John Henry Hearfield (b.1835 at Stockton)

John Henry's tree John Henry and Mary Ann Parents Mace John Charles and Susannah Henry and Elizabeth Margaret and William Thomas Mace and Annie William and Elizabeth

John Henry HEARFIELD   ==   Mary Ann MACE

John's birthNo record found! ?
Mary's birth20 March 1834: Marianne Mace, d. of John & Jane Mace, bapt. at BedaleIGI
MarriageQ4 1858: John Henry Hearfield m. Mary Ann Mace at BedaleBMD record
ChildrenQ4 1859: John Charles Hearfield born at Manchester
Q4 1861: Henry Hearfield born at Manchester
Q1 1864: Thomas Mace Hearfield born at Salford
Q3 1865: Margaret Hearfield born at Salford
Q1 1868: Jane Mace Hearfield born at Chorlton
Q3 1869: Jane Mary (should be Mace?) died at Salford
Q3 1870: William Hearfield born in Manchester
BMD records
John's deathQ4 1898: John Henry Hearfield died at Salford, aged 82 (though in fact he was 64)BMD record
Mary's deathQ3 1871: Mary Ann Hearfield died at Manchester, aged 37BMD record

1841 Census:
John Herfield30(head?)(not given)(Married?)NOT b.Dur
Margaret Hearfield30(wife?)-(Married?)NOT b.Dur
Mary Herfield7(daughter?)-(Unmarried?)b.Dur
Robert Herfield5(son?)-(Unmarried?)b.Dur
Henry Herfield8(son?)-(Unmarried?)b.Dur
Charles Herfield3(son?)-(Unmarried?)b.Dur
1851 Census:
60 Bishopton Lane,
Stockton on Tees
John Hearfield43HeadWhitesmith emp. 1 man, 3 apps.Marriedb.Northallerton
Margaret Hearfield43Wife-Marriedb.Marton, Yks
John Henry Hearfield17SonDraper's apprenticeUnmarriedb.Stockton, Dur
Mary Ann Hearfield16Daughter-Unmarriedb.Stockton, Dur
Robert Hearfield14SonCurrier's apprenticeUnmarriedb.Stockton, Dur
Charles Hearfield13Son-Unmarriedb.Stockton, Dur
1851 Census:
71 High Street,
Stockton on Tees
Henry Hearfield17ServantDraper's apprentice (lodging with the Watson family)Unmarriedb.Stockton
1861 Census:
47 Collyhurst Rd,
John Henry Hearfield26HeadInnkeeperMarriedb.Stockton, Dur
Mary Ann Hearfield27WifeHousekeeperMarriedb.Bedale, Yks
John Charles Hearfield18m.Son-Unmarriedb.Manchester
1871 Census:
141 Knightley St,
John Henry Hearfield36HeadNews AgentMarriedb.Stockton on Tees
Mary A. Hearfield35WifeHousekeeperMarriedb.Bedale, Yks
Henry Hearfield9Son-Unmarriedb.Manchester
Thomas Hearfield7Son-Unmarriedb.Manchester
Margaret Hearfield5Daughter-Unmarriedb.Manchester
William Hearfield9m.Son-Unmarriedb.Manchester
Paul Burns33LodgerShoemakerWidowerb.Ireland

Comment . . . John Henry appears twice in the 1851 Census, and not at all in the 1881 and 1891 Censuses. His son John Charles was sent to live with his grandparents in Bedale in about 1870, After his wife died, he took the three remaining children and went off to New Zealand.

Henry HEARFIELD   ==   Elizabeth WOODS

Henry's birthQ4 1861: Henry Hearfield born at Manchester BMD records
MarriageHenry Hearfield (26, tailor) m. Elizabeth Woods (19) on 5 September 1888 at St Mary's Church, Addington, Christchurch. Henry's parents were John Henry & Ann Hearfield (nee Mace), hotelkeeper. Elizabeth's parents were Henry & Margaret Woods (nee Kennedy), carter. Witnesses: Margaret Hearfield, 44 South Belt, Christchurch, and Henry Woods, Dickens street, Addington, carter.Dr.J
ChildrenMargaret Irene Elsie Hearfield b. 8 January 1890 to Henry & Elizabeth, Walker street
Henry Mace Hearfield b. 8 January 1892, Walker street, Addington
Elizabeth Estelle Hearfield b. 11 April 1894 to Henry & Elizabeth
William Leslie Hearfield b. 19 February 1897 to Henry & Elizabeth
Thomas Clive Hearfield b. 6 August 1900 to Henry & Elizabeth, Spencer street, Addington
Eva Minnie Hearfield b. 13 May 1903 to Henry & Elizabeth
John Keith Hearfield b. 6 March 1905 to Henry & Elizabeth
Dorothy Vera Hearfield b. 16 December 1906 to Henry & Elizabeth, 25 Spencer street, Addington, Christchurch

Comment . . . My thanks to Dr. Jones (Dr.J) in Australia for sharing the fruits of her research in Christchurch Library. She adds:

"... it seems to me that John Henry and Mary Ann Hearfield (parents) took the other children including Henry to New Zealand sometime after 1871, settling in Christchurch. This makes sense as a number of the Bedale Maces had also emigrated to New Zealand in about the 1860s, famously establishing Macetown, a now deserted gold-mining town in a remote area of Otago in the South Island."

Margaret HEARFIELD   ==   William LONGTON

Margaret's birthQ3 1865: Margaret Hearfield born at Salford BMD records
MarriageWilliam Longton (28, draper, born Blackwood, Victoria) m. Margaret Hearfield (23, born Manchester, England, now living in Dunedin) on 25 June 1889 at Christchurch. William's parents were James (deceased) & Phebe Longton (nee Hedgelock). Margaret's were Henry & Mary Ann Hearfield (nee Mace), commercial traveller. Witnesses: Henry Mace, manufacturer, Christchurch, and Robert Clay Jones, Dunedin, electrician.Dr.J

John MACE   ==   Jane DOBBY

John's birthJohn, s. of Thomas and Ann Mace born 4 January 1801, bapt. at Berwick upon Tweed 16 January 1801 IGI
Jane's birth1 June 1800: Jane Dobby, d. of Thomas and Elizabeth Dobby, bapt. at Wells, Yorks.IGI
Marriage30 December 1824: John Mace m. Jane Dobby at BedaleIGI
9 January 1826: Thomas, son of John and Jane Mace bapt. at Bedale
1 July 1827: Elizabeth, d. of John and Jane Mace bapt. at Bedale
2 January 1829: John, son of John and Jane Mace bapt. at Bedale
26 December 1830: Christopher, son of John and Jane Mace bapt. at Bedale
3 June 1832: Jane, d. of John and Jane Mace bapt. at Bedale
20 March 1834: Marianne Mace, d. of John and Jane Mace, bapt. at Bedale
16 August 1835: Christiana, d. of John and Jane Mace, bapt. at Bedale
2 July 1837: Henry, son of John and Jane Mace bapt. at Bedale
30 December 1838: Charles, son of John and Jane Mace bapt. at Bedale
Q4 1869: John Mace died at Bedale, aged 10
Q4 1858: Thomas Mace m. Sarah Ann Simpson at Bedale
Q4 1868: Christiana Mace m. George Bary at Bedale
Q1 1890: Thomas Mace died at Bedale, aged 64
Q2 1893: Thomas Mace m. Martha Ann Jacques at Bedale
Q4 1893: Elizabeth Mace m. William Lambert Kay at Bedale
Q2 1905: William Robert Mace m. Florence Pratt at Bedale
BMD records
Jane's deathQ2 1879: Jane Mace died at Bedale, aged 79BMD records
John's deathQ3 1857: John Mace died at BedaleBMD records

1841 Census:
John Mace40(head?)Joiner(Married?)NOT b.Yks
Jane Mace40(wife?)-(Married?)b.Yks
Thomas Mace15(son?)Joiner, apprentice(Unmarried?)b.Yks
Elizabeth Mace14(daughter?)-(Unmarried?)b.Yks
John Mace13(son?)-(Unmarried?)b.Yks
Christopher Mace11(son?)-(Unmarried?)b.Yks
Jane Mace9(daughter?)-(Unmarried?)b.Yks
Mary Mace7(daughter?)-(Unmarried?)b.Yks
Christiana Mace5(daughter?)-(Unmarried?)b.Yks
Henry Mace4(son?)-(Unmarried?)b.Yks
Charles Mace2(son?)-(Unmarried?)b.Yks
1851 Census:
John Mace50HeadJoinerMarriedb.Sunderland
Jane Mace50WifeJoinerMarriedb.Snape
Thomas Mace26SonJoinerUnmarriedb.Bedale
Christopher Mace20SonApp. joinerUnmarriedb.Bedale
Jane Mace18DaughterApp. joinerUnmarriedb.Bedale
Mary Ann Mace16DaughterApp. joinerUnmarriedb.Bedale
Christiana Mace15DaughterApp. joinerUnmarriedb.Bedale
Henry Mace14SonApp. currierUnmarriedb.Bedale
Charles Mace12Son-Unmarriedb.Bedale
1861 Census:
Jane Mace61HeadInnkeeperWidowb.Snape
Thomas Mace35SonJoinerMarriedb.Bedale
Sarah Ann Mace29Wife-Marriedb.Bedale
John Mace1Grandson-Unmarriedb.Bedale
Charles Mace22SonJoinerUnmarriedb.Bedale
1871 Census:
Oddfellows Arms,
Jane Mace61HeadInnkeeperWidowb.Snape
Thomas Mace45SonJoinerMarriedb.Bedale
Mary (Sarah) Mace38Daughter in law-Marriedb.Catterick
Elizabeth Mace9Grand-daughter-Unmarriedb.Bedale
Thomas Mace7Grandson-Unmarriedb.Bedale
Charles Mace4Grandson-Unmarriedb.Bedale
Jane Ann Mace2Grand-daughter-Unmarriedb.Bedale
William Robert Mace1m.Grandson-Unmarriedb.Bedale
Charles Hearfield11Grandson-Unmarriedb.Lancashire
1881 Census:
Oddfellows Arms,
Thomas Mace56HeadInnkeeper (with 2 servants)Widowerb.Bedale
Elizabeth Mace19DaughterHousekeeperUnmarriedb.Bedale
Thomas Mace17SonCarpenter's appUnmarriedb.Bedale
Charles H. Mace14Son-Unmarriedb.Bedale
William R. Mace10Son-Unmarriedb.Bedale
Charles Hearfield21NephewHouse carpenterUnmarriedb.Manchester
Thomas Hearfield16NephewGroomUnmarriedb.Manchester
1891 Census:
Oddfellows Arms,
Thomas Mace27HeadJoiner and builderUnmarriedb.Bedale
Elizabeth Mace29Sister-Unmarriedb.Bedale
Jane A. Mace22Sister-Unmarriedb.Bedale
William R. Mace20BrotherGrocer's appUnmarriedb.Bedale
Charles Hearfield31CousinJoinerUnmarriedb.Manchester
1901 Census:
Oddfellows Arms,
Thomas Mace37HeadInnkeeperMarriedb.Bedale
Martha A. Mace32Wife-Marriedb.Ripon
Pattie Mace7Daughter-Unmarriedb.Bedale
Thomas Mace4Son-Unmarriedb.Bedale
Alice Mace2Daughter-Unmarriedb.Bedale
John Mace1Son-Unmarriedb.Bedale
Hannah M. Jacques36Sister in law-Unmarriedb.York

Comment . . . Snape, where Jane was born, is a couple of miles south of Bedale and a mile or so north of Well. Elizabeth was not in Bedale in 1851 - she was at 21 Park Lane, London, a kitchenmaid in the service of the Lord Chamberlain!

Macetown . . . It really does seem that the young men who disappeared from Bedale in the 1850s and 1860s sailed off to the other side of the world to dig for gold in New Zealand! According to the Macetown site, (now apparently defunct)

"Once gold had been discovered in the Arrow River in Central Otago by William Fox in the year 1862, men were lured there from all over the world by tales of the richness of this new field. Amongst those who arrived on the scene were the Mace brothers, John, Charles and Harry ..."


Cow Club . . . The Cow Club was a sort of local insurance company intended to protect cottagers and tradesmen against the accidental loss of a beast. It was operating in 1862, when the Secretary and Treasurer was one Thomas Mace. The Cow Club Book is in Bedale Museum.


Builder's estimate . . . Thomas Mace and his cousin Charles Hearfield (I assume) were asked to do the joinery work on Sir Charles Dodsworth's new house.

The estimate survives in the Mace account book, which is also in Bedale Museum.

gravestone gravestone

. . . These gravestones are in Bedale churchyard. Next to Charles John's stone is another commemorating his sisters, Nellie King and Margaret Leng.


Oddfellows Arms
. . . The pub is now known as The Three Coopers. It's just down Emgate, 50 yards from the Market Cross. According to the landlord, the house had been a pub for 300 years, and the Mace family had owned it for much of that time. The last Maces there had given up and emigrated to New Zealand in the 1980s (?), and after that the business had gone downhill.

Mace family research
. . . If you reached this page looking for information on the Mace family, you might wish to contact Jill Le Bian (nee Mace) at jill.lebian@free.fr. She emailed me (Nov 2009) to say:

... I am descended from Charles Mace and Fortune Crawford whose son Francis born Berwick 1749 founded the branch that your Maces and mine both stem (from). The Francis in question was a ladies' man and had children from two or three ladies. My ancestor (3 times great grand-father) Charles Mace who married Elizabeth Drysdale and was a carpenter in Berwick was the son of Francis and Jane; they had quite a few children, probably in wedlock although I can't find the marriage lines.

Francis then had a daughter with Elizabeth Greensel whom he acknowledged before having other children with Jane. Before this he had a son James (half brother to my ancestor) with Elizabeth (may have been Greensel but I don't know). I was sent the copy of an affidavit made by Anne Mace wife of Thomas on 5/03/1814 in Berwick concerning two of her children, Jane (16/06/1803 Monkwearmouth) and John (18/01/1801 Monkwearmouth) born in legal wedlock. Anne's husband was a French prisoner at the time. As there seem to be no other Johns around it would be feasible to imagine that her son John and his sister were the children of Thomas Mace, grand-son of Francis and son to my own great great great grandfather Charles the carpenter in Berwick. This document was sent by one of the Mace brothers' (who went to Australia and the NZ, hence Macetown) descendants. As Anne found herself alone with two children in Monkwearmouth (next to Sunderland where John says he was born) where several of Francis' descendants were living - his son James Mace and Mary Clark and Jane Mace his grand-daughter and her husband John Fenwick - she seems to have returned to Berwick where I believe she had family, descendants of great grand-father Francis, and siblings of her husband Thomas.

One thing I have learned about this branch of the Maces is that they certainly stuck together, often going to places where there were already Maces (Kent) or returning to Berwick and later Sunderland where there were relatives ...

. . . Another correspondent with an interest in the Mace family is Shirley Thompson (sthomson@clear.net.nz) who emailed me (Jan 2010) to say:

... My great-great-grandfather John Simpson (c1801-1845) was a watchmaker in Bedale. I don't know for certain if he was also an innkeeper, but Mary, his wife/widow certainly was, and then their son. They had the Royal Oak, not too far from the Maces, around the corner in the market place. Their children were obviously friends. The sixth Simpson child, Sarah Ann (1831-1863) was the first wife of Thomas Mace.

The eldest Simpson son went to Victoria, Australia in 1854. It is not known if he influenced the Mace brothers to go there, or if they influenced a younger Simpson brother, Christopher (1830-1907, my great grandfather) to follow. However I am reasonably certain the Maces did influence Christopher to come to NZ, as Christopher Simpson and Henry Mace went into partnership on a New Zealand farm. This was about 1877-1880. Sadly the partnership fell apart in a rather dramatic way.

The Simpson-Mace links were not over though, as Henry Mace "adopted" two of his sister Mary Ann Hearfield's children, Henry and Margaret. Henry's son Clive (Thomas Clive) married one of Christopher Simpson's granddaughters. On top of all that, I became friendly with a Mace descendant here in NZ, and she gave me a great deal of Mace information before she passed away.

It is fairly obvious the lure for the Mace brothers was gold, however their progress in NZ was traced by a historian some time back by their involvement in the game of cricket! On the other hand I feel Christopher Simpson, though he could turn his hand to many things, was mainly interested in farming. Hence in that partnership with Henry Mace, he ran the farm, and Henry put in some of the money and was actually running a brewery in Wellington and dabbling in a number of other things.

You can see from all of that there is an amazing link, and some of the Hearfields in NZ are also Mace and Simpson descendants too. Henry died on 5 Sep 1940, his 52nd wedding anniversary! However his wife Elizabeth had died som years earlier, on 11 Mar 1926 in Palmerston North. They are both buried in Palmerston North, but in different cemeteries. She is in the old one and he in the newer one. Perhaps the old was full??

Don't think that because Macetown named after the Mace brothers, that there is anything there, as it is a gold mining ghost town, only able to be visited by horses or four-wheel-drive vehicles. Henry Mace and Christopher Simpson named their farm 'Bainesse Station' and the locality (a farming area with a small school, nothing else) is known to this day as Bainesse. The name is a puzzle, but my belief is that it is named after Bainesse Farm, near Catterick. Christopher may have worked there.

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