Bob Thwaites' war stories

My neighbour Bob Thwaites spent some time in the 1940s blowing things up. He had, as he puts it, "a noisy war". Much later, he wrote down some of his experiences as stories to entertain his children. They deserve a wider audience.

EnlistmentBecoming an Engineer| ChathamNormal people and a miniature spoon
Square-bashing"Do you want me to try and train you?"| Corporal Fox"Range the ferry for artillery bombardment!"
Rite of PassageSyphilis, God, and Chapel| Musketry"Stand up, you ..."
Postscript"There is no fourth stage."| Sgt. HarrisWhen the going gets tough ...
DebutCommander of the Guard| SandFetching the general's caravan
PrioritiesDaphne and the Sphinx| MikeMiddle-aged at thirty
First bloodItalian bombers, and Spitfires| BeirutBroken bones, and music
Farce - part 1Mission: unknown!| Farce - part 2English country gentlemen!
JerusalemA Polish uniform problem| Western DesertBombs and melon seeds
General FreybergWhen the beer ran out| HeartbreakMines in the Canal
DisciplineWeeping gelignite| InterludeCordon bleu with added sand
CamouflagePhoto reconnaissance and what do do about it| AbadanHow to hide an oil refinery
BasraA small whisky at the airport| Mosul and afterIraq to Cairo
CharacterTony the Welshman| Armoured divisionGurkhas and gelignite
IlkleyDancing with the Best Ilkley Families| FootnoteLofty's buttocks in the moonlight

Copyright © John Hearfield & Bob Thwaites 2007