Hearfield individuals - and their lives

I have deliberately not included details of living people, even though the information I have is already in the public domain (via websites such as ancestry.co.uk and others). Please email me with any amendments or clarifications you'd like to see added. I won't use your name unless you want me to.

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NameEventParents and birth year
Matilda CRAVEN
1815 Q2 b. Leeds IGI
1837 Q2 m. Leeds (21) Joseph Herfield, Calverley PC, ABY
1841: wife, Leeds, Kirkgate, 20, m.Joseph
1851: Leeds, 116 North St, 35, m.Joseph (formerly coach proprietor) and living with her mother
1865: Leeds (50) husband Joseph dies
? +Elizabeth CRAVEN ('of Pudsey') 1815
Matthew HEARFIELD1809 Q1 b. Hubberholme, PR, IGI c.9 March (presumably died as a baby)Thomas +Mary CRAVEN, 1809
Matthew HEARFIELD1810 Q4 b. Skipton, PR, IGI b.21 Nov c.6 March'11, Wesleyan
1841: son, Arncliffe, Buckden, 30 (father: farmer)
1849: Buckden, Land Deed (Starbotton)
1851: son, Buckden, 40, u
1855: Buckden? (45) father Thomas dies
1858 Q2 m. Skipton (47) Mary Ann Taylor
1861: head, Buckden, 50, m.Mary, Farmer of 160 acres
1871: head, Buckden, 60, m.Mary, Farmer of 140 acres
1881: "Matthew +John" Buckden, Hubberholme, Skipton [Kelly's Dir]
1881: head, Buckden, 70, m.Mary, Farmer of 100 acres
1884 Q2, Skipton (74) wife Mary Ann dies
1886 Q1 d. Buckden (Skipton) 75, Farmer, PR, NBI; Probate: estate 1,910: bach: John, brother, Farmer (Buckden)
Thomas +Mary CRAVEN, 1810
Matthew HEARFIELDLiving1992
Maureen FOSTER
Max Neal HEARFIELDLiving1996
May HEARFIELD1905 Q2 b. Sculcoates, Cottingham
1915: Sculcoates? (10) father Charles Edwin (joiner) dies
1920 Q4 d. Sculcoates, 15
Charles +Eva HARRISON, 1905
A correspondent says that her mother's maiden name was PORTER.
1945 Q3 m. Leeds (24?) Douglas Bertram Hearfield
1967 Q1, Nottingham (46?) husband Douglas Bertram dies
Michael Culbinson HEARFIELD1936 Q1 b. South Shields
1966 Q2 m. South Shields (30) Ethel Makepeace
South Shields, birth of daughter Anne (1966) and son Michael Wilson (1971)
1980: South Shields, 22 Russell Av, 44, "Hearfield M": TN 556599
1982 Q2 d. South Shields, 46, b.16/2/36
Donald +Hannah McMAIN, 1936
Michael HEARFIELDLiving1943
Michael Richard HEARFIELDd.2002 (email from his sister, Karen Abel)1960
Michael Wilson HEARFIELDLiving1971
Michael Anthony HEARFIELDLiving1974
Michael James HEARFIELDLiving1990
Mildred Maud RAWLINSON
1899 Q3 b. Hartlepool DUR
1901: dau, Hartlepool West DUR, 14 Blake St, 1 (father: railway clerk)
1925 Q4 m. Stockton (26) Edward Hearfield
1943 Q1, Darlington (44) husband Edward dies
1983 Q4 d. Darlington, 84, b.2/8/99
Fred +Eliza HEATLEY, 1899
1949 Q3 m. York (24?) Raymond Hearfield
1998 Q2, York (73?) husband Raymond dies
(later ALVAREZ)
Naomi Elizabeth H. HEARFIELDLiving1998
Natalie HEARFIELDLiving1975
Natalie HEARFIELDLiving1985
Neil John HEARFIELDLiving1962
(later HEARFIELD, then CLARK)
1890 Q2 b. York
1891: dau, York, 2 Milner St, 1
1901: dau, York, 1 Rymer Street, 11 (father: bricklayer)
1922 Q3 m. York (32) Ernest Hearfield
1933 Q3, York (43) husband Ernest dies
1940 Q1 m. York (50) Albert Clark
William +Annie CATTON, 1890
Nellie DAY
1891 Q1 b. Huddersfield
1901: dau, Huddersfield, 6 Victoria St, 10 (father: concrete labourer)
1910 Q2 m. Evesham (20) John Baxter Hearfield
1937: Leeds NE, 16 Storey Place (46) Leeds Reg of Electors
1978 Q2 d. Leeds, 90, b.abt.1888; husband & wife die in same Q
William +Mary BURKITT, 1891
(later KING)
1900 Q1 b. Bedale
1901: dau, Bedale, Emgate, 1 (father: joiner, carpenter)
1936: Bedale? (36) father Charles John dies
1938 Q2, Aiskew, Assignment (Aiskew) and Conveyance (Bedale)
1943 Q1 m. Wensleydale (43) Horace King
1975: d. Bedale, 75, [GS: sister Margaret LENG]
Charles John +Susannah BLADES, 1900
1934 Q3 m. Sculcoates (24?) Alexander Boyd Hearfield
1986: Colchester (76?) husband Alexander Boyd dies
Nevielle Francesca F.W HEARFIELDLiving1997
Nicholas HEARFIELD1960 Q1 b. Middlesbrough
1960 Q2 d. Cleveland, 0
Brian +Vivian BENSON, 1960
Nicholas E. HEARFIELDLiving1967?
Nicholas James HEARFIELDLiving1975
Nicola (Nicky) ALLEN
Nicola Margaret HEARFIELD
(later CAVE)
Norma HEARFIELDLiving1970?
Norman Percy HEARFIELD1888 Q2 b. Hull, Myton
1891: son, Hull, 4 Albemarle Terr, Anlaby Rd, 3
1901: son, Melton, Melton House, 12 (father: solicitor)
1909 Q3 d. Ruthin (N Wales) 21, Student; Probate: effects 208: Thomas Ward Hearfield
Thomas Ward +Emma LEECH, 1888
Norman HEARFIELD1912 Q1 b. Bramley, Wortley
1924: Bramley, Wortley (12) father James (fish & chip shop owner) dies
1937 Q1 m. Leeds North, 1 Stanningley Rd (25) Mary Knight, St.Mary, Hawksworth Wood (Norman: Radio engineer)
1937: Leeds W, 117 Blue Hill Lane (25) Leeds Reg of Electors
1938: Leeds, 117 Blue Hill Lane, [Kelly's Dir]
1938: Leeds, "Meanwood Radio Services" (radio repairs) Capitol Parade, Meanwood, Leeds 6: TN Headingley 52668
1940: Leeds, 117 Blue Hill Lane 12 (Meanwood Radio Services)
1944: Leeds (32) birth of son John Knight (Norman: FO, FAFVR, Radio engineer)
1947: Leeds, birth of son Paul Geoffrey
1948-57: Leeds, 117 Blue Hill Lane 12, "Hearfield Norman": TN 37648
1953: Leeds, birth of daughter Jane Margaret
1958-75: Pudsey, 16 Smalewell Rd, 46, "Hearfield N": TN 5085
1974: Pudsey, 16 Smalewell Rd, registered his mother Ann's death
1976-81: Clifford, 5 Nursery Way, "Hearfield N": TN Boston Spa 842415
1983-96: Clifford, 8 Bridge Garth, "Hearfield N": TN Boston Spa 842415
1996 Q3 d. Leeds, 8 Bridge Garth, 84, b.19/1/12, Ret'd Audio engineer
James +Ann DICKINSON, 1912
1926 Q4 b. Middlesbrough, mmn Shackleton
1947 Q3 m. Middlesbrough (21) William C. Hearfield
1994 Q2 d. C.Cleveland, 67, b.26/9/26
Arthur +Margaret SHACKLETON, 1926
Olive May YOUNG
1935 Q4 m. Middlesbrough (25) Robert J. Hearfield
1999 Q3, Middlesbrough (89) husband Robert James dies
2001 Q3 d. Middlesbrough, 91, b.20/5/10
P. M. HEARFIELD1975: Stirling, SCO(W) Shore HO, Forth Cres, "Hearfield PM": TN Stirling 2272 +62083who?
Pamela Rosalie Suzanne HEARFIELD
(later THRESHER)
1915 Q3 b. Beverley (father Jack: solicitor)
1933 Q1, Beverley (18) attended Holderness Hunt Ball with her parents [Times]
1933 Q2, London (18) presented to the Queen at Court, with her parents [Times]
1934 Q2 (Southampton) 'Asturias' from Lisbon docked; PR(18) Molescroft, Beverley, E Yorks
1937 Q1, Beverley (22) attended Holderness Hunt Ball with her parents [Times]
1938 Q2 (Southampton) 'Europa' from New York docked; PR(23) Molescroft, Beverley, E Yorks
1939 Q1 (London) 'Andalucia Star' from Lisbon docked; Pamela(23) Molescroft, Bevan, E Yorks
1946: Beverley? (31) father John dies
1947 Q3 (Southampton) 'Mauretania' from New York docked: Edith(66) Pamela(31): 46 Westwood Rd, Beverley
1948 Q3, Beverley (33) engagement to Anthony Lyttleton Ramsden Henville Thresher [Times]
1950: Beverley (35) birth of dau to Rosalie (nee Hearfield) +Tony Thresher [Times]
John +EdithViolet HODGSON, 1915
Patricia W. HEARFIELD1938 Q2 b. Stepney
1939 Q1 d. Greenwich, 0
Thomas +Edith LONGLEY, 1938
Patrick W. HEARFIELD1914 Q2 b. Beverley
1914 Q2 d. Beverley, 0
John +EdithViolet HODGSON, 1914
Paul Geoffrey HEARFIELDLiving1947
Paul HEARFIELD1955 Q3 b. York
1975 Q3 m. York (20) Judith Cowley
1975: York, 41 Huntsmans Walk, "Hearfield P": TN 797617
1976 Q4 d. Scarborough, 21, b.19/9/55
Raymond +Moira FLINTHAM, 1955
Paul Stephen HEARFIELDLiving1958
Paul C. HEARFIELDLiving1959
Paul Douglas HEARFIELDLiving1966
Paul HEARFIELDLiving1968
Pauline HEARFIELDLiving1983?
Percival G. HEAFIELD1926 Q2 (Hull) 'Hobsons Bay' from Port Said docked; PG(23, Chemist, English) 26 Church St, Swadlincote nr Burton-on-Trent1903
Percy HEARFIELD1869 Q3 b. Hull, Myton
1871: son, Hull, Myton, 70 Alfred St (Belle Vue Beer House) 1
1875: Hull, Sutton? (6) mother Eliza dies
1881: Hull, 28 Daltry St, 11, with aunt Ellen Sykes (father: engineer & millwright, in Sutton)
1888 Q3 d. Hull, 18
John Whitehead +Eliza PERCY, 1869
Peter HEARFIELD1669: b. Hampsthwaite, IGI c.18 July
1680: Hampsthwaite? (11) father James dies
1694: m. ? (25?) (-?-)
Adel: birth of son Samuel (1699) and son Joseph (1717)
1746: d. Adel, 75, PR
James +Jane? 1669
Peter (Petter) HATFIELD or HEARFIELD1729 Q4 m. Kippax (29?) Elizabeth Addiman IGI
Pannal: birth (& death) of daughter Rachel (1730) and daughter Sarah (1733)
1735: Bramham, birth of son Thomas
1739: Bilton Ainsty (39) birth (& death) of daughter Ann
Peter HEARTHFIELD1763: b. Ripon
1785 Q3 m. Ripon (22) Isabella Jones PR
Joseph +Dorothy ABBEY, 1763
Peter Trevor HEARFIELD1900 Q3 b. Sculcoates, Cottingham
1901: son, Sculcoates, 11 St Augustines Avenue, Princess Rd, 7m (father: joiner)
1915: Sculcoates? (15) father Charles Edwin dies
1927 Q1 m. Sculcoates (27) Gladys Newton, St.Paul
1928: Sculcoates, Cottingham, birth of son Frank
1957 Q4 d. Hull, 57
Charles +Eva HARRISON, 1900
Peter HEARFIELD1928 Q4 b. Sculcoates, Hessle
1952 Q3 m. Hull (24) Maureen Collins
Hull: birth of daughter Karen H. (1954) and daughter Sandra E. (1955)
Hull: birth of son Leslie A. (1957) son Michael Richard (1960) daughter Wendy F. (1965)
1974: Hull? (46) father William dies
1998: Hull: A correspondent says that he was a joiner in Hull, now retired.
2002: Hull? son Michael dies
2004 Q3 d. East Yorks, 75, b.12/9/28
William +Ethel YATES, 1928
Peter B. HEARFIELD1935 Q3 b. Tendring
1960 Q2 m. Colchester (25) Nora McArdle
Birth of daughter Sarah J. (1961, Colchester) and daughter Alison Louise (1966, Southport)
1986: ? (51) father Alexander dies
Alexander Boyd +Nellie FOUNTAIN, 1935
Peter HEARFIELDLiving1950
Peter J. HEARFIELDLiving1958
Peter L. (B.) HEARFIELDLiving1964
Philip A. HEARFIELDLiving1950
Philip HEARFIELDLiving1951
Philippa E. KINCHIN
(later MOSS)
1923 Q4 b. West Derby
1941: ? (18) father Samuel dies
1946 Q1 m. Ormskirk (23) William Moss
Samuel +Florence HOUGH, 1923
R. HEARFIELD1980: Canterbury, 55 Martyrs Field Rd, "Hearfield R": TN 52108?
Rachel HEARFIELD1733 Q4 m. Leeds (21) Thomas Millthorp (21) ABY, PR (Thomas ' of Holbeck', Rachel 'of Adel')1712
Rachel HEARFIELD1730: d. Pannal (0: guess)Peter +Elizabeth? 1730
Rachel (Esther) SYKES
1807 Q2 b. Ackworth c.IGI
1832 Q1 m. Wakefield (25) James Hearfield, St.John IGI
1841: wife, Hull (HT) Waterhouse Lane, 30, m.James (butcher)
1851: wife, Hull (HT) 45 Waterhouse Lane, 43 m. (but husband now living round the corner with Sarah Watts) Butcher
1861: head, Hull, Blackfriars Rd, 49 m. (no husb) Confectioner
1863 Q4, Hull (56) husband James dies
1871: Hull (HT) 66 Alfred St, 64, widow, Seamstress - living close to John Whitehead & Eliza
1876 Q4 d. Hull, 69
Thomas +Ann HAZLEGRAVE, 1807
Raymond HEARFIELD1928 Q4 b. York West
1949 Q3 m. York (21) Moira Flintham
York: birth of son Philip (1951) daughter Jayne (1953) and son Paul (1955)
1959: York, 17 Thoresby Rd, "Hearfield Raymond": TN 78331
1961-75: York, 60 Wetherby Rd, "Hearfield Raymond": TN 78331
1975: York, marriage (& death, '76) of son Paul
1982: York, Wheldrake, 29 The Cranbrooks, "Hearfield Raymd": TN 242
1998 Q2 d. York, 69, b.30/9/28
Charles +Flora HUMBLE, 1928
Raymond HEARFIELDLiving1940
Rebecca HEARFIELDLiving1985
Rebecca Susan HEARFIELDLiving1988
Rhoda HEARFIELD1851 Q1 b. Sculcoates, Hessle, PR (father: innkeeper)
1851: dau, Hessle, South Gate, 1m
1858 Q2 d. Sculcoates, 6
William Hutchinson +Elizabeth GARNISS, 1851
Richard HEARFIELD1858: Hull (HT) 45 Waterhouse Lane, Eating house keeper [White's Dir] (He was apparently married to Fanny, but I have no idea who these people were.)1820?
Richard HEARFIELDLiving1955
Robert HEREFELD1603 Q4 b. Fewston, IGI c.2 Oct
1613: Fewston? (10) father John dies
John +Frances? 1603
[...Family page...]
1746 Q4 b. Bilton Ainsty, c.11 Oct IGI
1769: Ripon (23) witness at sister Elizabeth's wedding to Clarke
1773 Q2 m. Northallerton (27) Mary Ward PR (Robert: husbandman)
1775: Northallerton, birth (& death) of daughter Edith
Northallerton: birth of daughter Mary (1776) son Robert (1778) son Joseph (1782) and son Benjamin (1790)
1790: Northallerton? (44) father Joseph dies
1818 Q4 d. Northallerton, 72, PR, NBI
Joseph +Dorothy ABBEY, 1746
Robert HAREFIELD1778 Q2 b. Northallerton, c.23 June PR
1807 Q2 m. Northallerton (28) Mary Ragg PR
1808: Northallerton, birth of son John (Robert: husbandman)
Northallerton: birth of daughter Mary (1810) and daughter Hannah (1812)
Northallerton, birth of daughter Elizabeth (1814) and daughter Jane (1817)
1818: Northallerton, birth of daughter Ann at Thrintoft (Robert: labourer)
1818: Northallerton? (40) father Robert dies
1840: Northallerton (62) wife Mary dies
1841: head, Thrintoft, 65, Ag lab, with daughter Mary
1846 Q3 d. Stockton, 68 [NBI]
Robert +Mary WARD, 1778
Robert HEREFIELD1789: d. Ripon (1?) NBIJoseph +? 1788
Robert EARFIELD1797 Q4 b. Etton, IGI b.7 Oct?? +Martha, 1797
Robert HERFIELD1841: son, Stockton, High St, 5
1851: son, Stockton, Bishopton Lane, 14, Currier's app, b.Stockton (father: whitesmith)
1860: m. Richmond (23) Elizabeth Waites
1861: head, Richmond, Newbiggin, 24, m.Elizabeth, Currier
Kirkheaton: birth of daughter Margaret (1861) daughter Elizabeth (1863) daughter Mary Ann (1865)
Richmond: birth of son John (1866); birth (& death) of son Charles (1868)
1869: Richmond, 32, daughter Ada born
1871: head, Richmond, McFarlane's Yard, 34, m.Elizabeth, Currier
1872: Richmond, birth (& death) of son Robert (1872); birth of daughter Kate (1873)
1875: Richmond (38) VP Zetland Working Mens Club [Leeds Mercury]
1879: Richmond, Frenchgate: Probate of father John, Currier
1881: head, Richmond, Frenchgate, 44, m.Elizabeth , Leather Dresser (Currier)
1885: Richmond (48) Pvt, 1st Vol Batt, Yorks Regt [Northern Echo]
1889: Richmond, represented Maj.Mason at burial of Rector [Leeds Mercury]
1891: head, Richmond, Cornforth Hill, 54, m.Elizabeth, Currier
1901: head, Escomb DUR, 'Blue Bells Inn', 64, m.Elizabeth, Innkeeper
1909: Teesdale? son John dies at Hartlepool aged 43
1910 Q4, Teesdale (73) wife Elizabeth dies
1918 Q4 d. 'Commercial Hotel', Bishop Auckland, 82; Probate: effects 76: Margaret Bell (his dau; now wife of JL Bell)
John +Margaret WINN, 1837
Robert HEARFIELD1872 Q2 b. Richmond
1872 Q2 d. Richmond, 0 [NBI]
Robert +Elizabeth WAITES, 1872
Robert Kelsey HEARFIELD1875 Q2 b. Darlington
1881: son, Darlington, 14-16 Union St, 5
1889: Darlington (14) mother Ann dies
1891: son, Darlington, 1 Gladstone St, 15, French polisher (as was his father)
1895: Leeds? (20) father James dies
1898 Q1 m. Leeds (23) Ada Enderby ('Endby')
1899: Leeds, Kirkstall, birth of daughter Lena
1901: head, York, Acomb, 59 Gladstone St, 25, m.Ada, French polisher
1917: Middlesbrough, birth (& death) of daughter Annie E.
1943 Q3 d. Middlesbrough, 68
James +Ann KELSEY, 1875
Robert HEARFIELD1891 Q4 b. Halifax
1901: son, Halifax, 31 Penn St, 9 (father: policeman)
1909: Hartlepool? (18) father John dies
1916: W.Hartlepool, 2 Bangor St, Butcher: joined RRA: R Lancs Fusiliers. From his service record:
5ft 7in tall, Methodist. Mother: Elizabeth, 2 Bangor St. Unmarried. In France from 1917. L/Cpl 1917. Sgt 1918. Wounded in thigh 1918. Made A/CSM 1918
1926 Q2 m. Hartlepool (35) Alice V. Dobbin
1929: Hartlepool, birth of daughter Dorothy; birth (& death) of son Robert: twins?
1929: Hartlepool (38) wife Alice V. dies
1954 Q4 d. W.Hartlepool, 63
John +Elizabeth CARTER, 1891
Robert James HEARFIELD1911 Q1 b. Middlesbrough
1935 Q4 m. Middlesbrough (24) Olive M. Young
1936: Middlesbrough, birth (1936, & death, '37) of son Donald; birth of son Douglas K. (1945)
1999 Q3 d. Middlesbrough, 88
Robert HEARFIELD1925 Q3 b. Middlesbrough
1956: ? (31) father William Clark dies
1998 Q1 d. Sheffield, 72, b.4/6/25
William Clark +Cecelia CHAPLIN, 1925
Robert HEARFIELD1929 Q2 b. Hartlepool
1929 Q1 d. Hartlepool, 0
Robert +Alice DOBBIN, 1929
Robert D. HEARFIELDLiving1952
Robert David HEARFIELD1975 Q4 b. C.Cleveland
1993 Q4 d. C.Cleveland, 18, b.24/10/75
? +Linda FRANCIS, 1975
Robert Steven HEARFIELDLiving1989
Rodney HEARFIELDLiving1943
Ron HEARFIELDLiving1950?
Ronald HEARFIELD1913 Q3 b. Leeds, Kirkstall
1934 Q4 m. Leeds North (21) Edna Kelsey (div?)
1936, '38, '40: Leeds, 19 Vickers Ave, Engineer [Kelly's Dir]
1936: Leeds South, 23, birth (& death) of son Brian
1937: Leeds W, 19 Vickers Ave (24) Leeds Reg of Electors
Leeds: birth of daughter Gwendoline (1937) and daughter Marian (1943)
1952: Leeds, former wife Edna re-marries
1957: Leeds? (44) father Fred (printer) dies
1961 Q2 m. Leeds (48) Zillah Austerfield - "She was already married with two children" (GP)
1975 Q4 d. Leeds, 62, b.5/9/13
Fred +Ida LOFTHOUSE, 1913
Ronald HEARFIELD1921 Q4 b. Leeds
1944: Leeds, 52 Armley Ridge Rd 12, "Hearfield R": TN 37229
1944 Q3 m. Leeds (23) Gladys J. Pollard
1946: Leeds, 6 Burley Wood Mt 4, "Hearfield Ronald": TN 55160
1947: Leeds, 64 Victoria Rd 6, "Hearfield Ronald": TN 55160
Leeds: birth of son Peter (1950) and son David J. (1953)
1958: Leeds, 100 Burley Lodge Rd 6, "Hearfield R": TN 53184
1959: Leeds (38) birth of son Paul C.
1968-83: Leeds, 16 Morris Lane 5, "Hearfield R": TN 53184
1978: Leeds? (57) father John Baxter dies
1995 Q4 d. Leeds, 74, b.21/10/21
John B +Nellie DAY, 1921
Ronald HEARFIELD1930 Q3 b. Sculcoates, Drypool
1951 Q3 m. Hull (21) Shelagh Rew (div?)
Hull: birth of son Gary R. (1954) and son Lindsey R. (1955)
Birth of son Stewart L. (1961, Gainsboro) and son Glenn Philip (1967, Hillingdon)
1974: (44) father William dies
1978 Q3 m. Torbay (48) Tessa J. Disbury
1980: Leeds, 40 Linton Dv 17, "Hearfield R": TN 692174
1983: Leeds, 15 Oakdale Meadows 14, "Hearfield R": TN 736827
1986: Bangor (Wales), birth of daughter Samantha Janet F.
2001 Q4 d. Preston, 71, b.31/7/30
William +Ethel YATES, 1930
Ronald C. HEARFIELDLiving1934
Rosa HEARFIELD1928 Q2 (Southampton) 56, 'Ionic' docked from Wellington; Henry (66, Ret'd, NZ) +Rosa (56, NZ) c/o Mrs Capp, 15 Longley Rd, Harrow-on-the-Hill1871
(later GARNETT)
Rosemarie E. CLAYTON
(later HEARFIELD, then BAXTER)
S. HEARFIELD1982: Redcar, 12 Westmorland Rd, "Hearfield S": TN 480875who?
1837: m. Portsea? (19) John Hearfield
1851: wife, Portsea, Abercrombie St, 33, m.John, b.Horley SUR
1861: wife, Plumstead KT, 15 Hudson Rd, 43, m.John
1871: wife, Plumstead KT, 15 Hudson Road, 53, m.John, b.Horseley SUR
1881: wife, Plumstead KT, 31 Inverness Place, 63, m.John, b.Thorley SUR
1883 Q3, Woolwich (65) husband John (whitesmith) dies
1891: Plumstead KT, 76 Station Rd, 72, widow, Monthly nurse (lodger), b.Horley SSX
1898 Q1 d. Woolwich, 80
Henry +Elizabeth, 1818
Salome Eugenie HEARFIELD1855 Q3 b. Portsea
1858 Q1 d. Lewisham, 2
John +Salome MITCHELL, 1855
Samantha Jane HEARFIELD
(later ROTH)
Samantha Janet F. HEARFIELDLiving1986
[...Family page...]
1676 Q2 b. Hampsthwaite, IGI c.9 April
1680: Hampsthwaite? (4) father James dies
1702 Q3 m. Leeds, 'of Ryther' (26) Jane Illingworth, St.Peter PR
Leeds: Market Place, birth of daughter Jane (1703) and daughter Ann (1704)
1707: Leeds, Market Place, 32, birth (& death, '09) of son Samuel
1736 Q3 d. Leeds, Chapel Allerton, 60
James +Jane, 1676
[...Family page...]
1699 Q1 b. Adel, IGI c.14 Jan
1732 Q2 m. Sandal Magna, 33, Ann Burnett IGI (Samuel: 'parish of Addle')
Adel: birth of son Samuel (1733) son James (1735) son Thomas (1738)
Adel: birth of daughter Ann (1740) daughter Mary (1743) daughter Sarah (1746)
1746: Adel? (47) father Peter dies
1749: Adel, birth of daughter Edith (Edy)
1758: Spofforth, daughter Sarah dies, aged 12
1778 Q1, Spofforth, Braham (79) wife Ann dies (Samuel: farmer)
1779 Q2 d. Spofforth, Braham, 80, PR ('Samuel the elder': farmer)
Peter 'of Ecup' +? 1699
Samuel HEARFIELD1707 Q1 b. Leeds, Market Place, PR b.22 Feb c.8 Mar
1709: d. Leeds, Market Place, 2 [PR]
Samuel +Jane ILLINGWORTH, 1708
[...Family page...]
1733 Q2 b. Adel, PR, IGI
1759 Q4 m. Spofforth (26) Alice Bickerdyke IGI, PR
Spofforth: birth of son Thomas (1760) daughter Ann (1761) daughter Mary (1763) ('Samuel jnr')
1763: Spofforth, witness at Richard Bickerdyke's marriage
Spofforth: birth (& death) of daughter Edith (1767); birth of daughter Sarah (1768) ('Samuel the younger')
1769: Braham Farm, Spofforth: A correspondent says that his farm rent at the time was 70 per half year, with tithes set at 15.11s.9d until 1780.
1771 Spofforth, birth of daughter Edith
Spofforth: witness at wedding of brother Thomas to Sarah Hudson (1771) and at another wedding (1773)
1773: Spofforth: birth (& death) of daughter Elizabeth (1773)
Spofforth: birth of daughter Margaret (1774) and daughter Elizabeth (1776) ('Samuel junior')
1779 Spofforth (Braham) death of infant son Samuel (Samuel: farmer)
1779: Spofforth? (46) father Samuel dies (A correspondent says Braham Farm then passed to his son Thomas)
Pannal: birth (& death) of daughter Alice (1781) and also of son Samuel (1782)
1784: Spofforth? at the baptism of daughter Ann's child James Dobson, he was noted to be 'a poor man'
1793: d. Harrogate, 60, PR
Samuel +Ann BURNETT, 1733
[...Family page...]
1773 Q4 b. Spofforth, PR, IGI c.31 Dec
1798 Q4 m. Adel (25) Mary Whitehead IGI, PR, 'both of Adel'
1799 Adel, birth of son John (Samuel: labourer)
Calverley: birth of daughter Ann (1802) and daughter Eden (1804)
Burley: birth of daughter Tryphena (1806) and son William (1809)
Burley: birth of son James (1811) and son Joseph (1813)
1813: Burley? (40) father Thomas dies
Burley: birth of daughter Mary (1817) and son Samuel Whitehead (1820)
1830: Burley, Farmer [White's Dir]
1835: Burley (62) WR Poll Book: elector
1837 Q3 d. Otley, 63, Farmer
Thomas +Sarah HUDSON, 1773
Samuel EARFIELD1773 Q4 b. Womersley, PR, IGI c.5 DecJames +Martha BEDFORD, 1773
Samuel HEARFIELD1779 Q2 d. Spofforth, PR (no b.recd) 'infant son of Samuel, farmer of Braham'Samuel +Alice BICKERDYKE, 1779
Samuel HEARFIELD1782: b. Pannal, PR
1790 Q4 d. Harrogate, 8? PR
Samuel +Alice BICKERDYKE, 1782
Samuel HEARFIELD1810 Q4 b. Spofforth, PR, IGI b.8 Apr c.4 Nov (twin: John)
1811: d. Spofforth, 1, PR 'unknown cause'
William +Mary GRAVELEY, 1810
Samuel HEARFIELD1818 Q4 b. Hull, Sutton, IGI c.18 Oct
1838 Q4 m. Doncaster, Frenchgate, 21+ (20) Jane Ann Tankersley, Parish Ch (Samuel: turner +carver; father: labourer)
1841: head, Hull (HT) English St, 20, m.Jane, Turner J
1841: Hull, West end, Old Dockside (23) Turner [Pigot's Dir]
1842: Hull, North side Old Dock; h Hull Place, Osborne St, 'Wood turner +carver' [Stephenson's Dir]
1851 Q1, Doncaster, 33, Bankrupt: discharged, Wood turner
1851: head, Leeds, 10 St Johns Square, 33, m.Ann, Carver +wood turner
1861: head, Darlington, Skinnergate, 42, m.Jane Ann, Carver +wood turner
Darlington, 10 Skinnergate: 'Turner +chair maker' [Slater's Dir 1864], 'Turner in wood' [Whellan's Dir 1865]
Darlington: 37 Albion St, 'Wood carver +turner' [White's Dir 1867], 'Carver +turner' [Mercer +Crocker's Dir 1868]
1871: head, Darlington, 37 Albion St, 52, m.Jane A., Wood turner master
1871: Darlington, convened a public meeting to promote a Public Library in the town
1873: Darlington, Albion St, Wood turner [PO Dir]
1873: Darlington, Albion St, Burgess Roll: NW Ward (1873) Register of Electors (1874)
1876: Darlington, Union St; h Albion St, Carver +wood turner [Slater's Dir]
1881: head, Darlington, 33-35 Albion St, 62, m.Jane Ann, Wood turner
1890 Q3, Darlington (72) wife Jane Ann dies
1891 Q2 d. Stockton, 73
James +Elizabeth THORNTON, 1818
Samuel Whitehead HEARFIELD
[...Family page...]
[... newspaper reports...]
1820 Q4 b. Burley, IGI c.24 Dec
1837: Burley? (17) mother Mary and father Samuel (farmer) both die
1841: Burley, 20, Labourer, with brother John
1843 Q3 m. Otley, 21+ (23) Ellen Blakebrough, Parish Ch (SW: tallow chandler; father: farmer)
1844: Skipton (24) birth of son John (SW: chandler)
1848: Hull, 31 Neptune St, Cattle dealer [Slater's Dir] (?correct Samuel?)
1850: York (30) charged with uttering forged banknotes at Hull
1851: Hull jail, 30 m. Prisoner (Journeyman Tallow Chandler)
1858: Hull, 52 North St, Pork butcher [White's Dir]
1860 Q4, Hull, 82 North St, Shipping clerk: inquest on Lawrence Hanlon (?correct Samuel?)
1861: head, Hull, Myton, 52 North St, 40, m.'Helen', Pork Butcher
1863-67: Hull, 52 North St, Pork butcher [White's Dir]
1869: Leeds (49) fined for incorrect scales [Hull Packet]
1870: Leeds, 5 Burley Rd, 50, Pork butcher
1871: head, Leeds West, Burley Road, 50, m.Ellen, Pork Butcher
1871: Leeds, 71 Burley St, John Samuel, Pork butcher [White's Dir]
1875, '77: Leeds, 71 Burley St, John Samuel, Pork butcher [WR Dir]
1878: Leeds, 71 Burley St, Pork butcher [McCorquodale's Dir]
1878 Q2 d. Leeds West, 57
Samuel +Mary WHITEHEAD, 1820
Samuel HEARFIELD1833 Q4 b. Hull, Myton, PR, IGI b.7 Dec c.11 April '37 (father: butcher)
1841: son, Hull (HT) Waterhouse Lane, 8
1851: son, Hull (HT) 45 Waterhouse Lane, 18, Joiner's app
1857 Q1 m. Hull, Waterhouse Lane (25) Betsey Ann Forsey (Samuel: joiner; father James: butcher)
1858: Hull, Myton, birth of daughter Alice
1860: Hull (27) drew up plans for a house for William Elwood
1860: Hull, Myton, birth (& death, '64) of son John Samuel
1861: head, Hull (HT) 5 William St, 29, m.Betsey A., House +ship joiner
1862: Hull, Myton, birth of daughter Kate
1863: Hull, Myton? (30) father James dies
Hull, Myton: birth (& death) of son Sydney (1864) and also of daughter Betsey (1865-69)
1868: Hull, Myton, birth of son Samuel
1871: head, Hull (HT) 97 Campbell St, 38, m.Betsey A., Jnymn carpenter
Hull, Myton: birth of daughter Betsey Annie (1871) and daughter Ada Ellen (1873)
Hull, Myton: birth of son Charles Edwin (1876) and daughter Edith (1878)
1879: Hull, 136 Bean St, Bookseller [Kelly's Dir]
1881: head, Hull, 77 Bean St, 48, m.Betsy Ann , Carpenter +Joiner
1882: Hull, 79 Bean street; h. 77 Bean st, Bookseller [White's Dir]
1890 Q1 d. Hull, 57
James +Rachel SYKES, 1833
Samuel HEARFIELD1861 Q2 b. Darlington
1871: son, Darlington, 24 Union St, 9 (father: french polisher)
1881: Guisborough, 38 Belmangate, 19, French polisher, boarding with Nelson fam
1883 Q3 m. Darlington (22) Sarah Jane Lazenby
1883: Darlington, birth of son Fred
Leeds, 16 Denison St: French polisher [Kelly's Dir 1888, Slater's Dir 1891]
1891: head, Leeds, Armley, 8 Florence Terrace, 29, m.Sarah J., French polisher
1892: Bramley, Wortley, birth of daughter Emily
1894: Leeds, 25 Harold View, French polisher (j) [White's Dir]
1895: Leeds? (34) father James (french polisher) dies
1901: head, Leeds, Headingley, 25 Harold View, 39, m.Sarah Jane, French Polisher
1901: Leeds, 25 Harold View, French polisher (j) [WR Dir]
1901: Leeds, 6 Maryland Terr, French polisher [Kelly's Dir 1901, '04, '08 and Robinsons Dir 1902, '05, '09]
1912-22, 1927: Leeds, 6 Maryland Terr, French polisher [Kelly's Dir]
1922: Leeds (61) wife Sarah Jane dies
1927 Q3 d. Leeds, 66; Probate: effects 207: Fred (his son: news press hand)
James +Ann KELSEY, 1861
Samuel Whitehead HEARFIELD1868 Q1 b. Sculcoates East
1871: son, Holbeck, 65 Croisdale Rd, 3
1881: son, Bradford, 20 Farrar Square, 13 (father: watchmaker)
1888: New Wortley (21) witness at brother Mark's marriage to Louisa Hill
1888 Q3, Gt Grimsby, "Wilford +Willis, eccentric knockabout comedians +dancers" top the bill at Bakewell's Music Hall
1889 Q4 m. Bramley, New Wortley (21) Adele Rachel Georgina Lewis, Parish Ch (both 'Theatric professionals')
1890: Ashton, birth of daughter Viola Wilford (who later m. Fred Heywood)
1891: head, Halifax, 5 Prescott St, 23, m.Adele, Professional artist (Painter)
1892: Sheffield, birth of daughter Elizabeth Dora
1893: Liverpool, birth of son John (Wilford)
1894: Liverpool, birth of son Samuel Wilford (who later m.Florence Hough)
1894: Liverpool? (30) father John dies
1897: Salford, birth of son Sidney Wilford
1899 Q1, Cardiff, "Wilford +Willis" in pantomime 'Bluebeard'
1900 Q1, "Wilford +Willis in pantomime 'Bluebeard' at Queen's Theatre"
1900 Q2, Derby, "Wilford +Willis at Palace Music Hall"
1900 Q2, Holbeck, birth of daughter Edith Wilford
1900 Q3, Liverpool, "Wilford +Willis at Roscommon Music Hall"
1901: "Samuel WILFORD": Nottingham, 1 Holdens Square, St James St, 33, lodger, m. but with Mary Wilford!, Artist (Sculptor?)
1902: Hyde CHE, "Wilford +Willis in 'Blackbeard the Pirate' at Hyde"
A correspondent says that Samuel was "Wilford", and adds that family legend has it he was killed by falling scenery during a show at the Theatre Royal, Hyde, in about 1905.
John +Annie LANGAN, 1867
Samuel HEARFIELD1868 Q4 b. Hull, Myton
1871: son, Hull (HT) 97 Campbell St, 2 (father: carpenter)
1881: son, Hull, 77 Bean St, 12
1890: (22) father Samuel dies
1891 Q1 m. Hull (23) Mabel A.V.S. Andrews
1891: Hull (HT) 8 Myton Gate, 23, Smith, m. Mabel, living with her family
1891 Q4, Hull, Myton, birth of son William George
1892: Hull, Hatch house, South Parade (24) Smith [Bulmer's Dir]
Hull, Myton: birth of son Samuel (1893), son Fred (1894), son Thomas (1895), daughter Lucy (1898)
1899: Hull, 3 Albert Ave (East side) (31) [Kelly's Dir]
Hull, Myton, birth of daughter Edith (1899) and son Frank (1900)
1901: head, Hull, 192 Division Rd, 32, m.Mabel, Foreman blacksmith
1903: Sculcoates, birth of daughter Mabel
1918 Q3, Sculcoates (50) wife Mabel A.V.S. murdered by her lover!
1937 Q2 d. Hull, 68
Samuel +Betsey Ann FORSEY, 1868
1893 Q1 b. Hull, Myton
1901: son, Hull, 192 Division Rd, 8 (father: blacksmith); emigrated to Australia
1920: m. Viewmont NSW Aus, Eileen Alice Neale
1937: Viewmont NSW? (44) father Samuel dies
1956 Q2 (Southampton) 'Orontes' from Sydney docked; Samuel (b.1.2.93, Ret'd, from NSW Aus) 68 Washington St, Beverley Rd, Hull; 6 month visa
Samuel +Mabel ANDREW, 1893
Samuel Wilford HEARFIELD1894 Q4 b. Liverpool
1901: 'adopted son', Liverpool, 28 Bridport St, 6, with Benjamin Moorhouse (stonemason) family (possibly a cousin)
1913 Q1 m. West Derby (19) Florence Hough, Kirkdale, St. Mary
1913: West Derby, birth of daughter Florence E.
1914: joined the Royal Regt of Artillery at Preston on 4/9/14; discharged 9/1/15, b.Walton Liverpool, m. to Florence.
West Derby, birth of daughter Edith (1916), daughter Violet E. (1920), daughter Phyllis M. (1923)
West Derby, daughter Edith dies, aged 8
1928: West Derby (34) birth of daughter Doris
1941 Q1 d. Edmonton, 45
Samuel +Adele LEWIS, 1894
Samuel Victor HEARFIELD1919 Q4 b. Sculcoates West
1941 Q3, Sicily (22) posted as KIA, formerly MIA [Times]; 148 Sqdn RAF, Sgt
- apparently 148 Sqdn at the time was flying Wellingtons out of Malta to bomb targets in Italy ...
William +Ethel YATES, 1919
Samuel Lee HEARFIELDLiving1988
(later MEYERS)
(later BURDSALL)
1730: m. Adel (21?) Richard Burdsall PR
1759: 'widow' d. Spofforth (50? -guess) PR
Peter +? 1709?
Sarah HEATHFIELD1733 Q4 b. Pannal, PR, IGI c.1 Dec
1733: d. Pannal, 0, PR
Peter +Elizabeth ADDIMAN, 1733
Sarah HEARFIELD1746 Q2 b. Adel, IGI c.27 April
1758: 'of Braham' d. Spofforth, 12, PR
Samuel +Ann BURNETT, 1746
[...Family page...]
1748 Q1 b. Aberford c.IGI
1771 Q4 m. Spofforth (22) Thomas Hearfield (30) ABY, IGI, PR
1799: d. Ilkley, 51 ('wife of Thomas, labourer') PR
John +? 1748
Sarah HEARTHFIELD1752 Q1 b. Ripon, PR
1752 Q1 d. Ripon, 0, PR
Joseph +Dorothy ABBEY, 1752
(later HAGUE)
1761 Q3 b. Spofforth, PR, IGI 16 Aug
1792 Q1 m. Aberford (31) William Hague PR
1841: ind, Ecclesfield, Lane End Hospital, 80, by herself
1851: Kimberworth, 92 (90) with son(?) William Smith family
James +Martha BEDFORD, 1761
Sarah HEARFIELD1768 Q4 b. Spofforth, PR, IGI 2 Dec
1793: Spofforth? (25) father Samuel dies
1835: d. Leeds, 68, d.NBI (never married?)
Samuel +Alice BICKERDYKE, 1768
1800 Q1 'of Harewood' m. Leeds (21) Thomas Hearfield, St.Peter IGI, PR, ABY1778
(later GREEN)
1781 Q4 b. Spofforth, PR, IGI b.4 Aug c.6 Oct (Thomas: farmer of Bramham; Sarah dau of John Hudson)
1806 Q3 m. Skipton (24) John Green PR, ABY
1813: Skipton? (32) father Thomas dies
1851: head, Wigglesworth, 69, widow, Grocer
Thomas +Sarah HUDSON, 1781
[...Family page...]
1791 Q4 b. Batley, IGI b. 23 Dec c.5 Feb'92
1812 Q1 m. Batley (20) David Hearfield IGI
1841: wife, Huddersfield, Woodhouse, 45, m.David
1851: wife, Kirkheaton, Colne Bridge, 59, m.David (farm labourer)
1861: wife, Kirkheaton, Heaton Lodge, 69, m.David, 1 servant!
1867 Q2 d. Huddersfield, 75
Henry +Susanna WADE, 1792
1821 Q2 m. Drypool (25?) James Hearfield IGI1796?
1797 Q3 b. Hull
1820 Q2 m. Sculcoates (23) John Hearfield IGI
1841: wife, Hull (HT) Wakefield St, 40, m.John (father James at this time: 'appraiser')
1843 Q3, Hull, Wakefield St (46) birth of son Thomas Ward
1851: wife, Hull, 48 Gt Thornton St, 53, m.John
1861: wife, Hull, 27 Nile St, 63, m.John (Humber pilot)
1869 Q2, Hull (72) husband John dies
1871: head, Hull (HT) 92 Clarendon St, 73, Pilots widow
1880 Q4 d. Sculcoates, 83 [Hull Pkt, GS]
James +Elizabeth ACKRILL, 1797
(later SIMPSON)
1801 Q3 b. Otley, IGI b.10 Aug c.4 Sep
1820 Q4 m. Otley (19) Francis Simpson IGI
1841: wife, Leeds Bramley, Rodley, 35 (39) m.Francis (publican)
1851: head, Baildon, 135 Cliff Lane, 50, Housekeeper, m. (but separated; husband: farm servant at Menston)
Thomas +Sarah? 1801
(later CHADWICK)
1807 Q2 b. Spofforth, PR, IGI c.5 April (father: labourer)
1827 Q3 m. Leeds (20) Stephen Chadwick, St.Peter PR
I suspect Sarah died ~1835, leaving Stephen (stonemason, b.1802) to bring up their children William (1828) and Ann (1830).
William +Mary GRAVELEY, 1807
Sarah (-?-)
1833: m. ? (26) Thomas Hearfield (but I can't trace the marriage)
1841: head, Thorner, 30, wife of a cattle dealer
1851: wife, Thorner, 44, m.Thomas, b. Selby
1861: wife, Thorner, Main St, 53 (Thomas absent)
1871: wife, Thorner, 78 High St, 63, m.Thomas (cattle dealer)
1881: wife, Thorner, 50 Main St, 74, m.Thomas
1888 Q2 d. Boston Spa, 81
(later CLOUGH)
1836 Q2 m. Otley (23) Thomas Clough IGI, widow?
1841: wife, Halifax, Bull Close Lane, 24, m.Thomas (24, Painter)
1813 - who?
(later METCALFE)
1814 Q3 b. Grassington, IGI, PR
1832: Hubberholme (18) mother Mary dies
1836 Q2 m. Hubberholme (22) John Metcalfe PR
1841: wife, Buckden, 25, m.John (blacksmith)
1851: wife, Steeton 'Whitebear Inn', 35, m.John (innkeeper, farmer, blacksmith)
1855: Gisburn? (41) father Thomas (farmer) dies
1861: wife, Gisburn 'Commercial Inn', 45, m.John (innkeeper, farmer of 45 acres) (Thomas the cattle dealer was lodging there)
Thomas +Mary CRAVEN, 1814
(later BROOK)
1824 Q2 b. Batley, IGI c.6 June
1841: dau, Huddersfield, Woodhouse, 15 (17) (father: farmer)
1851: Elland, 93 West Gate, 27, Housekeeper, with brother David (schoolmaster)
1854 Q4 m. Bradford (30) William Brook
1861: wife, Bradford South, 30 Robert St, 36, m.William (joiner)
1871: Gomersal, Upper Lane, 47, m. (Invalid) with brother David
1873: Gomersal? (49) father David dies
David +Sarah GARRETT, 1824
Sarah Balque (or Balguy) HEARFIELD
1826 Q2 b. Otley, IGI c.14 May (father: farmer)
1841: dau, Burley, Storace House, 15
1851: dau, Otley, Storris House, 25, u, Farmers dau
1860 Q1 d. Otley, 34 GS (never married)
John +Mary BALGUE, 1826
Sarah HEARFIELD1829 Q2 b. Guiseley, IGI c.21 May
1851: ? (22) father Joseph (farmer) dies
Joseph +Susannah MARSHALL, 1829
1830 Q3 b. Otley, IGI c.20 July
1841: dau, Otley, Bondgate, 10
1851: dau, Otley, Bondgate, 20 (father: tanner + fellmonger emp 30 men)
1861: Otley, Bondgate, 30, u, with brother Thomas (fellmonger)
1862 Q4 m. Halifax (32) George Hearfield (farmer)
1871: Otley, Bondgate, 40, m. with her brother Peter Barker (currier)
1875 Q2 d. Otley, 44 [GS]
Robert +Catharine JACKSON, 1830
(later BEE)
1830 Q4 b. Hull, GS b.18 Oct; IGI c.15 July'33
1841: dau, Hull (HT) Wakefield St, 10 (father: Humber pilot)
1851: Shoreditch Tower Hamlets, 110 Brownlow Road, 20, u with sister Ann Elizabeth Walker
1859 Q2 m. Hull (28) Alfred Bertram Bee (master mariner)
1860 Q2 d. Liverpool, 30 [GS] - and then two years later Alfred married her sister Eleanor ...
John +Sarah KELSEY, 1830
Sarah Jane HERFIELD1835: b. Hull, c.PR:18361835
(later WRAY)
1841: dau, Spofforth, 4
1851: dau, Spofforth, 15 (father: tailor)
1859 Q1 m. Bradford (22) Charles Wray
1871: wife, Leeds West, 15 West End Terrace, 34, m.Charles (warehouseman) - John William +family were lodging with them
1881: wife, Leeds NW, 5 Ashworth St, 44, m.Charles
1885 Q2 d. Leeds, 48
James +Ann TATE, 1837
Sarah HEARFIELD1843 Q1 b. Leeds, Chapeltown
1844 Q1 d. Leeds, Chapeltown, 0
Joshua +Ann ENGLAND, 1843
Sarah HEARFIELD1844 Q1 b. Tadcaster
1851: dau, Thorner, 7 (father: cattle dealer)
1861: dau, Thorner, Main St, 17, u, Seamstress
1871: dau, Thorner, 78 High St, 27, u
1881: dau, Thorner, 50 Main St, 37
1886: Thorner? (42) father Thomas dies
1887 Q3, Clifton, Mortgage (with her 2 sisters)
1891: head, Thorner, Main St, 47, u
1895 Q4, Clifton, Conveyance (with sister Ann)
1901: head, Thorner, Main St, 57, u, with sister Ann +1 sv
1912: Thorner? Probate of her sister Ann
Normanby, Mortgage (1921 Q4); further mortgage (1929 Q1); Stat Act (?) (1929 Q1)
1930 Q1 d. The Mount, East Keswick (Wetherby) 85; Probate: effects 6,830: KET Wilkinson, solicitor
Thomas +Sarah, 1844
Sarah Jane LAZENBY
1863 Q3 b. Guisborough
1871: dau, Ormesby, 67 Hampden St, 7 (father: greengrocer)
1881: Darlington, 15 Sun St, 17, Domestic servant with Hurworth (builder)
1883 Q3 m. Darlington (20) Samuel Hearfield
1891: wife, Armley, 8 Florence Terrace, 27, m.Samuel (french polisher)
1901: wife, Headingley, 25 Harold View, 38, m.Samuel
1922 Q4 d. Leeds, 60
William +Sarah Jane LETHE, 1863
1874 Q2 b. Dewsbury
1881: dau, Cleckheaton, Claremont Lane, 7 (father: Professor of music)
1891: dau, Cleckheaton, 177 Rosemont Terrace, 17, Dressmaker
1896 Q3 m. N. Bierley (22) Herbert Hearfield
1901: wife, Cleckheaton, 7 Claremount, 27, m.Herbert (schoolteacher)
1934 Q3, Newcastle, 60, husband Herbert dies
1950 Q4 d. Northumberland N, 76
David +Hannah SHEPLEY, 1874
Sarah (Sally) HEARFIELD1879 Q3 b. Sculcoates, Cottingham
1881: dau, Hull, 4 Albemarle Terrace, 1
1891: dau, Hull, 4 Albemarle Terr, Anlaby Rd, 11 (father: solicitor)
1912: Hull? (33) father Thomas Ward dies
1943: Dorking, Camilla Lacey Lodge, W Humble, 64, "Hearfield Sarah": TN 2511
1968 Q3 d. Horsham, 88 (never married?)
1968: Dorking: death notice: 'formerly of Melton House, East Yorks'; Will: 92,281 (duty paid 41,685) [Times]
Thomas Ward +Emma LEECH, 1879
Sarah Eleanor HANSELL
1882 Q4 b. York
1891: dau, York, 77 Walmgate, 8 (father: lodging house keeper)
1901 Q1 m. Leeds (19) John Hearfield (chef), Leeds Reg Office (Sarah: barmaid)
1936 Q3 d. Knaresborough, 52
William +Frances PLAIN, 1882
Sarah J. HEARFIELDLiving1961
(later LIVESEY)
(later ROWSBY)
Sheila KYLE
1958 Q4 m. Cleveland (23) Ronald C. Hearfield
1992 Q1 d. Coalville LEI, 57, b.17/5/35
Sheila EVANS
1968 Q1 m. Cleveland (22) John D. Hearfield
2003 Q4 d. Middlesbrough, 56, b.21/11/46
Shelagh REW
(later HEARFIELD, then YATES?)
Simon D. HEARFIELDLiving1958
Simon Westley HEARFIELDLiving1995
Sophie Louise HEARFIELDLiving1998
Stephanie M. ROOSE
(later HEARFIELD, then MAY)
Stephen HEARFIELD1794 Q3 b. Burley, IGI b.10 Sep c.11 Oct
1794: d. Ilkley, 1 PR (father: labourer)
Thomas +Sarah HUDSON, 1794
Stephen A. HEARFIELDLiving1960
Steven HEARFIELDLiving1965
Steven Thomas HEARFIELDLiving1968
Stewart L. HEARFIELDLiving1961
(sometimes FAIRBANK, later AYRES)
1876 Q3 b. Leeds West
1876: Leeds West? (0) father John William (labourer) dies
1881: dau, Leeds, 3 Spenceley St, 4
1891: dau, Leeds NW, 5 Spenceley St, 14 (Fanny m. John Firbank) Cap cutter
1895 Q2 m. Leeds (19) Frederick A. Ayres, St.Mark, Woodhouse
1901: wife, Leeds, 117 Woodhouse St, 24, m.Fred (27, fish shop keeper)
John William +Fanny WRAY, 1876
1970 Q3 m. Hull (22) Raymond Hearfield
1996 Q1 d. Hull, 48, b.8/3/48
(later KEMP)
(later WARREN)
(later REED)
Susan E. DUNN
(later PEACOCK)
Susan M. HEARFIELDLiving1961
1796 Q1 (Shushan) b. Rawdon, IGI c.15 Feb
1815 Q2 m. Guiseley (19) Joseph Heafield IGI
1841: wife, Otley, Pool, 40, m.Joseph (farmer)
1851: wife, Pool, 51 (55) m.Joseph
1851 Q2, Otley (55) husband Joseph dies
1854 Q3, Pool, 58, "Mrs H of Pool bought corn" ... Account book of J Mawson
1855 Q4 d. Otley, 59
Abraham +? 1796
Susannah (Susan) SHIPWAY
1811 Q1 b. Cripplegate LON IGI
1837 Q4 m. Bishopsgate LON (26) Benjamin Hearfield, Barbican Chapel, Cong (Susan: Gentlewoman, 4 Thomas St Hackney Rd, Shoreditch; Benjamin: Cabinet maker, same address)
1841: wife, Shoreditch, Tower Hamlets, Orchard Place, 30, m.Benjamin, Feather maker
1851: wife, Shoreditch, Tower Hamlets, 1 Orchard Place, 40, m.Benjamin, Ostrich feather maker, b.St Lukes Middx
1854 Q3 d. Shoreditch LON, 43
John +Eleanor SEARGENT, 1811
Susannah (Susey) HEARFIELD1814 Q4 b. Batley, IGI c.1 Jan'15David +Sarah GARRETT, 1815
Susannah BLADES
1881: dau, N Frodingham, Emmotland, 7 (father: farm labourer)
1891: Pudsey, 10 Carlisle Fold, Fartown, 17, servant to Thos EH Walker
1894 Q2 m. Guisborough (21) Charles J. Hearfield
1901: wife, Bedale, Emgate, 28, m.Charles J (joiner, carpenter)
1936 Bedale (63) husband Charles John dies
1952 Q2 d. Cleveland, 78 [GS]
George +Mary Jane DRESSER, 1873
(later BUCKLEY)
(later HALPIN)
Sydney (Sidney) HEARFIELD1864 Q3 b. Hull, Myton IGI c.18 Sep
1864 Q4 d. Hull
Samuel +Betsey Ann FORSEY, 1864
Sydney (Sidney) Wilford HEARFIELD1897 Q1 b. Salford
1901: son, Nottingham, 1 Holdens Square, St James St, 4 (father: stage comedian)
1916 Q3, Sheffield, 22 Egerton St, Engineers fitter: joined Y&L Regt. From his service record:
5ft 2in, scars on R & L calves. Next-of-kin: Adele Hearfield, mother, 22 Egerton St Sheffield. Wounded 1917 (burns & concussion). Had elder brother in "Manchesters 3rd Regt". In France 1916-19. Discharged 1920 with 30% disability pension. On discharge, known as Sydney Arthur Hearfield, rank Sgt: this was corrected to L/Cpl.
1930 Q2 m. Fylde (34) Irene Tighe
1935: Blackpool: A correspondent says that he worked at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and later moved to London.
1948 Q2 d. Blackpool, 51
Samuel +Adele LEWIS, 1896
Sydney Victor HEARFIELD1897 Q3 b. Gt.Ouseburn, Pop
1901: son, York, Acomb, 70 Gladstone St, 3 (father: carriage trimmer)
1925: York: A correspondent says that he became a warehouseman at Rowntree's after service in WW1; he never married.
1928: York? (31) father James dies
1977 Q4 d. York, 80, b.17/6/97
James +Annie DUTTON, 1897
... [photo]
1906 Q1 b. Leeds, Chapeltown (father: chef)
1920: Harrogate: photographed with the Harrogate Temperance Band
1934 Q2 m. Knaresborough (29) Edith Lee
1938: Harrogate: photographed in the Geo Houston Brass Band [website]
1940: Harrogate? (35) father John dies
1950: Harrogate: [Judy Wilson]: he worked for British Gas, and was interested in music; he had no children.
1980, '84: Harrogate, 22 Roseville Av, "Hearfield S": TN 889112
1985 Q1, Harrogate (Claro) (80) wife Edith dies
1996 Q2 d. Harrogate (Claro) 90, b.22/12/05
John +Sarah Eleanor HANSELL, 1905
T. HEARFIELD (RNR)1944: Hull, 14 The Poplars, Durham St, "Hearfield T", RNR: TN Central 12534 who?
Tacey (Tace) Eleanor HEARFIELD
(later STRACHAN)
1843 Q4 b. Sculcoates, Hessle, IGI b.6 Nov
1851: Liverpool Toxteth Queen Anne St, 7, with Garniss grandparents (father: 'Admiral Hawke' inn +asst quarry manager)
1870 Q3 m. Sculcoates (27) Alexander Strachan PR, IGI
1871: wife, Flambrough, Ship Hotel, 27, m.Alexander
1881: wife, Sculcoates, Willerby, Willerby, 37, m.Alexander (35, Coal Merchant)
1882: Sculcoates? (39) father William Hutchinson dies
1891: bd, Bournemouth, Sandhills, Southcliff Rd, 47, m - at boarding house
1901: wife, Welton, Welton Hill, 57, m.Alexander
William Hutchinson +Elizabeth GARNISS, 1843
Terence HEARFIELD1959 Q1 b. Middlesbrough
1981: Middlesbrough, 5 Salton Clo, Linthorpe, "Hearfield T" TN:827931
1982: Middlesbrough, 8 Bank Sands, Thornhill, "Hearfield T" TN:591158
2001: ? (42) father John F. dies
2004 Q3 d. Southampton, 45, b.7/3/59; both his sister Ann M. and his brother John N. have contacted me
John +Catherine BOND, 1959
Terence Douglas HEARFIELDLiving1982
Thirza HERFIELD1876 Q2 b. Bradford
1876 Q3 d. Bradford, 0
?Joseph +Elizabeth? 1876
Thomas HEARFELD1602 Q3 d. Leeds, 70? PR - Christopher's father?1532?
Thomas HEYFIELD1597: Dallowgill, 60? Will, Masham Peculiar1537?
Thomas HEARFELD1602 Q3 m. Fewston (27?) Alice Wayte PR, IGI
Fewston: birth (& death) of daughter Dorothy (1603); birth of daughter Ann (1605)
1609: Fewston (34) wife Alice dies
1610 Q1 m. Fewston (35) Margaret Inman PR, IGI
Fewston: birth of daughter Mary (1610) and daughter Jane (1612)
1613: Knaresborough: Marmaduke Wayte (first wife's father) leaves 12d to Thomas in his Will
1614: Fewston: birth of daughter Dorothy
1616 Q3, Timble, fined 1d for encroaching one half rood of the Forest of Knaresborough
Fewston: birth of daughter Frances (1617) son Thomas (1619) and daughter Barbara (1620)
1627 Q3, Fewston (52) wife Margaret dies
1638: d. Timble (Fewston): in his Will he names daughter Ann, married with 2 daughters (Margrett +Marie) +son Thomas, daughters Jane +Elizabeth
Thomas HAYFELD1613 Q3 m. York (22)? Izabel (-?-) IGI1591?
Thomas HEARFELD1619 Q1 b. Fewston, PR, IGI c.20 Jan
1627: Fewston (8) mother Margaret dies
1638: Fewston? (19) father Thomas dies: left 6s 8d a year in his Will
Thomas +Margaret INMAN, 1619
Thomas AUFEILD1639 Q4 b. Weston, IGI c.5 OctThomas +Jane, 1639
Thomas HEIRFEILD1640 Q2 b. Fewston, IGI c.9 MayThomas +Marie SLAYDEN, 1640
Thomas HEARFIELD1735 Q3 b. Bramham, PR, IGI c.7 SepPeter +Elizabeth ADDIMAN, 1735
[...Family page...]
1738 Q1 b. Adel, IGI c.19 March
1771 Q4 m. Spofforth, Sarah Hudson (22) ABY, IGI, PR (Thomas: 30, husbandman)
Spofforth (Braham): birth of daughter Ann (1771) and (illegitimate?) daughter Edith (1772)
Spofforth (Braham): birth of son Samuel (1773) and son Thomas (1775)
Spofforth (Braham): birth of daughter Mary (1777) and son John (1779) (Thomas: farmer)
1779: Spofforth? (41) father Samuel dies
Spofforth: birth of daughter Sarah (1781) and son William (1783) (Thomas: farmer)
1785: Spofforth, birth of daughter Elizabeth (Thomas: farmer)
Denton: birth of son David (1787) and daughter Hannah (1790)
Denton: birth of son Joseph (1791); birth (1792 & death, '93) of son James (Thomas: labourer)
1794: Burley, birth (& death, '95) of son Stephen (Thomas: labourer)
1799: Ilkley (61) wife Sarah dies (Thomas: labourer)
1807: Burley: named at baptism of his grand-daughter Mary Green: Farmer [Skipton PR]
1807: Burley, daughter Ann SIMPSON dies, aged 36
Burley: named at baptism of his grand-daughters Sarah Green (1811) and Ann Green (1812): Farmer [Skipton PR]
1813: d. Burley (inferred)
Samuel +Ann BURNETT, 1738
Thomas HEARFIELD1760 Q3 b. Spofforth, PR, IGI c.11 July
1793: ? (33) father Samuel dies
1800 Q1 m. Leeds (21) Sarah Scott (21) St.Peter IGI, PR, ABY; Thomas 'of Leeds'
1800 Harewood, birth of dau Mary (This marriage and children seems likely, but it's really just guesses)
1801 Otley, birth of dau Sarah
Samuel +Alice BICKERDYKE, 1760, Spofforth
1775 Q3 b. Spofforth, PR, IGI c.29 Sep
1801 Q4 m. Otley (26) Mary Craven IGI
1802: Guiseley, birth of daughter Elizabeth
Hubberholme: birth of daughter Mary (1804) son Thomas (1807) and son Matthew (1809) (Thomas: farmer)
1810: Skipton, birth of son Matthew
1813: Grassington? (38) father Thomas dies
Grassington, birth of daughter Sarah (1814); birth (1817 & death, '19) of son John
1820: Hubberholme, birth (& death) of daughter Harriet (Thomas: farmer)
1822: Grassington, birth of son John
1832 Hubberholme (57) wife Mary dies aged 48
1834: Hubberholme (59) daughter Mary TENNANT dies
1841: head, Arncliffe, Buckden, 65, widower, Farmer
1851: head, Buckden, 75, widower, Farmer of 140 acres
1854: Hubberholme, daughter Elizabeth (50) marries (Thomas: farmer)
1855 Q2 d. Hubberholme [Skipton] 79 [NBI, PR]
Thomas +Sarah HUDSON, 1775
Thomas HEARFIELD1786 Q2 b. Ripon, PR
1786: d. Ripon, 0
Joseph +Mary? 1786
Thomas HERFIELD1807 Q2 b. Hubberholme, PR, IGI c.21 July
1833? m. ? (25?) Sarah (-?-) (I can't trace the marriage)
1836: Hubberholme? (29) witness at his sister Sarah's wedding to John Metcalfe
1838: Leeds, Chapeltown, birth of daughter Mary
1841: Skipton, Mill Bridge St, 30, Cattle dealer, in lodging house?
1844: Tadcaster, birth of daughter Sarah
1849: Thorner, Land Deed (Starbotton)
1851: head, Thorner, 44, m.Sarah, Cattle dealer
1851: Tadcaster, Bramham, birth of daughter Ann
1855: Thorner? (48) father Thomas dies
1858: Thorner, Cattle dealer [White's Dir]
1858: Thorner, Land Deed (Thorner)
1861: Gisburn, 54, m., at Commercial Inn (with Metcalfe), Cattle dealer
Thorner: Land Deed (Thorner) (1861); sold 3 fields (1865)
1866, '70: Thorner, Cattle dealer [White's Dir]
1871: head, Thorner, 78 High St, 65, m.Sarah, Cattle dealer
1873: Thorner, 'Owners of land': 32a 3r 23p: income 30.3.0
1881: head, Thorner, 50 Main St, 74, m.Sarah, Retired cattle dealer
1881: Thorner, Cattle dealer [Kelly's Dir]
1886 Q2 d. Boston Spa, 79, Gentleman; Probate: estate 3,689: Mary, Sarah +Ann, spinster daus
Thomas +Mary CRAVEN, 1807
Thomas HEARFIELD1840 Q2 b. Leeds, Chapeltown
1841: son, Leeds, Ch Allerton, Meanwood, 1
842 Q1 d. Leeds, Chapeltown, 1
Joshua +Ann ENGLAND, 1840
Thomas Ward HEARFIELD1843 Q3 b. Hull, Wakefield St, IGI c.28 July'46
1851: son, Hull, 48 Gt Thornton St, 7
1861: son, Hull (HT) 27 Nile St, 17, u, Solicitors articled clerk (father: master of pilot cutter)
1869: Hull? (26) father John dies
1871: son, Hull (HT) 92 Clarendon St, 27, Attorney at law
1872: Hull, 26 Scale Lane; h 92 Clarendon St, Solicitor, Notary public +solicitor to Steamship Owners Assn +Ship Owners Mutual Assn [Kelly's Dir]
1877 Q3 m. Chorlton (34) Emma Sarah Leech, Manchester, Whalley Range, St. Margaret
1878: Sculcoates, Cottingham, birth of daughter Ethel
1879: Hull, Exchange Blgs, Bowlalley Lane [Kelly's Dir]
1879: Cottingham, The Woodlands, St.Johns Wood, Solicitor [Kelly's Dir]
1879: Sculcoates, Cottingham, birth of daughter Sarah
1880: Hull, Myton, birth of son John (Jack)
1881: head, Hull, 4 Albemarle Terrace, 37, m.Emma Sarah , Solicitor +Notary
1881: Hull, Myton, birth of son Tom
1882: Hull, 4 Albemarle terrace, Anlaby road, 39, Solicitor +commissioner for oaths (J +TW) [White's Dir]
1888: Hull, Myton, birth of son Norman Percy
1890: Hull (47) supporting Liberal MP [Leeds Mercury]
1891: head, Hull, 4 Albemarle Terr, Anlaby Rd, 47, m.Emma S., Solicitor +Notary
1892: Melton, Melton house, Solicitor [Bulmer's Dir]
1893: Hull, Old Exchange Bldg, Bowlalley lane, Solicitor +Notary +Commissioner for oaths [Kelly's Dir: 'Hearfields +Lambert']
1893: Melton, Brough [Kelly's Dir]
1895: Hull, "Hearfield J +TW +Lambert": TN 444
1899: Hull, Old Exchange Bldg, Bowlalley lane; h. Melton house, Melton, Solicitor +Notary +Commissioner for oaths [Kelly's Dir: 'Hearfields +Lambert']
1901: head, Melton, Melton House, 57, m.Emma 4 svts, Solicitor +Notary
1901: Hull, Brough: son Norman Percy dies, aged 21
1905-11: Hull, Welton House, Brough, 62, "Hearfield TW, Whiting Mfr": TN Ferriby 11
1912 Q1 d. Melton House, Melton, Sculcoates, 68; Probate: effects 43,451; John Hearfield, solicitor
John +Sarah KELSEY, 1843
Thomas HEARFIELD1847 Q2 b. Bramham (Tadcaster)
1850 Q1 d. Bramham, 2
Thomas +Sarah(?) 1847
Thomas Mace HEARFIELD1864 Q1 b. Salford, Regents Rd
1871: son, Manchester, 141 Knightly St, 7 (father: news agent)
1871: Manchester (7) mother Mary Ann dies
1881: Bedale, 'Oddfellows Arms' Emgate, Groom, 16, with uncle Thomas Mace
1898: ? (34) father John Henry dies
1901: Clitheroe LAN, Little Mitton Hall, 36, Groom (domestic) at Mitton Hall: 11 servants!
1920 Q1 m. Birkenhead, Wirral (56) Annie Hurst
1944 Q4 d. Westmorland S, 79
John Henry +Mary Ann MACE, 1864
Tom HEARFIELD1865 Q2 b. Wetherby
1871: son, Spofforth, 1 Beech Terrace, 5 (father: groom +gardener)
1881: Huttons Ambo, 15, Blacksmith's apprentice, with Vester
1884: Spofforth or Yedingham, 19, Blacksmith, got a suit of clothes under false pretences [Northern Echo]
1893: ? (28) father William dies
William +Ann BAXTER, 1865
Tom HEARFIELD1881 Q3 b. Hull, Myton
1891: son, Hull, 4 Albemarle Terr, Anlaby Rd, 9 (father: solicitor)
1901: son, Melton, Melton House, 19, Student Cambs University
1912: Kendal? WML (31) father Thomas Ward dies
1913 Q1, Kendal WML, Forest Hall, bought 4,000 of land +houses in Hull with Wm Hodgson, Gent, Beverley, Farmer
1914: WW1, Served as Pte in KORL Regt [Cambr alumni]
1926 Q3 d. Kendal, 45; Probate: effects 20,209: John Hearfield, solicitor
Thomas Ward +Emma LEECH, 1881
Thomas (Tom) HEARFIELD1883 Q3 b. Bramley, Wortley (father: watchmaker)
1891: Halifax, 5 Prescott St, 7, with brother Samuel +Adele
1894: Holbeck? (11) father John dies
1901: Holbeck, Leeds, 7 Rydall Terrace, 17, u, Shovel maker, with brother-in-law Clark
John +Annie LANGAN, 1883
Thomas HEARFIELD1895 Q4 b. Hull, Myton
1901: son, Hull, 192 Division Rd, 5 (father: blacksmith)
1922 Q3 m. Hull (27) Edith Longley
Sculcoates: birth of son Walter Thomas (1925) and son Albert H (1927)
A correspondent writes that he was a motor engineer at about this time.
1937: Stepney? (42) father Samuel dies
1938: Stepney, birth (& death, '39) of daughter Patricia W.
1957 Q4 d. Hull, 62
Samuel +Mabel ANDREW, 1895
Thomas Frederick HEARFIELD1915 Q3 b. Sculcoates, Hessle
1923: Hull to Canada (A correspondent writes that he emigrated to Alberta, Canada with his parents, married Florence Steinke there in 1937, and had two children: Joan (1938) and Robert Frederick (1941)
Fred +Harriet HUDSON, 1915
Thomas HEARFIELD1988 Q2 b. LeedsPeter +Ann OAKES, 1988
Thomas Alan HEARFIELDLiving1989
Thomas Frederick D. HEARFIELDLiving1990
(later RILEY)
1806 Q3 b. Burley, IGI b.14 July c.10 Aug
1828 Q1 m. Otley (21) John Riley IGI, ABY
1837: ? (31) father Samuel (farmer) dies
1841: wife, Ripon, Markington, Barswick? House, 35, m.John
1851: wife, Havara Park, Havara Park, 45, m.John, Farmers wife
1861: wife, Whitley Upper, Grange Ash, 54, m.John
1871: wife, Emley, Flockton Mill, 64 (no John) Farmers wife
1881: head, Kirkheaton, RavensKnowl Rd, 75, widow
1882 Q2 d. Huddersfield, 76
Samuel +Mary WHITEHEAD, 1806
Vanessa HEARFIELDLiving1960?
Vera Gwendoline HEARFIELD
1908 Q3 b. Bramley, Wortley
1927: (19) father Albert Edward dies
1930 Q2 m. Knaresborough (22) John Williamson
1940? A correspondent says they had a daughter.
Albert Edward +Hannah DOUTHWAITE, 1908
Vincent HEARFIELD1898 Q2 b. Halifax
1901: son, Halifax, 31 Penn St, 2
1909: Halifax? (11) father John (policeman) dies
1928 Q3 m. Stockton (30) Helena Sayers
Hartlepool: birth of son? Leslie (1934) and daughter Marjorie (1937)
1961 Q1 d. W.Hartlepool, 62
John +Elizabeth CARTER, 1898
Viola HEARFIELD1878 Q4 b. Bradford
1879 Q1 d. Bradford, 0
Viola Wilford HEARFIELD
(later HEYWOOD)
1890 Q3 b. Ashton
1891: Wortley, 3 Back Wellington Terrace, 8m, with grandparents John +Annie (parents in Halifax: on tour?)
1901: Holbeck, 30 Creskell St, 10, with grandparents (?) Fisher +sister Elizabeth Dora
1914 Q2 m. Stockport (24) Fred Heywood, Bredbury, St.Mark
Samuel +Adele LEWIS, 1890
(later ANDERSON, then RIDSDALE?)
1904 Q1 b. Sculcoates, Cottingham
1915: Sculcoates? (11) father Charles Edwin (joiner) dies
1932 Q3 m. Sculcoates (28) John R. Anderson
1944 Q3 m. Hull (40) Cyril Ridsdale (m.under maiden name)
Charles +Eva HARRISON, 1904
Violet E. HEARFIELD1959 Q2 (Southampton) 63, ship from Sydney: FH (b.5.9.91, Ret'd) VE (b.27.7.96) British Australians; Australia House, London, 6 month visa1896
(later FUTTER)
1903 Q3 b. Bramley, Wortley
1921 Q3 m. Dewsbury (18) Alan R. Futter
1940: Dewsbury? (37) father John (chef) dies
[Judy Wilson]: her only daughter Sheila later lived in Essex; her mother Violet went to live with her, and died there.
John +Sarah Eleanor HANSELL, 1903
(later ASHCROFT)
1920 Q2 b. West Derby
1937 Q1 m. Ormskirk (17) William Ashcroft
1941: ? (21) father Samuel dies
Samuel +Florence HOUGH, 1920
Vivian J.T. BENSON
W. HEARFIELD1976: Middlesbrough, 123 Crescent Rd, "Hearfield W": TN 823950 [1976-79]who?
Walter HERFEILD1583 Q2 d. Weston (55?) Will, York Registry: Snawdon, par. of Weston1528?
Walter HEREFELD1616: d. Woodhouse, 60? [PR]1556?
Walter Henry HEARFIELD1860 Q3 b. Hull, Myton
1861: son, Sculcoates West, 27 Dock St, 8m
1871: son, Hull, Myton, 70 Alfred St (Belle Vue Beer House) 10
1875: Hull, Sutton? (15) mother Eliza dies
1881: d. at sea, 22
John Whitehead +Eliza PERCY, 1860
Walter HARFIELD 1875, ? b. Sculcoates East1875
Walter Stead HEARFIELD1895 Q2 b. Tadcaster, Aberford
1901: son, Lotherton, 2 Banks Row, 5 (father: blacksmith)
1914: Leeds (19) Absent Voter List: Pte, D.L.I
1924: Pateley Bridge? (29) father John Baxter dies
1930-60?: Pateley Bridge: A correspondent says that he was the Estate Joiner to the Brewster family of Winsley Hurst
1931 Q2 m. Pateley Bridge (36) Helen A.M. Benns
1938 Q2, Pateley Bridge (43) wife Helen A.M. (Nellie) dies
1979 Q2 d. Claro, 83, b.13/4/96
John Baxter +Cecily STEAD, 1895
Walter HEARFIELD1902 Q4 b. Hartlepool
1974 Q2 d. N.Cleveland, 71, b.25/9/02 (never married?)
Walter Thomas HEARFIELD1925 Q3 b. Sculcoates
1953 Q1 m. Hull (28) Elizabeth Smith
1957: Hull? (32) father Thomas dies
1958: Holderness, birth of son Paul Stephen
1962: Wantage, birth of son Neil John
2005 Q1 d. Oxfordshire, 79, b.11/8/25
Thomas +Edith LONGLEY, 1925
Watson EARFIELD1799 Q2 b. Etton, IGI b.22 April
1854 Q2, Hull (55) charged with 'detaining some sacks' [Hull Packet]
?James +Martha, 1799
(later TOPHAM, then JULIAN)
William HEGHFELD1403 Q2 d. Holderness (55?) Will, York Registry: dwelling with Sir Rob de Hilton, Kt, Lord of Swyn in Holderness1348?
William HEREFELD1559 Q2 d. Weston (55?) Will, York Registry: d. Snawdonne, par. of Weston, husbandman1504?
William HERTHFIELD1563 Q2 d. Otley (55?) PR
1563 Will, York Registry: d. Newhall; buried at Otley
William HEARFEILD1601: m. Fewston? (25?) Elizabeth (-?-) (inferred from husband's will)
1631: d. Fewston (55?) PR
1631: Haverey Park Head: his Will names his brother John, and wife Elizabeth
William HEIRFEILD1588 Q3 b. Leeds, PR
1589: d. Leeds, 1, PR
Christopher +Agnes LAWSON, 1588
William HEAREFEILD1591 Q2 b. Leeds, IGI c.27 April
1630 Q2 m. Leeds (39) Grace Dent, St Peter: both of Bridge End, IGI
Christopher +Agnes LAWSON, 1591
William HEAREFEILD1621 Q3 m. Addingham (24?) Isabel Utley IGI1597?
William HEARFELD1631: Leeds (32?) birth of daughter Alice
1644 Q4 d. Leeds, 45? PR; 'of Milhill', husband of Alice
William HEARFIELD1798: d. Ilkley, 15, PR, Cotton mill spinner "of Burley"?Thomas +Sarah? 1782
[...Family page...]
1783 Q4 b. Spofforth, PR, IGI b.10 Oct c.26 Dec (Thomas: farmer Bramham; Sarah dau of John Hudson)
1806 Q2 m. Spofforth (23) Mary Graveley IGI, PR
Spofforth: birth of daughter Sarah (1807) and son James (1808)
Spofforth: births (1810 & deaths: '11) of sons John +Samuel (twins); birth of daughter Mary (William: labourer)
1813: Spofforth? (30) father Thomas dies
1814 Q4, Spofforth, birth of son (John) William, Labourer
1841: head, Spofforth, 70 (58) m.Mary, Farmer
1844 Q1 d. Wetherby, 61
Thomas +Sarah HUDSON, 1783
William HERFIELD1808: m. Leeds? (21?) Grace Ann (-?-) (can't trace the marriage)
Leeds: birth of daughter Ann (1811), daughter Frances Ann (1814) and son Joseph (1816)
Leeds: birth of son Frederick Thomas (1819) and son William (1821)
1827: Leeds (40?) killed in coach crash - prob. father of Joseph - [Hull Pkt]
William HEARFIELD1809 Q2 b. Burley, IGI b.4 June c.2 July
1837: Burley? (28) father Samuel (farmer) dies
1841: Burley, 30, Farmer, with brother John
1842: Burley: "William +John", Farmers, Dixons Farm, bought 400 worth of insurance from Leeds +Yorks Fire Register
1845 Q2 m. Otley, Burley (36) Ann Foster (William: farmer)
1845: Otley, birth of son Frederick
1845: Otley: appears as a tenant farmer in the Tithe Award
1851: head, Otley, Wharfedale Cottage, 42, m.Anne, Farmer of 80 acres employing 3 men
1860: Otley, son Frederick dies at Burley, aged 15
1861: head, Burley, Hill Top, 51, m.Ann, Retired farmer
1861: Otley, Farmer [WR Dir]
1865 Q3, Otley (56) wife Ann dies
1871: Ikley, 60, widower, Farm servant at Umpleby's
1878 Q2 d. Otley, 69
Samuel +Mary WHITEHEAD, 1809
William HEARFIELD1810: b. Hull
1836 Q3 m. Hull (25) Mary Ann Archer IGI
1837: Hull, birth of son James (1837) and daughter Ann Elizabeth (1839)
1840 Hull (30) wife Mary Ann dies
1841: head, Hull, 74 Osborne St, 26 (31) Mariner
1841: Hull, Pilot [Pigot's Dir]
1842: Hull, 2 Hull Place, Osborne St, Humber pilot [Stephenson's Dir]
1845 Q4 m. Hull, Waverley St, 21+ (35) Ann Walker; (William: widower, pilot)
1848: Hull, Albion Bldgs, Boatman: inquest on Robert Henson mentions William's son (aged 11)
1849 Q3 d. Hull, 5 Albion Bldgs, Gt Thornton St, 37, Asiatic cholera, Pilot
James +Elizabeth THORNTON, 1810
William Hutchinson HEARFIELD
1811 Q1 b. Hessle, PR, IGI c.31 March
1840: Hull, Cogan St, Joiners +builders [White's Dir]
1841 Q1 m. W. Derby (30) Elizabeth Garniss
1841 Q4, Hull, Myton, birth (& death, '47) of daughter Mary Ann (WH: joiner)
1841: Hull, Cogan St, Joiner [Pigot's Dir]
1841: head, Hull (HT) Cogan St, 30, m.Elizabeth, Joiner +Builder
1842: Hull, Cogan St, Joiner +builder [Stephenson's Dir]
1843 Sculcoates, Hessle, birth of daughter Tacey Eleanor
1846: 12 Cogan St, Joiner +builder
1846: Sculcoates, Hessle, birth of son John Garniss
1848: West Derby, birth of daughter Charlotte Elizabeth
1851: head, Hessle, South Gate, 40, m.Elizabeth; Victualler, retired Joiner and assistant to his father, a Cliff Master
1851: Sculcoates, Hessle, birth (& death, '58) of daughter Rhoda (WH: innkeeper)
1852: Sculcoates, Hessle, birth of son David
1854: Sculcoates, Hessle (43) birth (& death) of son William; father David (quarrry owner) dies
1855: Hessle, 'Admiral Hawke Inn' +chalk stone merchant, Hessle Cliff [Melville's Dir]
1857: Hessle, 'Admiral Hawke Inn'; butcher, brewer +cliff quarry master [PO Dir]
1857: Sculcoates, Hessle (46) birth of daughter Elizabeth Kelsey
1858: Hessle, 'Admiral Hawke Inn'; lime burner +quarry owner [Baines(?) Dir]
1859 Hessle, Innkeeper, acquired leasehold houses in Cogan St from John Hudson
1861: head, Hessle, South Gate, 50, m.Elizabeth, Innkeeper, Limestone +lime Works
1864: Hessle, Whiting mfr +chalk merchant [Slater's Dir]
1868: Hessle, E.Riding Poll Book: (election of 2 Kts of the Shire) voted for Sykes +Broadley
1871: head, Hessle, Cliff House, 60, m.Elizabeth; Quarry man, whiting maker
Hessle, The Cliff [Kelly's +PO Dir, 1872 and 1879]
1872: Hessle, Brick +whiting mfrs [PO Dir]
1873: Hessle, 'Owners of land': 7a 13r 7p; income 150.5.0
1879: Hessle, Whiting mfr, quarry owner, lime burner [Kelly's Dir]
1881: head, Hessle, Hessle Cliff, 70, m.Elizabeth, Quarry proprietor
1882 Q3 d. Scarborough, 72; Probate: estate: 17,631: JGH +David (Stone mercht) sons +A Strachan, Stone merchant
David +Ann GOODBOURN, 1811
William HEARFIELD1814 Q4 b. Spofforth, PR, IGI c.10 Oct (father: labourer)
1838 Q4 m. Knaresborough (24) Ann Baxter
Leeds North: birth of daughter Margaret (1841) and daughter Mary Ann (1844)
1844: Leeds North? (30) father William dies
1848: Knaresbro, Wetherby, birth of daughter Emma
1850: Spofforth, birth (& death, '53) of daughter Hannah
1851: head, Spofforth, Beech Lane, 36, m.Ann, Railway labourer
1852: Spofforth, daughter Margaret dies, aged 11
Spofforth, birth of son John Baxter (1853) and daughter Margaret Hannah (1854) (William: labourer)
1856: Spofforth, birth of daughter Ann
1861: head, Spofforth, 5 Main St, 46, m.Ann, Agricultural labourer
1865: Spofforth (51) birth of son Tom
1871: head, Spofforth, 1 Beech Terrace, 56, m.Ann, Groom +gardener (domestic)
1881: head, Spofforth, Castle St, 66, m.Ann , Groom +gardener (domestic)
1891: head, Spofforth, Castle St, 76, m.Ann, Ret coachman
1893 Q4 d. Wetherby, 79 [GS]
William +Mary GRAVELEY, 1814
William HEARFIELD1841: Hull (HT) Scots Square, 20, b. Yks, Butcher; boarder?1820?
William HEARFIELD1827: Leeds? (6) father William dies
1831: Leeds, 10, Probate Act Bk; mother: Grace Ann late of Leeds, widow; tuition entrusted to his aunt Jane Calvert
1841: head, Leeds, Cloth St, 20, Brewer, with sister Ann
1851: Bradford Almondbury, 44 High Street, 27 (30) u, Brewer (servant) at an inn
1856 Q1 m. Leeds (35) Ellen Fawcett (William: brewer) [+Leeds Mercury]
1861: head, Bradford East, 118 Woodhead Bldgs, Barkerend Rd, 40, m.Ellen, Brewer
1871: head, Bradford Horton, Cross Lane, 56 (50) m.Ellen, Working brewer
1879 Q1 d. Leeds North, 58
William +GraceAnn, 1821
1841: son, Burley, Storace House, 18, Ag lab (father: farmer)
1849: Otley, WR Election Poll Book (for 2 Knights of the Shire)
1851: son, Otley, Storris House, 27, u, b.Otley
1853 Otley (31) appointed Surveyor of Highways for Otley
1861: Burley, Storis, "William +George", Farmers [PO Dir]
1861: son, Otley, Storris Farm, 37, u
Burley, Land Deed (1861, Otley) and Land Deed (1862, Burley)
1864: Burley? (42) father John dies: William +George left the balance of his estate in his Will
1866: Burley, Storres House, Farmer [White's Dir]
1867: Burley, Storis Farm, "William +George", Farmers [Kelly's Dir 1867, WR Dir 1871]
1871: head, Otley, Storris House, 40 (48) u, Farmer of ? acres
1881: Otley, Storris Farm, 59, Farmer jointly with brother George
1891: Otley, Storries Farm, "William +George", Farmers [Kelly's Dir 1881, Slater's Dir 1891]
1891: Otley, 103 Bradford Rd, 68, u, Retired farmer, boarding with Elizabeth Sidwell +Ann Hodgson (his sisters)
1901: head, Guiseley Queens Terrace, 78, u, Retired farmer, with M Barker +S Galloway, 1svt
1905 Q1 d. Otley (Wharfedale) 82 [GS: b.2 Aug 1822]
1905: Otley, Probate: effects 7,049: Geo Barker (nephew) Fellmonger, Thos Lupton, Gentleman, +Wm Hearfield Galloway, surgeon
John +Mary BALGUE, 1822
William HEARFIELD1833 Q3 b. Woodhouse (Huddersfield), IGI c.22 Sep
1834: d. Huddersfield, 0 [NBI]
David +Sarah GARRETT, 1833
William HEARFIELD1840 Q4 b. Knar'bro, Wetherby
1841: son, Spofforth, 5m
1842 Q2 d. Wetherby, 1
James +Ann TATE, 1840
William Henry HEARFIELD1841 Q3 b. Hull, IGI c.13 Sep
1851: son, Hull (HT) 45 Waterhouse Lane, 8
1861: son, Hull, Blackfriars Rd, 20, u, Joiner
1863: Hull? (22) father James (butcher) dies
1866 Q4 m. Hull (25) Emily Christiana Hind
1867 Q3, Hull, Myton, birth of daughter Florence
1867: Hull, Humber Bank, Beerhouse keeper [White's Dir]
1867: Hull (26) discharged bankrupt [Hull Packet]
1868: Hull (27) court case: boots in a hamper on NER: 'poor': 5s fine [Hull Packet]
1869 Q3, Hull, Myton, birth of daughter Gertrude
1871: Hull (HT) 21 Kingston St, 29, m.Emily, Commission agent, visiting Gregory Winsor
1881: head, Wigan, 24 Tipping Rd, 39, m.Emily C., Joiner
1882 Q3 d. Wigan, 41
James +Rachel SYKES, 1841
William Gunson HEARFIELD1842 Q3 b. Hull, Myton
1851: son, Hull, 65 Waverly St, 7 (father: joiner) (emigrated)
1911: m. Victoria AUS, Alice Ainsworth (b.Brown) [website: error? his son?]
1928: d. E.Melbourne VIC, 86
David +Elizabeth GUNSON, 1842
William Henry HEARFIELD1850 Q1 b. Portsea
1851: son, Portsea, Abercrombie St, 1
1861: son, Plumstead KT, 15 Hudson Rd, 11 (father: whitesmith)
1871: son, Plumstead KT, 15 Hudson Road, 22, u, Whitesmith
1879: m. Lambeth (29) Elizabeth Tarry?
1880: Woolwich, birth of daughter Beatrice Amy
1881: head, Plumstead KT, 28 St James Place, 31, m.Elizabeth Ann, Whitesmith
1882: Woolwich, birth of son Frank Leonard
1883: Woolwich? (33) father John dies
1891: head, Plumstead KT, 50 Park Rd, 41, m.Elizabeth A., Fitter, Carriage Dept, Arsenal
1901: head, Plumstead KT, 50 Park Rd, 51, m.Elizabeth, Fitter (Arsenal)
1916 Q3, Woolwich (66) wife Elizabeth dies
1933 Q1 d. Dartford, 83
John +Salome MITCHELL, 1850
William HEARFIELD1854 Q2 b. Sculcoates, Hessle
1857 Q1 d. Sculcoates, 2
William Hutchinson +Elizabeth GARNISS, 1854
William Hart HEARFIELD1865 Q2 b. Darlington
1865 Q2 d. Darlington, 0
James +Ann KELSEY, 1865
William HEARFIELD1870 Q3 b. Manchester
1871: son, Manchester, 141 Knightly St, 9m (father: news agent)
1871: Manchester (1) mother Mary Ann dies
1881: Stockton, 16 John St, 11, with uncle Charles Hearfield (42, machinist)
1891: York Micklegate, 15 Dove St, 21, Plumber, with uncle Charles Hearfield (53, agricultural mechanic)
1895 Q3 m. York (25) Elizabeth Annie Hardy
1896: York Walmgate, birth of daughter Margaret Ethel
1898: York? (28) father John Henry dies
1901: head, York, Micklegate, 10 Hubert St, 31, m.Elizabeth A, Railway carriage painter
1925 Q1 d. Wakefield, 50 (55?)
John Henry +Mary Ann MACE, 1870
William Arthur HEARFIELD1870 Q4 b. Dewsbury
1871: son, Gomersal, Upper Lane, 3m
1874 Q3 d. Dewsbury, 3
David +Eliza Grace WEST, 1870
William HEARFIELD1873 Q3 b. Darlington
1881: son, Darlington, 14-16 Union St, 7
1889: Darlington? (16) mother Ann dies
1891: son, Darlington, 1 Gladstone St, 17, French polisher
1895: Darlington? (22) father James (french polisher) dies
1900 Q2 m. Darlington (27) Emma Wilson
1900: Darlington, birth of son Edward
1901: Darlington, 35 Albion St, 28, m.Emma Ann, French polisher, with her father Edward Wilson
1914: Darlington, Commercial St (41) Shopkeeper [Kelly's Dir]
1932 Q1, Darlington (59) wife Emma Ann dies
1941 Q3 d. Darlington, 67
James +Ann KELSEY, 1873
William Henry HEARFIELD1878 Q2 b. Sculcoates, Hessle, PR
1878 Q2 d. Sculcoates, 0
John Garniss +Amelia FRANKS, 1878
William HEARFIELD1881 Q4 b. Tadcaster, Aberford
1891: son, Aberford, Main St, 9 (father: blacksmith)
1894: Aberford (13) came 3rd in Aberford under-14 100yds [Leeds Mercury]
1901: son, Lotherton, 2 Banks Row, 19, Shoeing smith
1910 Q2 m. Tadcaster (29) Mary Teresa Gray
1924: ? (43) father John Baxter dies
1937: Leeds C, 59 Skinner Lane, Leeds Reg of Electors
1957 Q1, Claro (76) wife Mary Teresa dies
1969 Q1 d. Claro, 87
John Baxter +Cecily STEAD, 1881
William HEARFIELD1926 Q3 (Plymouth) 40, 'Andania' from New York docked; Wm (40, Movies, American) c/o Cunard SS Co London1886
William George HEARFIELD1891 Q4 b. Hull, Myton
1901: son, Hull, 192 Division Rd, 9 (father: blacksmith)
1903 Hull: fell into the ferry-boat dock; rescued by Thos Commander, tugboat owner; awarded RHS Medal [website]
1910-35?: Royal Navy, Ord Smn, Able Smn, Ldg Smn, Petty Officer in Royal Navy [nationalarchives website]
1918 Q3 m. Sculcoates (27) Ethel M. Yates, Church of the Transfiguration
Sculcoates West: birth of son Samuel Victor (1919) and son Bernard Andrew (1920)
1920: A correspondent says he was a Quartermaster in the Royal Navy at about this time.
Sculcoates, Hessle: birth of daughter Joan Margaret (1922) and daughter Mabel Ann (1925)
Sculcoates, Hessle: birth of son William George (1926) and son Peter (1928)
1930: Sculcoates, Drypool, birth of son Ronald
1937: Sculcoates? (46) father Samuel dies
1939: Hull, birth of son John Robert
1941: Hull? son Samuel Victor killed in action
1974 Q2 d. Hull, 82, b.23/9/91
Samuel +Mabel ANDREW, 1891
William Clark HEARFIELD1901 Q2 b. Gt.Ouseburn, Pop (father: french polisher)
1921 Q4 m. Middlesbrough (20) Cecilia Chaplin
Middlesbrough: birth of son William C. (1921); birth (1923, & death, '27) of daughter Ada
Middlesbrough: birth of son Robert (1925) and daughter Mary (1927)
Middlesbrough: birth of son John Francis (1928) son Henry (1937) and son George Stanley (1943)
1956 Q2 d. Middlesbrough, 55
Robert Kelsey +Ada ENDERBY, 1901
William HEARFIELD1913 Q1 b. Leeds Northeast
1933 Q4 m. Leeds South (20) Alice Ames
1934: Leeds North, birth of daughter Joyce
1937: Leeds S, 19 Gaskell St (24) Leeds Reg of Electors
1939 Q2 d. Leeds, 26 [NBI]
John Baxter +Nellie DAY, 1913
William Clarke HEARFIELD1922 Q1 b. Middlesbrough
1947 Q3 m. Middlesbrough (25) Olga Brettle
Middlesbrough: birth of daughter Joyce (1947) daughter Kathleen (1949) and daughter Mary P. (1951)
Middlesbrough: birth of son Robert D. (1952) and son William H. (1953)
1956: Middlesbrough? (35) father William Clark dies
Middlesbrough: birth of son Colin (1959) and daughters Joan and Susan (1960: twins?)
1979-82: Middlesbrough, Easterside, 40 Aldergrove Dv, 58, "Hearfield Wm C": TN 313308
1994 Q2, C.Cleveland (73) wife Olga dies
1997 Q1 d. Middlesbrough, 75, b.5/12/21
William Clark +Cecelia CHAPLIN, 1921
William George HEARFIELD1926 Q4 b. Sculcoates, Hessle
1949 Q2 m. Hull (24) Joan Jefferson
Hull: birth of daughter Susan (1950) son Martin Jeffrey (1952) and daughter Jane Ann (1962)
1963: Hull, 91 Griffith Rd, "Hearfield WG": TN 72734
1969: Hull, 188 Partian Rd, "Hearfield William G": TN 78786
1974: Hull? (48) father William dies
2000 Q3 d. Hull, 73, b.19/10/26
William +Ethel YATES, 1926
William H. HEARFIELDLiving1953
1961 Q2 m. Leeds (47) Ronald Hearfield
1975 Q4, Leeds (61) husband Ronald dies
2004 Q2 d. Leeds, 90, b.12/2/14
(later AITKEN)
Zoe Florence HEARFIELDLiving1993


ABY='Archbishop of York's marriage register', app=apprentice, b.='born at', BMD='Births, marriages, deaths register', d.='died at', dau=daughter, div=divorce, Dir=Directory, emp=employing, GS=gravestone, HT='Holy Trinity', Hull Pkt='Hull Packet' (a newspaper), IGI='Int'l Genealogical Index', Ind=Independent, m.='married to', mfr=manufacturer, mmn='mother's maiden name', NBI='National Burial Index', PR='Parish records', ret=retired, svt=servant, TN='telephone number', u=unmarried

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