted Messrs WALL & HOOKS’ tender to rebuild the Church for £6077. They began to dismantle the old building on July 16, and the foundation store of the new one was laid on November 7.
1866-06-30HUNT and DUDBRIDGE began to pull down two houses in King-street, next to the Green Dragon, for Robert KNIGHT.
1866-07-01W HOLMES disposed of his coal trade to William KNEE, sen, of the Ship Inn, Wallbridge.
1866-07-03Reform meeting of working men in William KNEE, sen’s field in Beeches Green. S Chapman chairman. Meeting adjourned to Saturday, the 7th, when J F BARNARD presided.
1866-07-04Harry AYRES, for forty years huntsman and whip to the Berkeley family, was presented, at the Ship Inn, Alveston, with a timepiece value £20 and a purse containing £530 by gentlemen and yeomen who hunted with the Berkeley pack. He broke his thigh on November 8th, 1864, and was disabled.
1866-07-05One of Mr L W WINTERBOTHAM’s clerks committed for embezzlement from his employer, and was, at Gloucester Quarter Sessions on August 10th, sentenced to eight months imprisonment.
1866-07-05There having been much damage to the walls enclosing Bisley Common, the police were set to watch. George HAINES, Jethro HAINES and George YOUNG were detected, and assaulted the police. They were fined £10 4s 8d each, the alternative being two months’ hard labour.
1866-07-08Collections at Stroud and Holy Trinity Churches for schools, £46 6s 3d. At the Parish Church the Rev Dr Badcock preached. The collecting stewards were Captain O’CONNELL, Messrs W LANE, E WITCHELL, P MILLS, T H LIDDIATT, S THORNTON, Jos. WOOD, Charles HILL, LANE jun and clerk HOWELL. This was the last service in the old structure, which was in a state of demolition.
1866-07-11Anne WEAVER, or WEAVING, who had been shot at, taken to Gloucester Asylum.
1866-07-13George COOK died suddenly at Lodgemoor, aged 59.
1866-07-14Marriage at Holy Trinity church of Mr R D MORTON of Claughton, Cheshire, and Miss F M GRIST of Brick House, Stroud.
1866-07-15Ham Mills burnt down, and Mr S SAMPSON jun’s dwelling house on the following Sunday night. The mill, occupied by Ritchie and Co. was S S MARLING’s property. Both property and stock were insured.
1866-07-18Death of Miss M E MILES, Pakenhill, aged 63.
1866-07-18Thames and Severn Navigation Bill thrown out by the Lords – EGERTON, chairman; HUNTINGDON, FOLEY, RAVENSWORTH and METHUEN, committee.
1866-07-19Messrs Clarke and Co, BIZZY, LEWIS, RODWAY, NORRIS, HOLMES and Lewis Brothers, drapers, commenced to close their shops every Thursday at 5 pm.
1866-07-20Band of Hope meeting in the Town Hall. The Rev. Dr. BADCOCK in the chair.
1866-07-21On completion of Dr WETHERED’s house, Beeches Green, rearing dinner at the Corn Exchange; 40 sat down. Dr WETHERED was in the chair, and Mr LIDDIATT in the vice-chair.
1866-07-24John Daubeney HIND, quack doctor, died at Ruscombe aged 82. On February 22nd 1862, he was tried for the murder of a servant in Stroud, and acquitted on a technicality (see previous date – Feb 1862)
1866-07-25Review at Bath of Wiltshire, Somersetshire and Gloucestershire Riflemen, and Yeomanry and Stroud Light Horse – about 5000 strong. Bradford’s Break went with Messrs LAIDLAW, J WEBB, H BROWNING, Julee CETTA, S THORNTON, W SIMS, J BURGHOPE, J FLIGHT, W HEWLETT, Major BUTT., D WOOD sen, C J HEWLETT (King-street); and brought back in addition J BRADFORD and W HOLMES. Had a most pleasant day. A long ride and plenty to eat and drink for 12/8 each.
1866-07-26A girl, 17 years of age, of Stroud, committed to Gloucester for perjury. Sentenced on August 13th to two months’ imprisonment. The Judge remarked that her mother ought to suffer in her place.
1866-07-28Sergeant CLUTTERBUCK won Lieut. STANTON’s cup with 45 points. There were 20 competitors.
1866-07-30Humphreys and Son sold by auction the old church building materials.
1866-07-31Marriage of Mr UTHWAITE and Miss GLASCOTT at Rodborough Church.
1866-08Her Majesty conferred the honour of Knighthood on Mr BAKER the African traveller, son of Mr BAKER of Lypiatt Park.
1866-08-01Messrs Grist and Co’s mill at the Bourne caught fire. Damage between £400 and £500, all insured.
1866-08-06Mrs Emma Phipps SCROPE, wife of Mr SCROPE MP, died at Castle Combe.
1866-08-06Meeting of clergy in the Town Hall, Bishop ELLICOTT in the chair.
1866-08-07First meeting of the Band of Hope, in Black Boy schoolroom. The Rev Dr BADCOCK in the chair.
1866-08-10The Rev Dr CUMMING lectured on Protestantism in the Subscription Rooms.
1866-08-10Edward PARTRIDGE, for inflicting grievous bodily harm on Annie WEAVER or WEAVING by shooting at her, sentenced at Gloucester Assizes to ten years’ penal servitude. (see June 2nd, 1866)
1866-08-12Death of Thomas WINN of Rodborough aged 76.
1866-08-12Cholera prevalent; prayer against it read in all the churches.
1866-08-15Mr George RESTALL died at the hospital, aged 76.
1866-08-16Swimming match at Bowbridge for three silver cups. Winners; John FLIGHT of Pakenhill, George HAMPTON, and Henry HAINES.
1866-08-18Death of Mrs FLETCHER, of 26 High-street, aged 67.
1866-08-18Three silver cups given by Mr R HORSMAN MP, shot for by Stroud volunteers. 27 competitors. Sergeant FOSTER and Private STOKES made 56 points each. Shooting the tie, STOKES won by one point. Corporal HUMPHREY and Private J FREEBURY made 53 points each. Shooting the tie, HUMPHRIES won. The cups were valued at £7 10s, £6 and £5.
1866-08-23Holy Trinity Church first illumined with gas – fitted by James BUTT.
1866-08-24William RIDEN appointed by Stroud Guardians as inspector of Nuisances for Stroud, Painswick, Pitchcombe, Cranham and Miserden. Mr BROOKS and Mr Henry BLISS were appointed for the other parts of the district, at a salary of £1 per week end.
1866-08-25Volunteer shooting. Private Stokes won the ladies’ cup; Corporal E HUMPHREY came second and Corporal FARRAR third. There were 20 competitors including Private COPELAND.
1866-08-30Stroud Flower Show held at Stratford Park by permission of J Watts HALLEWELL.
1866-09Centenary services were held at Brivals, now the north-west corner of Russell-street, in celebration of its erection in 1766 by Edward DICKS.
1866-09The Rev Mr STAPLETON left Stroud.
1866-09James BROWNING left the Victoria Hotel, Brimscombe, and went into business in London. W ELDEN took over the Victoria Hotel.
1866-09Mr William Carmall SCOTT appointed Judge of the County Court district No 53, in the place of Mr FRANCILLON. Mr SCOTT never held a court in this county, as he was almost immediately appointed judge of an East Kent County Court district. Mr Charles SUMNER was then appointed for No 53, and held his first court in Stroud on November 15th, at the Town Hall.
1866-09-01Sergeant CLUTTERBUCK’s cup shot for and won by himself. J M BISHOP was second and CLUTTERBUCK gave him the trophy.
1866-09-03At Ridley’s Hotel, London, T D HILL, of the Thrupp, died suddenly from apoplexy, aged 51, and was buried in the cemetery on the 10th.
1866-09-03James FRANCILLON of Cheltenham, Judge of the County Court District No 53, died from cholera at Beaurivage, Switzerland.
1866-09-06Death of Mrs WAKEFIELD, London-road, aged 71.
1866-09-07Death of Mrs COWLEY, wife of Robert COWLEY, Lower-street, aged 53.
1866-09-08Mrs Dutton HUNT left Farmhill Park.
1866-09-10BRADFORD’s last excursion break to Frampton for the summer.
1866-09-11Mr and Mrs Tren BIRCH left Stroud for the Cape of Good Hope (second time). They took little Charlie MILES with them.
1866-09-18Foresters’ dinner at the Corn Exchange, W J STANTON in the chair, 112 sat down.
1866-09-19Venison supper at the Swan Inn. W HOLMES was in the chair, and H BATEMAN in the vice-chair.
1866-09-20Sergeant CLUTTERBUCK won the first prize, £12, at a county volunteer shooting match at Bristol.
1866-09-21Mrs F FRENCH, of Stroud, died at Stonehouse, aged 49.
1866-09-25Annual meeting of Stroud Institute. 40 sat down to supper. J T FISHER in the chair.
1866-09-27W SAVORY and Sons’ buildings and workshops burnt down at High Orchard, Gloucester, damage £1000.
1866-09-29Jason PACKER committed to trial for setting fire to two wheel ricks at Miserden belonging to Mr Henry SADLER. On April 5th he was sentenced at Gloucester Assizes by Baron PIGOTT to five years’ penal servitude.
1866-09-30Prayers on account of cholera, cattle plague and fine weather said in Stroud Parish Church.
1866-10It was announced in this month that William GURNER had worked at WATTS Brewery over 40 years and Edward DICKS over 30 years – a splendid record of service.
1866-10-01Stroud Gas Company created 530 new £5 shares, one-half to be paid immediately and the remainder on January 18th next year.
1866-10-02Marriage at Claughton of G A GRIST and Miss S E J MORTON.
1866-10-03Inauguration of Bisley Court House and complimentary dinner to resident magistrates. 70 sat down, J E Rolt being in the chair.
1866-10-04Death at Lypiatt Park of Mrs DORINGTON, wife of Mr J E DORINGTON, aged 72. She was Miss Sarah GODMAN, daughter of Mr. Joseph GODMAN of Park Hatch, Surrey, and Merston, Sussex.
1866-10-04Marriage at Chalford of Joseph CHAPMAN and Miss Sarah Emily KNIGHT, third daughter of the late John KNIGHT.
1866-10-08Stroud Wesleyan Chapel re-opened after the fire.
1866-10-08R D MITCHELL opened a chemist’s shop, No 3, High-street.
1866-10-10G MILWARD, deputy judge, acted at the County Court.
1866-10-10Lifeboat procession at Cheltenham. Lifeboat launched at Pitville and christened by Lady C SCHRIEBER.
1866-10-10Sale of Mrs Dutton HUNT’s furniture at Farmhill by J G FOLEY.
1866-10-12Public meeting held at the Police Station, W J STANTON in the chair, to rate part of Painswick parish for gas lamps. Proposed by George HOLLOWAY that they should light about 25 lamps, extending them from F JAMES’ to Salmon’s Mill; seconded by F JAMES and carried by a large majority. W SIMS then demanded a poll, which took place on the 25th and 26th, when the voting was – for the rate 70, against, 27.
1866-10-16S S DICKINSON was elected chairman of the second court at Gloucester Quarter Sessions – proposed by the Earl of DUCIE, and seconded by the Earl ELLENBOROUGH. Vacancy caused by the death of Mr FRANCILLON.
1866-10-17Mr Henry BROWNING had an apoplectic fit about 5.30 and died next day aged 63. He was buried in the cemetery on the 25th instant, and was followed by 40 oddfellows and 80 foresters. The Rifle Band played the “Dead March” in “Saul”. Mr BROWNING was very much respected.
1866-10-20Marriage at Clifton Church of Henry Thomas HUMPHREYS and Miss E S WATSON.
1866-10-26Mr R BLAGDEN appointed surgeon for the Minchinhampton Poor Law District.
1866-10-29Death at Dursley of Mrs WHITMORE, widow of Mr Richard WHITMORE, aged 81.
1866-10-30Mrs ISACKE of Church-street died aged 65.
1866-10-30New fire-engine “L’Extincteur” tried in Mr ANSELL’s field, and gave every satisfaction.
1866-10-30Mr John TOOVEY gave up possession of the Swan Inn to Mr Arthur MYERS.
1866-10-31Little Mill turnpike house removed further up the Slad-road.
1866-11-03Lieutenant STANTON gave £5 for volunteer shooting. Sergeant CLUTTERBUCK 1, Sergeant G HOLLOWAY 2, Private STOKES 3, Private BISHOP 4.
1866-11-06Richard A DARKE died at Cainscross, aged 40, and was afterwards buried at Rodborough.
1866-11-06Foundation stone of the new church was laid by W H STANTON. Sermon preached in Holy Trinity Church by the Rev J W SHERINGHAM, vicar of Standish. The Rifle Band, clergy, laity and children formed in procession and walked to the market place, thence to the churchyard, where the Venerable Archdeacon Sir George PREVOST, Bart., officiated. P A FISHER presented, on behalf of the Building Committee, to W H STANTON, a silver trowel with ivory handle (supplied by Mr FIELD of George-street at a cost of £7 10s. Their mallet was enclosed in a box made from oak taken from the old church, and had been presented to P H FISHER by WALL & HOOK, the contractors. The collections at Holy Trinity Church and at the stone laying were about £45. The schoolchildren were each given a large currant cake. At 2.0 pm there was a cold dinner, provided by Mr HYDE, of King-street, and wine given by the committee. About 200 ladies and gentlemen sat down. W CAPEL was in the chair. A very good dinner. All left by quarter to five. The rifle band had dinner at the Institute, and at six o’clock at the same place 59 workmen were entertained. Mr WINFIELD, clerk of the works, was in the chair, and Mr HOOK in the vice-chair. The ringers had a dinner at the Rising Sun, and in the evening about 200 men and women upwards of 60 years old had a good tea, being waited upon by the ladies. The whole of the affair went off well. S S MARLING gave £100 and the Freemasons sent £10. Ringers rung most of the afternoon. At a meeting the same day at the police station, the Rev E WOODHOUSE in the chair, a committee, consisting of Messrs GREGORY, G HOLLOWAY, Charles WEST, C WETHERED, Richard SIMS and John SUTTON were appointed to carry out a proposition for building a new church at Stroudend [Uplands church] as a memorial to the late Mr J WATTS, to cost £5000, and seat from 300 to 400. J SUTTON offered a site.
1866-11-06Mr G J JOHNSON, master of Stroud Workhouse, appointed master of Hackney Union.
1866-11-06Public meeting held at Painswick Town Hall, J M CROOME in the chair, for the purpose of forming a railroad from Stroud to Painswick. Estimated cost £12000. Notice was given to apply to Parliament, but this was abandoned owing to being given too late in the session. It was decided to give notice next year.
1866-11-10James NURSE opened No 50 High-street as an outfitter, etc.
1866-11-15Sir John ROLT returned for West Gloucestershire without opposition. He was appointed Attorney General on October 17th. He took at active part in the passing of the Reform Bill of 1867, although for 31 years he had been opposed to the extension of the franchise. He died on June the 6th 1871, and was buried at Ozleworth on the 12th of the same month. His oldest son, Mr John ROLT, was killed while hunting at Wanswell on Dec 23 1876, aged 42, the latter’s son, Mr John Wm ROLT, is the proprietor of Ozleworth Park.
1866-11-16Death of Mr P B PURNELL at Stancombe Park, Dursley, age 75.
1866-11-16Mr BRIDGES lectured on Reform in the Subscription Rooms. S S MARLING in the chair.
1866-11-22Marriage at Cainscross of Daniel DAVIS and Miss Ellen BAXTER.
1866-11-22Complimentary concert to Mr F BAKER in the Subscription Rooms, which were filled.
1866-11-27Marriage at Rodborough of James HUSSEY and Miss Louisa HOOPER, second daughter of Mr Daniel HOOPER.
1866-11-27A Stroud tradesman made a deed of assignment, liabilities over £2000, dividend ultimately declared 4s in the pound.
1866-11-27Foundation began of the Corn Exchange Market place by Messrs Hunt and Dudbridge, Mr W ENGLISH being the contractor.
1866-11-28Curates’ Augmentation Fund meeting in the Town Hall, J E DORINGTON, jun, in the chair. The society benefitted by £47 15s.
1866-11-28Reform meeting in the Subscription Rooms, Viscount AMBERLEY, M P, in the chair. Mr E BEALES the principal speaker. Hundreds could not get in. All parts free except the platform, to which there was a shilling admission. Profits divided between the Hospital, the Sick Poor Visiting Society and the Infant Nursery in Nelson-street.
1866-11-28R K LIDDIATT’s workshops and four houses at Chalford burnt down. About £1000 damage, one-third insured.
1866-11-30Mr and Mrs TIMEWELL appointed master and matron of the Workhouse. They entered on their duties on December 19th.
1866-11-30Messrs RIDEN and BROOKES relinquished the offices of inspectors on nuisances, and Mr Henry BLISS appointed for the whole union at 30s a week.
1866-12F J BIRD removed to Lansdown.
1866-12S S DICKINSON built two houses with shops near the Green Dragon Hotel, King-street.
1866-12-01Amberley Church first lighted with gas.
1866-12-03E WINTERBOTHAM’s books, which had been stolen, found in the river near Capel’s Mill.
1866-12-14F Gambier PARRY presented the Prizes to the successful students of the Stroud School of Art.
1866-12-20Choral Society’s concert in the Town Hall – Mozart’s “Twelfth Mass”, full house.
1866-12-21GARDNER, painter, removed from 23 Church-street, to 14 Gloucester-street.
1866-12-26Sick Poor Visiting Society’s tea in the Subscription Rooms, S S DICKINSON in the chair; 560 present.
1866-12-26Stroud Band of Hope meeting at Black Boy. The Rev. Dr BADCOCK presided. 300 children and 100 adults. S S DICKENSON gave a magic lantern entertainment.
1866-12-31Gas lamps first lighted at Stroudend and Painswick parish.
1867-01The convent at Beeches Green was enlarged from plans made by Mr B BUCKNALL, Samuel COX being the builder.
1867-01-01N ROSE and W J GARDNER, painters, dissolved partnership.
1867-01-01Stroud Volunteers at Holy Trinity. Rev Dr BADCOCK presided.
1867-01-02Lecture in Subscription Rooms on “The House of Commons” by J J POWELL. Dr PAINE presided.
1867-01-12Death of Mrs HUNT of the Sun Dial, aged 61.
1867-01-17Stroud Advertiser (one penny) first issued by W A BAYLIS, London-road.
1867-01-18Stratford Abbey and Mill put up for auction by T and W DAVIES – not a bid offered.
1867-01-21Mrs DAVIS, late of the White Hart, died at Brimscombe aged 60.
1867-01-24Mrs SPERRY died suddenly at 41 High-street, aged 58, and was buried at Woodchester church.
1867-01-27Mr ROSE, late of Woodchester, died at Lower-street, aged 63.
1867-01-28H S P WINTERBOTHAM, Liberal, second son of L WINTERBOTHAM, of the Gloucestershire Bank, addressed the electors in the Subscription Rooms. S S MARLING in the chair.
1867-01-30James CHEW’s popular concert in the Subscription Rooms in aid of the hospital - £21 6s.
1867-01-31Dinner to Edward HORSMAN, M P, at the Rooms, J W HALLEWELL in the chair, about 300 present. A stone thrown through the window hit F W JAMES on the head.
1867-02-01S S DICKINSON gave a treat to 600 children in the afternoon and 600 more in the evening; conjuring and magic lantern with oranges and cakes.
1867-02-01Nailsworth Railway opened for goods, and on the 4th for passengers.
1867-02-04At the Windmill Inn, Minchinhampton Common, Robert, son of John FOWLER, died suddenly whilst reading a newspaper by the fireside, aged 35.
1867-02-09Christopher BEARD killed on the line at Stroud G W Station; a rail 24ft long fell on him.
1867-02-13Madame Arabella GODDARD, the famous pianist, performed at the Subscription Rooms.
1867-02-21Stroud Amateur Dramatic Society gave an entertainment at the Subscription Rooms.
1867-02-24Collection in town Hall and Holy Trinity for the Hospital, £7 5s 6d.
1867-03About this time an immense quantity of timber, estimated to be worth £90,000, was felled on the Berkeley estates to meet some of the liabilities of Colonel BERKELEY, which were stated to amount to £600,000.
1867-03Superintendent GRIFFIN, of Gloucester, appointed Deputy Chief Constable of Gloucestershire.
1867-03-01Mr STOCKARD went to Bedford Arms, Mr W LANE left Stratford Mills and took the Oil Mills at Ebley.
1867-03-05William HUNT resigned his membership of the Stroud Local Board.
1867-03-12Death of Mrs TOWNSEND at Steanbridge aged 75.
1867-03-15A servant aged 13 years was committed at Gloucester for a month and four year’s detention in a reformatory, for stealing a psalm book from the Rev Mr CARROLL. She had been an inmate of Stroud workhouse.
1867-03-15Maria HUMPHREYS frozen to death on Oakridge Common.
1867-03-19Opening dinner at Nailsworth monthly market, provided by William HOBBS, in the Subscription Rooms, Nailsworth. William PLAYNE in the chair.
1867-03-25Mr Powell MILLS and family left Castle Villa for Weston.
1867-03-25W THOMAS left Cainscross and went to live in Ivanhoe Villas.
1867-03-25Board of Health Election; W COWLE 364, W HOLMES 239, G W SAUNDERS 207, S BIDDELL 194, F LEWIS 187, T J BIRCH 174. The following were unsuccessful; A BAXTER 159, C POYNDER 153, T J HOWELL 145, J R BAILEY 130, Felex WITHEY 128, W K KNEE 117, TJ HUNT 97, Jas BUTT 82, R BERRY 72, P GOBBI 68, T COPELAND 46, R FIELD 43, F W JAMES 38, G LOVESAY 21.
1867-03-25Mrs BROWNING left the Corn Exchange and opened the Corn Market Hotel (late Butchers’ Arms.) Joseph BROWN took the Corn Exchange.
1867-03-25G F WOODWARD, saddler, opened a shop at Badbrook.
1867-03-26Marriage at Gloucester of Richard HILL of Callowell Farm and Miss Grace HALL.
1867-03-26Slad Independent Chapel opened. First master appointed was the Rev W CHAPMAN of Whiteshill.
1867-03-27HUNT & DUDBRIDGE Bros dissolved partnership.
1867-03-28Meeting at the Subscription Rooms petitioned Parliament to stop the sale of intoxicating drinks on Sundays. W H MARLING in the chair.
1867-03-29Bishop ELLICOTT confirmed 125 persons at Holy Trinity Church..
1867-04One side of Gloucester-street had by this time become the property of S S DICKINSON, who made great improvements.
1867-04-05Commencement of the 5s dog tax.
1867-04-07The Rev W C BAKER preached his first sermon in the Town Hall.
1867-04-08Death of Samuel LEECH at Amberley, aged 64.
1867-04-11Marriage at Shortwood Chapel, Nailsworth of Mr James ANSTIE, B L and Miss Annie WINTERBOTHAM.
1867-04-13Death of George PEPPERHILL of Cirencester aged 74.
1867-04-17Mrs PEARCE, wife of Mr B Pearce, the Merry-walks, died aged 39.
1867-04-18Death of Mr Henry CLIFFORD, of Frampton Court, aged 81.
1867-04-22LANE and FISHER again returned as churchwardens.
1867-04-24Marriage at the Baptist Chapel of Mr H B BOMFORD and Miss Mary EVANS.
1867-04-25Marriage at Cainscross Church of Mr Alfred PRICE and Miss Kate ALDER.
1867-04-29Stroud Constitutional Association inaugurated.
1867-05-04Robert HOLDER met with an accident on the railway at Gannicox crossing. He was removed to the hospital, had a leg amputated and died the following night, aged 67.
1867-05-07Meeting at the Town Hall to form a church choir, the Rev Dr BADCOCK in the chair.
1867-05-10James BUTT opened 16 High-street (FULLAWAY’s shop) as an ironmonger.
1867-05-17The Rev John BURDER, M A, formerly Wesleyan minister at Stroud, died aged 82, and was subsequently interred at Clifton (Bristol) cemetery.
1867-05-23Mr FOOT, supervisor of excise in Stroud, left for Newton Abbott, Devon. He was succeeded by Mr CARD.
1867-05-26Death of Mr William WAKEFIELD, London-road, aged 72.
1867-06-04Death of Mrs GARRETT, Castle-street, aged 69.
1867-06-04Stroud Board of Health agreed to take a place to keep the Fire Engine off Mr ELLIS, of the George Hotel.
1867-06-06Marriage of Joseph STONE and Miss Ellen SIMS, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Stroud.
1867-06-06Mr BARTHOLEMEW delivered in the Subscription Rooms a lecture on “Turkish Baths”. S S DICKINSON in the chair.
1867-06-09Death of B BUCKNALL at Rodborough, aged 70.
1867-06-10J S HOWELL, parish clerk, had a paralytic stroke.
1867-06-11About 750 volunteers reviewed in Cirencester Park, 52 from Stroud. Luncheon provided in the Park by Earl BATHURST; afterwards a grand dinner in the Corn Exchange, paid for by public subscription.
1867-06-16W C BAKER, B A, ordained at Gloucester cathedral and appointed a curate with the Rev. O. BUBB.
1867-06-17Death of Mrs GAINER, of Stonehouse.
1867-06-19John BYRD sued at the County Court G H DARKE and Maurice GORTON for an assault committed at the White House, Cainscross, verdict for defendants.
1867-06-23Death of William IRELAND, Threadneedle-street, aged 38.
1867-06-24Miss HUMPHREYS, of Rowcroft, let her business to J E SAGE.
1867-06-25J S HOWELL died at Bath-place, aged 83. For 51 years he was parish clerk, and for 48 years he was a schoolmaster. Remains buried in the cemetery of July 1.
1867-06-27Death of Mrs Sarah CLISSOLD, wife of Henry CLISSOLD, of Painswick House aged 57.
1867-06-28W H BAXLEY, relieving officer, appointed by the Stroud Poor Law Guardians as Registrar of Births and Deaths.
1867-06-29Sergeant HOLLOWAY won in a rifle competition a silver cup given by W COWLE, with 56 points; 26 competitors.
1867-06-29Death of William MYNETT, butcher, Field Lane, aged 41.
1867-06-30Death of James COLE, Middle-street, aged 83.
1867-06-30The Rev O BUBB preached in Stroud Town Hall.
1867-07The Reform Act passed by Mr Disraeli increased the number of votes in the Parliamentary borough of Stroud from 1399 to 5642.
1867-07-01Amy L BLOODWORTH, a child of three years, fell from an attic window at Vatch Mills and was killed.
1867-07-01Opening of Woodchester Railway Station.
1867-07-05Some thief or thieves entered Holloway’s Factory at the back of Pool’s through the window and stole 16 pairs of trousers and 6 vests.
1867-07-05Dinner given by Watts Hallewell, Biddell and Stinton, at S BIDDELL’s house, Farmhill, in a tent to about 40 farmers. For the best sample of barley produced, Richard HILL of Callowell won first prize, a silver goblet, and Mr DAVIS of Wickeredge, the second prize, also a silver goblet.
1867-07-06Sergeant HOLLOWAY won Stanton’s Cup with a score of 43 points; 19 competitors.
1867-07-08Stroud Institute removed to George-street.
1867-07-15Cricket at Gloucester; All England XI v Gloucestershire, the latter won with 8 men to bat.
1867-07-22Band of Hope celebration at Pitchcombe; 200 present.
1867-07-23Widows’ and Orphans’ fund fete at Englefield Park.
1867-07-24John BASSETT found drowned in Farmhill pond.
1867-07-25Marriage of Albert HUNT and Miss Julia Ann MARMENT, London-road.
1867-07-27Henry MARMENT, of the Rising Sun, married to Miss Catherine KING.
1867-07-29Colonel E A SOMERSET, C B, elected for West Gloucestershire over C P T BERKELEY. Number polled; SOMERSET 3649, BERKELEY 3553. Expenses; SOMERSET £6397 8s 7d; BERKELEY £2238 13s 7d.
1867-08W DAVIES took his son WILLIAM into partnership.
1867-08George H DARKE took the White Horse, Cainscross.
1867-08-02Corn Hall, Stroud, opened by a public dinner. W CAPEL in the chair, W J STANTON in vice chair. 133 present.
1867-08-03Employees at Vatch Mills had a dinner together for which they themselves paid.
1867-08-04Robert S DAVIES died at Stonehouse in his 90th year.
1867-08-06W H FARADAY married to Mrs REA at Holy Trinity.
1867-08-07Elias MILLING killed in Sapperton Tunnel.
1867-08-08James DAMSELL, aged 18, killed on the railway at Brimscombe.
1867-08-12Death of Mrs W DAVIES, of Middle-street, aged 52.
1867-08-15Mr Disraeli’s Household Suffrage Act passed into law.
1867-08-16Marriage of Samuel GRIST and Miss Emily Hannah WELLING at Holy Trinity.
1867-08-17Thomas T PEARCE, farmer, and O LONG, steward to Lord FITZHARDINGE, sentenced at Gloucester by Justice SHEE to three months’ imprisonment without hard labour for an assault on Henry BAILEY at Berkeley. They were liberated on October 6th in consequence of a petition promoted by S S MARLING and bearing 400 signatures.
1867-08-19Stroud election nomination day. S S MARLING proposed and Henry BOWLY seconded Henry Selfe Page WINTERBOTHAM. Mr BAYNES proposed and Mr POTTER seconded John E DORINGTON jun. Show of hands favoured WINTERBOTHAM.
1867-08-20Stroud polling; WINTERBOTHAM 580; DORINGTON 508. 2451 Electors did not poll. C H STANTON, who had issued an address, returned. Cost WINTERBOTHAM £229 12s 3d; DORINGTON £262 3s 6d.
1867-08-21Death of Catherine AYERS, High-street, aged 40.
1867-08-21Sangers Circus in Knee’s field the grandest street procession ever seen in Stroud.
1867-08-22Death of Sydney DOBELL, the poet.
1867-08-24Volunteers’ Challenge cup won by Captain DICKINSON, with 44 points.
1867-08-25Death of Mr David SMITH, manager of Fazeley-street gas works, Birmingham. He was first manager at Stroud.
1867-09The Chequers Inn, King-street, pulled down.
1867-09Gloucester-street was about this period much improved and several shops built.
1867-09-01“Chronicles of Gotham” first issued. Authorship of them kept a secret.
1867-09-02Foundation stone of a new schoolroom in connection with Zion Chapel, Butterow, laid by B ANTILL.
1867-09-06Spirit license granted to D ESTCOURT, Fountain Inn, Slad Road.
1867-09-07A J STANTON gave a dinner in the Corn Hall to 23 workmen; J BERRYMAN in the chair.
1867-09-11WALL & HOOK carpenter’s workshop in the churchyard burnt down. A large quantity of old oak from the old church destroyed. £700 damage. Public subscription for the relief of the sufferers.
1867-09-17Foresters’ dinner at the Corn Hall. S S DICKINSON in the chair, J E DORINGTON in the vice chair. 100 sat down.
1867-09-26Bazaar at Rodborough in aid of Kingscourt British school, realised £60.
1867-09-2827 competitors in a rifle shooting match at Stroud for four cups and money prizes. Sergeant G HOLLOWAY won the Scrope cup, with 46 points. H HOLLOWAY won the second cup with 42 points; W C GRIST won the third cup with 42 and John CLUTTERBUCK won the fourth cup with 42. Eight other marksmen won money.
1867-10-01Stroud parish boundary commissioners met at the Town Hall.
1867-10-01Death of Mrs Mark WHITE, of the Golden Fleece, aged 55.
1867-10-05Rifle shooting; 32 competitors for five prizes in plate given by the Right Hon E HORSMAN, M P. 1 Sergeant CLUTTERBUCK, 2 C WEBB, 3 STOKES, 4 O C SMITH, 5 FOSTER.
1867-10-07The Misses ISACKE took Lambert’s School.
1867-10-17Death of the Rt Hon Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge BERKELEY, at Berkeley castle, aged 79.
1867-10-22At Stroud County Court Judge Sumner tried a case of assault preferred by William STEELE and Charles ROBERTS against two police constables named Charles HILL and John DAVIS, who had to pay the complainants £2 each and costs 10s.
1867-10-24R F STEPHENS and Miss Elizabeth GILLMAN married in London.
1867-10-24Two Stroud firms called their creditors together on this date. Liabilities in one case £8000, in the other £2000.
1867-10-28Bishop ELLICOTT’s visitation. Bishop HALE present. About 100 at dinner at the Corn Hall. Church Missionary Meeting afterwards held in the Subscription Rooms.
1867-11-02First issue of the Stroud News and Gloucestershire Advertiser.
1867-11-02A Russell-street tradesman stopped payment, liabilities £4000.
1867-11-04217 boys entertained to tea in Black Boy School.
1867-11-04Oddfellows’ Lodge opened at the Victoria Hotel, Brimscombe. Dinner, J E DORINGTON in the chair.
1867-11-06103 workmen employed in building Stroud Parish Church dined at the Corn Hall, Mr HOOK in the chair.
1867-11-07Mr VINCENT, watchmaker, opened 18 High-street. New shop fronts at NORTON’s and OKEY’s in George Street.
1867-11-14Marriage of Mr G P SCROPE and Miss M E SAVAGE at Buxton.
1867-11-15William PONTING took in his son as partner.
1867-11-16Mr J STRACHAN, jun, aged 28, was riding away from Farmhill Park when the horse bolted in the park. Mr STRACHAN’s head came in contact with an overhanging limb of a tree, and his skull was smashed. He died immediately.
1867-11-16James ELLIOTT, aged 20, fell from the new church twenty feet, and died in hospital on the 18th.
1867-11-21Mrs BUCKLER’s horse in a brougham ran away at Framhill Park and knocked down the stone pillars at Upfield. No one was in the conveyance.
1867-11-23Richard SMITH died at Pakenhill, aged 67.
1867-11-27Death of Mrs ELLIOTT, wife of John ELLIOTT, Russell-street, aged 63.
1867-11-28S S DICKINSON presented School of Art prizes at the Corn Hall.
1867-11-28Mr Robert SISSONS opened 3, Russell-street as a grocer’s shop.
1867-12The Rev William YATES resigned the pastorship of the Baptist Chapel through ill-health.
1867-12About this time Captain DICKINSON covered the brook at Badbrook, and pulled down houses up to the Chequers Inn, King Street.
1867-12-01Cainscross co-operative stores destroyed by fire – remises insured for £500; stock worth £1000.
1867-12-01Foundation stone laid of the Stroud Journal office in Lansdown. The first issue printed in the building was on February 15 1868.
1867-12-02Amberley church first lighted with gas.
1867-12-02Meeting at the Town Hall to consider the distress of the local poor.
1867-12-03The Local Board of Health agreed to make a new street on the removal of the houses.
1867-12-03Joseph BRIDLE, engine driver, killed at Stonehouse.
1867-12-09Alfred HAINES shot Elijah BINGHAM by accident. HAINES carried BINGHAM to the hospital where he died.
1867-12-09Another meeting at the Town Hall on behalf of the poor, £43 collected.
1867-12-13John LAIDLAW, of the Union Inn, commenced selling tea as a set-off against grocers selling beer and spirits.
1867-12-13George ROGERS, aged 13, killed at Dudbridge station.
1867-12-20Two Sweepstakes at the Corn Exchange – Henry THORNTON’s 600 at 1/- and G MILLER’s 500 at 1/-. (The diarist does not describe the character of the sweep.)
1867-12-26Stroud Sick Visiting society’s tea meeting in the Subscription rooms, H S P WINTERBOTHAM, MP, in the chair.
1867-12-26Marriage at Stonehouse of Mr FIELD, watchmaker, and Miss May Jane FRENCH, of Stanley Downton.
1867-12-28Death of Mr Henry DANGERFIELD at Stonehouse.
1867-12-28Captain DICKINSON entertained the Stroud Volunteers to dinner at the Subscription Rooms; E HORSMAN, MP and H S P WINTERBOTHAM M P, present.
1868-01-02Complimentary dinner in the Subscription Rooms to H S P WINTERBOTHAM; S S MARLING in the chair: 500 sat down.
1868-01-08John WEBB, late clothier of Uplands, found dead in his bed aged 73.
1868-01-09Peter WOOD gave a temperance lecture in the People’s Hall, R BRAGG in the chair.
1868-01-13Death of Mrs Harriett Mary BADCOCK, wife of the Rev Dr BADCOCK, aged 42 (leaving eleven children).
1868-01-17Death of James PRATT, aged 71; for 46 years he was a servant of the Canal Company.
1868-01-20A man named David GRIFFIN struck on the head with a piece of wood at Dangerfield’s Mill, Chalford. GRIFFIN died from concussion of the brain on the 25th. The striker was committed for manslaughter, and at Gloucester Quarter Sessions on April 2nd had 14 days’ imprisonment.
1868-01-21Henry MARMONT died at the Rising Sun, aged 49. Sale on February 5th, and “prompt payment.” (Prompt payment seems to have been the exception in those days.)
1868-01-30S S DICKENSON presided at Peter WOOD’s temperance lecture in the Temperance Rooms.
1868-02Mrs FLIGHT’s house, the Railway Inn, was sold to Mr H C COOPER for £2100.
1868-02The Duke of BEAUFORT sold his Stud, and retired from the Turf for a time.
1868-02-01Meeting to consider the erection of Public baths in Stroud, S S DICKENSON in the chair.
1868-02-01J E DORINGTON issued an address to the electors of Stroud.
1868-02-01At 7.45 am a gale of wind blew out the new gas holder at the gas works, doing £2000 worth of damage.
1868-02-04Additional Curates Society meeting presided over by J E DORINGTON.
1868-02-06James CHEW’s hospital concert realised £24 17s 7d.
1868-02-10George CHANDLER, baker, aged 26, disappeared from Wallbridge, his body was found in the canal near Malthouse on the 27th.
1868-02-11Death of Mrs MAUDE of Far Hill.
1868-02-13Death of W HERAPATH of Bristol aged 72.
1868-02-19Marriage at Postbury, Somerset, of Richard SIMS, of Stroud, and Miss Sarah COLE.
1868-02-20S S DICKENSON met the electors in the Subscription Rooms to consider the future representation of the Borough, Dr PAINE in the chair. It was decided to promote the candidature of Messrs DICKINSON and WINTERBOTHAM with one committee.
1868-02-29The Prince of Wales came into Gloucestershire as a guest of the Duke of BEAUFORT, and lunched at the Talbot Inn, Tetbury.
1868-02-29John GAZARD opened a millinery establishment at 5 George-street.
1868-03-01The Rev W LEAKEY began his duties at the Baptist Chapel.
1868-03-03Sims REEVES gave a concert in the Subscription Rooms – very full; over 50 carriages employed.
1868-03-05Thomas McADAM died at Badbrook, aged 80.
1868-03-06Several Stroud landlords fined for using cups of short measure.
1868-03-08Marriage at the Old Chapel of Jerry STANLEY and Miss Harriett MILLS.
1868-03-10Volunteer Fire Brigade formed in Stroud by Messrs W GARDNER, F HOWELL, G F WOODWARD, J NICHOLLS, T L SMITH, T J HUNT, F LEWIS, WH GILLMAN, E N Norton, HOLLOWAY, A COLLINGS and E HUMPHREYS.
1868-03-11W SIMS, late of Gloucester, died at Belle Vue House, aged 67.
1868-03-11Lord Colville of Culross and thirty of the royal Buckhounds arrived at Mr James AVERY’s house on Tetbury-road from Windsor with two stags. They uncarted one stag, which ran in different directions until it out-paced the buckhounds, and was soon afterwards found quietly grazing in a field at Leonard Stanley. A farmer’s son named TOWNSEND saw the animal and shot at it. The stag then ran towards Eastington, where TOWNSEND overtook it and killed it with the butt end of his gun. Whilst taking the carcase home he was met by the huntsmen and hounds. The stag was taken from the man by the Duke of Beaufort and others. The animal had been chased by the royal buckhounds for three years in succession and was worth £100. The huntsmen and hounds returned to Windsor next day.
1868-03-13Marriage at Cainscross Church of Thomas B MARTIN and Miss Edith BUTT.
1868-03-14WINTERBOTHAM and DICKENSON’s joint election committee announced – 338 names.
1868-03-19Mr COWDRY gave up possession of the Lamb Inn to William STEPHENS, late of the Bear Inn, Rodborough Common.
1868-03-20Frederick DAVIES left Stroud for America.
1868-03-21Edward B ORCHARD closed his shop, 45 High-street, and Humphrey and Son sold the stock by auction.
1868-03-23Alfred CARR died in Bowbridge-lane aged 57.
1868-03-24J V OCKFORD died at Little Mill aged 52.
1868-03-25Mr McCALL of Stonehouse sued Mr J CLARK to recover 1/6, value of a ticket purchased from him to go to Sims REEVES’s concert, on the ground that the ticket was of no use as there was no accommodation. Judgment for CLARK, each pay own expenses.
1868-04Stonehouse Court burglarized, and Mrs MARLING robbed of a large quantity of plate.
1868-04-04Mr BELL opened 56 High-street with drapery.
1868-04-10Death of the Rev L F NEWMAN at Newmarket, Nailsworth, aged 68.
1868-04-13Mr T F FISHER and Mr J LIBBY elected churchwardens.
1868-04-13John WOODWARD, for 23 years coachman to R L TOWNSEND, died at the Barley Mow Inn, Slad.
1868-04-13Footrace, 200 yards, for £2 a side, on Rodborough Common between W PERRETT and Tom POWER. PERRETT won by a yard.
1868-04-18Destruction by fire of ricks belonging to Mr GODDARD of Middle Lypiatt.
1868-04-22Night school children and parents had tea in the Subscription Rooms; 250 sat down.
1868-04-22Stroud Borough Cricket Club had a dinner in the Corn Hall, W H MARLING in the chair and G B SMITH in the vice chair; 42 dined.
1868-04-28Death of Mrs HEWLETT, second wife of Mr Edward HEWLETT, of Bath-place, aged 76.
1868-05A billiard room and portico built at the Stroud Subscription Rooms, and other improvements made.
1868-05-02Funeral of N SMITH (aged 53) at Minchinhampton. 100 Oddfellows and Foresters followed.
1868-05-07Baptist recognition service for the Rev W LASKEY in the Subscription rooms; 500 at tea; L WINTERBOTHAM in the chair.
1868-05-09Death of Mr THORNTON, 15 George-street, aged 72. Funeral at St Lawrence’s churchyard. (This was the first coffin taken into the new church.)
1868-05-11T L Chew & Sons opened an ironmongers’ shop in King-street.
1868-05-12Stroud Choral Society performed the oratorio “Elijah” at the Subscription Rooms.
1868-05-13Meeting to inaugurate a Co-operative Society in Stroud. Peter WOOD in the chair.
1868-05-15Wombwell’s menagerie in Read’s Field.
1868-05-19Stroud Volunteer Fire Brigade, with engine drawn by four grey horses, paraded the streets. The engine was exercised at Staffords Mill, and the men dined at the Corn Exchange; W J STANTON in the chair.
1868-05-20Mrs W PLAYNE of Longford’s thrown from her carriage at Balls Green, and fatally injured; no fault of the coachman.
1868-05-21Stroud grocers began to close at 5pm on Thursdays.
1868-05-24Death of E TERRETT, Vine Cottage, aged 42.
1868-05-25Death of T N CLARKE, of King-street, aged 58.
1868-05-27Marriage of Mr James ISACKE.
1868-06-16Wesleyan bazaar at Corn Hall; £64 realised.
1868-06-25New polling districts came into operation.
1868-06-25Mrs BROWNINGS’s (Corn Hall) picnic to Lypiatt Park.
1868-06-26Poultry Show at Stonehouse.
1868-06-27Volunteer competition; Private BAXTER won a silver cup given by Mr W COWLE, making 58 points; twenty-six competitors.
1868-06-28Bribery petition inquiry at Bristol – Mr MILES unseated.
1868-06-28Public thanksgiving and prayer at Stroud Town Hall for the safe arrival of Prince Alfred of Edinburgh and his escape from a murderous attack in Australia, and also for the victory of the Abyssinia expedition under Sir Robert Napier, who had returned to England on June 2nd.
1868-06-29Marriage at the Independent Chapel, Painswick, of Miss H D ISACKE to her cousin Mr W D ISACKE of London.
1868-06-29Stroud Institute supper in the Corn Hall, J E DORINGTON in the chair.
1868-07-02Fete at Horsepools; over 2000 persons present.
1868-07-09The Rev W WHEELER presented at Bedford-street Schoolroom with a purse of 100 guineas and Mrs WHEELER with a timepiece value £10, Mr WHEELER had been minister 25 years.
1868-07-14Marriage at Cheltenham of Mr J HERBERT and Mrs S HOPSON.
1868-07-21Marriage of Mr VINCENT, watchmaker, High-street, Stroud, and Mss SHILHAM.
1868-07-25W KNEE’s boat “The Lewis” took 200 Stroud excursionists to Sharpness Point. The same day Messrs STANTON & Sons treated their workpeople to Sharpness Point in vans. When near Berkeley, Peter THOMAS, one of the waggoners, fell under a wheel and had to have an arm amputated.
1868-07-30S S DICKINSON gave a tea to 1500 school children at Brownshill. At 6.0 pm there were 4000 people present.
1868-07-31Stroud parish constituted a Vicarage.
1868-08-04St Lawrence’s Church consecrated by the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol; seat 1000 persons; cost over £9000. Full dinner at the Subscription Rooms. The Bishop was in the chair and was supported by Bishop HALE. Services were held on the 4th and 5th, and £204 was collected. Aged poor dined at the Rooms, Bishop HALE presided.
1868-08-05Francis Henry GIBBS of Walcott, Bath, and Miss Ellen Rosa SMITH of Stroud were married in the new parish church, and, being the first couple, were each presented by the Rev. Dr. BADCOCK with a Bible.
1868-08-06Messrs WINTERBOTHAM and DICKINSON, MPs, addressed the electors; S S MARLING in the chair.
1868-08-08Private STOKES won Stanton’s challenge cup with 40 points.
1868-08-09At three services at the Parish Church £47 17s was collected.
1868-08-11The third wedding in the new church took place – C WILLIAMS of Frampton and Miss HILL.
1868-08-11WILSON and GEARY, returned convicts, sentenced at Gloucester Assizes to fifteen years’ penal servitude for a series of burglaries.
1868-08-11Mr J E DORINGTON addressed the Stroud electors at the Rooms – “full and noisy.”
1868-08-13Stroud Institute gave an entertainment at the Rooms.
1868-08-20Stroud Flower Show held at Brownshill.
1868-08-21Mr J E DORINGTON addressed the electors at Stonehouse.
1868-08-23A volume presented to Stroud from America; left at the Rooms.
1868-08-25Wotton-under-Edge Flower Show. BRADFORDS’s brake and four horses went with company including Messrs LAIDLAW, J WEBB, S THORNTON, T KNEE, W COLLINGS, H BATEMAN and Dr MAURICE. Supper at Nailsworth off salmon. 6000 at the Show.
1868-08-27Yeomanry at Lypiatt Park. D PROSSER won a silver cup for the best sword exercise. Troopers and officers dined in the house. Grounds open to the public; 4000 present.
1868-09-05Sergeant CLUTTERBUCK won a silver cup value £7 with 43 points. O C SMITH won a £3 cup with 40 points. Cups given by H S P WINTERBOTHAM.
1868-09-09Death of Mrs FURLEY of Cainscross aged 60.
1868-09-10Miss HOLLOWAY laid the foundation stone of Stroud Baths.
1868-09-11A Stroud post office clerk absconded with £12 and a Stroud railway clerk went off at the same time.
1868-09-11NORMAN and SANDERS opened a draper’s shop at 66 High-street.
1868-09-12Private STOKES won a Sneider rifle given by S GRIST; 18 competitors.
1868-09-12Billiard match at the Imperial Hotel between a well-known Stroud gentleman and a Gloucester player. The Stroud player had a concession of 450 and won by 150.
1868-09-15John PAINTER, carpenter, died suddenly at Pakenhill, aged 77.
1868-09-15Harry CLIFTON at the Rooms; full house.
1868-09-18The Co-operators opened their stores at the Cross; Peter WOOD head man.
1868-09-22Foresters’ dinner at the Corn Hall; W J STANTON in the chair. H S P WINTERBOTHAM, MP, J E DORINGTON and S S MARLING also present.
1868-09-23Sir H MILMAN revised the voters’ lists for the borough of Stroud.
1868-09-26The Rev T D WINTLE presented with a silver salver, tankard and two wine cups, value £50.
1868-09-26George HOLLOWAY entered an action for libel against George HIGGS, of the Stroud Journal.
1868-09-28Old Richard PEGLER, a well-known local barber, died at the Workhouse.
1868-09-30Miss BOWLEY died at the Horsepools, aged 61.
1868-09-30Meeting in the Town Hall – Peter WOOD in the chair – to form a Working Men’s Liberal Association. W J STANTON proposed as chairman.
1868-10-01Mr J CLARK appointed to the Burial Board, vice LACEY, resigned.
1868-10-02Stroud church night school festival at the Rooms; 250 present.
1868-10-02HIGGON’s first fish sale in the market.
1868-10-12W J STANTON resigned the chairmanship of the Liberal Association
1868-10-14Edward HINTON, carpenter, Lower-street, died aged 62.
1868-10-15Mrs PINFOLD died at Rodborough aged 64.
1868-10-17GRIFFIN’S Mill partly burnt.
1868-10-20Prosecution of Felons’ dinner at the Lamb Inn, George HOLLOWAY in the chair.
1868-10-22Henry HUMPHREYS aged 29 died at his mother’s house.
1868-10-27Funeral at the Cemetery of Henry HUMPHREYS. 50 Forester, 48 riflemen, and Oddfellows followed. Band attended and played to the Cemetery and back. Only two shops in Stroud which did not show some signs of mourning.
1868-10-27The Rev T H TARLETON lectured in the Rooms on “The age we live in.”
1868-10-28“Jolly Nash” at the Rooms; very full.
1868-10-29Working-men’s Conservative Association meeting at the Subscription Rooms. J E DORINGTON in the chair. Sir M H BEACH, R S HOLFORD and leading conservatives of the borough present. Room crowded; ladies admitted to the gallery by ticket. Meetings very orderly and considered the most influential ever held in Stroud.
1868-11-10Mr J G FRITH died at the Highlands aged 72.
1868-11-10George SPEARING died at Stonehouse aged 71.
1868-11-13Mrs WILKES died suddenly at Frome Buildings, aged 55.
1868-11-13W A BAYLISS apologised in both Stroud Papers and paid 5s to the hospital fund for pulling down a poster at the Stroud News office.
1868-11-16Election time; the magistrates had fifty roughs sworn in as special constables for 2 ½ days at 12/6 each. Nomination day: S S MARLING proposed and A FEWSTER seconded H S P WINTERBOTHAM; POTTER proposed and George HOLLOWAY seconded J E DORINGTON; J W HALLEWELL proposed and BARNARD seconded S S DICKINSON. Show of hands against DORINGTON, for whom C R BAINES demanded a poll.
1868-11-18Stroud polling. Result: DICKINSON 2907, WINTERBOTHAM 2806, DORINGTON 2096. All passed off quietly.
1868-11-22Mr John NEWPORT died at Whitehall, aged 84.
1868-11-23John MORSE died very suddenly at Acre-street, aged 52.
1868-11-23Nomination at Dursley for West Gloucestershire election. The Hon C BERKELEY and Major PROBYN were for Colonel KINGSCOTE; Sir Thomas Crawley BOEVEY and W P S MILES were for Colonel SOMERSET, Sir W GUISE and Captain GOOLD were for S S MARLING.
1868-11-25William PONTING died at 19 High-street aged 60. His son Walter took to the business.
1868-11-26West Gloucestershire Polling: Result KINGSCOTE 4985, MARLING 4862, SOMERSET 4394.
1868-12-05FARRADAY removed from the Cross to 18 High-street.
1868-12-08Marriage of D E SAMPSON and Miss E CLARK at Bedford-street Chapel.
1868-12-11Railway Inn offered for sale by auction by Humphreys and Son. Highest bid £1960; reserve £1990.
1868-12-16Coursing at Lypiatt; killed 6 hares.
1869-01-14Working Men’s Conservative Association dinner at the Subscription Rooms. Presentation of address to Mr J E DORINGTON. Mr George HOLLOWAY in the chair. 600 people present. HOBBS provided the dinner and BATEMAN the wine – one bottle to two persons – and plenty of beer. All the eatables that were left were given to the poor next day. All went off well.
1869-01-22Daniel KILMINSTER drowned in the canal near the Gas Works, where he was employed.
1869-01-28WALL & HOOK began to lay black bricks in the Shambles and repair the pavement.
1869-01-28G G STEVENS presented, at Nailsworth, by Conservative Working Men’s wives, with electroplated table centre-piece.
1869-02-02Coursing at Frampton.
1869-02-03John SUTTON’s house and grounds bought by Mr FLOWERS, of Gloucester, for £2000.
1869-02-08Death of Angelo CETTA, aged 25, buried at Woodchester.
1869-02-10Coursing at the new grounds; 43 runs, 26 killed (Watt’s day).
1869-02-11Death of George NURSE of Selsley aged 62.
1869-02-16Quadrille party at the Corn Hall (Mrs BROWNING’s), 30 present.
1869-02-16Oddfellows’ dinner in the Corn Exchange. J E DORINGTON in the chair.
1869-02-24Death of the Rev V S FOX at King’s Stanley, aged 34.
1869-02-24Mr CETTA had new fronts put to his houses in High-street, and the Board of Health allowed him £20 for putting them back.
1869-02-24Mr W KNEE, jun, took the Ship Inn from his father, who opened a grocer’s shop opposite.
1869-03-03Coursing at Frampton. J HILL’s white neck bitch beat FORD’s black dog; stakes £3 for the best two out of three courses. FORD’s brindle dog beat J WEBB’s short tail. Fourteen courses’ nine hares killed. 50 persons dined at the Bell Inn, Frampton.
1869-03-05Death of Mr Peter MATTHEWS at Sheepscombe aged 72.
1869-03-06Death of William HEWLETT aged 22. Buried on the 13th at the new church. Foresters and riflemen with band attended.
1869-03-10John SUTTON’s property at Badbrook and Farr’s Alley sold by T and W DAVIS, and the Uplands property by Tucks Son and Wallop.
1869-03-15Mr Tom SOLLERY, editor of the Stroud News, vacated the editorial chair, amidst the general regret of many affectionate friends.
1869-03-25E HOLMES, stationer, Russell-street, sold his business to G H James.
1869-03-30Soiree and presentations; silver salver to George HOLLOWAY; silver tankard to Henry BATEMAN; a silver goblet to W COWLE. Presentations made by Mrs DORINGTON on behalf of the wives of the members of the Stroud Conservative Working Men’s Association; 899 at tea and 1200 attended afterwards.
1869-03-31Sidney THORNTON returned as a member of the Local Board of Health, and refused to serve.
1869-04-01Re-consecration of Slad Church.
1869-04-24Stroud working Men’s Conservative Building Society instituted.
1869-04-26Death of Mr James HARPER, senior, at Ebley; buried at Cainscross Church on May 1st.
1869-04-29Mr Richard MANN, late conductor of the Stroud Choral Society, died at Cirencester.
1869-04-30Mr WHITE elected relieving officer for Bisley District in the place of the late Mr PITTAWAY.
1869-05-03T J HUNT sold his business to J B CARR, druggist.
1869-05-10Death of Mrs CHEFFIN, Threadneedle-street, aged 70.
1869-05-12Presentation at Thomas HARRIS’s house, Frampton-on-Severn, to Mr H C CLIFFORD of a silver salver (cost £22 10s) and a whip for his lady. Bradford of the George Hotel drove four-in-hand there; 55 sat down to dinner; Henry BATEMAN in the chair.
1869-05-13Right Hon Edward HORSMAN elected for Liskeard, Cornwall.
1869-05-14Joe REA died suddenly at Stonehouse; aged 65.
1869-05-21Mr C WILLIAMS, butcher, opened a shop in High-street, Stroud.
1869-05-27Death of Mr William Henry THORNTON, George Street, Stroud, aged 45; buried at Trinity Church on June 3rd.
1869-06-02Railway Hotel, Stroud, offered for sale by Humphreys & Son – not sold.
1869-06-03Mr John HUMPIDGE died near Gravesend aged 87.
1869-06-05Marriage of Mr Thomas H NICHOLLS and Miss WIGMORE.
1869-06-07Army Scripture Reading Society held a meeting in the Town Hall; Lieut Col SOMERSET in the chair.
1869-06-10John HARPER of Pakenhill broke his arm at Cainscross.
1869-06-10Mons. ORIEL kicked by a horse in Powell’s Circus, showing at Stroud, and had his arm broken.
1869-06-18Death of E HOPKINSON at Edgeworth Manor, aged 84.
1869-06-21A clerk committed to the assizes for defrauding Chalford post office savings bank of £20; on August 10th he was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment.
1869-06-22A vestry meeting agreed to buy £1200 more land for the Cemetery.
1869-06-23BOWLY’s fete at the Horsepools.
1869-06-24Service of plate, value £88, presented to the Rev Dr ELLIOTT at Randwick, in commemoration of the 50th year of his vicariate. Mr W CAPEL in the chair; 200 present.
1869-06-26Henry HOLLOWAY won W Cowle’s cup with 57 points.
1869-06-29Grand fete of Foresters and Oddfellows, with a splendid procession, held in a field below Sidney BIDDELL’s house on Pakenhill road; 10000 admitted at 6d each. Miss GILLINO walked the tight-rope.
1869-06-30A boy was sentenced to ten years’ penal servitude at Gloucester for stealing Martha BOWLEY’s donkey at Stroud.
1869-07-22Death of J W BIRD, shoemaker, High-street, aged 36.
1869-07-31Sewerage inquiry at Badbrook Hall.
1869-08-05Tom COLLETT rode round the town on one of Powell’s circus horses and afterwards appeared in the ring.
1869-08-10A clown belonging to W Powell’s circus had four geese tied to a tub on the canal. Three got loose; the fourth drew the tub with the clown in it from Lodgemoor Mill to the Ship Inn.
1869-08-12Stroud Institute supper at the Corn Hall, S S DICKINSON in the chair.
1869-08-14STOKES won the volunteer prize cup given by S S MARLING, with 49 points; WEBB won Mr WINTERBOTHAM’s cup with 46 points; and CLUTTERBUCK took a prize.
1869-08-17Death of Fream FRANKLIN at Bath Terrace, aged 68.
1869-08-18Death of S DUDBRIDGE, tailor, Cainscross, aged 73.
1869-08-19Flower Show at Stratford Park. Bands of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers (23rd Regiment) and Stroud Volunteers.
1869-08-23Joseph T FISHER died at the New Lodge, aged 84.
1869-08-23A man named Henry BROWNING killed by a water wheel at Rooksmoor.
1869-08-24Wotton-under-Edge Flower Show. BRADFORD’s brake took a Stroud party.
1869-08-24Police Sergeant HEWSON left Stroud on being made superintendent of the Dursley petty sessional division. The police gave him a silver pencil case.
1869-08-25Stroud Volunteer Fire Brigade took possession of the new fire engine station at Badbrook.
1869-08-30Conservative Reading Room opened at Badbrook; George HOLLOWAY president.
1869-09-01Board of Health appointed a committee to purchase Ryelease place and land not to exceed £1400.
1869-09-03Mr W B CARTWRIGHT died at the Field, aged 89.
1869-09-06Sergeant Major NUTT died, aged 61, buried in Slad Churchyard. Yeomanry and Volunteers, with band playing, attended; Colonel SOMERSET, Captains J E DORINGTON, FISHER, DICKINSON, Lieutenant BAKER and Dr BADCOCK. NUTT’s horse was led after the coffin.
1869-10-07Gipsies in KNEE’s field gave a public ball; admission a shilling and sixpence.
1869-10-18Mrs HOGG, widow of Samuel HOGG of Lower-street died aged 83.
1869-10-21Gipsies gave a ball at the Circus.
1869-10-25John PHIPPS trotted a horse in a match on Frampton Green against one owned by CHANDLER, and won. Finished the day with coursing.
1869-10-26Prosecution of Felons’ dinner, H BATEMAN in the chair.
1869-10-28Engine and train run off the line near Dunkirk.
1869-11-01Velocipete company at the Circus Stroud. The brigade was then only dreamt of.
1869-11-01Dr A S COOKE appointed surgeon to Stroud Union.
1869-11-03Mr OWEN of Dursley died, aged 86.
1869-11-05YOUNG and FAWKES began business as grocers in High-street. Both had left BROWN & HUSSEY for the purpose.
1869-11-13R BARRETT opened 14 George-street as a druggist’s shop.
1869-11-17Dean and Lawrence’s pony ran into the shop window of Mr FIELD, watchmaker, George-street, and did £50 worth of damage. Same day PONTING’s horse ran away with a boy, and smashed into Lewis Brothers’ shop window.
1869-11-23E C BUCKNALL died at Rodborough, aged 78. He was actuary for Cainscross Savings Bank over 28 years.
1869-11-30Parish meeting to borrow £2000 for the erection of a market. Opposed by Ireland. Poll demanded by Mr ROUSE. Mr J T STANTON was in the chair. Ireland called the Board of Health a “Board of Twaddle,” and used many other low expressions which the working men believed much to their shame.
1869-12-05Woodchester Church first lighted with gas.
1869-12-07Mr D MURRELL of Gloucester and Peter WATTS were killed at Birdlip Hill with a loaded timber wagon.
1869-12-12License of the Duke of York Inn transferred from A SIMS to Charles COUSINS.
1869-12-15Gas holder at Gloucester exploded.
1869-12-21Captain DICKINSON gave a dinner to 100 volunteers.
1869-12-27Eighteen persons trampled to death at Bristol Theatre.
1869-12-30Subscription rooms re-opened with a concert. The proprietors had laid out £1000 on the Rooms, but over-looked the heating arrangements.
1869-12-31Mission services at Stroud Church and Town Hall, with the Bishop.

This last entry for Instalment 19 appeared in February 1900 and although the column said (“to be continued") no further instalments appeared that Spring.