David Hearfield (b.1776 at Womersley)

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David HEARFIELD   ==   Ann Goodbourn

David's baptism18 February 1776: David son of James Hearfield, Farmer, Womersley, mother Martha, bapt, born 7 Jan. Womersley PR
Ann's baptism12 January 1777: Hannah Goodburn bapt. at Humberston, Lincs, d. of John and Hannah Goodburn
(this is not definite: there are a couple of other possible candidates ... )
Marriage26 November 1798: David Heafield & Ann Goodburn botp married in this Church by Banns in the presence of Mary Buckel(?), Ann Garwell, John GreenHessle PR
Children   (a)24 November 1799: John son of David Hearfield, labr, bapt
30 August 1801: Mary d. of David Herefield labr bapt
14 August 1803: David son of David Hairfield labr bapt
18 June 1808: David son of David Herefield labr buried
31 March 1811: William Hutchinson son of David Hearfield labr bapt
Hessle PR
Children   (b)6 June 1813: David s. of David Hearfield and Ann bapt. at HessleIGI
David's deathQ1 1854: David Hearfield died at SculcoatesBMD records
Ann's deathQ2 1847: Ann Hearfield died at SculcoatesBMD records
marriage cert
Pigot's directory, 1841David Hearfield, Chalk stone merchant, Hessle
General directory, 1851David Hearfield, Lime burner, Hessle
1841 Census:
David Hearfield60(head?)Cliff master(Married?)b.Yks
Ann Hearfield60(wife?)-(Married?)NOT b.Yks
Benjamin Bee40(son-in-law?)Seaman(Married?)b.Yks
Mary Bee40(daughter?)-(Married?)b.Yks
Mary Bee7(grand-daughter?)--b.Yks
Benjamin Bee4(grandson?)--b.Yks
Harriet Bee1(grand-daughter?)--b.Yks
1851 Census:
48 Great Thornton Street,
John Hearfield51HeadPilotMarriedb.Hessle
Sarah Hearfield53Wife-Marriedb.Hull
Mary Hearfield28Daughter-Unmarriedb.Hull
Elizabeth Hearfield25Daughter-Unmarriedb.Hull
Eleanor Hearfield23Daughter-Unmarriedb.Hull
John Hearfield18SonSolicitor's clerkUnmarriedb.Hull
Charlotte Hearfield14Daughter--b.Hull
Julia Hearfield11Daughter--b.Hull
Thomas W. Hearfield7Son--b.Hull
David Hearfield74FatherGentlemanWidowerb.Spofforth

Comment . . . David was baptised in Womersley, though his parents came from Spofforth. His wife Ann was probably born across the Humber in Lincolnshire. It was David who began the family limestone business.

Mary HEARFIELD   ==   Benjamin BEE

Mary's baptism30 August 1801: Mary d. of David Herefield labr baptHessle PR
Marriage23 April 1823: Mary Hearfield m. Benjamin Bee at Holy Trinity, HullIGI
Children6 June 1824: William Hearfield Bee s. of Benjamin and Mary Bee bapt. at Hessle by Hull
21 March 1826: William Hayfield Bee s. of Benjamin and Mary Bee bapt. at Hessle by Hull
1 January 1834: Mary Ann Bee d. of Benjamin and Mary Bee bapt. at Holy Trinity, Hull
17 July 1837: Benjamin David Bee s. of Benjamin and Mary Bee bapt. at Holy Trinity, Hull
10 February 1840: Harriet Bee d. of Benjamin and Mary Bee bapt. at Holy Trinity, Hull
Mary's deathQ2 1858: Mary Bee died at SculcoatesBMD records
Benjamin's deathQ3 1870: Benjamin Bee died at Hull aged 72BMD records
1851 Census:
1 Victoria Buildings,
Jn Do: St,
Benjamin Bee52HeadBuoy masterMarriedb.Louth, LIN
Mary Bee47Wife-Marriedb.Hessle
Mary Ann Bee17Daughter-Unmarriedb.Hull
Benjamin Bee13Son--b.Hull
Harriet Bee11Daughter--b.Hull
1861 Census:
Preston Gate,
Benjamin Bee62LodgerRetired master mariner
(living with Roberts, an artist, and his family)
Widowerb.Louth, LIN

Comment . . . It seems that the 1824 baby "William Hearfield Bee" cannot have lived very long, for the second one to bear that name was baptised just two years later. In 1841 Mary and Benjamin were still living in Hessle with her parents. William was by then working in Hull, as a clerk, and lodging next door to Priscilla Day; the two were (apparently) married a few years later, though I can't trace the marriage.

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