Hearfield ancestors - the family tree

This diagram shows the lifespans and connections between most of the men I can trace who bore the name 'Hearfield'. For example, James' son Peter was born at Hampsthwaite in 1669 and died at Adel in 1746. Many of these people were farmers. The evidence seems to show that everyone is descended from a couple living at Arthington in the late seventeenth century.

Below the diagram is a table of marriages, with links to pages about individual families.


The full names of the married couples in this tree are given in the table below. All the names will eventually link to separate pages giving full details (including BMD and census records) of each family, but that won't happen overnight. Please email me with any comments or corrections. I'd like to hear from you!


This big table (right) lists the marriages shown in the tree above.

Dark red text indicates a clickable link to an individual family page.

James Hearfield m. Jane -?-near Hampsthwaite?about 1665
Peter Hearfield m. -?-near Hampsthwaite?about 1697
Samuel Hearfield m. Ann Burnettat Sandal Magnain 1732
Joseph Hearfield m. Dorothy Abbeyat Knaresboroughin 1745
Samuel Hearfield m. Alice Bickerdykeat Spofforthin 1759
James Hearfield m. Martha Bedfordat Spofforthin 1760
Thomas Hearfield m. Sarah Hudsonat Spofforthin 1771
Robert Hearfield m. Mary Wardat Northallertonin 1773
David Hearfield m. Ann Goodbournat Hesslein 1798
Samuel Hearfield m. Mary Whiteheadat Adelin 1798
Thomas Hearfield m. Mary Cravenat Otleyin 1801
William Hearfield m. Mary Graveleyat Spofforthin 1806
James Hearfield m. Elizabeth Thorntonat Shipton by Thorpein 1807
Robert Hearfield m. Mary Raggat Northallertonin 1807
John Hearfield m. Mary Balgeyat Featherstonein 1809
David Hearfield m. Sarah Garrettat Batleyin 1812
John Hearfield m. Sarah Kelseyat Sculcoatesin 1820
John Hearfield m. Margaret Winnat Richmondin 1831
James Hearfield m. Rachel Hester Sykesat Wakefieldin 1832
Joseph Hearfield m. Mary Ann Duxberryat Otleyin 1834
Thomas Hearfield m. Sarah -?-near Selby?about 1836
William Hearfield m. Mary Ann Archerat Hullin 1836
James Hearfield m. Ann Tateat Spofforthin 1836
William Hearfield m. Ann Baxterat Knaresboroughin 1838
William Hutchinson Hearfield m. Elizabeth Garnissat West Derbyin 1841
Samuel Whitehead Hearfield m. Ellen Blakeboroughat Otleyin 1843
Samuel Hearfield m. Betsey Ann Forseyat Hullin 1857
John Henry Hearfield m. Mary Ann Maceat Bedalein 1858
Robert Hearfield m. Elizabeth Waitesat Richmondin 1860
John Whitehead Hearfield m. Eliza Percyat Sculcoatesin 1860
James Hearfield m. Ann Kelseyat Darlingtonin 1860
James Hearfield m. Amy Jane Fungeat Greenwichin 1861
Charles Hearfield m. Catherine Fisherat Stocktonin 1862
George Hearfield m. Sarah Barkerat Halifaxin 1862
John Hearfield m. Annie Elizabeth Langanat Sculcoatesin 1866
William Henry Hearfield m. Emily Christiana Hindat Hullin 1866
David Hearfield m. Eliza Grace Westat Dewsburyin 1866
John William Hearfield m. Frances Wrayat Hunsletin 1872
John Garniss Hearfield m. Amelia Franksat Sculcoatesin 1877
Thomas Ward Hearfield m. Emma Sarah Leechat Chorltonin 1877
John Baxter Hearfield m. Cecily Steadat Wetherbyin 1878
Samuel Hearfield m. Sarah Jane Lazenbyat Darlingtonin 1883
James Hearfield m. Annie Duttonat Yorkin 1889
John Hearfield m. Elizabeth Carterat Halifaxin 1890
Samuel Hearfield m. Mabel A.V. Stacey Andrewat Hullin 1891
John Charles Hearfield m. Susannah Bladesat Guisboroughin 1894
Herbert Hearfield m. Sarah Barracloughat North Bierleyin 1896
Albert Edward Hearfield m. Hannah Elizabeth Douthwaiteat Leedsin 1897
Charles Edwin Hearfield m. Eva Harrisonat Sculcoatesin 1897
Arthur Hearfield m. Emma Boydat Hullin 1897
Robert Kelsey Hearfield m. Ada Enderbyat Leedsin 1898
William Hearfield m. Emma Ann Wilsonat Darlingtonin 1900
James Hearfield m. Ann Dickinsonat Holbeckin 1907
Fred Hearfield m. Ida Heathcote Lofthouseat Leedsin 1908
John Hearfield m. Edith Violet Hodgsonat Beverleyin 1910
John Baxter Hearfield m. Nellie Dayat Eveshamin 1910
Frederick Hearfield m. Harriet Hudsonat Sculcoatesin 1914
Allan Hearfield m. Lena Emily Homershamat Newcastlein 1918
William George Hearfield m. Ethel May Yatesat Sculcoatesin 1918
William Clark Hearfield m. Cecilia Chaplinat Middlesbroughin 1921
Thomas Hearfield m. Edith Longleyat Hullin 1922
Alexander Garniss Hearfield m. Florence Gertrude Beagleat Sculcoatesin 1923
John Hutchinson Hearfield m. Edith Alice Matthewsat Sculcoatesin 1924
Edward Hearfield m. Mildred Maud Rawlinsonat Stocktonin 1925
Charles Hearfield m. Flora May Humbleat Yorkin 1926
Robert Hearfield m. Alice Victoria Dobbinat Hartlepoolin 1926
Peter Trevor Hearfield m. Gladys Newtonat Sculcoatesin 1927
Frank Hearfield m. Madeline Blanche Nortonat Hullin 1927
Harry Hearfield m. Gladys Coatswithat Guisboroughin 1928
Vincent Hearfield m. Helena Sayersat Stocktonin 1928
James Cyril Hearfield m. Annie M. Carterat Hartlepoolin 1929
James Cecil Hearfield m. Margaret Rutherford Alexanderat Great Ouseburnin 1931
Alexander Boyd Hearfield m. Nellie Fountainat Sculcoatesin 1934
David Hearfield m. Elizabeth Wilkinsonat Morpethin 1935
Charles Thomas Hearfield m. Marjorie Hallat Tynemouthin 1937
Norman Hearfield m. Mary Knightat Leedsin 1937
Arthur Hearfield m. Amy W. Darkerat Hullin 1939
Douglas Bertram Hearfield m. May Atkinsonat Leedsin 1945

To keep the diagram down to a manageable size I have deliberately not included here those couples who had only female children. They have not been forgotten - you can find them here.

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