David Hearfield (b.1787 at Denton)

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David HEARFIELD   ==   Sarah GARRETT

David's birth29 May 1787: David s. of Thomas Hearfield bapt. at Denton IGI
Sarah's birth5 February 1792: Sarah d. of Henry and Susanna Garret bapt. at BatleyIGI
Marriage16 March 1812: David Hearfield and Sarah Garrett married at Batley.IGI
Children   (a)1812: Ann d. of David and Sarah Hearfield born 23 July, bapt. 25 September at Batley
1815: Susey d. of David and Sarah Hearfield bapt. 1 January at Batley
1818: Elizabeth d. of David and Sarah Hearfield bapt. 27 December at Batley
1821: John s. of David and Sarah Hearfield bapt. 4 November at Batley
1824: Sarah d. of David and Sarah Hearfield bapt. 6 June at Batley
1827: David s. of David and Sarah Hearfield bapt. 16 September at Batley
1833: William s. of David and Sarah Hearfield bapt. 22 September at Woodhouse by Huddersfield
Children   (b)1818: Joseph Hearfield, infant, died at Batley
1823: John Hearfield died at Batley aged 1
1828: Betty Hearfield died at Batley aged 5
1834: William Hearfield died at Huddersfield
David's deathQ2 1873: David Hearfield died at Dewsbury aged 86BMD records
Sarah's deathQ2 1867: Sarah Hayfield died at Huddersfield aged 75BMD records

Comment . . . Elizabeth/Betty was said to be 5 when she died, not 10. Error, somewhere.

1841 Census:
David Hearfield50(head?)Farmer(Married?)b.Yks
Sarah Hearfield45(wife?)-(Married?)b.Yks
David Hearfield14(son?)-(Unmarried?)b.Yks
Sarah Hearfield15(daughter?)-(Unmarried?)b.Yks
1851 Census:
Colne Bridge,
David Hearfield61HeadFarm labourerMarriedb.Denton
Sarah Hearfield59Wife-Marriedb.Batley
1861 Census:
Heaton Lodge,
David Hearfield71HeadAg labMarriedb.Ilkley
Sarah Hearfield69Wife-Marriedb.Batley
Mary Barlow42ServantHouse servantUnmarriedb.Huddersfield
1871 Census:
Upper Lane,
David Hearfield43HeadNational School masterMarriedb.Batley
Eliza G. Hearfield30WifeSewing mistressMarriedb.Gomersal
Edith A. Hearfield4Daughter--b.Gomersal
Emily L. Hearfield3Daughter--b.Gomersal
Florence Hearfield1Daughter--b.Gomersal
William A. Hearfield3mSon--b.Gomersal
David Hearfield83FatherRetired farmerWidowerb.Denton Otley
Sarah Brook47Sister(Invalid)Marriedb.Batley

Comment . . . After Sarah died, David went to live with David-the-schoolmaster and his family.

Sarah HEARFIELD   ==   William Henry BROOK

William's birth25 December 1826: William Henry, s. of George and Frances Brook, bapt. at Fartown, Huddersfield IGI
Sarah's birth1824: Sarah d. of David and Sarah Hearfield bapt. 6 June at Batley.IGI
MarriageQ4 1854: Sarah Hearfield married William Henry Brook at Bradford.BMD records
Children1858: Elizabeth d. of William and Sarah Brook born at Bradford

1861 Census:
30 Robert St,
Bradford (South)
William Brook36HeadJoinerMarriedb.Huddersfield
Sarah Brook30WifeWool realorMarriedb.Bradford
Elizabeth Brook3Daughter--b.Bradford

Comment . . . It's possible that their daughter Elizabeth died in Bradford. I can't find William (or Elizabeth) in 1871. And I can't be sure when Sarah died.

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