Patients and staff in Stroud Hospital 1881

The new hospital was built very soon after William COWLE bought The Field Estate and donated the land to the Trustees. The story of Stroud's Dispensary and first Casualty Hospital are told elsewhere, but by the 1870s the Trustees were searching for a larger and purpose-built establishment. William COWLE had been a member of the Board of Health for some time and his donation of land on the western edge of The Field estate must have been greatly welcomed. The Nurses Home was not built until the 1930s and the censuses suggest that some of the nursing staff were housed in Fern Royal House, halfway down Middle Street, at least for a time.

Stroud Hospital

The census taken on the night of the 3rd April 1881 listed the following staff and patients at Stroud Hospital: The return lists the staff first - you will notice they are all Unmarried. I have added a column YoB to show the person's approx Year of Birth. Poor Margaret JONES travelled a long way to become an unemployed laundress. This transcript is made courtesy of the National Archives, who own the copyright on all census papers.

SurnameFirst namePositionMarital statusAgeYoBOccupationPlace of birth
STRONGFrederick WSurgeonU251856house surgeon MCRS LRCPYorks, Howden
PRATTElizabethmatronU381843matronWarks, Claverdon
KINGWilliam JamesservantU301851hospital porterGlos, Stroud
HENDYSarah AnnieservantU191862housemaidGlos, Longford
ALLWAYSarah AnnservantU211860cookGlos, Horsley
GARDINEREllen MservantU221859ward maid Glos, Bisley
RAYFrances EnurseU361845nurseGlos [?], Knaresborough
HORWOODMildred EnurseU241857nurseGlos, Coln St Andrews
BISHOPAmelia MnurseU221859nurseGlos, Stonehouse
BROWNINGWilliampatientM641817agricultural labourerGlos, Stonehouse
GREGORYGeorgepatient M471834general labourer Glos, Eastington
AYERSJohnpatientU191862agricultural labourer Glos, Frampton on Severn
FORDEdwardpatientU20 1861wood turnerGlos, Rodborough
TWISSELLHenrypatientU221859general labourerGlos, Bisley
WINSTONEJosephpatientU171864plasterer bricklayerGlos, Bisley
ALDRIDGEJames WpatientM261855cloth cutterGlos, Rodborough
MASTERS William Johnpatient U171864agricultural labourerGlos, Cranham
PARTRIDGEFrederickpatient M451836 mason's labourerGlos, Stroud
GILLFrederickpatientM151866under gardenerGlos, Randwick
ROBERTSMaryannpatientU261855laundress domestic servantGlos, Mitcheldean
HEATHEliza MatildapatientU221859 housemaidCambs, Dillingham
ROESarah ApatientU421839inn landladyHants, Southampton
GOTOBEDFrances JpatientU141867tailoressGlos, Newport
JONESMargaret ApatientM401841laundress unemployedCanada Nova Scotia Halifax
WEBBMary JanepatientU351846tailoress Glos, Bisley
MUTTONEmilypatientU131868tailoressGlos, Stroud
BOLTONPriscillapatientU201861mill hand cloth millGlos, Stroud
DAVIESElizabeth EpatientU391842power loom weaverWilts, Westbury
BIRDEliza AnnpatientU131868scholarGlos, Bisley
BARRETTEmilypatientU141867Glos, Miserden
ANDREWSEmily Janepatient71874scholarGlos, Stroud
HAWKINSMatildapatient81873scholar Glos, Stroud
STOCKWELLHenrypatient91872scholar Glos, Stonehouse

Marion Hearfield, 2011